The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD. TUESDAY. MAY 31. 1932. THREE Gamblers Throw SYNOPSIS: Ltotixy th« !ff- ixg tif'-il K'.fre ha M c j»I»r. Lzt« ct xiyki. Jerry ColAoaa Sitas tkst h-s car \t o-+t of ffci- B.* cc- icyt* a hft from Xcucy "A'fr.!- ttorr*. vt*siccl comedy s:cr. Oa tita tcay so a acs alcrsoit ker car u blocked ty a stdat ported across the rocd. ftie RCS. crmcd mm. surround thetr ccr. ref'tet for the door, buz a f.a «« :urtte£ em r/ten cxd ka cr.d Xtcy art orirrfd oul- T*.« nt* fma AaRfv atd disappear **!o tk» dorlmtsa. Jerry treys tor- tcc'-d, tkcit tells Kucossctjit*. He makes vy «» a kosyital *f^t dcy. tfkere ke « t-)H tftat a btillf! kc.d eetts^d a miner tur swin'til Iteed KO'-td. Steiens. a de:ecnt« f~cm tke Trtcs-iry dtTKrCxif.:. =«?'» Jc~ry tAc: h« cci etwta ske fto -«? cud tic! yotcy *c» tee*. t Chap er Z A KIDNAPING EPIDEMIC 1 DOXT aind saying, Calhouu. that at first we thought you trere fea« of the gorillas." Stevens said. "But we found a letter or t*ro !a yonr pocket aad your car was up the road a couple of miles with its taai dry. It trasa't much trouble to check up your war record, find out -where you were flying and to locate the helper who was working with you last night. So that left you Trhiter*n snow. "Xow." be continued, hitching his chair nearer the co:. "can": you remember -what kind of a car those babies were riding in?" canny. Jerry clenched his fists Instinctively. "Besides," the placid voice added, "she's reported to be engaged to Philip Macoaber. president of the International Bank and Trust Company. H« could drop » couple of milllioES any time and not have to lay up a yachL So far as that goes, the girl has made plenty of jack the past two years. Bat it's M scomber they'll try to chisel." The pilot was silent, again aware o? ' -is throbbing head. The idea of Nancy's being engaged to a middle- aged millionaire was repugnant. He had seen Macomber's picture in the newspapers. Why. w-ta all the eligible yours mea there were ia the world. Nancy had chosen that beet'.icg-jawed. cadaverous banker was more t^^a he could fathom. And the thought that she was ia tie hands of kidnapers who may have taken her away because of her beauty was even worse! The doctor winked meaningly at tts detective and twitched his head toward the door. -Well," announced the detective. Til be easing along now. Got a lot of work ahead of me. Wish they'd put someone else on the case. Only j reason I'm here at ail is that the chief's sot 2 hunch some old friends [of mine are mixed up ia. it." "That's three prominent people kidnaped within ten hours," 'ie detective said. "A sedan. That's all I know. Too j Sari." Jerry said. "See any of the men close enough Jo get a description?" "Xo. Wish I had." "So do I," agreed the detective, his voice betraying his disappointment. He reached into his pocket, carefully selected one of a dozen cigars, broke it in two and, stowing It in sis mouth, began to chew it vita obvious contentment. "Seen any morning papers?" he »sked mildly. ~2fo! Just carne to a few minutes Ijefore you came in." "Just thought yon might get a lack out o* knowing what it was yoa mnscled your way into. Listen." He shifted his cad. "I just told you that somsoae Mdnaped Miss Wentworta. "Well, that wasn't all that happened. Just after dinner ti~s a sedan crowded Theodore P. Hamilton's car to the curb on East Fif ty-srsth street, slugged his chauffeur and got away with the old boy just as they did with ·'he actress." "You don't mean the rich Hamilton, president of the United States Textile corporation?" demanded Jerry, incredulous. "The same," nodded the other, looking anxiously at the 3oor, under the cot and into the spotless corners o£ the room. Tien, with a hardly suppressed grimace, he continued- "And that isn't all, either. Frederick Mallory--you know, the mfliioisaire stockbroker and sportsman--was playing golf yesterday afternoon oat near Pelham, in "Westchester count/. On the