The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 30, 1987 · Page 43
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 43

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1987
Page 43
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*-AA THE SUNDAYSHOTPKK Sunday, August 30, I<MJ7 SUNDAY EVENING 9 CB S) CD IX) • (?) •« » • m 9 •i • ® •i • • OB •a 5:M News Mad Movies 5:3i N80 n6W5 . Car 54 6:W Our House Smother Bros Movie: "Th« Seventh VeU" LPGA Golf FMNwr jnd Father Gang NMVnions www Mod. ltag*etF«d Ob/Gyn Th* Gods Must Be Crazy' OwgvB* CBS Nws M-M-Ki** TB* Animate/Acton News Sports. SdMduHt de«t not r«ft*>ct l«tt-iwiwt« programming clwftg*! 6:30 Bad News NFL Kickolt 7:00 Family Ties Donna Reed 7:30 Mister Ed 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Movie "Under Siege Movie: 'Paper Tiger Movie: "Hello, ffisco. Hello" 10:00 Hews Smuttier Bios 10:30 I nU'rUin MonVws Movie 'Blood Alley NFL Preseason Foottaii The Virginian Sokfers: History of Men AMA Vicfcc Clinic Survival Special Dead or Alive Physicians' Journal Update Movie: "Florida Straits" Movie: "Hot IMions" 60 Minutes Inside Business New Sports Sunday pisney Sunday Movie Mow: 'Bmtog Aw*' Cont'd HhyftmMBkMAMnfe lADCWnS Odwr Cowboys Spd. MDM: "Mcbodys Fool" Ow.Wm«ng LM«e/Bet*er • Ufe MwMu* on tosjgnmtnt NiMgFu Purtn' on Hte Star* Lobo Murder She Wrote PrirneNews Cover Story Hollywood Upstairs, Downstairs Cardiology Internal Med. Rotwt Klein Tune Masteipiflce theatre Ob / Gyn Movie "A Breed Apart" Movie: "Flianlom ol the Open Hearth' Milestones tsl 1 Ten Zorro Movie: "Blind Justice" Week in Review CNN News Movie: "Ctose Encounters o( the Third Kinfl' Movie: "O'Hara's Mfe" Oilers Fame Movie: "Touch and Go" Tenspeed and Brown Shoe Han to Hart Hockey Movie: "Ruthless People" Movie: "3:10 to Yuma" 21 Jump Street Fame Dukes of Hazzard With Children Duet Lifestyles ol Rich & Famous Sportswriter S'jncfaf Weight Loss Programming Ballroom Dancing Update Internal Mud Movie Nothing m Common Movie 'Maryland News Business News SisVei i Eberi Sports Iwwjhi 'Serpico" Movie: "Ran Ouincy Hockey Movie: "Manhunter ' National Geographic Explorer Mr. President Love Boat Movie: "Cody" Tracey Ullman Death Valley News News Benson INN News HeeHaw Sports Page Jerry Falweil National Geogiaprsic Special H.'s Heroes Bizarre Dernpsey 1 M Ed Young SUNDAY MOHNING 9:000MOVII. C.Uluw A is > <tM! I i -I'd*-1 hi- ti SUNDAY LATE EVENING • (i) ti) CD (i) • CD • * (Ji • ttf • • E • fc) • 1 • • »• • « ll*t EM**. 9**MrtM 11:» At the Moms K^S-SUCCM* l£ft Cover Story 12:30 1:00 News C^F ^MWU^MUt^ avn npnwniBiK MIMC "MBCfAoft ol in JMVCW WHt" MB H^^^^u^ 1 t^^^B^h^ Hrw TmVBK I W^DVi QotorYowOMfflt Owtag P«*«iu SIMM Fan. Medicine •NoMq n Cannon Cont 4 MM* ttoitocr Cort'd UMylKOffkcnIFwious TNnmr 1:30 Sign-Oil 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:. Movie: "Paper Tiger" Turkey Television Movie: "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim" This Week in Sports NewH»irC«re Make/Miion SportsCerrter Sandra Brooks Movie: "The Seventh Veil" T&nois Program Yoursetl for Success Kevs-Success Succes Investment Advisory Movie: '7he Gotts Must Be Cruy" Mmie: "The HoraemKters" EvtrytoJy-s Money Mitters StftoWWiEJuKlmch Newsmtker Mwir. 'S«»pico' Cont'd *tovi»: 'fltr.'Confd FtMMntGroM«ty Sign-Of Money*** News Movie: "Looker" Movie: Movie: "Phantom ol the Open Hearth" Movie: Sports Business Newsnight News Movie: "The Gauntlet" New Light Church HK*«r.Cmji vs. FMmd Cont'd Paris/VNh George Bums Jerry FahneR WfertdTom. Hatonat Geographic Special OempseytM. What Country Jimmy Swaggart SoW Gold Sign-Oft Showtime Coast to Coast Jimmy Swaggart Star Search At the Movies Chid. Fund Sign-Off Fame 700 Club Tales/Darkside Crossfire Big Sto Movie: "Genghis Khan" Movie: "Rollover " Sign-OH Movie: "Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives" Brothers Movie: Larry Jones Save/Children Movie: "The Gallant Hours" tO 4:00 4:30 Car M Mondees Mow: "Hello. Frisco, Hdto Fishing Aerobics . Now Your Skin Thinner Information 'Beginner's Luck" 'There Goes My Heart" ry Sports Review Business Comedy 'Home Fires" Here Come the Brides Mind Power Sign-Oft INN News Movie: 'Eagle and the H awk" 1:100 BOB DECKER'S wont. 