The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 4
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FOUB. THE DAILY NEWS. FKEDEKIOE, 3U», TUESDAY, MAY 31, 1932. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP HEALTH By DR. MORHIS YOU BEAT IT By Ketten SALES TAX PROPOSAL ·s Tlai To -.Tie Editor c-f Tr.e Ne«s: £ar/~a Mcn;:a. Cal . May 31 -- No« the sales tax thing ^ -.::^: to It may nx p^* thi« yar. !jr all '.he boys are up for election ar-d they »'4i'- to shoa tiie voter "ne is r.ct ;o p»y Sut. as i^on si tlec'.wri ^ o-.«r. a::d »;-.··:·. t^.^y " " d a::Ct ;MM .'. for os» {or er«Sii«: w it ! to tttim KO OOMMCN1CATIOK cr «a «is opoo fi czJess eeasrat » «!«a. What ' t:;e dJT*rf!:.:r bef*ee:; a :t c-f tixr. 1 - ·"-:·. .':: a '.·". ' art.cifs a:.d a J - KOTICES e: *= T* ci «.at«rt:»!n« xais to* rr test so tit c£ct TSMJ ERSONEOVS rtl^curn epco Use ot \V!1,L ROGERS A ft;* NEA* LONDON AS O;E ANC? A P7:NT KEAS? ~K£" b» Kr« W- * best broajSt Daily Lesson In English -MALAY PGNIM^ULA BEES TUESDAY. MAY 3:. ISKi. Wore* oft*n rr.iiisrd: Do r.-r. s*y MAKE NoTcTAT iT. luey uve f* - N£c7A« ot Bytei*. Tb* SMALLER tAMIUtS. Tr.e number cf birtiis in th* «.':'-i5 States 13 IS31 «" s ---- : '- :3e.oOj ; ' than in :92C. ircoriir.z t. i'.at--'..:.- ,'ust ·. Jlects r.ot merely* iir.cnirjlr-yrr.-r.t .i".ci j , .... =· ! S:»o:iyms. Dup.^-ity. deception :*J QUC.S'-- The Jarr.iiy \V rd study. !_'··'' a '.vJri three tin:^ ___,_ :t ts vour.^." I.* 1 '. U5 :ri.'rfa.-e our ·*a* apt to iricluc^' ugl'.t to 10 chi.cren. j V()e4 {)ijlary by rr.asti-r::.? :::f -..·::,: The modern parer.l is ippailed at such ! J av TodaVs ever take care of such 3. rr.eis o! young! ·' sters tuntblir.? -:',r each cth-r. eoastantly getting s:ito troub'.t. · answer i«. that they couid r.ot '. ·'-:· Mfdfc-rd. May 31.--Mr. and Mr-- Wai- :^::c take car* of then-.. Many disc. ir. early ·?. Getty. New Windsor. Mr. and Mr* A::t.. youth. It ^as not possible In '·:'.;·'- toilsome csys. it :s r.ot usually ;.\sribl even no*, to watch over jurh a Sarn:iy . took in the blg circ , B _ and guide it 'rorr. the peril;, cf chili- : --visitors at the home of Mr ar.ri hood. Not '.ons ago people '-err : I'se Of Ma«*U for Infections. The suggestion made in *:-m* ysars ago ::if«viiea* cf S»::?. tailed were being benefited by the appiica- · lion of live isagg'As aroused various re- · acti-ns aoor.g readers In most in- ' stances the response »aj laughter. if j cot didgust. Ktfv«th«:l«ss the ram-AC father o' , aoderii surgery. Fare, observed rap.d heljz^c of 5»cli v-xiiidis asx?n$ soict^rs i U far back as the 16th century and j Napoleon's o»n suriecc Biron Lairey. . '· made a uiniJar observation on soldneib . . injured us Spna. ! ' Tat Saie Dr. Wiilian- S. Bi«r vl ; ·: Johns Hoping Hospital finally r?~r*- .; « this cbf*vaU3C during the Work; j . War. ami «hea he returned home be- , 1 ^n espennseats whit h have been COE- i un-ufd since his d«aih. j i So* physicians a tise Bd»a-d Hmes,: · Jr.. H'.top:til. devowd to the tare ci : I \etrrass, have reportec their results, ; in COO cises. in vi-cich healing v/aj j ] brought about by proper rursioa! at- \ I tecnon cos^iived vith the use of mas- ; I r*s -- approxiiria".eiy 90 per cent, o f . j the cues. \ The physicians enjphis-ze the nete-- j «lty first for surgical removal of «ita.