The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 31, 1975 · Page 7
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August 31, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 7

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1975
Page 7
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8A / DBS MOINES SUNDAY REGISTER • Aug. 31,1975 REOISTE* PHOTO 8Y DAVI6 FINCH Psychologists argue against punishing children physically CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) - The difference between spanking children and abusing them is only a matter of degree, psychologists said Saturday. , They argued that corporal punishment should be abolished at home, at school and everyplace else. There are better, more humane ways to discipline children, ways that will help re- ducc violence in society, they said. A Symposium The psychologists participated in a symposium on violence against children held at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association. Suzanne Sagamore Bordin-Sandler of Children's Center, Melville, N.Y., said in her paper that children learn to be violent by being treated violently by their parents. She noted that increasing numbers of cases of child abuse are being reported and that they are part of the "general increase in tolerance of violence," Punishment Widely Accepted "The use of corporal punishment to socialize children is widely accepted among Americans as both appropriate and a parental prerogative," she said. "Although child abuse is viewed as a criminal act, many people fail to see the connection between the cultural sanctioning of mild physical pain to discipline children and the occurrence of child abuse result ing in physical trauma or death," she added. Even mild forms of punishment, Bordin-Sandler said, cause children to avoid and try to escape from their parents. Animal Punishment Outlawed Dr. Gertrude J. Williams of Clayton, Mo., editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychology, said that corporal punishment of prisoners, sailors, employes, mental patients and wives has been outlawed, as has'the beat* ng of animals. But, "corporal punishment of hildren, the intentional in- tction of pain on the weakest members of the human species, not merely an unquestioned ractice; H is piously pro- laimed and actively advocated s being 'good* for children." Only three states-New Jerey, Maryland and Massachusetts-legally prohibit corporal punishment in schools, she said. No Due Process Children are punished in chool without due process pro- ection, often arbitrarily, sadistically and unconstitutionally trivial offenses, she Sunken galleon may hold Spanish gold TOBERMORY, SCOTLAND Francis Drake engaged the ar(AP) -r A team of Royal Navy divers has found the wreck of a Spanish galleon that may contain the pay chests for the armada that tried to invade England in 1588. The Duke of Argyll, who holds salvage rights to the vessel, announced Friday the ship was found buried in mud in Tobermory Bay off this port town on the isle of Mull, off Scotland's west coast. Climbing the wall Four boys found it easy to drop down to the bank of the Des Moines River from an emfiankment in downtown Des Moines for some afternoon exploring last week, but getting back up was another matter. One of them finally scaled the wall and helped the other climb up. The boys are Shawnee Phillips, Steven Smith, Anthony Bouford and David Whitfield. File charges .in family incest, malnutrition case & l»7S CMciio only Ntwi CHICAGO, ILL. - The parents of a young East Gary, Ind., brother and sister who died of malnutrition have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Their 21-year-old son was charged with' incest after tests indicated the young girl had been sexually molested. Arrested After Funeral The parents, Olive Lee Hum phrey and his wife, Helen, and their son, John, were arrested Friday shortly ; after funeral services for the two children. Their daughter, Mary Joyce, 8, died Tuesday in the office of their family doctor, John Reed. Their son, Martin Dale, 10, died Wednesday in a Hobart, Ind. hospital. Two other children, Pat and Olive, lO-yearold'twin boys, re mained in fair condition at St Mary Medical Center in Gary where they are being treated for malnutrition and dehy dration. Found Twins Authorities found the twins in their home after the two deaths. The Lake County Wei fare Department has taken cus tody of them. Welfare officials said th home was "rat-infested" and had been the scene of a recen fire. hildren and the everly retarded. The Humphreys held in the Lake diana, Jail under $10,000 bonds Kennel Club plans dog show twins were were _ being County, In each. John Humphrey's was set at $5,000. bond Authorities said the two deadi area. More than 2,000 dogs are expected to participate in the Des Kennel Club, Inc.'s annual all-breed dog show and obedience trial Sept. 7. The show, which is open to the public, will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Veterans' Memorial Auditorium. Admission will be $1 for adults and 50 cents for children, with proceeds going to the Des Moines