The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 3, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1956
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Tuesday, July 3, 'l95G Sun Classified 66. Cards of Thanks >--\\> U!.-!l! to CM'- New fsofcrtfo/ifsf Doctrine Is Evident Thinking May One Day Reshape U. S. Foreign Policy 3f;nffmmt *'jt!t CURLEY KAYO By Sam Lef . uM' K;w M. ftv:uilly k'r:U''!ui !!!-,'!" 'Oil Ullll K«r Mrs. lUi.v M. Mis. llcii-n I'.nli ri-'y f:;ive us ill bt^ival huslj:uul ;\nil Mt:F;irl:ui<l. \\V life '.<> ihi- employees of r>lllNK Co. MOOKK— 1>< Rev. Clyde Foils ami :i!l olhi H.''c. Mi>iire'and Vr.mily'.' bo. uoage noiices CV-2_ 0 V— JW /v^ ^-'v ^> * •rr.B .,U..'lt Ki:KC<i July :'. the ru .i;u:k T. .1. HAYTOVrX SHRINE will lioht Its regular meptir.K r,ii Tuesday, i!'.',-i n; ?:iio p.m. in 1/mgiiriii^e. fc.-.'y. C.\ I.t.KU COM M I'N K'ATIO.V ^ Creek 1 & A.M.. .Hn.ll f«r tin 1 . 1'Urinisc to 1 uesday. I'.m. In . M. Mlntor, K. Waugli. Legal Notice SKAI.ED I-'IDS will iMcs.s orflee of the Giardello Kayos Baldoni in First NEW yni:K it.'Pi— Former iTud'.ru.'weifjht cimtender .lucy Oi- ardeiio m;iy have earned a trip buck to Madison Square (larden next month by his flashy, first- round knockout of Tony Baldoni in's TV fight at St. Nicholas Art-mi. Philadelphia Joey said today, "I'm ready io meet the ranking contenders ajM'm." IS.v KVI.K C. W United .Press Stuff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP! — Putting- one and one together to make two, there is more than a touch of isolation in current American political trends. It is not the old time religion Isolationism o£ Die 1920s. Then the United States was spuming 1 t he League of Nations and trying to collect the war debts of 1917-18. But, the trend is evident. If it continues it will considerably reshape the foreign i»iicies of the United Slates ns they were developed during the Truman administration and carried on without amendment by President Eisenhower. A dispatch to the London (England) Daily Telegraph written by j( S C hicf Washington correspondent, Denys Smith, was printed under this headline: Smith is a veteran of 30 yeai-s Washington reporting. His paragraphs summed up what is hap- j pening 1 . as follows: "There is a somewhat disturbing common factor in the simultaneous congressional drives to reduce military foreign aid and to increase Air Force appropriations for long-range jet bombers. "It is that Congress is showing a preference for a reliance on the United States' own military strength, rather than on the West- Monroney Hits U.S. Agency's Policy WASHINGTON (UP) — S c n. Mike Monro'iey iD-0):la.) charged today liie Interior Department is supporting a policy which would lead to 'cxhorbitant and unjusti- i --o-d -i ' fic( '" ' nci ' eascs in niral electric. be'seen un J co-nperativc rates. j Monroni'V said an effort is 1)0' inj;' niade to force REA co-operatives 'to shoulder a major shari: of tlie total cost of constructing iViloral multiple purtxiso project 1 ; by raising power rates that would farmers KICA electric bills over ouc-half billion dollars over tlie next 20 years." The large aluminum corporations. Monroney sa.ii!. are contracting 1 for a large part of -the same power under non-adjustable contract's so that rate increases cannot be passed on to them. Monroney went before tlie House Interior committee in sup- I»rt of a bill he helped set through the Senate to prohibit the Interior Department from cany- ing; out the plan. ern Alliance for its security. It is in some respects evidence of a 'Go-It-Alone' spirit." Smith made the p-'int that after Gen. Curtis E. LoMay jolted Congress with his estimate that the Soviet Union was pi'OUucIng long-range bombers faster