The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 37
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 37

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 37
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Entertainment HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- How ;oes the Negroes' drive for more work in movies and tele- v'sion? Negro comedian Godfrey Cambridge reports "a slight improvement," but: 'I'm still waiting to see a Ne ero variety show, to see Lena Home and Harry Belafonte »-ave their own shows. I'm tired of his getting 20-minute segments--always as somebody's guest. DANCE Jerry Man-one's Combo EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT Hamilton Mt. Restaurant RT. 40 WEST MIXED DRINKS "I'm still waiting for Sidney Poitier to make love to a real, live Negro woman . . . not a i white chick who, it turns out, is i blind" (Elizabeth Hartman in I"A Patch of Blue"). i The man with the statistics is Davis Roberts, 50, a Negro actor and an official of the Bever! ly Hills-Hbllywood branch of the National Association for the Ad, vancement of Colored People. ' Says Roberts: I don't want to ! Rive the impression that every- tning is hunky-dory, but a be-! ginning has been made." The NAACP branch holds quarterly meetings--and has been doing so since 1964--with craft representatives under aus- oices of the producers' association. Representatives of mon- agement and guilds report on \ T egro employment. Latest available comparisons chow that in the three months ended last June 30, 29 Negro ac- iors were cast in movies, compared with 7 in the quarter end:d Oct. 31, 1965. (Production generally was up: 26 features this year against 14 in the 1965 period.) Negro extras earned, in round numbers, $38,000 in the 1967 quarter, in both movies and TV, compared with $32,000 in the 1965 period. 'But the thing that strikes SEPT. YORK ; FAIR ; HAL SANDS SHOW TIME OF 1967 WITH MANHATTAN KOCKCTS NITt OVTSTAHWHG VAUWM ACTS COIT £ AM«*i»««'/-TUES.-WED.-THUR.-FRI..*nK- ^ rt/f£0AY...0AYant/ NIGHT CRITTERS ROCK 'N ROLL STARS W£0N£S0A Y...0AYant/ NIGHT FARON YOUNG £2 COUNTRY and WESTERN ARTISTS THURSPA Y...0AYant/ NIGHT JOHNNY TILLOTSON ENTERTAINER and VOCALIST FRI0A Y...NIGHT ONLY SATURDAY... DAY and NIGHT DRIVERS DAY and NIGHT * * RAIN or SHINE PETER PAN INN DINING NEW HOURS M O N D A Y THRt FRIDAY--4 TO 9 Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays, 12 To 9 0 / Also \* ', Presenting In Our DOLPHIN COCKTAIL LOUNGE THE MELLOW TONES Fridays and Saturdays FOR YOUR DANCING PLEASURE me," Robt.u £-,, . - - -- - -- plovment tables, "is that 10 pei cent of the minority-group extras do not earn 10 per cent of che money." i Negroes, Orientals, Mexicans, Hindus, U.S. Indians and Polynesians constitute 10 per cent | of the registered extras. In this | year's quarter they earned 6.94 'per cent of extras' total pay- not much above the 1965 peri- ad's 6.5 per cent. Still, Roberts said: 1 'I don't think figures are the i i-ignificant thing. We are concerned with the Negroes' image ; '.hat films and TV present to the world." In 1944 the NAACP complained to producers that Negro actors were cast only in stereotyped roles--cooks, maids, j chauffeurs and objects of laugh-, ter. ! Results were twofold, says Roberts: 1) Negroes often were; not considered for defense-plant employment and 2) fewer such roles were created. "For a long time, nothing replaced the stereotype roles," he says. ' T h e moviemakers thought they had answered the criticism by eliminating them." A complaint heard now is the ,new Negro stereotype: the well groomed man with briefcase and no real involvement in the plot. But last month, at a Beverly Hilton banquet, the Beverly Hills-Hollywood NAACP branch presented "image awards" to 10 TV programs for improved presentation of Negroes. Recipients included "Mission: Impossible," "Big Valley," "I Spy," "Hogan's Heroes," "Dak- tari" and "Star Trek." Universal studio was honored a so for increased nonacting employment of Negroes. "There is some movemen in this direction at all major studios," Roberts said, noting Negroes in jobs as publicists, copying-machine operators, switchboard operators, secre- jtaries, file clerks, timekeepers, watchmen, guards and prop makers--as well as janitors. ! "The changes, though slight ! jjb they are," said Roberts, "re- i fleet a growing awareness of the ! fair thing to do." Radio · TV Highlights \ ! By CYNTHIA LOWRY I AP Television-Radio Writer i NEW YORK (AP) -- A pair of new comedies and a pair of new westerns slid down the network I ways Wednesday night, with ' three of the four damonstrating that, in television, it is not al- | ways what is dhne but how it's '.