The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 19, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1918
Page 10
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PAUK TEN. ( TELLS OF BIO FIGHT. i T 'ollowinR In fl. letter from Corp. : .loliu I'. .M<:(!tiiro. who Is In the llri|. / Co., Fifth Hold Artillery. Tin lolls of one of tho big flfihU IhaL he wa /i In. Ills lottor follows: In active SVrvlcf: with the American Kxptdltionary Force. July 31, WIS. llrar Mother:— No doubt you aro bediming to wonder why I hnvent written for so long, but today Is Iho first chnnoo J have ha<l to write for early a month. Wo aro In n rout ramp no*' stiKl must say It Is prat after what we have boon through recently. To­ day I am on a twenty-four hotir loavn and am upending It In Tout. The Y. M. C\ A. and Ucd Cross here nro la fine shape to entertain soldiers. 1 am In a Y. M. C. A. hut now. Wrll I suppose you would like to hoar of tho counter drivo. As usual, we, Tho fifth Field Artillery, started it off, at least a part of It. Wo worn on our way to rest camp from Fleardy when wo wore changed to another direction very suddenly, and for two days wo did some of the fastest, hiking I hope we ever have to do. W'o hiked until the men and hor- sos played out and then tho guns and men were carried on tho trucks. No one know where or why we were going, but nil suspected and were eager to eel there. The nearer we got to the front the greater the gain on the road became, trucks etc, until It was Tar worse than a busy city street. We did not stop a minute for anything and about four o'clock in the morning went Into open position, by the side of a road on a farm. The cannoneers worked like Rlavos to get tho gunB in place on time and the xero hour came at 4:30. Every gun in the whole regiment sounded off at the same time, and thoy wore hub to huh! The flight was on! if you ran imagine six batteries of one hundred and fifty five's firing as fast as cannoneers can serve them Wipm SERVia ^TATION While In Hutchinson you had better have your battery tested by experts. Our service and advice is free. Any make of battery. Electric Battery & Repair Co. G. E. GILLMORE 108 Sherman East Eighteenth Annual: State Fair! "Under Control Kansas State Board of Agriculture.' Friday, September 20th Liberty Day and Wichita Day. KMX) a. in.—Grand Parade of Prize 'Winning Live Stock. This parade is one of ilie most interesting features of the State Fair, (fraud Stand five. Music by Herb's Official Hand. J2:U0 in.—Activities will cease at sound of whistle for one minute. Silent Prayer for success of our Cause and safe return of our Boys. 1:00 ]). in.—Opening number in Speakers Tent by Herb's Official Band. Address by Hon. Scott Ferris of Oklahoma, relative to Liberty Loan and Patriotism. Followed by Pour Minute .Man. 2:00 p. in.— Music, at the (J rand Stand by Herb's Official lJand. Free-for-all Trotting, purse $000.00. Consolation purse for non-winners, $100.00. At conclusion of horse races (he great race between (Jlen Breed driving a Hudson Super-Six and J. Alex Sloan, ti professional driver will occur. See " Daily Program." John Ji 'obinsou's Trained Elephants. The Hcleiie Trio of Aerialists. The Military Knock-ahottts. ','> Running Races, distance as per Daily Programs. Friday Evening. Friday Evening 7:30 p. m.—Concert by Herb's Official Band, 8:30 p. in.—Last appearance of the Jtussian BaJlet Dancers. Comedy aud Vaudeville Acts. 8;45 p. in.—Last performance of "The World at War"—special features. Saturday, September 21st Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., and Kindred War Organization's Day. 10:15 a. rri.—.Music in Speakers' Tent. 10M5 a. in.—Rev. M,. L. Kain, who has just returned from the battlefield of France, will deliver address and introduce speaker furnished by National Red Cross Organization, who will be anounccd later. Four .Minute Man. 12:00 in.— Activities will cease at sound of whistle for one minute Silent Prayer for success of our Cause and safe return of our Boys. 2:30 p. in.