-i tissue and supparaiive material. At each dressjis the irounc is Cashed out I and li 1 ! e maggots applied | | Moreover, brisev-ng that the ircport- j i ant substance might be ch«nical or bi- ' i olcgical rather than that of che livj-^ ; ' niaggots thernselves, extracts were j I made of dead roasgols and this ma:er- j i la! used aJso in the treatment of the j i patients. It seems possible that the j I method caay also be of value in treat- I ------ · ing otHer infections. I OTTvp ! At the same time physicians in Ohio, OJ-L/H. i have used the Bajr rnetbod of treat- j r--r- nier.t a'ith ciaggoti on -6 cases. By George Clark | JN NEW YORK RicharcSson and grar.d.'"".. E1- A::i«.-r:.-.« Mu'.lendorf. this place. spfnt . ' ; ;^ :: : Thursday in Baltimore and wh: !ncr . : ; . . : . . . j Mr.^. Alexis Harris on Sunday w e r f : ; ,_ F ^. ·: o... i Mr. and Mrs. Eijger.e Bond. Mr and ] i Mr.'. Mrlton Spittle. Balt-.more: Mr. and couraged to raise large £am:S:e« Tneo- j M , 5 _ W £!i-a m Latch. Forwt Park. Mr i dore Roosevelt complained of rjo- sui- j ar.d Mrs. John McKelvey. Cockeysville: '· cide. It was considered deplorable, that ' ^'f- Grove Sta-.ib and daughter. Marie, j educated and cultured -oiks were a;,t to [ »TM£* Sf°B a! entertained on ! have or.iy or.c or I-AO vin:,c ; W ediiesUy her iistcr.-.. Mrs. Burgoo.-., the tin-Amcricaniied aher. might turn ; MaiKhc^ter; Mrs Cm; York; Mrs. Bucke\-e State's Co-Ed Star l-.-Ai-r-- ' / l o r n all througn the year ;.;..- M-Uy states, and there is always ; T-Aenty-VJ-o of thes*. th*y have h-:aled :-?;';:·,:. .·- .;;:: cI wjtar for the be«s. 'success/ally. The Ohio physicians also, . -.:· ;··- ; : · :ir :. --. iond of honey, emphasize the importance of thorough! . : ::-..;.-.; prc:-r ··^t:r.j tr.e yr.zr-.g b-fts. j i-rgtcal c!ea:islng of the wound priot i NL'XT Ir. .-.j.jt c lur.try ;ire there no j Here Is a method of historical Liter-; :.: ·.:·!· v j«!. proved by modem science to havej (definite value to '.he osntrx-l of a stub-' bom infectio::. | *£.'. '· ^ .'.. -: . ' J ; i ^ v y _-.-.-,.' .T A. -7.4 "' " ;:= r :-;'^^ .*. "-"-"~*".*% s^. --! 1 :" -"-^ m-:a^^:f ^ i:-^^^ ·Mi^^'-y-'^^ ^5-^y .^X-. , / ·4*^' ST '^' ** ^* ^N - ·*" l /. t^. -fe» tribe of youngsters loose :n the street, i B.irbam '.-rr anci R u t h Frit-. tiii: The ne^ly armed immigrant may be a P'«^ ^ ^ ^_ ^^^ better person Uun Che decadent native. ster, was :i recent guest cl M-ss but a; least people «'ho are not ad- i both Fritz lusted to American life find it hard i --Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lindsay. Mrs. "to give thc:r children a S o^ staru ! S*rt». Cartz'-ndaKn-r. M« Belle Can- ! i zendatfi-.vr. :jfnr Nr-.v \\ !!KL;O: . Mrs. I Whoops of patriotic joy Wed to greet j Devlvj . F . Jr t .. d A . IH .,. BAU; York ! the census figures shc^inK « 10 or I'O | spent sa:urd;iy sigh-wins i« W;«shinp- per cent, growth in poulation. Now we i ton. are not so sure abotit it. Does our! ~ Mr Brld ''-·'· WaSu-r Lit'.;- and , . . familv. V.irk. call'-d o:; Mr.