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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, August 1, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA If Y w Fam N«w» U Not OB Yow Porch By 5;15 o'CIock. Call Tb* New. Office Befor* 6 o'Clock For Prompt Delivery* Pfcone 164 or 165. totting Full Associated Pre*« Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local New* Coverage HOME EDITION VOL LXV NO. 240 EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED 1 STATE RELIEF SESSION TO BE CALLED New Orleans Armed Camp As Long And Mayor Clash CLARKSVILLE COUPLE MARRIED BY GOVERNOR AKKADELPHIA. Ark., <,*)- <3ov. J. M. Futrell aided Cupid here Tuesday night, and s&.id. the wedding rites for a. college football star and his bride. Several ministers or the --izy are on. their vacations and the resourceful groom succeeded in. reaching the governor jast a few minutes before he was scheduled to deliver a campaign address. - The governor consented to conduct the ceremony and the groom. Leroy Koblnson. young Texan. returned triuiuphani. within. a few minutes with his bride-to-be. Miss Klizabeth Jones, The chief executive wished them happiness following the brief ceremony. Both are residents of Clarksville. Texas. Robinson is a former student of Ouachita college an<j now is halfback at the University of Oklahoma, Norman- Kis bride was a student at last year. Police Force Augmented to Meet Armed Threat of Huev*s Soldiers Neal Myers Arraigned For Murder Jim Clark Captured ORLEANS. {.-?*? — Fur- iher answering the challenge of Senator Huey F- Long's militia mobilization south of the city. Mayor T. Seirjmes Wainisley Wednesday called 500 additional po- ! lice to duty from the civil service I lists, swelling the local constab- | ulary force to 1.400 men. | Full arms, including riot guns. I ivere issued to the augmented i force at headquarters. All officers | now on leave were recalled to j duty and 12-hour police shifts 1 were decreed for the first tide j , yers * r here in 15 years. Pharmacy Student Not Guilty In Co-Ed Death Case LONG SOUGHT. HE GIVES HIMSELF UP Preliminary Hearing Be Held During Next Few Davs XORMAX. Okla.. (JP) — Xeal ly college boy plead- NEW ORLEANS. C-^P) — Natioa- | a! guardsmen, carrying arms un- i tier the banner of Senator Huey P. | Long, faced Mayor T. Semmes ] \Valmsley's police Wednesday. I ready to battl-s for control of New j Orleans. | Th'" 1 city was tense, fearing the > j first hostile move by either side i j might precipitate an actual clash ed not guilty at arraignment Wednesday on a charge of murdering ado In Tuba TULSA, Okla,. &P} —Jim Clark, southwestern desperado, "Wednesday was heading back to the Kansas state penitentiary at Lansing i from -which he twice escaped in daring breaks in the months. The 30 year-old bank robber •was captured here as he started to drive away from an apartment house -where he and five companions h'ad been staying. Confronted by a machine s»m in the bands of a federal depait- i ment-of justice agent, -who com- j Plans To Take Over Presidency Of Fatherland Germany's Nazi Chancellor Would Then Be Absolute Dictator of Nation's Destinies; Move Is Expected Shortlv Surrenders BJERX1X. (AP)-—An announcement at S^& D- m-, Wednesday nignt said President Von Hindenburgr's death aj^ony had set in and death was expected in less than an hour. Marian Mills, 20-year-oid campus! manded - "£>on't make any trouble. 