Children's Zoo and the Iowa State University veterinary school. The show, one of the largest in the Midwest, will feature more than 100 breeds of dogs competing in the obedience tests, for the best-in-show honor, and in the group judging — in which teams of two dogs are shown on one lead. Spectators also will be able to view dogs in the grooming More terrorism in N. Ireland BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND (AP) — Terrorists in a passing car raked a Belfast bar with gunfire and then pitched in a bomb Saturday night, killing one man and injuring six persons, police said. The target was the Harp Bar, patronized almost exclusively by Roman Catholid. Earlier in the day a 10-year- old boy died from injuries re- c e i v e d Thursday during a skirmish between troops and demonstrators in the Catholic Falls Road district of Belfast. Past Attempts Dozens of attempts have been made in the past 400 years to locate the galleon, called the Duque of Florencia. Jewelry, silver plate, cannon and coins have been found in the area from time to tune, but the exact location of the wreck remained a mystery. I^caLJegeadJiasJtthat .the vessel blew up and sank in Tobermory Bay, carrying to the bottom the pay chests that were to finance the invasion and occupation of England ordered by King Philip II of Spain. "We have raised a section of the boat which was lying in 80 feet of water and 20 feet of mud," said Cmdr./John Cratton, leader of the diving team. Work Continuing "We are pretty certain that it is the Duque of Florencia. We are continuing to clear away the mud so that we can inspect the wreck and, hopefully, get at mada and routed it in a battle July 29-30. Drake was aided by a sudden rain squall that made the cumbersome galleons easy prey_loi....his....mpre..._maneuyerj able vessels. The Spanish snips that weren't sunk tried to escape by sailing northward through the North Sea and around the top of Scotland. The Duque of Florencia took refuge off the coas of Mull. Sabotage Seen Local legend says the ship's captain struck a truce with the local clan chiefs, the Mac Leans, and that hostages were exchanged. Bui when the gal leon tried to sail without returning the hostages it blew u and sank just off the island The explosion was attributed t sabotage by the MacLeans. The wreck was signed over t the Duke of Argyll by roya charter in 16417 The late duk tried to find it in 1945 and tw Royal Navy attempts in th 1950s also proved unsuccessful. The present duke gave th present team of divers per mission to search for the wrec last year. He said he plans form a company to supervis salvage operations. It would ir elude members of the Britis Underwater Archeologica Society. the treasure.' find, from The yards only about 350 Tobermory pier, and for aid. School personnel argue that hey are defenseless against big, older students without the hreat of corporal punishment, but Dr. Williams noted it is the younger, smaller ones who are more likely to be hit. "It is no wonder that by the ime many children reach ado- escence and are big enough to retaliate that they choose schools to vandalize and assault school personnel and weaker students," she said, adding, Violence breeds violence." Corporal punishment is considered to be "as American as cherry pie," she said, and this nation is one of the few countries where it is practiced. Poland abolished it in 1783 and it is banned in schools in to Soviet Union and all countries of Eastern Europe, as well as Holland, France, Fin- Corn crop ! estimate lowered BOONE, IA. (AP) - A further decline in the nation's corn crop was predicted Saturday, but the National Cora Growers Association says a record crop still is possible. "Excellent rains did occur in some badly hit drought areas in the past month, but too late to be of much help in bringing back yields," said Walter Goeppinger, chairman of the association A Reduction Goeppinger said his surveys show a 177-million-bushel reduction in corn production from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Aug. 1 forecast of 5.85 billion bushels. A 5.67-billion-b u s h e 1 crop would still surpass the previous record of 5.64 billion bushels set in 1973, Goeppinger said. Further decline in the corn crop is unlikely, he said, be cause the crop's advanced con* dition makes frost damage re mote. More Acres Planted Rescue ship *or icebreaker LONG BEACH, CALIF. (AP) — The Coast Guard icebreaker Burton Island will leave here Monday to aid a sister ship, the Glacier, stranded in pack ice in he Arctic after a propeller haft broke. The Burton Island was scheduled to spend three weeks steaming to the Beaufort Sea, where the Glacier is wedged in >y 10-foot ice off Point Barrow, land, Norway, Sweden, Den- markr Israel and Japan. Alternative Discipline Bordin-Sandler said corporal punishment by parents not only alienates children but teaches them how to be aggressive toward others. Punishment must sometimes be used "when the nature or intensity of the problem behavior presents a serious question of safety for the child or others," she acknowledged. But she said there are a number of