The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 28, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1924
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

pRIDAV. NOVEMBER 28, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS; PAGE XT"E. Much Power In a Studebaker Six There la no doubt that n Stmle- baker Six Is a powerful car but n hew sort of tost was Klvon It yesterday. Ono of these driven liy a man named Vincent moveil n five- room house at tho southeast corner of Hoaglund juul Firtli. Vln- tont, driving the Stmlcbakor belonging to George Phillips was bncltlng In Honglnml but kept It tip too long, for BOIIIB reason or other, and finally Invaded the promises und hit the corner of tho home of Chnrles Youtsey and when the lively contest was over the house was three Inches out of lino and somewhat disheveled. Also tho rear end ot the Stmlobnker was icarrcd up n little. There Is a bill hoard elgn which lays something lllto this: "Roware ef the crossings; Hutchlnsoii Is lull of Sludobaliers." This sign will have to bo changed to do some "bewaring" In residence yards .19 Hrell, for a Studehnker mingles In all sorts of society now nnd then. All Fat People Should Know This T'ftt pcoplo mve a debt nf KrattUitlo 1o the discoverer of tiio now fjunnue Xfarmnla Presort pMott. And tboy mi^'it to be Htlll more grateful becuuKe tills effective obpsity remedy la now pro- jmreri In tablol form. Murmola prescription Tubleta ciui l»p obtained n.t nil druj? store* tho world over nt thu rensontiblep rlco of emu dollar for a box. Or you can secure them direct by sending llio prlco to the Mnrmola Co.. General Molora l.Udp., Detroit, I\Iieb. This now leaven no fxctiso for metliiff or violent exercise for tho re- dilution nf tho ovL-vf.'it bmly to nnrmfll. Young People To Present Pageant Tho young people of the Christ- Ian church will give a pageant, "The HOIIBO of.lxjvlng Service Sunday morning at the Ulblo school hour 9:30 with the'foltowing cast of characters: Scene I. Sitting room In Now York holol: Mr. Green, prosperous business man from llutcnlnson, Kansas. 13arl Freeman. Mrs .Green,..Miss Trossle Vaughn. Kllzabalh -Carter Green, Miss Mtvxlno llalrd. Scene II, Office ot Christian Church Community House, NPW York City: Mr. Vandurvort, superintendent ot tho house......Kester Mock. Mrs. Mason, Hsstalnnl superintendent, Miss Madge Yager, Miss Conley, worker with girls, ': Miss Maud Elston. Miss flarvln, English teacher, Miss Wilma Kvuna. Foreigner with papers to explain, Donald McMillan. Mr. Letnbo '. .Forest Schooley. Mr. Allapack, worker with boys, Jlmmle Elston, Mrs. Rupplano Gladys Todd. Institute Quartet sings vocal number: Misses 'Martha Combs, Katharine Williams, Marie Kerah. ncr, Kothrino Mclaughlin. Scene III. Camp Kcene by oloveu young ladles around <x eamp fire: .M(sse9 Maud Elston, Gertrude Hutlnr, Vel- i|ia Woodall, .Sanili Cleus, Harriet Kggorton, Luolln Cllnu, Floy Voodall, Olive Korea, Leona Ladd, Nellie Kennedy. Mario .Montanden. A Thanksgiving offering will --e lakon for the Conmiiinlty House service nt close of this program. Oil and Gas News MORE ACTIVITY IN THE HUTCHINSON OIL DISTRICT am 47 wells down to th' i sand and ittll another sand la being found iclow thla depth, Increasing tho production. Tho dally production if tho deep sand Is more than 87,000 barrels and It Is expected It will RO to mora than 100,000 barrels ijy the end of tho year. A total of 60 wells will probably bo completed to the Slick sand within tho noxt 60 days. There li more activity In Iht Hutehlnion oil dlttrlet, beginning with today. The Sullee w«ll itarted up this afternoon and the O'Halloran It again at work. The Irvvln, after a short layoff will be back drilling again soon. The Short Is soon to be drilling and the Thlesten will also be making new hole again In • few days. CORN. fowl—get relief in one minute from jorns, callouses and bunions with Dr. scholl'a Zino-pads. They remove the tattae— friction and pressure. Thin, any to apply, antiseptic, healing. Three sizes. Nothing so quick and mm, &t yo\ir druggist or shoe dealer. DZSchoH's Always Win* 'Put OIM on—the pain if gone' C.' ...'.