seventeenth, hole he was, near the edge of the road. Couple o* men ia a big sedan stopped, watched him putt and then, seeing that nobody bat the caddy was in sight, grabbed him and rasced him into their car. "So that's three prominent people iidnaped within ten hoars yesterday. There'll ba an about it. Jerry absorbed the news slowly. His head felt heavy and dalL "Bat Kancy Wentwcrth?" he demanded. "The two millionaires will probably i 19 stuck for good big ransom. But j she isn't a millionaire." j "Xo, but she's a camel attractive He waved Ms hand and -was gont Jerry suddenly felt very tired. Jerry fiids company ard gir . irl." Stevens pointed Out siskin- j Cheerins Gifts For S«ck Folks. , :s no year ^o side o-"Jt of re- yo'^r s^ck inenas, 7-^- ^2- : cause you hare i» rr.oney. "Hiere are mn'umerable Iiti-3 *r.u-g:i fcl tiuigs you can ser.c -hem tha- yoa no a title care. Far KITCHEN SEBV1NG "LESS PERFECT" FKVIT j BV S1STEK M\K¥ i The fruits in abundance and these fru^. ·Ahen th»y are perfect. ^osiM be seriec ir. the " snnptes; possible manner ; Strawberries, large. IUSOXKIS and per- j feet served "au ija'urel" m a border j around a. cone of powdered si^ar. znake a correct dessert or a correct tesii; for ar.y luncheon or dnicer Bui :t is not alwys possible to obtain perfect fruit, and lisea 60 in order to sene s^a^ona! of fresh fruits? There are \arious ways to use '-he less oesLrable stock » timpSe iijbes thai are delicious ana srocy XHAL COCHRAN PALACE BOMBED Two days later Jerry-Calhonn emerged from the hospital, pale and shaky. There was a grim, set ei- pression on his face which transformed the little laughing wrinkles around his eyes into hard, stern lines which framed, and accantu- ated. the steely glint of the pupils th.-mselves. For forty-eight hoars he had tormented himself with harassing recollections of the ignominious and futile part he had taken through those brief moments oa the roadside. His sober judgment assured him that against five armed men he, single- handed, could have done little to alter the sequence of events. Tet the entire episode was. to a soldier and a snaa of action, unbelievably humiliating. He codld not rid himself of the feeling that he had acquitted himself very badly. Even cow he could not define a plan which would have prevented the kidnapers from getting away with the girL More than anything else, Jerry was conscious of an almost overpowering desire for revenge. In aSairs like this he was a firm believer o£ the ancient law of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth He knew tbat without another meet- ins with those men, the aSair would rankle for a longer time than he cared to anticipate. Moreover, the girl was a captive. He could not overlook the horrible possibilities that existed in Such a situation. But what could he do? He realized that the police were stirred into feverish activity and tbat because, of the prominence of the victims the newspapers would barry the officials unmercifully. For some vague reason the government, too, had become interested in the case, as the fnl uoroar visit of Stevens had borne witness It seenisa utterly presumptuots thai Jerry, alone, could accomplish a tcins- It would take unlimited tfr-.- h7 " s rould~~thev~~k:a=ap ! a " d so:ieT ev ? 2 l ° j ? in ; a *f e t ' !r ' ,_%^,,rti,*» h» fle-nar-fl^. ! 0' ti:ES e had snfScien.; o, mone, to none. iyr.i. DicZ Pr^ss) Flutt. Strawberry fluff is no: only delicate and inviting but econocucal too Use one egg unite. 1 cap hulled strawberries. 1 cup pondered susar. Cut scrawberr-es in quarter* and put all the ingredients into a cilxing 1. Beat, with a rotary beater for about twenty minutes. The mature ·ail! expand and oecorae e.\oe«!ir.g'-y tight and fluffy. P--!e into sherbet cupa. or par'aii glasses and chiU '.horo";h'.