1334. by Associated Press.) ------ ____ _ __ _. ______ _ ____ ,,„„, BERLIN. — AdoH Hitler intends beauty at the University of Okla- S Jin>< " the f ugltiv * put up i to be both president and chancellor hands. jo! Germany, one of his close "I guess I won't." he said, ! friends told the Associated Press "His hands were about as higrh I ' horn a. A crowd of curious spectators thronged the courtroom of Justice of the Peace J. D. Grigsby. The crowd trailed the youth as he was led to tbe courtroom and as he | was Jailed after Use bearing. Strike Move Is Smashed Bv Soldiers _ ^ Judge Grigsby set the date of between the state soldiera"aad the! tbe Preliminary hearing for next i Saturday at 10 a. m. but County Attorney Paul ; city peace. i Senator Long:, self-titled ; fish" moved about like a. war gen- I eraJ, "commanding" 500 national i b'uzirdsmen mobilized at Jackson i barracks on the edge of the city. { The embattled Walnisley, once : a. friend of Long, held 4SO poliee- ! i»en in readiness to resist any as he could get them," Earl Gardner. Tulsa detective sergeant -eaid j tors later. i "H« was holding a. -45 au- ( tomatlc. wrapped In a newspaper in his rigrht hand." .In the car with Mm were two women who Th | s W ou!d give Hitler a dicta- absolute as any in the of," wa» the terse statement of the propaganda bureau on the matter of succession. To many observers this indicated the stage has been"! set for Hitler- j A foreign office official pointed ] out "the Hitler government holds See HITLER. Page 8. Co!. 1- announced that the state would not be; ready by that time ^due to uncer-j tainty as to finding- witnesses. I The court indicated that if the | state is not ready Saturday, a <xm- \ tinuance will be granted. The youth's rather. X>r. P. B.' Myers of El R««o. was in the courtroom beside his son. but his Truck Drivers" Plan to Halt the names Sally. 34. ! Hitler flew to Neudeck with his j staff Wednesday morning to be. at i Vort Hindenburg's bedside, after j ordering the cabinet back from o£ | vaca-iions for a session Wednesday and i night- Wayne Bank Is Robbed By Two Gunmen Governor to CallSolons August 27 More State Relief Money Urgently Needed, Says in Statement S9 ; 5OO,OOO IN BONDS YET MAY BE tSSVED XEAL MTEERS Xelogany. Okla. \ denhurg as an anchor against ex- j In the apartment; treme NazUsm- > officers found aj I" v on Hindenburs dies. The man thev Jdenti-1 Associated Press informant said, j ried as* Charles {Hitler would call the cabinet to-j Whit*. Leona ' sretfaer and read a brief law con- ; widow oil centratitsg all power to himself,' as. | i president and chancellor. I Brady Bob * prisoner who es-: Broken MLNNKAPOLIS. (>?:<.—Men in : khaki with gur.s on wheels seized headquarters of stritcins truck '•, drivers Wednesday, arrested the [ ringleaders, and smashed before : it got started an organized move- ; meat to ^top a:l truck rranspor- | tation is defiance of military ia.-a\ With the national guard in irtli \ control and occupants of the buiid- • izsg dispersed. Adjutant General E. \ A. Walsh mapped a plars of ac- \ ti<?n to break tip any i other unauthorized njeetinss of; strikers. ; "The roundup o I these officials," said General Waisb.. "was started > because they ceiled orders of \ military rale by holding a. ineei- ; Srii: at the parad* jrrouudj TUCJ-- ; day night w-iihout s. permit. E£- ! fective immediately, a_ny pickets \ c T ~ii^sin ^ the citv -i- autot«»o—i*^i \ will be arrested. ~ f Among those marched off to : the fair grounds for incarceration ; in the stockade there, were Vin- j rseci. Dunne and Mass Boric, two } of the strike leaders. Books a.nd } records of the union. Xo. 574. were j left In the byUcfins?, placed untie: \ a guard selected front the 1.000 ; troops surrounding the place- : AH were ejected from the he-i<i- qxiarters. a doctor, two nurse.