—Automobile Racing. Special program of not less than six races. The Government Exhibit is in the Building near the Alain Vehicle Entrance Gate. It is open free to the public all day and every day. This is one of the great features of the State Fair and no visitor should miss seeing it, especially the children. A special railroad track has been built for the Mine Rescue Car and same will be found just east of the Government Exhibit Building. This ear, its paraphernalia and demonstrations are novel and interesting. - The Government Moving Picture Show will be open all day and every day, free to the public— walk in. ' Tomorrow afternoon will be the third time in three years that a great race has occurred between Glen Breed, and one of J, Alex Sloan's professional drivers. This is a race, best 2 in 3, five-mile heats. Parker's Superior Shows! Every Day and Night! H. L Thompson, President, A, L Sponsler, Secretary, you have some idea of what It was like. In about IS minutes tho prisoner* began to come In, flr.u r. few, and then by the hundreds. They were a mighty seared looking bunch ot llumj. They all expected to be knocked In the head, (They may thank the IHvinc 1'rovlUence they Were not.) " In the afternoon the Infantry had them chased out of range, so we had to move up for anolher charge at them. We went up to where Iho fight started In the morning, and it was ' some sight." "(!ood Germans" lay everywhere; we were up as lar as their artillery hud been In the morning. Machine nuns, rifles and 77'n were scattered round in a fash- Ion to do a soldier's heart good. It was a grand good tight mother! Out- Hunting \va» dono on a broad plateau, covered with ripe wheat waist high, (what wasn't trampled down by tanks, shells, etc.) 1 had begun to think that tho day of open war was gone, but I know differently now. One battery of "B's galloped up in true movie style, ahead of the field infantry and Hred on the Huns with optui sights. We advanced In three days about 14 kilometers, which isn't so bad for the second "contemptible army" the kaiser has to contend with. We have certainly got the Huns goat between Solssons and Khelms. We were relieved by a British division and here wo are, sitting on Uie world, on leave with ImUis. new clothes, pay, (maybe), maii (maybe) and l'Yit7. still on the run. I'm still planning to help march him down the streets of Berlin to the tune of "Yankee Doodle." Some one of those mornings we will wake up to find we aro through over here. Do you know that a year ago yesterday we landed in Prance? It isn't such ti bad place when you get used to it. In that year France has very nearly become an American country. Now you sco American soldiers, sailors, marines, locomotives, roads, railroads, and every other Frenchman you see tries to talk English. Had great luck yesterday. Ran across a boy who used to work In the prtlco with me In St. John, we arc pretty good friends and talked oyer "old times" like two women. He is in tho Marine Corps, and is the first one of my old acquaintances 1 had seen slnco enlisting. Did I tell you the S9th division from Camp Funs-ton is in the next sector? They are a fine looking bunch and should make good soldiers. I hear from I'uul quite often but ho must be quite a distance from here ns it takes his mail nearly ten days to reach me. How are the girls and father, tell them to write soon and often, and not to work too hard. Love to all from John. CPL. JOHN' P. McGUinE, Hdqrs. Co. 5th F. A. Miss Muriel Young Tells How Cuticura Healed Her Eczema "I w*« ulten sick, »nd then broke out on my face, »nd afterwards »U over my body, t <ra* ttetted but it did hot seem to help. The eezem* started In small pimples, »fterw»rd» becoming blisters, and were like a hard crust, and were very Bore. They Itched Until I could not stand to have any clothes on,and 1 could not sleep at night for about six months. "I was told to use Cuti­ cura Soap and Ointment so I got them and after using three cakes of Cuticura Soap and two boxes of Cuticura Ointment 1 was healed." (Signed) Mlaa Muriel Young, Brlckton, Minn., Jan, 39, 1918, You may rely on Cuticura to care for your akin, scalp, hair and hands. Nothing better to clear the skin of pimples and blotches, the scalp of dandruff and the hands of chapping, Besides the Soap has no superior. tkaplt 1Mb ftM fcf HkU. AtMrrM peit-t»rtl: SvMettfk, Dipl. H, BMI«B:" Bold ewywhtr., So«t> H*. ulntm.ot 2ft »nd Me. Ttteum 25«. have been Interviewed and their oPin. Ion requested on the propriety of the use of starch in the prtptratlon of this sauce. Hy far the greater number of these packers are of the opinion that starch is not a proper ingredient of tomato sauce, and its Use Is simply Uiat ot a substitute or a cheapener. This view is concurred in by the bureau, and in the enforcement of the food and drugs act the starch in tomato sauce used in the packing of sardines will be considered an adulteration. Open Nights Till 9:00 O'clock We also keep open from 9 to 12 Sunday Mornings Gold Crowns as low as - - $3.85 Plates - $4.00 up. Repair Broken Plates $1.00 SMYSER DENTAL CO. Over American National Bank. Ladies in Attendance The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. ^ 510-20 Rorabauffh-Wiley Uldp;. Hutchinson, Kansas Operating mills nt Wiiifiekl, Caldwell, Newton nnd Hutchinson, Kansas. Daily capacity 3500 bbls. We invite the inquiries of Flour nnd Feed Dealers (Curlols only) Use UNITED Flour 11 you Want to get tht Want you Want In the Want Columns of The Newa. You Want to Advertise your Wants 4> <?