\ Serve with cake or cookies or with a garnish of whipped cream. Fruit Cups. Fruit cups make tempting«rts. They should be somewhat richer and sweeter than when prepared for appetizers. Diced srraw pineapple, oranges, bananas, sweei cherries and grapefruit can be used in various combina'-ions. Prepare the frtnt, carefully. chiE thoroughly and serve in sherbet glasses Ambrosia. The old-urne favorite known as Ambrosia can be served in modem form Peel fine, large, seedless oranges and shoe as thinly as possible. Arrange the slices on individual serving plates and sprinkle Ughtly with powdered sugar and then with shredded cocoanxit Cover each slice of orange wuh a layer of caned or fresh crushed pineapple Add another layer of orange, sugar and cocoanut. Add a third '.aver of orange and cover thickly w-.ih cocoanut Sprinkle with slices of strawbemes and put a perfect whole berry right in the very center. Chill several hours and serve. Sugared Cherries. Sugared cherries are a delicious dessert that the country housewife has used for years when there were extra "hands" and no pie in the pantry Use the sour p;e cherry Tor the most delectable results. The largs sweeter varieties can be used if preferred. Wash and pitr the fruit Sprinkle heavily with granulated sugar and let jstand an hour or longer in the refrigerator to chill Sen e w:th plain ; sugar cookies or unsalted crackers and ! cream cheese and black coffee. I Rhubarb Compote. Pour cups diced rhubarb. 2 cups j granulated sugar. 1 orange. 1 inch stick j cinnamon. - %ihole cloves. Cut orange into small dice without peehcg. Remove seeds. Put all the j materials into a baking dish. o»er and j bake in a moderate oven until the fruit, I :s tender buc not broken. The juice ! vrjl become a thick syrup Chill and i serve with toasted crackers and cream J cheese. Cottage cheese is excellent j with both sugared cherries and rhu- I barb compote. [ Tomorrow's Menu. 1 BREAKFAST--Shredded fresh Dine- i apple, cereal, cream, shirred eggs, gra- mufims milk, coffee LUNCHEON--Waffles vith creamed Miort Kfijn Of Irrror (.·rip-. Ju: ut. B .i: u f j-uo-t- i. » Mi'. a.i . .»! K :... A\vi -· r » tv::; -H J " -.v.:-. A .--.-cr'. 'i.;.. ·.'.' -v - -.: ·*· '. t^t :' «'' 1! " ::,iu.'d hi S M' -' » t! 1 V I K V I 1 S L K M I L ROGER F. LIPPS KVPIB1 R %UIO ISC No Job Too I UOl -I « I J 1 BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Brown and It hit* S. C. Lffhona. SS-1M. B»r. Mblle »nd Bad Box. ABCOBM. Biff and BUck Mioorcn. S*4s, Golden Whit* and Mlirr-Lacrd Wjajil»U«. f* pet lt». J*rs*» BUck GI»Dt». Ufht BnUwar Baff «. Sli per hundred. Anarted »»r loo. 100 per «nt. dellnry 1 to t f t « Cat»!»t Mt. Airy US BECK'S HATCHERV Dcpt. U. Mt Airy. M«L KtAD THE STOKV. THEN The sardine iin ;^t sn-.i'.-.-c and Uicn j : said he. "I i :.*· : COLOK 111*. 1MC11KL \ - ~- t.i ": i -^ v . -a. ' vi o- * t '.\J. · ,, · . : · . . . ·.. r e.- .'··. ^i..^ ' -»v 01. ' · * So»;;uri: Pd..'.. ^.» ". ' .'-"-*-· . ; . \ ^ v j j _^ tt '-· ;.i". tv n^ : v JACOB RUPPERT B A R L E Y MALT SYRUP fTKe of tkc TownTl The BULOVA BAGUETTE -MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up To-Date Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Md. and \et \ou tee::i a lup.--:- niin 1 .i:i- not underitand ho-A i.'a .-»r. be ^o '.".'.I of cheer " t The car. replied. "A.: 1 1:;a: .s ;u.-'- :: Jus: paUier "round an 1 . '~*d Ji-d s." r^thl do*:i ai.d be real c.-si: T'.-iblc 111 tell you all 1 kn3.v." The Times cid as :hc were told T2:e , can then said. "My ^tar\'t old bat if \ca want :o hear it. I »-il te" .:. H»re Ion; and H*; ar.a -.crj- :h-n And ; long and nat and \rrj- th.r. Ar.o'hcn I thev fxistec me arjund until 1 T.AS a ir.v t - 1... C.... 1..A1. A . - . ; . Take _ _ _ r.u. Iha: r«..'..i-' !·:.·. -v .i:r.t.,i ·«.·: a -4. ..a:: ;a-avic J^1 ll. j .r i t ^ t i. ^ '" 1 -;.:" T;i'^ T.:IM:I.U.^ .'UiiiTKxi ; » t-'.oir fvi". ::.·· : - ^;ir.v t.n cans ai:i t::e kept ':·. GREENA WALT'S Dandelion Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! oush 11 r.ever filled n:- fa". is".:. they You »uU can see where :::e Si!i ·were. Ijcs. if ay insid-?s you'll scan. "And then they took n;o to a store I found out nhat I uas -here :or A ! ^nc A BOX Woe WI-.Q-. ^_i,vvci h- a:.d , t-ioc. YCJ j'.l ;··.