*, and i a few strikers stii! n.ilins Trous •wounds suffered in the of July 20 in which nzght. Machine gxins looked froia 1 the windows across a. narro-w?! -street tvward City Ho.II. . Governor O. K. Alien's -procia- caped Clark j i cabinet ;es." "he said, "for .the U of coarse endorse th* Jim Clark •Kill simplify i>er See POI-ICHL Page S. CoL S. Booth Heads Legion Post Officer* are Elec!»-d at Meeting at Airport j Tuesday Evening j Bedford Booth of Paris. Route: 0. wi-s el-jct*-<i commander of \Vjn- : li-rrid i-~. Bro\vn post Xo. 3»> of the • Anierican Legion at a rrvectinC e^i '. Tuesday «venirjg at the Paris Leg- ' ion airr"or*. ii« s^cceedei Judge K.. i I*. My*?rs to this office. Other post ? officials named are Baitey Parker. ! a,r;d Sarn Heuberger. \<-».r com- I niancers: Kvan D. Carnerots, ad- | j=itam: the R«v. J. Koby Ward.! chaplain; Herbert Arrnifc^r, li»s-! torjiin: Hyron Sjippington sergeant; trousers and was neatly ? groomed. Tuesday night when he | prison only to bcj , mai<knsely if he Re «d not first ask |>-urrendersd in Oklahoma City af-1 shot down by *• posse a few days j^ omeb<K j v whether he may do this | ter an aimless flight he -tvas worn i later, iBuad her sister, Peggy E>« i or . *j, a » •-' | an ^ unkempt. • Fer. Des Moines. } "^der the consUtation Or. Erwln | i Yoysxg rSffyers was plainly nerv-1 Clark figured in-two scsisation- , Suj^ke, president of the supreme! I ous throughout the arraignment. | al brca,S:s from the Kansas prison.: c< , urt -^-ould become actinsr preai-j lasted only s. few minutes. {The 30-year-old prisoner, serving: ,* €n - until an election was he'd to | torney. V.". the not E-! p. Morrison. | a Ii*e sentence as a habitual crirrs- 5 choose a successor, I*y plea, as final, fled from the prison 10 "Alt that has been taken care I Xea! fingered a fraternity ring: he j other convicts on Memorial Day. i WOT*. Other lawyers representing j I&i3. taJdtis: alon^ the then vV'ar- | him were Jim Rinehart. Ei Reno. |<l^a Kirk JPrather as a. hostage, re• Jind Person "Woodall. Norman. | ]«-asirsg him later in Okia-hotna, i In the crowd of ?j>ecta.tors were | Five months later he and i f many friends of Miss Mills, the! Brady were captured near Tu-T See MYERS, Pa,sr<? S. Col. 4. S«e FKDERAI^ Pa^e S, L 6- | What The DROUTH Is Doing Texas After Two Seized Boys Tell of Being Abducted By Blond Desperado And Of Ride With Him Into Fort Worth ?<O. 2. Oklahoma Bandits Take Cash And Escape Without Firing A Shot WAYNE. Ofcla-. C/P? —Two men robbed the First State Bank of Wayne shortly after it opened Wednesday, kidnap- ed, "V- W. Uaucy. the president and escaped with au un. detcrrnltted anioimt; of casii^ ?fo shots -were fired. A third maji drove tbe black sedan used by the robbers. Haaey was released unharmed after fifteen minutes, and said lie last saw the car speeding southeastsvard, toward Byar. in the corner of Mc- ClaJn county- It tvas the twelfth bank robbery In Oklahoma tbls yea>, Tfaww in the bank at tbe time the robbers entered, with drawn pistols, %vere Haney. Vcra, Haney, his cashier -wife, and F. J. Facketc. a director, TTie robbers warned the trio to "keep your hands down and be quiet; tiiere's gt>- 1ns: to be a robbery-" **.\o alarm Tras given but no one paid any attention to it," said Mrs. Haney. One of the pair who entered the bank wa« about 45 years old: tbe other man W3» about 25. State-to Pay Part of Bond Indebtedness NO \VET>I>ING BEXLS MONTE. Ca.ll?.. blonde Jean Harlow suid 'Williarn Poive!). film stars. FORT WORTH , ^^ offic<rr5 th with him. north I rs*!Mi3y f?r Raymonvl Hairsilton. L>e!-*s:ates chosen t«> the state • condemned killer who escaped :<rn :onvent:on at MineraU Weils, on» days asro frotn the death house of .