- Bertie country need any more popaiatwa thaa | Cartl i. Rdajtn . r . , ind fami; - ,,,, Sa . u: -. it now has? Would it not be better to i (j av ; Steep it where it Xs. with the hope that | -- M r . and Mrs. William Little, j every child can be given good enough j Meadow- Branch and Mrs. Sarah stultz. ! , , Wwtniir.sler. snen' Sundnv with Mr. i tra^ag to makf n:rr: snto a useful I an( , Mr? w .,.; i:n ^..^' I f j Slpcv | citizen? : spent Sunday at the .·.»·««· pikct- i Formerly people wanted numbers ar.a . --Mr. an.i Mrs .'. H. Frii^ :aiv.- J quantity-, now they look for quality In- "'· called on the '.alter's mother and · staid of asking how big a city is! they s ^ M «- L » at » Youn C »««« J»»8htcr = ask what kind of people live there. Be- " "l_' M r. and Mrs. Charlrs Younz and j fore bringing little c:\cs into the world. 1 daushtor.^ Mistes Graco and Knbcrta ' people mijhl well ask what, thev car. do j Votinir. war Tancytown. wrre recent j fcr them after they get hrre. ! vis::or5 at :i! " hfnlr °' ^ !rs : ^ ura ! -MENUSi BY MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE CHERRY COBBLER Breakfast. Stewed Prunts. Chilled Ready Cooked Wheat Cereal Cream Suit. Cooked Eggs Butter Toast Coffee Luncheon Bean and Celery Salad Bread Rhubarb Sauce Fruit Cookies Tea Dinner. Broiled Veal Chops Smothered Potatoes Bread Butter Radishes Cherry Cobbler Cream CoSee I | Bean And Celery Salad For 4 j i 'Uses leftovers'* j . I 1 cup cooked 2 tablespoons " [ ;recn beans chopped paiiiev · 2-3 cup diced celery --And Good Luck: : Nevr York. May 31.--Modem divorce i i; ; Manhattan, taking a cue from t I sophisticated plsy^ on that stibject, has i become a good r.atured. casual parting i at Grand Centra:. There may even be a xJsecraei zs the engine pulls ou: for Reno. Eosband and wife go into a. clinch. Travellers obervinj the scene often mistake it for a to-jchiag aa. reroir. Bath parties invariably remark: "We'll always be good frierjds, we just can's live together." One of the leading society hostesses, discussing this circumstance, sighed and made a fre;ful. old fashioned comment i the other cay: "But it's an so com- j plica-led--they have the same friends-they;re/ certain to meet at parties winter.". "" * # * Not So Funny. Surely it has been a tough season j on the hearth-and-oome life of be»er I snown clowns and wags. The Bdcy Foy j junior's split up; so did the Tecl Heaiy'i. i and Jimmy Barton was accused by his 1 wife of living in S30.000 country es- j tares \vhile failing to pay alimony. The ia.:est is J. P. McEvoy, writer comedy. ie. Mrs. {of £^" S ish and I Outwardly theirs was an ideal '. : j teaspoon salt Young. Luf s Stuff Not Pessimistic, Of Course: Toir_y as far as we can sec Cve Trorid is plcxidinc wear:"y Aion? a pa th way that rr.ay l«i.-; to very sc-rry things indft-d. Tne disregard of ;urren the killir.g done witijout gooc c,i-.i-=-. 1 the money jtrabbine and the crrcc -that cecer.' prartier far the ri-^5 ^nci the su try; rackt-tcerirkZ cr. all strif.s -tbs hich T-fS-i?_; -n.i'c; ^!