-! ca:ulv. bv t.ce ' j Ljrjr Box. condimnc five times And tnen !.e *tar'-a i.v;.:-.z i: ».-.j':tiiis · ·· ; ; r · :·.··;·' t r.i tx c ·::'.:.ut-c 1 'Cop.-ryh- :9JJ. NEA SorM^e i'T'.;o l.:..-.s re the quantity-$1.00 FOR SALE AT ALL DKLT. STOKhS A N D M A N Y GENERAL STORES I few cays ago Jasper Peikc. a ne~;h- ; bor came -ai:h ha nJe and ihrx- ill.:- i dren. aged 6. 4 and 1 10 a^it: i:e i Woc-t«ns. AZ1 the Peakes. child were stricken. The c;-_Jd did not share a ir.eal with them Since then four other persons ha-.c become .11 at the Wooten home. All are reco^er^-.i: Say you saw tt in The News. crackers, cottage: ! saimon ana out. compote. toasted cheese, cocoa DINNER--Roast shoulder of tea! potatoes Delmomco. green beans in crearr.. tcmato and cabbage salad. Ambrosia, milk coffee TEN POISONED Cake Or Bread Blamed For South Carolina Illnesses. I Columbia. S. C, May 30 --Ten psr- i sens have been po^oned in the last I tea cays from eatoi-3 bread or cake in I the home of C. W. Woo:«n. in ihc j Blaney section of Kersha^sr county i Dr. A. W. Humphries, county healtn Officer, said today that an investiga- j tion had disclosed poison in Wooten's Iftour bin. i Wooten and his tnfe becaxe ill a i Catch up irUl yourself TAKE next week-end off and run down to Chalfonte- Haddon Hall. Lie in the sun. Walk the Boards. Play golf in the tonic ocean air. Play squash. With Chalfonte-Haddon Hall as background you can relax completely and enjoy life. Here you will find an excellent cuisine, thoushtful comfort, and a cordial hos- p i t a l i t y . Our rates are 1932. Write or phone 4-0141. Special ICPI-': · { railroad tickets ui :.J. Amr: i and European Plant CHALFOXTE- ttADDO\ H ILL A T t A X T I r I T Y onct Upplncott Company riendfy -- YOU FEEL IT! Friendliness, \\itb security, helpfulness, with tested qualiiications, are characteristics of this Dank. Patrons sense iliem when opening business relation? with this institution. Old patrons count upon them. It takes years of establishment and eharar-ter-buildincr to brinjr a Bank to this decree of individuality. But xve're still young | enough to appreciate new friends! Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 ^ r-ar. a cure, cr perhaps get losi an:i3£t tie ~r-te sheets -s a tboBghi- A u-.t:« nboon e^.; can be ~ads J~.~*o 2- ca-r.ty v-ns-Sar.a for a s:ci lady to PucS h^r liir.c^-T- chief into. All sick fo'Js low c^ry- thing fron pencils -:p A cag, _«.Ci^. and a iiar.dle TO .iar-5 over the bedncst. is "ery acceptable A haZf yarri o" gay cfcatz cr ca'-;co or any cheap mat^nal turns tr.2 tr.-k _ Don't forget the ca;"y postcard. Very sick fo'.fcs like to le" the-r eyas war.afr to a pretty r.ower garden p.c:ure, or a quiet sunset at sea, or o'her appeallr.; pictorial earns. Convalescent folks get » chuckle out. of some of the insouciant "get ·sell quick" cards that ire T. the market J;i5t a v ord a da "· -are ttiinK'T'g oi Uieai. Also it is a diversion. Fc-r children, a vt? balloon that can j be attacked to the bedpost wiih a string is ;ood If -_te children are suffering from a broken lee or some other rjch a.lm-er.i and really need a little exercise, thjs cheery jeUow, bn;h* K"e or scarlet balloon up into' tr:e 3-T, cracpr.e it back by its stnr.s ' and oa".r.c it aca-n, furnishes a good , nieans ot gentle ex-ire^ I NOT Operated for PROFIT The Fidelity Building Loan Association Not a Stock Venture! Your Home Brought Closer i Street Accident- i i A =~ -v- - ~~ Q^--; ^"CtTTed at "he *n- ' x.--ect.;n of Seventh and Market streets aoojt 6 30 o'clock Monday even- in?. Geo-§e An;arose, Incian Kcad. i:u. was nortr. on Market ; street ar.i st^rt^i to make a left torn i --to Wret Seventh street. He was sruck ' rrom ire rea_- by another north-bound \ car, operated by Charles J. Dowe. Ne-a jYcc.-i c..r- Ambroses car ~as slightly ? d3jrj;ed Officers Marshal'. 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