\uersjst ',!-T--Ji are Gus Cothran. J.ftbe stsite prison at HuntsvtJI*. a^- 5S persocs; M.. Cavinewt. &.. l^ Myers. B-dford I ter two OeSsurn® youths rcport-d them «hot by Booth, Evan D- .Sh*iron. were hurt, ssaost police JtTi»!5. The four fiftld machine suns Hutchin^-t. and Sans W«L«a, and drawn up before the entranc-:.. \ altcrnatrs are Herbert Turner. T. rolled back to the armory !f«»rn,an Conni* Clyde i h*-re Tuesday nisht he forced Rub^ • to r;d« vrith him front Alv; thrm Fort Worth. r. ' Th* youths. Jihn CafR and O. B, Tru- ( Thrs?ne!>»rry. told policy thej 1 * troops sheathed their tommy ?uo-': niar. Jirbtison. Byron Sappington,! «'«re standiny hesid* thr highway *r.<5 gas STJns. *nd all except tb* : M%rfc Kennedy. Tori Hagood. Bob j "'^ Alvarado, trying to fittch-hlkc few n-sers left as sentinels, hiked : back to th* armory within l^vo Barks of Bio»j*on-i. hotirs arter they ha/I struck in ; th« srrayinsr Hsfht of early to meet no resist:*n<-e-. i Officers formed their men in * | solid line completely arotsnd th*: ; ire block in which jftrikcrs | •n a former and About 60 I^>r^::onnair*a attended the Tranxporta.t1*>n cemrscjttes ~n-\ bJing: L^jrionnairea to triak^ th^, j rip to Mineral Wells for the ! way horn*. wh«»ii th<; hi^ car and ordered them 76,000 Loan Made Cam " rors ' COTTON ORL.EAXS, (ff*?. — Despii* ,' _^ ijc exports satnd a drop In | ———_—__— coiuramptSon aa compared j Cmde Oil Weapon -^^^^-,— »l-^. T**^^ ^ . " Mr. the 1533 3S34 cotton g'-asoa. end-nst on j Tuesday, left a carryover of cot- ] ton conwfderably under that of i 1532-33 and 1931-32. according to; the annual report of. Secretary: Emeritus H. G. Hester of the New j Orleans cotton Preparcd For Icke, 'Laniar Levee District Bonds 1 To Be Refinanced With ! RFC Fund* v?*? oil hand Will Rogers Well they WASHINGTON. .•Administration''* ! whf*U*nff a new weapon to Secretary Ickcs for another ar Ul^g-al petro'eanx production. Snon after the secretary returns j District, from the Reconstruction from his vacation. th« expert* { Finance Corporation. The S76.000 Notice of a loan of ITfi.OOO to thR Lamar County I^evee Improvement District No, 2 w»* received Wednirsfdsy by l*onjf and Worth*w, attorney* for the Improvement to jr*i th**ir <>v«.- five or six counties, before en- ;«>rinjr For: U'orth. Near a small !«k* at the southern c<2p«? of Fort Worth, the mar: the yoetfss identified as H»tn;hon hande<l Cain r-istol, the youth jmid, htm TO throw !: awaty SOUTH DAKOTA] SIOUX FALLS. S. D.. {^5.— CA-| ".amity has befallen South Dako- | tit's broad acres. The millioriis of j bushels of grolden grain -which j cnc« ^rav«d in the bre-eze are bat | I a rr.emory in this year of great } drouth. ! Instead of fat cattle and butrsper | crop5 the water famine has They said ! brought s:a«nt heists and meaner j smiled Wednesday at reports they ) t nil hours, \ yields approachirsg a crop fartsSne i plaiv to rsiarrj- soon, and jointly de- j in the state, estimates of ajrricuT- j dared: "There's nothing to It. J tyral e.\Df:rt,5 showed Wednesday, I W«"re Just grocd friends." 1 Rain has not fallen in some = " areas for -nocks. Prayers have I !->cen offered in supplication by] stn<i directed i ranchfn* whose parched fields are } Ke relfaa- f like their pock»tJi—barren. | Federal Government Will • Be Asked to Advance Funds Temporarily A.USTIX. (JF) — GoTemor ^Miriam A. Fergnson. announced. ;on. "Wednesday she Troisld convene i2ie Texas legislature in special session AugTist 27 to authorize flie issuance of additional unemploy- - naent relief bonds- She laaxle her aecision a\fter;""at committee of mayors and! coimty judges conferred -wrirh her. She said they told her the situation •eras one of "^real acute alaira.t,. The governor previously nad.