• .;; Will the Rich, Red BloodRushBack? • "DRESS the Resh firmly be^ tween hand and thumb. Now watch—how long does It take the blood to come back? Unlrai it Is practically instan- ' , toncous in Its return, Anemia— blood starvation—is indicated. you cannot have energy and vitality unless your blood con- taint the iron and manganese content that Oudc'« Peptc- Mongan alone can supply. • For thirty-two yean thousand! of physicians have seen thousands of patients regain health and strength by the daily use of Gude's Pepto-Mangan. The blood assimilates Its energizing properties and rettores the latent power to every cell of the body. Your druggist now has Qude's Pepto-Mangan In liquid or tablet form. Gude's Pepto-jttangan Tonic and Blood Enricher Sal lee Started Again. Atter some weeks of shut down the crews have started onco moro it the deepest test around hero, the Salleo, so. 3-22-Gw, northwest of town In tho sand hills. The 3avls and Hippie company, drilling this test, has raised sufficient money to enable the hole to go a few lundred feet deeper, It Is hoped, so that a good test can bo made. After partly rebuilding some of :he equipment at the O'Halloran the crews started to work there again today with the bit down below 3275. Short I* Waiting. E. U. Bugler of tho Reno County OH and Gas company, drilling the Short well, states that company is ready to start the hole on down as soon as those who have subscribed to the now fund pay their money In. This teat will go down to tha place where It is hoped to pick up tho Welch sand. While no announcement has finally been mado H Is understood the Thlosson test will start np again In a few days nnd that It may he drilled several hundred feet more on the way in a search for oil. At th« Johanten. New moves are being made In regard to the Johansen which, it Is hoped may brl"i results and get that test drilling again. It Is down to 600 feet but has neen shut down for several weeks. There la activity In the Cheyenne Bottoms in tha three tests being drilled there; nnd these wells are not very far from Hutchlnson. Winning beauty prizes has i be come a commonplace for Mlsa KutU erlna Spencer Smith, whose father i was prominent as a former U. S consul and her grandfather three times mayor of? Cincinnati 0. She has boon u model for , James Montgomery Flagg. here are correct shoes for everything you do. Styles of medium Brown, grained calf are for week day walking. See the new ones here. Their sturdy .comfort you'll appreciate; their distinctive stitchings and lasts mark you as discriminating. "They Stay Smart with Long Service." See Them in Our Windows YOUNG'S SHOE STORE Phone -|7S7 Established 1877 . '2 North Mali:. SHOWSINCRESASE OF 8,103 BARRELS. Tho Oil and Oas Journal, Tulaa, says the production of oil In tho United States for the week ending November 22 as compared wltli th« proirloiis week, ending November IS Increased 8,108 barrels. There was a gain nt 1-t.COO barrels In Oklahoma und a loss of 650 In Kansas. Other fields, nave the Rocky Mountain area, showed a falllug off. The American Petroleum Institute snowed an Increase for the same length of tlmo ot 22,550 hnrreU for tho United States. THE PRIZELL WELL. DOWN TO 770 FEET. The Frlzell woll, on the Frlzell much In Hodgeman county, Is down to more than 770 feet and still drilling ahead. This Is on the upper waters ot Pawnee creek and Is a far distant wildcat test from any other well In that part ot Kansas. U is to be drilled to 4000 feet. PAYING A PREMIUM FOR TONKAWA OIL. Jt Is reported that one refinery In paying J1.B5 tor the high grade Tonkawa oil, 30 cents ahove the market price ot the larger companies. It means there U always a demand for the hflst quality In crude oil as In every other thing, NEW WELL ON PUMP IN RUSSELL COUNTY. The White Eugia company IB getting ready to put the Dodge well, section 20-11-lGw, Riiaael county, on tho pump, believing It to bo good for about 100 barrels a day. A GAS SHOWING IN ELLIS COUNTY. There Is a showing of gas In a test being drilled on the No. 1 Benila, nw. 16-11-17w. Bills county, 15 miles northwest ot the Russell field. Sparks nnd Cloud, drilling Contractors, shut down to under- ream. -The gas was found between 1176 and 1200 feet. !