^-·t -a" th^r.r.- ?·?'.'« dc- that t':vy sh.^u.ri r»t. Tnr ^h-:-;» af;.-.^- is ^sr ircr;-; arid casts a £ticroi on ·_!:·:· prri-or.t -as nat!"Ti! wpni their weary v. ?.yj ' : Peoples Court Casr*. tl:r time for which i:; th'.- .--t-ito hac ' rx?:7??.. c-ist Mrs. Fear'.^k F. D S. $10 i:: a briot ;-;i^o ::: Tooplej Court this rnorr.inr. Mrs HarWock .iLso psid $: to J'ttirr So-.vers IT. .1 rc.-kies ciriv:-- charge A. J Miti-hol:. R F. D 3. was found not ci:i:y i-f rivkles/ crivir;;. The charges were br.v,:c";-.; hv ; State O!T;--r rika 1-3 cup salad dressing ·.: D :-.-,".-..-.-.;· rch Of All He Surveyed T:-.e rudder of the S. S. welch? 55 ton.--. --X. A. LTCFBUF.HCnv Bible Thoufifht And O^c hal! wirc- ?. «'ay :T'.'. t*~ .rs frcrr. the..- eyes: and* sha;; be ::o itcithcr shall there be any n;ore pair.: Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick i (Lxa: Iterra from th« Co.'or:-.rj OI ' ; The- Nc^s. ^^ay 3;. :9i:.. I ] KF ICE CREAM AND STRAW3SHSY ' { f^s::va: ;:c;d :n tnc Y M C A for tl:c bonent o: tltr Barijara 5*r::o.t? Mcrn^rial prov-.-; cu:t-" .1 .--ur- '. ·'.'.' t:;r.d U3 to'.v ?".-.". --Revels· ior-s -I 'A. Depend r-r: r.o r.:?-r. or. nn frrr.G. ~.::- v^ho car. i^r-?r.d ^" hirr^-e'f.--I-a- Flapper Fanny Says --- POS .'·3 ·'.-.? G. A. H and the ?. O. S -·: A . -'r.c O V A M. bsr.d ar.r: ·:.-:· /..vh by Mayjr E. Y. Go:df"r;-r-.".:vh At-..-; tlv: ;-V -·«··':·.· tr:b'.:t-f to '..:* ceai was cel-verr- a: £;-.-.-· .;· trsj? Francis S-··'.t K-;, :-.-..-.-. :rr.or.t by Hon. Mil tar. 3. \.'-\-:r -· .1-',,'^ . . " . . - . ^ ~ - o « ! -- iiard COOKOG *" * * * i .. .. .1"' - ' - . . i . ? . ; .,. -Ci*^ «U5 | _ ; ^ _ ! -la :v.c.-.z --·'.- . Miis Ferree · fSSS. d.aei , ,...'.;.... .,-..,,, M ; d-· · tablespoons ' · · f - ' - ' ·/· .'"/"".,' ' i chopped onions v;;:;^;;,. ;^:;.;TM^i M» ^ ohm i^red-n«. j lettuce. I Smothered Potatoes For 6 i 4 tablespoons .fat j 4 cups sliced rt»w I potatoes i "-_· cap water | 1 teaspoon salt I 'i teaspoon "Now that I've had four years of college, maybe I ought to get married, or somcthiti:;." I McEvoy. a charming French artist, oc- ! cupied a. lovely country place near ' Woodstoci. N. Y. McEroy wrot* plays. comedy siits. boois and movies. ! One of the ironic touches to Kiis j separation lies in the fa« that, even ; after his career was well under way, McBvoy was known as the couatry's bast writer of valentine verses. His love advire and sentisjental balladry was j ground out- by tis yard and tiie mile i and gave him a sufficient income on me sice ;o afford country houses and such. . rvocni ^ oc i ay j n History - tablespoons Today's Anniversaries. chopped green i peppers c:va bOlTi i Matters of Tasie, _^-- ., . -- i If i'ou happen tr have aa ioferio __ , j complex about TOUT movie tastes, don't 7 i Pop-? Pius XI.. bom at Desio. laiy.} worry. You have plenty of famous com- j 75 years ago today. j par.y! i i A note from the Motion Picture Pro- I Today's Horoscope. | cucers Association advises ise that a .t business scientist* J has been made. And with Interesting . . ^ , . . . ^ , . . . ,, « : Here we find lofty ideals combined i cat-ioa-witie survev o^ em'a=^ti bi choppea oasoas ; i752-J«a-. BTOC«. roteo ,.;,car. ^ ; v .