^sfert September 11 for the extraordinary relief session. She said lier callers convinced, ner the" session should be convened^ at -the -earliest possible date. The legislature tvill convene two- days after the Democratic* runoff primary. It -would nave been call- to rn»t almost inunedia-teSy If it were not that many mesnl>ers of $ the house and several of tire sen- i ate are busy xvith their I in the runoff. j "The mayors and j showed there was an ever increas- | ing; demand, for relief.** the «over~ - -—'•-. -...--— - -- - |cor said. -•-.--L a m a r Conntv Receives j Sfae sa!d the besr estimates: re- TT- j x !>•»*• *» " -" ? vealed ii: would reqTtire ,,an- ear- Word Of Participation [ penditure of a'minimum of $3;Under Recent Larn- j monthly at this time to J care for the demands of unem- 0-* T-a*~a- - ^^J" 22 - 32 ^ and ^ha.t proijaJbly ST^~~ -" - : ~, would be needed, f Th* said it Tras vImiaJly,-cer— ( auditor, John S Baker. The hones j «**" 5J.OOO.OOO monthly wouM 'be j are the special permanent road | "tf^ 1 , ^^ October 1 -and mull I bonds. Precinct 1. permanent road j ^*" ^~ " " iS ^f a J " Tvas bonds and I>amar courttv perma.- i . * *-t-.Jtu.G nent road bonds. | required to rar* for {roTis to April 1. The state has agreed to partici- j Of $20,000.000 star- bonds- ipate in the meeting of the matur- j thorized by the electorate, ' $S - !ty of these bonds but because of| 50 o.OOO remains to be js^ed bv a shortage of funds will not be = the lerislature. Proceeds of the^ able to participate to the full e*-1 pre vious bond sales have been ei- tent agreed. For Instance in the | hauste<i anfi ^^j roore j^ special pennasent road bond ser- | c^^ ^ ^0^ in - Ms ^^^^ ^^ ies, where ivO per cent participa-! fsderal government ^ill be as^-d tion -was intended, the s_tate Trill! :o ^^^^ f unds. Jbe able to ?ive only 57,7-5 of the j Go vern6r Fersruson said United 511,275 due resulting: from a prin- j States Senator Tom Coanaliy «pal of 57.600 and interest of $4.-j would ^ inv !ted by her to confer 2 * °- . - | with a committee of mayors asd In the Precinct 1 permanent j county judges road bond series and the total due! emersrency. is J13.175. of which the state will; Notice of saaturitv countv road bonds has been ^. ceived" ac tbe office of the countv ! = ~ ? T the relief to consider tfa* See STATE, Ps^e S. Col. 5. ;hfT« f*-«v blocks away. Thr-on^berry said he was certain the Mian was Hamilton, because he sat in a cpurtrooni as a spfrcta.- t»r dorinsr HamiUon's trial at fiUlshoro for kHUnsr John Such^r, fjiling wtation operator. Cain a!!»<i ,-wUd he wa* positive of th* !d»ntl- ry after viewing: Hamilton** p'.c- ture. C«in had b^on wearfnjs a r.olia Petroi'-uni corntvTiy cap and | w.-3-a cump*-}!^ to exchange *t for i ihe abductor's, FoIJcr «ai<1 the] hat WBS crushed In the a»me ntan- ner as si hat -worn by Hamilton when the polio? ;>Ictur* of h'.tvt w&* tak*rn. South } eat f-*. T*t j Texas £••* . t-x Shoots Do>vn ' Already the fcdrral srov I ha» sent J2«.SOO.OOO into : Dakota Tor drouth roller sincv j S*pt*n^b«r. 1*>32. This sum is ex; elusive of corn, hosr and -wh^at I ticnefit* and cattle purchaj -I debts exiwt, morts»!res are held OT> ,ttl«? a.nd land. Th* sun still burns fcake»l acres sand with *Rch day crop prospects; 1 rccrde proportionately until C- J- i HOCSTON. u?) — Gunfire o* a SortJin. agricultural stat.sticSsn of j suard halted a second break on the State Co-"«'jire of Agriculture at | Tuesday night from the Prison Break |SeU Tickets NippedlnBudl For Carnival One of Fleeing Trio; Other* Halt pay JS.2S1.27 and the county the I RU^SELJL X4 remaining S6.SS3.73. Ir the I-sjnar 1 "*""'-._____ " county permanent road bond ser-1 O\ r ER POSTOFFTCE ies the total due is $53.325. Of 1 .