than was the United States, President Eisenhower had to make a basic decision. It was whether to shift all- out effort to home-based, long- range aircraft or to maintain a mixed air force of long-range craft at home and medium bombers based on foreign soil. Mr. Eisenhower chose the latter. That is the core of the dispute now raging between the White House and Congress over how much should be appropriated for foreign mill tan- aid and how much Contract Bridge South dealer. East-West vulnerable. V Q -T 10 9 72 4964 %• K 8 4 ^ AKJ 103 A A K Q 4 The bidding: South West Xorth East 1 ^ Poas 1 4 Pass 3 A Pass 6 A Pass k A. 110 5 » A6 >Q5 . J 862 N W E 4 K 9 8 6 ¥ 53 ^872 ^10953 By Josephine Culbertson were, whether in distributional or high card form, the seven bid appeared justified. Scuth took the heart lead in dummy and played the ace-king of clubs, learning that l*ist hud started with four trumps. The only loser South had was a heart. He led the ):inp oj hearts, and another heart which was trumped with dummy's eight, but, unfortunately, East overtrumped to defeat the grand slam. North called attention to a better line of play which was virtually foolproof. His plan was BO simple in conception that it is almost startling. South starts with twelve high card tricks. He attempted to make the thirteenth by ruffing a heart in dummy. In- hc should hnve trumped 7 A Opening lead— queen of hearts. stea(l The jump shift rebid of lhre< one of dummy s spades m his own clubs bv South indicates an cnor- llnnf ! for the crucial extra trick. mous hand of at least 20 points. , Aftcr drawing: two trumps, dolt often identifies a hand which clarcr sho " lti was originally just short of a two *" of s P adcs - ' llfl - v a " d to " s rhc , of ch '" s ls wi(l cashcd dummy is entered with the ° f diamonds. The jack of clu . ba _ dra *' s , lLllsls ' ast , ^ mp combined aml South s losinff heart. There ar< -' now thirteen tricks. bid. In view of this declaration of strength by South, North could casilv count on the slam which he tmi. There had to be al least 33 points in the ), an j s South's seven club bid is also North's suggested line of play approved From his view, North's correct. South had to get by could not have a six bid on a th ™e rounds of hearts, without trump holding that was at best East trumping, to make the hand. jack high, unless he also had two This wtts a ™s!<y procedure. aces. The play for all the tricks. North's method runs practically therefore, must range anywhere" 0 risl< - ll 'caves less to chance. from good to certain. Whatever^ t- 1 "-' ac « of spades survives, the the features of North's handk'rand slam is made. DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Spread IS. Medley I. Talk Krass to 21. To cut. 5 N fc T>. Flower ( ry use; in E t). Job S. 1 10. Dwarfed 6. C tl-JllRS x 12. DetfSt'-d 7. 1 13. Kind of a .scarf S. 1 14. Metallic t rock 0- f 15. Amount c taken in - s 16. Eskimo 11.? houses 15. ' IP. Belgian ' river t 20. -Sells t again I 22. Sea eagle r (Eur.) !"?• C ^T I^.' 1 u ( 'iiin <r 25. FVrrv b'oat (Var.) ?,S. American Indians 32. Kind of :M.To cxili: i;,">. liiishf.s .'{".Cravat ufe. Coat v.':t: tin-loail alloy '','.). Engine -11. Projections, f. broken brariclu •12. Kat npfrturrt •it. The rise nnd fall of oceans DOWV J, ACCMSC 2. Inns 3. Tart of "to be" Covered with nth rust "snick" "o put In 24. Apex cose 25. Woody "urnasc fibers enJer used irons of for hurch making ingers ropes everc 26. Capital "hen: arc (Greece) lany of. 27. Enclosur in for hors he St. 29. Specked .invrcnco 30. Characte iver Ized by )vcr (poet.) melody ^ L ) ; - !•* •••*• io ^ j*J i.. '•'// i ,// '.