alternatives to spanking that do not engender fear and rage ta the child and that do not cause the child to hate and fear the parent. Among these The record com crop will re suit not because of increased yields throughout the Cora Belt but because more acres have been planted this year, agricul ture officials have said. Corn crops are reported in excellent shape east of the Mis sissippi River, but west of the Mississippi, a July drought wa disastrous to the corn crop. Iowa, which traditionally fa out-produces other states, is ex pected to be behind corn production this year for Alaska. The break ship will be used to up ice around ~ttie~tJfiF cier, enabling it to get under way with its remaining propel- er, the Coast Guard said Saturday. A group of scientists aboard he icebreaker was taken by helicopter to Point Barrow on Friday because they could no longer carry out their experiments. The scientists, all From the University of Connecticut, were to conduct seismic shock wave studies using explosives and examine sea life and currents in Alaskan waters. Slips on apples, man drowns The RHItNr't Iowa N«w« $«rviee FERTILE, IA. - The body of James Haugen, 61, of Fertile, was found floating in the Winnebago River here Saturday, Worth County Sheriff Ike Davey said. Haugen's body was found by passersby about 100 yards from his home, Davey said. Worth County Medical Examiner William G. McAllister said he believed Haugen slipped on rotten apples lying under a tree near the river and fell into the only the fourth time in history, water Thursday evening. Bask in ihe .:•-.. . . ••"•*^ ' <+ . are loss of privileges, ignoring the bad behavior and having the child take time out from association with others for a brief period. Air strike off OTTAWA, ONTAIO CANADA (AP) — Canadian air traffic controllers called "off a strike scheduled for today, ending the threat of walkouts that could have stranded thousands travelers. Catholics charged the troops with responsibility for the boy's death, saying he had been hit by plastic bullets fired by the security forces. was made after three weeks of exploration in conjunction with members of the British Underwater Archeological Society, using a converted motor torpedo boat. Mighty Armada's Defeat The Spanish Armada, be lieved by Spain to be invincible, appeared off Plymouth on England's southwest coast on July 20,1588. It consisted of 130 vessels drawn from all parts of the Spanish empire and was manned by about 7,000 sailors and 17,000 soldiers. An English fleet led by Sir Ask the Man Who Built Onel IOHN SUNDAY I-S| FRANKLIN ROCKER SOLID WOOD 99°° SOFA ft CHAIR TWIN SIZI BID MaH.*o* frame UVEMIH W.MDANQCOUtT PH. 3444)747 CLOSED MON. SEPT. 1 What can you do when you want extra money? Let H & R Block teach you to prepare Income tax returns. H & R Block knows income taxes, and how to teach you to prepare income tax returns. We teach income tax preparation to people who have a flair lor dealing accurately with figures, and who enioy working with the public, and who would like to earn extra income in their spare time. Over 300,000 students have graduated from our Income Tax Course. We teaqh classes in more than 2,000 communities throughout the country. There is almost certain to be a class location and time satisfactory to you, Job jnter- views available for best students. Send for fr«e information and class schedules today. HURRY! Classes start: Sept. 10th There are 2 convenient class locations Contact the CrOtOQBLOCIC office nearest you: 2715 Harding Road Phone 274-4197 Des Moines 50310 Please send me free information about your tax preparation course. I understand there is no obligation. Name Address . City State Phone . tm mm mm. CLIP AND MAIL TODAY m mm mm WE'LL BUILD ON YOUR LOT ANYWHERE IN THE MIDWEST FREE ESTIMATES *ANYHOUSE *ANYStYU * ANY $111 *ANYMSION * TO ANY 8TATI Of COMFllTrON FINANCING ARRANGID BY OUR MORTOAOIDIPARTMINT Over 350 different Bank*, Sewing* and lean* and Mortgage Com- panics art presently financing U. S. Hornet oH over tht Midwest. We would be pleased to help you finance your homt, too. CAUOtVJWYOmiOCAlUJ,HOMHMHU«NTATIYIi CiiAl IAKI Merle Arond* DISMOINIS M»rl« Davidson Jim Price Mw«dith Conway BID Torr C«nt Toulouie fOftTDODCI lorry Anderton OWNNIU Steve Wright HANCOCK Donftader MON1IZUMA Dick town SFINCM Harlot) Bo«vt WATIIIOO lyle Rciuwr MISTON,NH. IIIKubat NOWOIK/NII. CalHwidrix lASTOMUQUIJll. Kort Burroughs QUINCY,lll. Harold Scholt HOLT, MO. Art Faunc* 511 IOWA'S MOST COMFLITI U.S.HOMIS/INC. Dept. USH litO 2nd Avenue De»Molne»,le.SOm OPEN HOUSE DAILY 8 TO 5 SUNDAYS 1 TO 5 Juit North of 1-80 on Sicofld Avinut Please send your a)l new, full-color "Design Collection", owners list and price list to: -mMnl&AinJ\Jmm _PH_ STATE- ZIP- D PLAN TO BUY A LOT I mmm Jerry Lewis Telethon. KCCI-TV 8 Live from Las Vegas and Des Moines Stay up with Jerry and watch the stars come out. From Sunday, August 31, through Monday September 1, Labor Day. To benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Drawings courtesy of Al Hirschfeld and the Margo Feiden Galleries.

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