- :th a ^.^ EVmpa:hetic natlire . i t . is ! men xcrite^ £-£-Tand" ^ 2 tablespoons j ^.f^ 0 ^ 0 ;;;..^'"';;^".:;;,. J^" : one wl» likes to nurse the sick, help j oas been made. Ani with SnlS The unfortunate, and comfort the SOT- j resulis. rowfuL There is great instance: J. C. Penney, cliain- PiJer.e. Boston's cepartaient store Cherry CobWer. ; 1 cups flour : .- cup lard , j :-_ teaspoon salt 4 ^y^y^.^ ' 2 teaspoons basing p-awder niilk : Mix flour, salt -.nd bakir.c powder. ; Cut i:: ::.ra and ~i.z. mili. Pat ou: ivlt j dotrgh and fit. over cherry rr.Lxture. i Cherry Mixture. | 2 cups seeded 3 tablespoon; i cherries ry^e- ' j I cup sugar """ " : 1 tablespoon Sour --3 cup water Blend cherries, sugsr ar.d flour. Acid j · rest c*f ir.griHiionto. Pour into 5:ial:ow. \ buttcrec par: and cover with ; i Make 4 holes in top. Sake C5;ite-? ' ir: nioderatr over.. Turn out upji-de : cc^'.vr; arid serve coid or wam. ;Sl9_Walt Whit--?.:-.. fantous Araer- icaa o:ig-.r;a: p.tet. .vi-hor of -Leave* of Grass." born at tons Island. J,". Y. Died at;. X. ·').. March -5. 1S92. 1824--Jessie Ber.tor. Frorr.snt. vcel:- celebrai^a soldk-r-r:\plorsr. bom near December 27. 1902. 1S41--TViliiarr. Rot k-? toller. vriih his brother. J-'nn D.. in the oil bus^iess. bo-- at. Richford. M. Y. Died at- T?.rry"o^.~. : 922. A PQUK n . Job. o see explorers oa the Jirr.c J, BY BRUCE GAJTQN DEPICTS STRAIN" ON NERVES OF WAR AVIATORS. Probably there are. somewhere, cer- · ecutor. American -: bcrn :". Irr:.---=. t-.H \:~nl ?, :90?. ·V" T ; - - -- . --,- S Today In History. James F. Girard. war-time am! | cor. liSes thrillers: Richard Washbum ! Child has a ren for eea aJve3.tu-e I film;: will Durar.t. who blographs the ; philosophers, wsr.ts a. lot- of laughs for I his inosey . . . Ray Lyman Wilbur. ' maraber of trie'cabinet, wants straight \ adventure . . . Leopold Stokowski, farc- ! ous conductor, doesn't mind having his ; vas-t amount c: hair raised either. j And there's a group thas liSes a ,-jrder niyst^ry or sc-me shooting a-la-- p~*'----"c i i-,tji*aiji.« i^i-ic oic. o-ji».twiicr.t. ^^. ; tr^n' T or ~^r:cm »nd t-Iiis includes I?r. tain World War aviators who have -ot j-,hr. B. VTar.^r.. the behavjorist: Dr. yet written books about, World War | Kenrv ^:'.6e': Car.ay. editor of the very aviators. Their numbers are dwindling. · :,-.£,,"_.. 5 a - ur J a v H»vic-w: Prof. Kem- Alder.. Xew l However: give them time, and they'll all I ^. e l er " o ; Princeton, and Gen. Harbord, - of'Vit? In- ~ ! - a'- 1 "' 10 "- 5 - . ; of the- Radio G?rrtratio3. ~^._,r.^... t -.,.. The newest or.e on the list if ?;-iip ; There are others--and an good "^".XV -^1 : Arnall. who contributes "Portrait, of an · CC rr.ti?.nv: .;. "vjX] *"'. . Airrasr.." ar. occasionally osciting novel T " Courtly Criticism. -- - v ' v " v" ? -" oo;1 - a young Er.clishmar. who becarr.e · ^f?.: E-tstman. w'r.ite-hairec. kinci" ar. ac?. fved. ?:r.o:^r:v c.==a:.-l=" zr.d editor, re- j ^5r. Arr^Ii's hero started out as ar. | .