<* A ', i % 17 •• /^ t; ^J ^ J3 •I % ift M. ^ '*"" A r U |,«> i C es r- L n A c n aa C T H kK IE|E T H o •/••• = ••- \-<mt 0 6 B W s P ( 0 1 6 t B E •i.UT AJR|E|S| TfrUTr Pepjolrnuy TJiMScLUR leiRBolvliiTlEl |C!IS«T|E|R|5|ei 7-3 >»t<Td«y'8 Aniwer 31. cubic meter 33. Reclaimed wool 36. Finest 39. Witty .saying 1 40. Sa-sh (Jap.) f^j" % '% '^ i "' % ''fy '''//f 10 13 % 31 '//' -"' 4 J. (b n '///, !-\ 7 //s -O -T 21. 'fa 2 7 " t a y// ( •*" ^ U K^ jt ' -Nl T,V. Log- CHANNEL 2. KPRC-TV TUESDAY 4:30 Roy Rogers i>:30 Uimih Shore K'AS News Curavaii (>:WI World At Large (>:10 Today in imports 0:15 Jfews; Weather 6:30 Texas In Review 7:00 Sucitk -Preview 7:30 Kaiser Aluminum 8:30 I If A Three Lives 9:00 Giselc* MacKenzie. 30:00 BiulKe 714 ]n:30 News: AVeffther 10:-ir> U's Paul, Mnry Ford ]():"><> Mann About Sports 11:00 Tonight 12:00 Sign Olf (i:!IO Morning Dcvotionals (i:3;'» (Jporgc Rocsncr 7:00 Today H-.HO Ding Dong School 8:30 Ernie Kovac Show !l:00 Home 10:00 KiMther Your Xrsf 10:30 TV Kitchen l!:IK) Mnvit> Date l'::3(l TcnncssH-e Ernie 1:00 A'HO Thi-utrp, ":0» Queen J''»r A Diiy ••!:•! 5 Mmlrrn KonmnefS 3:00 1 Married tloim 3:30 .Star I.Vrforinance 4:(M) Loonoy Towno 1:30 Roy lingers 5:30 Jaye J'. Morgan C:J5 News Caravan G:00 World At Lnrge fi:10 Today In Sports G:I5 Xcws; Weather fi:30 Father Knows Bc*t 7:00 Waterfront 7:30 Gilclersleeve 8:00 This Is Tour Life X:30 Rosemary Clooney !l:0fl Press Conference .9:30 Dragnet 10:00 Olehrity I'lnylimue 10:30 Xews; Weather 1.0:45 Tx^s Paul, Mary Ford 10MO Mnnn About Sports 11:00 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off CHANNEL H.KGUL-TV TtnesiMY S:00 Nrws; Weather 5:13 Dong Edward 6:80 Eleven Video Lnnc (i:00 My Little Margie 6:30 Xamo That Tune 7:(W .Tor nnd Mnbvl 7:30 Spotlight Theater 8:00 $01,000 Question 8:30 Trust Tour Wife? !):00 Phil Silvers fl:30 Oougla* Fairbanks 10:00 Charades 10:30 Late Show Vl:4~, Call To Prayer WTCDNTESDAT fi:30 Kurnf Reveille ft'.'i'i Island Ifendllnes 7:00 Cnptnln Kangaroo 7:55 Xews .S:0fl Carry Moore 8:30 Arth'iir (iodfrey !):30 .Strike It Kiel/ 10:00 Valianl Lady 10:ir» Love of Life 10:3n Scared J'or Tomorrow 10:4"> Guiding Light 11:00 Stu »\viii Show 11:3(1 A\'orld Turns 12:00 Johnny Carson Show 12:30 Mouse Party 1:00 Kig Payoff 1:30 Hob Crosby U:OI) Ilrii»hter Day 2:15 Sc-cret Storm 2:30 Ktlge or .\ight .":iHl Kuy Milland 4:30 Kit Carson 5:0(1 News: Went her 5:15 Doug Kdwnnls <l:»i> ,My l.itlle Mnrg'n: (5:30 Boston Ulaekie 7:00 The, Millionaire 7:30 I've Got A Seerel X:(HI 1". S. Sleel Hour !l:00 Arthur Godfn-y 10:00 Slierloek Holmes 10:30 Lnte Show 12:15 Call To Prayer CHANNEL 13, KTRK-TV TCESDAV '.:00 Mickey >roni.:!: (i:00 Xews,' n'enther «:15 .lohn Daly li:30 Warner Bros. 7:30 Wyntt Karp S:00 Stories of Contury S:30 Wild Bill Iliekok !l:00 .Summer Originals 9:30 Cnvnlcade Theater 10:00 News 10:15 Town and Country 10:30 Mystery Omnibus' 11:15 Sign Off AVKnXKSDAY 7:15 News; Weather 8:W1 Playranch 3:00 IJomper Konni 10:00 Hollywood Theutcr 11:30 hitirik Comics 12:00 Midday Movie 3:30 Ailveiitiir.'A 4:(M) Little Kniseiils .1:lru Mickey MOIIM* ii:(>0 News (ill,-, •lohn Dalv !i:00 Screen Dirnrlnr* !l:.'IO Kddie Arnnld 10:00 News 10:15 Town ami Country for the air force. The Eisenhower administration sccnis !o be losing on both counts. The break-away from Truman- j Eisenhower foreign policy has not | yet changed the over-all collective j defense picture. But it. is a breakaway, just the same, and UK' break largely has been among congressional Democrats. The Democrats wore more solidly for the bip-tiine foreign aid prop ranis begun in the Truman adminislra- tion than the Republicans ever were. And now they 1'ogin to Italic. Iceland's vote to send the Americans home is contributing- its bit to the now isolationist sentiment in the United States. So does the i news from Great