<= the state wJl! pay $45.779.421 T. TV. Russell Wednesday as- e county ?37;545.5S- | sumed the office of Paris po£i- i master, succeeding Cy "W, Cothran. "prho had held tb-e commission «s actinj: postmaster since the death of J. J. Dickerson. Friends of Mr, Hussell sent a number of bou- | quets and baskets of flowers in"-' j token of congratTilation. Wednesday morning;. Hvan Cameron continues as assistant postniaster- Mr. Russell, veteran of two \vars. formerly connected with the. jsostoffsce here a number of years. Campaign For Event To Be Staged In Paris Is Started At least four Paris women oted to start work Harlem j r:nd others are expected to follow from his race for reelection as county commissioner in Precinct 4. on receiving; confirmation of his appointment to the federal office. , has eststnated winter ; s tj*t« prison farm. *5 mile* west of -wheat would run fatit 4.5 bushels S Houston, from which nine convicts DTSKSBURG. SOX IHES Tean., to the acr*-. Forty-two thousand < * acre* reiTsam out of -95,0'>0 acres •which were pl»n{t-«J- Ouards patrol wat^r holea in The youths »aid their «.bductor} ^.he western part of the state. »•» and had what virax heavily app*are<S to cal kit in th« rear of the s:s-e<>a <Fort,1 V-S) rn<5 that physician's medi- precious !* th« fluid they cor.tain. t>rinkin!f wat*r- hav« dried J» carter miles to be sold tn some soetSons, Some streams h*v« The shots broupht down Leslie Stewart. Dallas convict. Jtnd halted two other prisoners a* they fled from a field. Stewart, serving 25 years for kidnapinjr. theft and robberj'. ww., shot *bove the he*rt by Guard Lonnle Stanford. Cap- hop** to put on ht*i d«wk % carefully wor<l^d draft of an amendment to ihe oil oo<Je authorizing- the fixing of quota* for crude entering 1 tn- cornmerce >«o a« to Untie them h* robbed R Houston physU ! dried, up. others »re at the "owes: t t*Jn A. X. Owen, manager of th« cJan of the car, Th* !*tory of Cain and Throneberry talHo-d with » report from Houston pulice ?5i«t Dr. J. I*. Shor on record. of acres. farm reported, unshaded j After Stewart was wounded. by » tree, are denuded of for*crr Krasa- Winds have stripped ih* . wa« kidnaped by a small b'.ond 1 valuable ?op sol! from the praine WAJMKA, H*wait — jtoi rid *>f all the hlar and the J*l*nd* can wettSe | «<«•«»»« nt *« d»me»tlc and export to »te«<Jy ffowJp. They can't h*r<JJy fijfore Mr. R<K>sev*lt'« vj*it out. They can't tell If h*> corn** to see them or come to yet «ome or com« to tniprewi »om*shody. I am not naming anybody. Mind yoo, thai h* wtill would wtand for no monkey b»stn««* in th* Pacific. Anyhow, whatever he com* for. It wan a bl* muccD**. That i». Jf It wasn't for fi*h. Th* ffsh didn't bit*, bat everybody «•»*« did. wll! be B»ed for refinancing out- youth nt 11:30 p. m. Monday and uikfn into th*- woo<i. bound and t KSSK^J and ribbed of 5*1 and h^K bonds as*dn*t the d!»-1 car a Krvf . n C oupe .Ford V-S>. U- wjll l>e secured by re- j o--n>*« S1T-S~2. llowf»v«.r, th* Houston physician fntled to Identify » ph?ttojrraph r»f Harr.ilion at» 5h»t of bin afxluctor. RANKERS DETROIT. (^ —Twcmy-eigrhl j and former Detroit baunk-j trtef and will funding t>ond* iiutued hy the d!».- trJct. Tfcn; refunding bond* wilt r>ear a lower rate of tnterewt than the present bond>*. The formeJ order «,>( ?he Recon- wtructJon Finance Corporation. or* w<?r fraction* of the with federttt , loan, wlJJ be forwsirded to I and Wortham «w »oon a* banking j ^rawn. the attorneys wero . law* -Wednesday >n 22 Indictment* j Th ,j orrfl?r w ,,, returned by the federal Jury whleh ho* th* circwm!