^^, .v, c Ti _,;. ^·· : .,~ jy. --^5 orjeratir.:: : ffirer in a home defense battalic-n in i jj, e ijasse.-. And Emrr.a Tir.r.g of tie monotony of ·:;;·;: to Gcnol. -I:^.^ -^ «:-----/-_ _ 7 . _ ^ » «~^ v_ i . . ..^.A TH AN- PL.VN'S FOH- TKS SS\'HN~ XVAL iii:q::c: ·-·: :.-.-: 5-y. ; H.CJI "World's Fair Farm Home C.. .T.T :r\N'Y itf. D r:e-. HOSCOK B HUOADS- ^l - - , - _ . ,, . , ,,_ .-. .-,-,. ' 3 ," ".._!;'-'...".'l-'-'V.'..;'.._ .,-^:.._ 0 :' job. he applied for transfer to ir. ; Kc v 3d p'---^.- , p^- g^rtfTins . M^.e ..«. we .-v. ·-.. ..-- .-^- ·"«»--- - · · · - - - aviation school--and. to his surprise. i: , --o-fe--r: Emm?. And was luUed hole o: « in our "^v,^.. ^ .._.. . .,, . ; ..^ .,_. _ : was arceptrf. ' :; , : . ur: . A -^ vf . -^ qu3sr: ;- r ^ i a _ r-r:::ar ^ tr.--t:r:-.t. tr.A' ir. ft:- ^^'"fTT.'^'-^l.. j."'".".".. "^ : - -- - ' ~" ' Front :ha- rr.Drr.:-.-, tl-.e World War cirtrneV.:. was mice bv Morri? HiJlQtiit. -' he --as r.^sr-lved i'.~lf ; f. c-x'tcft bet-s-een hi?, /"o", r.e ferec a? pilot or. a s-:rt nsi at.totT.oy. The jud;s asisc to you rail this j p«rr.?" derjcaudsd 7^.^~^ ." iririicttrs::-.-: c-oes." your Honor. ; broker, r- .-.-:·· :r.r: ; - ;y. ::r.- ! d?rt.C:r.c. T"n,= t ~ar. be corx* -:~.'.~ ·x\'~~ Today's ; is oefse^r. ?·:·.i'.isrr. sr.-rl rsti^.r--.-^-. Ws'.t-'r F tocsy Dr. Cltsr'.;-.- C A; : !/-i;is \Vi'.;:-. " w?_5 ordered to ?. combat patrol sr.d' wer.T up to "Ite lines: later h? becarr.e a flishr ccmraar.aer and developed All states prov-.df for rr.aintainins of -c£r?Ar.-:-5 in c-onr.-::uon -altri public 0 . ' back in Sn»^r.i acting as test pilot Gecr;ta arid Mississippi. -..^ at sii s-iatic-n experirr.«r.t ststi-xi. Sticklers -^..-..,n-V o f '· "' ''"" iescr;p;:oris of tl-.e ir. ^^"'Xv^-.Tv' : Prance are xp'.erxiid. and t'r.c T.y;r's '. ' " " ' urifrsdin; struc?le to keep his grip or.' ; r.c 1 t." 1 sper.ii t..-.- 1 taxpayers' rnc..ey ; ^ ---za* ·"·-· 'f^'r.V,',"-"^ ..'?.'·"-_ "",'"-- J"" 3 "s ver- sir^ly har.dled. Mr. Arr.a".! , ,-- sr. .\ ra--- oetwc.-r. ..v^?1 " ^'^ ·,, . "^.' "..' ;'. '"," .',j."."'" : reslly yhotild have writtcr. n:s bock rive ' " ^-'-.- ItA*.- 1 * all 0'::'.}"^- ^ar a*- ^'----^.c-. ^* \ . ·'' · v . - . . . 1 . . ,-.v....... . ^ ^ ^^ :--Senator Her.rv de Jo-.;v-r.e'. c-f France. Ma.KC Si. ·'::; A. rvrcger ·;·'".'".' t,.i-_-;.u_j i ^ ; _: c--,-, T,,^ · K---.-P_- ' "'- ars a?* It is published by Covici. Fr.ece. Inc. line is -h! .Oiortess, d'^tance between tWO jOlTi-c. j SMITH .-.:'. b'.ilii-.t; of iheisoeaic with united voire abo'Jt ar.ythin; a?" 1 tod.iv. ··.:'.;.:·.;. -.V.-.t.-:-. wi". i --Rev. Dr. HUrry FmersDit F^si::k. £'.'.' Franc"- Y-".::-.:.".-..-!;.-. i York. ' ibom 69 jtars ago icaay. 64 years I ! Ever, in 2000 S. C. they uted bat-i j ce^brat- ! 'owels. This is born out, in f.r.dings ir. Jher. I aii Egyptian tornb by an expedition o f ; 1 tie Metropolitan Museum of Art. C-iri v'''J ','·* ·'·- "-~:S-r frn-r. S in 2, tr,ci : ^:".-, in ihr ^K 'vr ^jaro fo lhait r.vh of tt:r rvruorila! i'.r! etxal row-, "f sq.w:r ^r.a rr-.c :*.· co:T!»:-! 'iiai.' fiv-v? ^;!i acid :o I00 Answers ana on i* Nuwsp-«-r.xHHCHIVt"»

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