-ne that counts. Botb comedy shows--ABC's 1 "Second Hundred Years" and i CBS's "He and She"--were well done, which means amusing. The premise of the former is a young gold prospector in Alaska at the turn af the century who was buried frozen in an av- a'anche for 67 years, finally freed, thawed ind returned to Southern California as young and healthv as he had been when he was encased in ice. Naturally, most of the iokes were based on his reactions to contemporary ".ociety ·-- television t he thought it was a midget in a little box), automobiles and women in slacks. But somehow it all came 3ff pretty well in DIAL 301-874-2222 FOR RESERVATIONS FOR PRIVATE PARTIES THURSDAY SPECIAL! ALL YOU CAN EAT GOLDEN BROWN MARYLAND FRIED CHICKEN Served With Crisp French Fries Creamy Cole Slaw Hot Rolls and Butter ONLY *1 59 / RESTAURANT / y same thing with a stone-age family in "It's About Time." The characters were funny and attractive. Monte Markham plays the lusty, roaring centenarian as well as his rather priggish grandson. Arthur O'Conne'l is fine as his C7-year-old son who insists on calling the returnee "Dad." "He and She" centered on at- j tractive Dick Benjamin and Paula Prentiss, a real-life married couple, playing a cartoonist end his wife, a caseworker, for a travelers' aid society. A nice off-hand relationship was immediately established between them and there were sparkling moments with Jack Cassidy cast as the superegctistical actor ,vho plays "Jetman" in the TV r,eries based on our hero's comic strip. The nonsense was bui 11 around finding work for a stranded Greek shepherd who wanted to stay in America, and the only time there was a letdown was when the show went slapstick as everyone knocked themse'ves out trying to open a stuck door. But the premier s-how had much promise. John Mills, the distinguished British actor, gave "Dundee and the Culhane" some class and sheen that carried the show out of the routine western mold. He plays a shrewd English lawyer teamed up with a young American attorney--played bv Sean Garrison--who is as quick on the draw as the older man is with the word. The story wandered around to include a whipping of a man on camera, the poison'nq of a water supply, a couple f t near- lynchings and, of course, the nqual quota of gun battles. There was a tral of an innocent man, of course, which premises to be a weekly speciality of the series. · ARC's "The Legend of Cus: ter" njHts ui the cava'rv officer pt Fort Havs. Kan., and has him · whipping his regiment--a unit .; 3t- : . - ./ ... -i-nj and ex-convicts--into a smart fighting force just in time to save the stupid 5th Cavalry from destruction in an Indian trap. Indians were biting the- dust through most of the hour, a situation not guaranteed to make contemporary Redskins any nappier, and it may be presumed that a short statement at the end of the show, "Tonight's episode has been fictional drama," will hardly mollify historians who are widely split in their opinion of Custer as a military man. Newcomer Wayne Maunder olavs the title role with dash nnd color, and vou had a feeling that under that stern exterior diere beat a heart of pure gold. Were it not for the controversial character of the man cho- -en for te'evision immortality, the show could be brushed off as ·a stock model of its type. Yellow Springs Girl Awarded Fellowship Miss Judy A. Harman, daugh ler of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Baird Harman of Yellow Springs, has been awarded an academic vear graduate fellowship by the Division of Clinical Studies of ·he College of Human Resourc es and Education of West Virginia University. Miss Harman, a gra luate stu dent in the program of curriculum for classroom teachers in special education at the university, was recently graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan receiving a degree of bachelor oi arts in elementary education SHIPS ARRIVE NEW YORK (AP) -- Four Japanese destroyers arrived in New York harbor Tuesday for a four-day stay--the first visit t« the city by a Japanese training squadron since 1936. THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Page B-1V Thursday. 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