'Coast to Coast' gives exposure to new acts J.Efetoteu "Showtime Coast to Coast" (airing Aug. 30) is attempting to position itself as a variety show for the '80s. But it is closer to an entertainment anthology than an old-fashioned variety show. The pay-cable show has more integrity and less glitz Instead of several performers on one stage, "Coast to Coast" offers performances taped at various locations. Each segment is stitched together with commentary by the host, jazz pianist Herbie Hancock. The 90-minute show is HerWe Haacoek produced by Ken Ehrlich, who created PBS's "Sound- stage" in the '70s, and it. shares some of that series' penchant for spotlighting •performers who are slightly out of the mainstream. The first edition offers a smorgasbord of musical styles, plus some stand-up comedy. First up is K.D. Umg, a Canadian woman who sings country music with a punky kick. She does a version of the cloying early 'GOs hit "Johnny Get Angry" that sounds like she's singing about Johnny Rotten, not Johnny Angel. It's a good showcase for her; she's the type of act who could easily end up being the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" next season. The stand-up comics, Greg Travis and 'Robert'Schim- mel, do routines laced with the kind of language one would never have heard cm "The Ed Sullivan Show." They seem to detract from, rather than enhance the program. The show features a couple of documentary-like segments that would seem more at home'on "West 57th," CIJS's sna/y.y news-magazine show. We see lite Manhattan Transfer recording its next album and two members of the group going off to to add the rhythm track. The other extended segment takes a look at the New Orleans Jazy. and Heritage Festival. It's a laudable segment, especially as a way of introducing the Neville Brothers to a wider audience. Irwnd who t-:* M<'.V a &:.i!ti'- tij'.,U' 1 ' i •*! ilfyruun !i.Mi,li<l Owina t'J / I 9:300 MOVK 'Guntiijtit .11 1h« OK Corral' Wy.llt i.l<|i Jly) Dm. Mitll» (of in .in .iJliaiU-t.' h> pul •,»*«• !tu; ntjUXKHj-, Gartton Ciafuj Uuft t .ln,.aUt-r >-'fV OiHMjI.l'j Rhonda I Icm-fl'J 11*3 / 11:00O MOTORWCCK 0 NFL P«C SEASON SPECIAL (to MHO I 0 MOVIE HIB Anw/iny Spidor tempts to thwart an I'Moriion plo! "ft damji'iimj the lives of 1O worW [tsa'hrti Nicholas Hammond Oavid VVriiti! 19/7 AFTERNOON 12:000 MOVIE 'The Old Man Who Cri«d Wott' A man. who saw hts old Im-'nd twatun to dvath. suts out to lim] ih« 01 a Imait uiuck iiikvaidG Rolnnson Martin tiiilsam OianoBntt-i 1970 • THE RICH AND FAMOUS 1987 WORLD'S BEST Tlx< thud annual countdown of th«; world s bust t>oi<-'li rt'Staufanls and fo^oMS with app-raf ai'Ci;s tjy Bob H<jpir. Mofnan Brittany Victoria Principal. Joan Var\ Ait. an<J Susan Sullivan Most Rolnn ttjai-h ('2 hrs ) 0 COLLEGE FOOTBALL from last Mulhciloid N J (Live) C3 hrs 30 mm } & THIS WEEK IN BASEBALL H.tjh lights ol Majoi Li-ayuc action act? shown ffiiJ):MOVIE: 'S|J,tcestHi;' [liccruw of the U S S VortHjo i'ncoufiters an af tun lilc to'in (tunny a stopover al a dis tant planet Lnshu Nielsen. Cindy Wil liarns, Bruce Kimnwl 1981 12.309 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 13 hrs) 1.-000 MAJOfl LEAGUE BASEBALL ( {3 hrs ) • MOVIE: 'Deartly Dust' Spider Man recovers »n atomic bomta from a fjroup 01 gangsters Nicholas Hammond. Rob erl F: Simon. Rolx>rt Alda 1978 WACKY HID OF SPORTS 2:00• TRACK AND FIELD World Cham pionships, from Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy (Samo-rJay Tape) |3 his ) R ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK: EVIEWOf THE NFL'S68TH SEA SON John Madden and Pat Sunirnerall give their outlooks (or the 1987 NfL season with special interviews arid features. (Taped! (60 mm 1 0 ffi, MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (3 hrs ] 3:000 GOLF Final lound, liom rnesionu Countiy Club in Akion. OH (1 aped) (2 SI MOVIE: 'The Kukwood Haunting / Wolf Pack' Spinel-Man investiijates myslenous happeninys at an estate and toils a plot to steal valuable yerns Nicholas Hammond. Robeit Simon. Ellen Si y 1978 3:30 Q) GOLF US. Amatem Champion ships Final ftound fiofn Jupitei Club in Jiipitei. Fla ISainu-day 1 ape) (90 mm ) 69 MOVIE: 'Incident on a Dark Street* A U S alloiney seaiches lor a hnk between oiuani/ed cnmi; and coi rupt cily ollif:ial:i Jami.'b Ohion. William Shutnel. Hichaicl Caslelhino 197? 5:00 09 RH VTHM AND BLUES AWARDS A saliiKi to H Si B iimsls by Hl.ick Radio Itnrs peilmmini] at this 9lh .innual ifvent ai(; Aniiti [iakiM and (iiiMjcuy Abbott Hosts the (jioup CamiMi "From Uiilly's Giand Hotel" in La;. Vm|iis. Nov (2 his I BOOKS ABOUT OCEANS The First Book of the Ocean by Sam and Beryl Epstein. Grs. 4-5. Fascinating secrets are told in this book about the oceans of the world. Oceans of the World by Kirk Polking. Grs. 5-6. The oceans' formation, uses, and future are explored and illustrated in this book. Under the Ocean by Eugene Booth. Grs. K-3. Bright, funny illustrations and word games show interesting things that happen "under the ocean."

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