><$>* <S> • '? I * . . '. <8> * 2ION. «• <s> •$> * * <•> <?• >$> <§> <S> <!• <S> <s> <?> -t- <S> <§> * Wo are having fine weather for the Fair. It. B., Qgftary .and family of Oklahoma areSsysltlng friends and rela­ tives-ami jfrcc'-taWlag in the Fair. Grandma Fiufroclt gave a family dinner Sunday. Those present were A, S. Finfroclt and family of HooUer, Okla.. I"'. F. Flnfrock and family, C. O. 1 Flufrock and' family, C. J. Flnfrock and family and R. D. Showalter aud family. 1 Jlrs. Marry Showalter of Lamed is visiting iter parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hollinger nnd other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tallman left fo their home in Oklahoma the first of the wet ^k. Mrs. Fred Nyborg audi children spent a few days with li. Koon and family. . Swan Musnuson is riding around in a new automobile tliese days. Carl Itexroad left for California last Friday evening, where he will leach In the l^ordsburg College. Miss Kthel Nelson is staying with Mrs. Chas. Olaen at present. NOT SO MANY. The Older Selective Draft Men Didn't Rush Into Matrimony. Topeka, Sept. 19.—In a choice between war and marriage the older men do not show such a definite preference for tho single combat according to the records on file in the department of vital ututlstics. In the reports received by U KIs- llcr, acting stato registrar, while tho list of wedding ceremonies for Augusc Is higher this year than for tho lust five years, it is only a little more than half the number ot weddings reported In Juno n year ago when tho men from twenty-one to lhlrly-ono wen- subject to tho selective service call. Even Die Increase this mouth when Investigated is shown to be for the most part among the younger men. Presumably, the swains who have escaped tho trials of matrimony and considered from a safe distance the turbulent lives of those who assumed the responsibilities of a Benedict, prefer the short, hot fight with tho Hun to a contest that may wage for years and neither side claim a victory. June 1917 was tho banner month of the lust five years for the number of marriages lu Kansas. There woro 2328 woddings during that exciting 30 days which centered around the first registration for the draft. There are plenty of malicious tongues to attribute all those June weddings to an attempt to evade military service but the novelist or even the kinder hearted among the multitude are willing to accede a certain portion of theso conjugal knots to tho snares laid out by Master Cupid even though in some Instances he resorted to the glamour of war and a uniform to help him out. The average for August marriages during tho last five years is 1607. TUIB year tho total reached 16S0. A NEW RULINO. Starch in Tomato Sauce in Packing Sardines. Washington.—The Bureau of Chora I:,try has made tho following ruling In reference to the use of starch lu tomato saucolo packing sarUiuoa: l)r. C. L. Alsherg. chief, in a letter states that a large number ot packers of food produi.ts who u>>o tomato sauca 95° to Above400° Without a Gap T HAT is the correct description of a good gasoline. It means a perfect chain of Boiling Point Fractions commencing at about 95 degrees Fahrenheit and continuing without a gap to beyond 400 degrees—each fraction vaporizing at a different temperature. It gives smooth acceleration—an abundance of power and all the speed your engine is capable of developing. That Is RED CROWN Gasoline It is the best gasoline made regardless of price—it is always the same no matter where you get it—and you can get it everywhere. It will save your engine, save you trouble, save you money. It will give you best service. 22.8c Per Gallon at tht Following Standard Oil Sarvica Statiana: Sherman and Poplar Sis. Sixth and Main Sts, 913 Soutn Main St STANDARD OIL COMPANY Hutchimon Kansas Mil

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