Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 27
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 27

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

2-A—lUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL-^ Monday Evening. April 7, 1975 Range Caterpillars Munch Prime Pastures To Dirt LAS CRUCES, N.M. <AF) —jthe U.S. Department of Agricul- in two isolated areas — the live A man who got 520.000 to study lure, said ihe munching trait norlheasternmost counties in fhpm *ave rancrw najflrnillart I rrtaL-Ac Hi* ratornillare imrw»m»- v«... \/r~,^f,~ ^—j ;>,*.* :«*. y^*l« them says range caterpillars'makes the caterpillars unpopu- a fascinating insect with a'lar with cattlemen. habit of munching prime cattle pasture to dirt. "A heavy infestation can completely denude hundreds of thousands of gras-s." said acres of ranee "Even lesser infestations cause severe problems," he said. "Cattle won't graze where there's an infestation. The insects have poisonous spines Dr. J. Gordon (hat can gi\r you a hefty sting. New Mexico and just into Ctolo- rado, and in a four-or five-county area around Lincoln County in southeast Now Mexico. "Two o( the questions that puzzle us most are vvhy they don't spread, and why heavy infestations occur only in certain years," Watts said. Pentlcides Range caterpillar outbreaks can be controlled through pesticides. But environmentalists say, among other things, it's AVatts of New Mexico Stale University, \Vaii-s. nearing the end of a If a cow brushes one with her, lips, it stings her." The professor said range ca three year study financed liy lerpillars •'seem to occur only Room For Improvement Seen In Publication's [ Patterns And Needlework ] jviiie Dumbest Things indesirable for cattle to grazej in land sprayed with pesticide. Watts said the federal grant vas made "to study the ecolo- ;y and physiology of the range aterpillar. Out of that we ioped to arrive at some non- hemical means of -controlling le insects." The study, which ends May 1, has not turned up a prac- ical, nonchemical means of ontrolling the creatures. But Watts said it has pro- uced hitherto unknown information that may prove useful ater. Buckled Beauty! Wardrobe Plan 685 PRINTED PATTERN 4537 "~~ SIZES 10-20 10'/2-20'/2 "Layer it over shirts, turtlp- Becks — a. preat investment! Have sportive savvy — kni' this neatly buckled vrsl -wiili rabl? interest, of ivorstrd. 'Wear over "panls. skirt?. HITS- SPS. Pattern fiS.i: Misses' Size? 32-34: 36-rjS included. Send $1.25 for each pattern tr, LAURA WHEELER, in care of The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Needlecraft Dept. 83. Box 161. Old Chelsea Station. New VorX, N.Y, 1M11. Print your NAMK. ADDRESS and ZIP CODE. Please include .the PATTERN NUMBER for each pattern. A source of inspiration is our 1975 \eedlecraft Catalog, with 180 designs, three printed inside. Send •only 75cents. Also available: new Nifty Fifty Quilts Book, Si; new Ripple Crochet Book, SI; Sew and Knit Book. 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More than 100 fashions, including pants, long and short styles. Includes a free pattern coupon. Send only 75 cents. Also available: Sew and Knit Book. SI,25; Instant Money- Crafts, Jl; Instant Sewing Book, $1; and Instant Fashion Book, SI. By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPD—The Atlantic Magazine is running a "10 Dumbest Things in America" contest. One of its researchers identified the nine dumbest things but was uncertain about the 10th. So the magazine has invited its readers to submit nominations for that position. Prizes will be awarded for the dumbest entries and "the decision of the editors, no matter how dumb, shall be final," the magazine said. First Nine Things For the record, the first nine things on The Atlantic's "10 Most Dumb" list are: 1. Using football fields as units of measurement as in "The Navy's newest aircraft carrier is as long as 10 football fields." 2. Three-abreast seating on airlines, waiting-room couches, etc. 3. Fruit cocktails at banquets. 4. Recipes and coupons in flour bags. 5. Directions inside aspirin bottles. 6. Condiment jars. 7. Care and cleaning labels on garments. 8. Collapsible umbrellas "so small they fit in your purse.'' 9. Supermarket price marking practices. Unquestionably there are trace elements of asininity in each of these selections. But are they truly dumb enough to make the All American list? Reorder Its Priorities I predict that when all the contest entries are in, The Atlantic will be compelled to reorder its priorities. Just offhand. I can think of about a dozen things that e.xceed the dumbness level of the magazine's selections. Monetary elevation, for instance. If using football fields to measure aircraft carriers is rlduncical. u-hat can be said about using the Empire State Building to measure the height of money? Yet that happens every time Congress raises the national debt limit another $20 billion or so. Let's say the new ceiling is S531 billion. A team of .surveyors immediately determines that if that many dollars were stacked together the stack would be as high as 10 Empire State Buildings. (Which would make it a distinct menace to civil aviation.) As for the dumbness of three-abreast seating, surely that is far surpassed by the Census Bureau's insistence thai the average American household consists of four and a half persons. To match that, the airlines would have to seat passengers two and a half abreast. Fruit cocktails? Nothing to compare to the dumbness of all-glass office buildings that have no windows you can open. Other contestants probably can top these, but