Britain that fense spending' is to bo ably reduced. And the seeminc inability of Frenchmen to govern themselves or to live with their colonies is a factor. Color In Hospital Rooms Is Urged To Perk Up Sick CHICAGO — UP — A doctor; says colored linens would help perk j up the spirits of hospital patients. ' especially the i:hr<mically ill. Dr. Samuel M. Kokhi'l. writinfr in the magazine Hospiiais. sauf color would minimize the monoto- i noii!» "sickroom" connotation of ; hospital white. Rcichel. formerly \vith tlie phv.s- ieal medicine <ind rehabilitation ; service of the Veterans Administration Hospital at Batavia. X. V.. .said in the article: "Where a. person is eoi'.tiiui'.msly confined to a limited area th" problem of an artifieally eolor environment hei-omes quite important. Moreover. roior-bchav- iorism studies seem to show thai sick persons tend to !.... more KITI- sitive to environment iliiin are t'ae well." Ht-ichel said the exposed surfeit ( a.iY;i of hospital spread's, sheets, pillow cones and towels in tin- average hospital room comprise about 30 square feet. Hi; added: "For psychological, physiological and aesthetic reasons while is an nndor.sira.ble color for patients' linens in a chronic disease hospital. "Psychologically, the excessive use of white, emphasizes the abnormal and .severe hospital atmosphere, along with Us di*usree<ihlr and depressing sickroom connotations anj previous association." He advocated the use of warm colors "to aim toward a goal of mild 1 stimulation and to avoid depression." KAYOE ROCKS PHIL O'DENDRON OM HIS KEELS WITH ANOTHER LEFT TO THE HEAD... CHAMPION FOUOWS THE TWO LARRUP PING LEFTS WITH A SIZZLING RIGHT TO THE JAW... PHIL'S BODY SKWPPeffS AHO S7!f FiiKS ... AND THEN - f/£' f>/rc#£ BIG BEN BOLT By John Culien E- iS-I'LL iv,s!CP UP C.-ik'C-EP A BiT- ^ LITTLE U3uie?, 1 By Fred Lass\ve!i ••'' DDNT FRET YORE GiZZARD ABOUT I" MANNY PAW GOES OVER TO ) DOC PRlTCHART'S" 8 -^ EVITR' tlLESSE NIGHT AN 1 -- OH !! TERRIBLY 7 SORRY-( I DIDN'T \ KNOW- IF TH' CARDS AiiVT RUNNIN' RIGHT PAW'LL SET THAR TILL SUM-UP UNDERSTAND WHY MR SMITH NEVER SPEEDS ANY' EVENINGS AT HOME WITH YOU AWD JUGMAID MPS SiVl BEETLE BAILEY By Morf Walker VOU 6£T \ SOME MEN TO \ HELP PUSH J Stork Mr. and Mrs. Z. V. U'arrcn Jr., 1808 Utah, are parents of a boy, Royce Kirk, born at 10:!V> p.m. Sunday in St. Joseph's hospital, Houston. Grandparents are Mrs. E. L. Dalton of Chickashn. Okla., anrl Mrs. Z. V. Warren of Houston. JOIIX.SO.V Mr. and Mrs. Kdward tlayli- .lohnson announce; the birth of ;i. daughter, Debbii; Lynn. June .'ill in San .Tacinlo Memorial hospiin Slu> v.-ciglicd six pounds and _ ounces. Grandparents an- Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Johnson and Mrs. Xa.ncy Parker, a.ll of P,,-iylown. Gn:at - sraiulmtithcr.s arc Mrs. Claude Johnson of Kossc. Tex., and Mrs. 1,. K. Kelly of Martin. I CAN T e=T IT TOTURNOVEfti BUT V/H R!"4W_'_Y <3OT IT TO TURN OVE: ; '$£%?£*:? tip.rJ>J } <m^ ^r/ T\^ ^^^.o ; ,\O SECRET AGENT X-9 By Me! Grctt E. MORROW GENERAL CONTRACTOR DIAL 2464 By Roy Crane PLUMBING REPAIRS PJIOM: TEXAS WATER HEATER AXIJ PLUMBING CO i;OI S. Priictt St. Frl^idessre loom Conditioners LOWEST PR1C! IN HISTORY! WHAT WEGE VCD PClNG APOUNP I'M IN CHACS6 OF THIS UANKY LINES PgPOT. 1 / K T^ WAY, 1 Y,'«RE W-. '(CUCOIHG: SUPERMAN By Wayne Boring LY Y •''OOP, T^C.r-' / N'/ ; iLL, '-T U.t-'jr :yry.- /.••^r.'VOV V.T/VT no. BUT we. HO OTMVP. LUiMO '•>.' v.'HAT' i'j TO M> r 'f j f ("TO "A STK.AIT (ilAKAMKi: o.v |':\"I-:KVTMTNV;" STRAIT REFRIGERATION CO. SSOft .AJiiinrsotn I'linnc S:7fi LONG SAW A! Cepp and Bob Lubbers &e HAPPIER IF VCli LOCK OP, MIKE. IN THIRTY SECONDS-THIS CAR WILL C'OA\E IN 10 SiSHT.

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