«Lanc*« ihst 1*4 financial 4<b*cle conditions! of tanue. A out the the refunding o the tj»trmr County Inrprov«m«ot r>f«rlcl No. 1 m«4* com* month* Tex. //PI- -A jur>' \Wdn«*»<!»y »enie»ced John F. Ward to 60 y«*nn* for the xlayini: of O«*or»r« \V. Tom, Martin and MMJmnd county r«nchw»n, *t Stanton I*»t Feb. 3. Wllne**** to the nald Torn wa» felled by bullet* jitter W*rd approach* *4 him «n<! »al<f: rG« know wb*t*« th« matter/* l*nd, sometime* thrice repeated Pli«Unu»« have l>een blowu out, leaving farnter» with debt* Instead or crops. Corn And fora«» crop* are only fair and in rtwny -sectiona thistle* h*tve been harvested for feed for <ratt!«. The g:ovi«rr,mcnt cuttle buying program h«* »«.ved oth^r Uve- stoch from *Iow death. Stock raiser* exported or processed 10- fttHy 294.000 cattle, while another -6.000 h*a.d have be*n condemnwd. Central South Dnk«ta h«s been Ihe hardest hit thougu rains arts badSy need'cd throuRhout the entire *tate to «ave the remalningr corn crop. R, Hovde, federal crop weather forecnwter at Mwron. **ld. tKOTTOR'J* NOTE: ThU »• th« wK»rwl •f * *«rlK* of »rtJ«l»« Stanford halted the other two convicts. Uoyd Carter of Stephens county, spiracy two years for con- to commit a felony and theft over ISO: and Desman Joyce. of Dallas, srervinsr 23 years for robbery. The attempted break came a* Captain Owen and a posse recaptured Jack Cabe of Dallas. s«rvinsr 25 years for robbery, and Robert Thorai>*on of East land county, serving two years for bar- K'ary *nd theft. The two were run down by bloodhound* and neither offered resistance. Three others were captured on Tutsday. two near Houston a,«d one *t Richmond. Lewis Carter ot DiUIa*. servjnjr S^ years for robbery, warn, drowned In Oy»t«r crcfk, which bordej» tt» fum. later in the* seJIins of tickets f or ( Bobbie Caraway, the IS-^ear-old the art exhibit to be held in conjunction with the Home Town Carnival that win b« the feature event ^f th« Aujrast Farmers Sales r>ay. to b« held Monday. Augrus: | CO. The Home Town Ctirnjx-al will t Augmst event. by the Paris .Chamber of Commerce to be the largest c«Iebratson «*x-er stas son of United States Senator Hattie U". Cara,wsy of Arkansas, the only woman in the senate^ died on Tuesday nisrht. Kis skall -«ras tured Monday -when he thrown from a borse. His for interment. for the sales day ex-ent. "Winnerst in th<» contest for sell- jn«r the tickets to the art exhibit will • receive prizes from the chamber of commerce. The award for 1 Kainfall for July was .05 tncfe, tho woman or girl sellinjc the | the least recorded tor this uiouxh. largest number of tickets will tw I since 1?*>7. when there TP*S itov tho winner's choice of an f lectrlc | even a sprinkle, T, I* Rogers* sov- clock or a Mix-Master. Other j ^rnment weather observer says. A sltsftt shower on July S wa* the only time sufficient moisture fell to be recorded during the past month. Temperatures which Monday- rose to 105 degrees w*s 101 <m Tuesday, the minimum beinir 7S •y wi!J be awarded the next fcJirh In the contest. the artlcl**» from -whjeh third and fourth prize winners will have opportunity to choose are * wrist watch, a sot of silverware, an eltsctric waffle Iron, an electric cooker, a manicure set. canaries and :Ov*> birds and several other pHsc-s to be listed later. Every woman or jrirl desiring to enter the ticket selling contest <f«y to P»nly cloudy ami Thitr!»d» *o«H>crly winAs o* *n<l compete for theme prt»e» 1* j te- notity t«« ch*.mher of comm«rc« at -one* «o ttck*t» We dm-iiday aiglit; 9%«r«d«y

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