•. E. Trout, geologist of the Mnrland company, mapped the structure. TONKAWA GREATEST MID-CONTINENT FIELD. Tho total production from thp Wllcox or Slick sand In the Ton kawa Held since the flrat well went to this depth several months ago Is around 9,000,000 barrels. It is the greatest oil field Oklahoma or Kansas has ever known. There MUCH OIL COMING FROM FORTY ACRES. Tho blKKost producing loawu In tho Tnnknwn Held la that ot tho Blacltwoll Oil anil Oas company, which has production ot 9,500 bar- rein a ilny from forty acres In the northeast ot 84-26-lv, Kny county, from ten shallow wells nnd four Slick sand wells. But there must he big production ftecausa of the big expense ot drilling those deep tostfl and their supposed short life. L. E. DOUGLASS IS BACK FROM PONCA :li. B. "(-Everett) DoiiRlass of the Douglasa Drilling company, back, from a visit to tha oil fields down In Oklahoma and with friends nt Ponca city, gays about all of the area has already been drilled In the Tonkawa Slick sand field and that thorn In not much room for more tests to be made daicn them, ns the field sonms pretty well defined. Ho says the wella aro holding up fairly well hut that there will not be so many new tests started there with tho hjpe of reaching tha same rich Slick or Wllcox sand. Mrs. Douglass accompanied her husband on this trip. WORLD OIL PRODUCTION MORE THAN A MILLION Washington, NOT. 28.—World petroleum production passed th« billion barrel mark for the llrnt limn last year, It was shown todny In government figures and production In tho United States attained a new record. The total world output reached 1,018,900,000 barrels of 42 gallons each, according to statistics compiled by tha geological surrey. The United States produced 732,407,000 barrels, which was 71.9 per cent of the total world output. Mexico, sncond largest producer, had an output of 149,685,000 barrels, or 14.7 pnr cent of the world total. World production In the sixty- six years since -1857 has aggregated 11,38S,626,000 barrels of which the United States has produced 63.2 per cent. Family Washing All Ironed, Partly Iron. ed, or Wet Wash AVe Use IVORY SOAP and SOFT WATER Mo~delTaLUTtdrV z>sr CLEANER* FHONC44 Every variety ol ribbed silk from very fine faille-to heavy ottomans and corded silks aro used this year. Household Suggestion* -GRAY HAIR BAHISHED-n —Ifit ffattral W*» •' Parsnips «i:<>uiil 1>« rooked In boiling wan r f ir 30 or 4w minute, then frlod In butter. Tut •« coal nf rliPllui: on your cook book so }'»u ran wipe nfr thfl surface when H ttivnnip sol!«?il. as i It so often doos imm hiimlting. \ TVUon stringing beads ii |» j .difficult to fit n nci'illn small i enough to pass UirmiKli the head, j An easier method Is to li-t cnnrlle ! grease drop on the cml of your | thread and twist It between your j fingers. Whon It has become liard, you have a good ^ulmitutn for a needle. !'">* MNianM"!! (Sot A ffrw. Abwlt|t*:7 ln"l»° r'ik'liMl rof.'V— So'i WIT"!? I* f«"lk ?.f>KMI)i.;l' > rr\\\kf*n l:\iMim, MakM^hr- !>U«. JMllMirill l:«lr l(4jtL p"MlbI» In * t'«W- fevtl? tm'mil writ. l»""*n t IrUnrfT* *l*h Bl;4im*,.itnK. ffiirr^I *r pf rmanm v»«. T\« ollrt MniU OUWII11M4 truj liMr cntr*cU»«, NORMOGEN TA« Cray Hair Corr*«fl*« Ttr tbf» wflnil^fuj nnftmt eoJor tick fUftraatw4 tieitmrnb, A A A DRUa CO. KDorit "Wish Her"-ShwHerTTiwChi »7wo BolfarfJ? Week Atakes^Dlatnond i Proof £asrt ^rV^W BE WISE —and take a "hint" A Christinas DIAMOND It a Chrisma» Remembrance That Covers Plenty of past "forget»^ ,, Your Dollars In thlt DIAMOND SHE KNOWS When you give her this beautiful WRIST WATCH A RE Dollar* In the Savings Bank of Happiness rt — Always "ready cash" when it's hard to borrow elsewhere— DON'T FORGET — You were thinking of hep personal pleasure. Dollar a Week ONE DOLLAR SCAOO «WJ~~ REETS her with a better Watch than she expects— "Cash Down" economy makes an •unwelcome" Santa Claus, EACH WEEK "Shows Her"— Make It * Merry Christmas she Won't Foroetl "Hit or Miw IB no way to buy his Christmas Watch — a year to pay ia pretty good proof of our faith In any watch we set! you! Caih down won't buy this dependable less — dollar a week makes it easy to pay — 17-Jewets In a 25-year White or Green Gold cast;. Reproduction of ftneit North American fresh wain pearls. Soft, pale, iridescent. 18 Kt. white gold lafety claip, with brilliant cut diamond. Grained leather gift cate. 10 inch I4S.OO 24 loch $50.00 30 Inch 160.00 DOLLAR DOWN Pay the Rest Next Year wear Diamonds! meet Meyerding DMNiriED CndNf JCWCLCM i — Tr'nlili i A n After - Thanksgiving Sale of Dresses $9.95 buys the smartest frock at this price this season The Reason—New Purchases and Important Reductions SIZES FROM 16 TO 52 We are enthusiastic about the values of these Frocks and you will be, also—so smart are their fashions and the good quality of materials, that you should purchase several of these Frocks at this low. price of $10. Models fashioned of Twill, Serge, Crepe de Chine, Channecn, Canton, Bengaline, Flannel, Satin Canton and Crepe Satin. Early comers may choose some of these Frocks cleverly trimmed with' fur. The values will amaze!

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