I still expect to have the winning entry. For my nomination for 10th place in the dumbness contest is the contest itself. killed some, but it wouldn't Jin a cage, which will soon be Watts said the caterpillar is a bring an outbreak under con-I.surrounded with males, 'very long time in the larvaitrol." { "We are looking into this, stage and a short time in the' Researchers turned to anoth-|hoping to find a chemical that adult stage." jcr approach, involving the in-|would attract moths in a trapp- spcts' HOrvHp ing process." "We've also found its pres ing for the caterpillars' natural enemies. "We found a tiny wasp, smaller than an eye gnat, that was a caterpillar egg parasite. We also found two or three different species of flics, one or doing that in the field, but we can do it in the laboratory." The professor said it appeared the cost would make any such application prohibitive in the field. The remaining weeks of the two larger wasps and a beetleistudy are being devoted to "a that feeds off the larvae. "But we could never find more than one or two per cent of the caterpillars infested by the parasites. We determined that'the natural enemies existed in small numbers, and played no significant role in determining the major out"When we learn everything!breaks." Watts said, ve can about the normal devel- 1 "We also found a disease in pment of the insect, perhaps the field that affects the larvae, ve can throw a monkey wrench nto the wheels. 1 ' but it was the same storv. It study of the biochemical processes that lake place in the egg during the dormant season and until it hatches." He said researchers also are investigating the means by which the moths locate their mates. "The moths find their mates by means of minute amounts of highly powerful chemicals." Watts said. "We can demon dependent on rainfall, which is remotely related to elevation," Watts said. "We've found the insect will feed on any grass we know of. The ranchers say it feeds • on other plants, but I think they see it resting on other plants. "Another thing we found," the professor said, "is that the. insect seldom occurs below an elevation of 5,000 feet, and it usually occurs between 5,500 and 6,500 feet." "Hidden somewhere in this complex you have a significant point on the occurrence and survival of this insect. The answer to controlling it is in there somewhere, but I can't specu- strate this by placing temalosjlato w [iat '*- is -" The moths that emerge from range caterpillars male the day hey leave the cocoon, lay eggs sects' lifecycle. Larva Formed ''We found the larva within once is entirely dependent on he following day, and die a!the egg is fully formed by!food, which in turn is dcpenrt- iay or so later — usually in|mid-April, depending on tem-jerit on soil moisture, which is ate September or early No- pcrature. From that point, \ve|—— vember. found the development depends! The tiny eggs spend the win-imainly on moisture. I er attached to plants, and! "We figured if we could I latch sometime the next sum-!make some sort of application] mer, depending on temperature j that would cause the eggs to! and moisture conditions, the j hatch early in May. before the; study showed. [new grass is up, it would be a! The search for a natural]suicidal hatch. ? means of control began hy look- 1 "We made no progress in Mr. Business Man 55,000 to $5.000,000. All types of Equipment. Least or Loan. Call O.G. (Pete) Mintfe* 806-355-7641 . BIGELOW CARPET Quality Carpet For Less! PAUL GRAHAM CO. 1415 AVE. N 765-6607 Undenuood's We want to introduce our customer* to th« belt barbecue be if in town and To Our New Bor-B-Q Sautage. We Now Make Them Ourtelve*! That's Why We'll Give you . . . 2 LINKS BAR-B-Q SAUSAGE FREE WITH EACH LB. BAR-B-Q BEEF IU»BOCK AVALANCHE-JOURSM. EVENING Etrnlnl Eijilisn o! tkt LubWk Ujllnrfcf. Jrurnil. Printed it tin tnd Avenue J. Loblxxik. Tun 1W. Photc ;«MH(. SKosd Clili p«ill|e fiit 11 Lubbock.Trtis. HOMEDEUVF.RV B> The Month Vnrainj. Evening, ?undt) Ji.lS Mnrnini & Sundiy ...1.54 KxeflinK- Salurdiv. Surdiy J.5*. MorniRf Only 1.33 Ktcninf. S»lurr!i> Only 1.38 SundiyoiinOiilt tjr 1.28 EirnilvlOMv l.»S SuadtyOil} JMJ-Mf l*r I.W MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS 1 Vr. I.Mo. JMo. l.Mo. Mnrnint i Sunday lll.W s'tM Jit M J(.M F.<rjiinj4Sui>iii> «.M itM 12.M IM MorninlOnlv 31.50 11.11 ».» I.M EwninfOnly .' I7.TJ Mi I.J5 Surdl>0nly M.M 18.M J.IW 3.M PIGGV PRIZK CHICAGO CTJPH - "Bring". Ing home the bacon" originally referred to a pig. not a t paycheck. The phrase grew out. ' of the practice a*, rural fairs of giving the porker he'd caught to the winner of ihr- greased pi~ contest. RECORDS A full lint of Singlet and St«rte IP Albumt. You ma/ liitin befor* you buy! U.Y. 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Plus 2 daily non-stops to Austin and same-plane service to Houston. And when you're flying on one of our DC-9 jets you'll enjoy One-Class service which gives you 3-2 seating with a (old-down middle seat and plenty of legroom. So next time your plans call lor air travel, give us the chance to show you our glad-to-be-back service. Call your travel agent, or Texas International at 762-0621. Depart Lubbock Arrive Albuquerque 12:10 P.M. 12.00P.M. Nonstop !ct Arrive Los An-rjele; 12:S7PM. ]et Depart Lubbock Arrive Austin Arrive Honstor 8 ZO A M. 305PM. 9 M AM.ricnrMophi 3.59 PM Nonstop |r>t 100'! AM. •5 4 f ! P !/i let lot Deport Lubbock Arrive Denver Arrive Salt Lake c;'/ 10 13AM. •123PM. 11 -13 AM let 'v23P W. f.--t 241 P 821 P .M.* Jfi! M.* If! 'Via connections in Denver ttonalil

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