The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 52
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 52

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 52
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Calories Don't CoMiit! News about a revolutionary reducing plan, based on a new biochemical discovery, and now available for the first time in a new book U NBELIEVABLE - but true! You need to eat fat if you are to be slim. It isn't how many calories you consume that matters — but what kind of calories. The inclusion of polyunsaturated fatty acids in your diet is the essential step toward loosening the body's long-stored fat It is the key to your Josing only excess fat rather than vital body tissue. In his just-published book, CALORIES DON'T COUNT , Dr. Herman Taller explains the principles behind this new understanding of the body's chemistry — and tells you in full detail: 1. How to eat three full meals a day and lose weight in the safest way possible 2. Why you must never leave the table hungry if you want to be slim 3. How you can eat heartily while those extra inches disappear 4. How this radical new way of losing weight is linked with a low cholesterol count, better skin condition, and resistance to colds 5. Why you may eat fried foods every day and keep slim — what kind of fats to fry them in 6. What foods (this includes the greatest surprise of all to people who have suffered through calorie-counting diets) you should avoid 7. Why large portions of meat, fowl, or sea food are essential to your slimming program 8. Sample recipes including pot roast, fried chicken, cheese cake and mayonnaise "There have been no failures." The story back of Dr. Tader's radical new method for losing inches without starvation Dr. Herman Taller is a gynecologist andobstetri- cian who became interested in theories of obesity for personal reasons when he himself weighed 265 F>ounds. After hungry years of unsuccessful experimenting with standard calorie-counting diets he happened to take part in an anti-cholesterol experiment which involved adding a specific kind of fat to his diet. To the astonishment of Dr. Taller and the researchers involved, he found himself fastening his belt on a tighter notch, discovered that his clothes were becoming too big. He found himself adding calories and losing weight. Was this some fluke? Would it work for others? With mounting excitement Dr. Taller began spending all his spare time in the medical libraries, reading everything that existed on obesity and metabolism. He discovered no clues, until one day he came upon an article by the late Dr. Alfred W. Pennington which contained the first glimmer, the first specific evidence to explain what was happening to him. He determined to proceed from Dr. Pennington's beginnings to work out a program that would solve the "diet problem" once and for alL After painstaking research he put his program into practice on a group of 93 problem dieters with extraordinary success. Today patients from all over the country come to Dr. Taller for treatment. And his principles have won ever widening interest in the medical field. In the preface to his book he writes: "The concept this book advances is revolutionary. Perhaps all I need say in supf>ort of my new nutrition principle is that it works. It has been tested in medical laboratories and among large numbers of patients. There have been no failures, nor can there be any when the principle is properly applied. For it is based on new knowledge — a medical breakthrough. I think it is wise to warn you that this breakthrough is so dramatic that it will probably invalidate all you know, or think you know, about the causes of obesity." iat steak, trench fried potatoes, and lose weight safely Revolutionary indeed. Following Dr. Taller's 14- poJnt plan, you will be free from the discouragement — to say nothing of the danger — of the endless chain of diet-gain-diet-gain. And you will be free from the crash diets that more often than not result in a gaunt face (easier for the ca/orje-starved body to break down vital tissue than hard long-stored excess fat) while unaesthetic bulges remain. With Dr. Taller's new plan — specifically directed at breaking down and burning excess fat, you eat well (even piecrust and french fried potatoes) never know the pangs of hunger, and lose not just pounds but, specifically, the bulges you want to lose in order to be pleased with your image in the mirror and the fit of your clothes. And you stay slim. OR. HERMAN TALLER Dr. Taller is a noted New York gynecologist and obstetrician. His patients many of them famous names in the entertainment world come from all over the country, and even South America for his treatment. He became interested in reducing for personal reasons. After years of unsuccessful experimentation with standard diets he prescribed one of his own and lost 65 pounds in ei/j/if montba. His nutrition principles have since gained medical recognition and national attention. finest, sanest, best reducing book you've ever seen, simply send it back and pay nothing. If, however, you decide to keep it, remit only S3.95 (plus a few cents postage) as payment in full. Mail coupon today to: SiMON AND SCHUSTER, INC ., Dept. VP, 630 Fifth Avenue, New York 20. N. Y. MAIL TODAY FOR 30 DAYS' FREE EXAMINATION To your bookseller, or SIMON AND SCHUSTER, INC.. Publishers, Dept. FP, 630 Fifth Avenue, New York 20, N. Y. Please send me a copy of Dr. Herman Taller's exciting new book. CALORIES DON'T COUNT , for thirty days' Free Examination. If not convinced that it will help me reduce substantially and sanely, I may return the book within thirty days and pay nothing. Otherwise, I will send only S3.95 (plus a few cents postage) as payment in full. It is a simple plan. But its rules, though easy to follow, are specific. They are clearly outlined in Dr. Name Taller's book. CALORIES DON'T COUNT . Read it and (PLEASE PRINT) liberate yourself, once and for all, from both Address starvation and overweight. City Zone FREE 30-DAY EXAMINATION Send No Money Now state j j SAVE POSTAGE! Check here if you send S3.95 WITH T , . t f ~i , T-«^..i~ r-"™....™, — this coupon as payment in full. Then WE PAY Let us send you a copy of CALORIES DON T COUNT Dr^crAr-E- c in!i. •• r t „ i A J m /• POSTAGE. Same 30-day return privilege for full refund to read and use for THIRTY DAYS FREE . Then if GUARANTEED. (N.V. City residents please add sales tax) you don't agree that Dr. Taller's book is by far the 1

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