The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 4, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 7
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TUB DAILY REGISTER, HARR1SBURG, ILK WEDNESDAY, FEBRUAttY 4. 10-18 School ,, ,! 5,, Illinois Tourney '"' sU first Round) ··». . ,; Marshall 23. i'v \vc.stf.eid 11. scores ' 34. Olncy 30 U«"'" l i ',» Mi'UM o l l s 4 Haulc, Ind. 1. \Jlll\,J ««· I Anna-Jonc.sboro i ., ialalia Beals ra b Orchard, 59-34 SViu;''!; " l '\ IJth ^ MJ lg at half time. t-il Phillips used h.s; ti!m about one-third of G.iHiths led the scor- contest, 53 to 'earner Mills is host to Galatia MISS ARE YOU HERE ? /' " -X^ \WP*ii? ^rr\v w«$r^3 J/V^ CvY.Y ^axvfcr Shooting "Ironing" By Fred Harmon Averting Suspicion Galatia g and Paris, Robinson Looked lo Collide IB Eastern Tourney Speed Essential when Radioactive Iodine Seiil for Cancer TreaSment PAGE SEVEN SPJUNGFIELD. 111., Feb. 4 By PAl'L F. I5L1JS United 1'ie-s Science Writer Copyright 19J8 hv United Press NK\V YORK, Feb. 4.--IU.')_A:. (fl'i--pari.s and Robinson looked airplane, beat inn a precious cargo, bound today for a repeat collision takes off from Nashville. Tonn. I finally .ill r.idiation disappears. Then it become 1 another clement knov.n ns viion, a ;M» of the neon An ' fannlv. f\- *** i Sudi lad'oactive .vUbitance K bo- ·. · -. «..o U I I U A.,,.,....^.. ··';'·;-- cm I.M.IUV, uvtuiiiK «i uvKiuui i-iiigu, SiuJi nu~nr* V4» v-ihst'tncc K !·· bound today for a repeat collision takes off from NaMivillc. Tonn. in ,:, , , , .,,ml .;« iJS^ Saluiday in the 23-ycar-old East- At the same time, a patient lies £~ r "\ i' u,mv Th "b It cSs cm Illinois basketball tourney desperately ill in a hospital in ' £ , n J"i, C f5J" 1 ,MTM i No? Vo-f !....;. t . . : l t *. On 4/\ O t u l n I net? *T \ r i i l J I l l » I U J W U K l u l l v t II i \ V V » 1 lU % *» roJ m h ,iod HiVon?il c S N ° W York ' ' Memorial l.onla! tor cancer and o ?4 1-ifi n^hl to ndvance to Thc I):illc ' rU nccds lhat Precious. allied diseases At the time that I hclulrtirfiffi. JhilfSSson «lf TM* «^ H fast. , the a,r lini^ lake, o f f t r o m T e n n c ; '·vis iiHcinc M-irsh'ill G'i to 23 flic plane is carrying radioactive soo it is uu.ill the ui'e that rr , m , ! TM m i -m R7 lo Mine. ll ^ u t «TMc medicine and scientists at Mo.noriat have a pa- 11 STM wStfleld to'get ih! !?.«* M .Y C °.'' 'TM lo »-'' lh ? Patient's I t i c n t m o p a r c d to rccoiveth,.sato:u- honor of testing Robinson power tomorrow. Pans meets Charles- life", lie has cancel', but he is' ic medicine. Protect Plane Personnel luckv. This patient has cancer of t h e 1 Previously t h e Memorial sc'ten- ' . ton City high school in the other thyrcid and about 15 per cent of big clash of the night. . Saturday. The cargo flown from the atomic | ally shipped in three ounces In their only meeting so f a r , energy ovens in Tennessee is really , of distilled v.;.t"r. This water, this season. Paris nipped Robin- ' a bundle of exploding atoms. Tech- with the rjriionclive iodine is plac- son 39 to 37, on the Robinson nicaliy, it is known as iodine 131 · cd in a leado- cylinder about eight court Jan. 13. 'Speed Essential ( inches lull a:ri bi . jrc'ifi in di- win of the season. days. , After that half of its re-1 from i Another smaller school. Arenz-1 maining radiation is lost in the i ville, chalked up its 21st victory nex ^ eight dayh This goes on until i The Lio ni'.iht hv \vhinnin2 Batavia. 47 THOS. D. GREGG Second Tioor Gregg Bltlg. P K V S 72W » 2"R for Appointment VJio Sslsred -Bribe lo Byller Player 1NDIAXAPOLIK Al F»'tne 1'oli.e .-.aid they were asking, a \oice with a Brooklyn accent th. t a Biookhn "address on a called from New York and urged « X I 4 ' V ( t V t * v j n i i t * « _ . - v " ( . ] ( « , i\ jLw»l W I V i J " l * * j v » v « » v . . n j u » . -- invjstmatoi -, to h l p h.ic 1 : i'Ucr behoved connected with the a uubc- Attempt be "looked up' 1 to C u it \vas frequented by known [ M O N U M E N T S i AND M A R K E R S lor I:VI:KLASTING BEAUTY AND .MEMORY ADAMS MONTMENT CO. J201 Fast I'opKir Phone 11SGR Thurmond Adams, Prop. 'down a gamble! v.ho o f f t m l Sutler L'niveisilx bail eib.ill pli'\'i a S500 bribe t'i · ii\ a VA u- i Charley .M.u · ' ' u d .- tliu I',i: In team. V;-:- . .·: i ' " in the Hut!' -Ohi · "i :. ' · · . "' h c i c S;.t'i:c:'^ i" !.' "- c · ' ' squad would rit-:\v.' O!n ; i 01' than nine p»:nls Angeicd 1 the i.uo,- '.Maas led in-- tcori t(, a .V toiy. sconnu -4 po n' . i 1 his" answer le- »Iu- ,. ...c. ! . !!i.cst to iioid the ' in t- a ! ' t o "about si:, pu.nb him to "fix" the Satuiday game. "Your team What's the bier told Maas. last night by whipping Batavia, 47 to 46, in a March of Dimes benefit _ i game. Two bus loads of fans fol- ( 'lowed Aren-A-ille to Batavia to see the little central Illinois club , ! stay in the unbeaten ranks. , Lawrenceville, among the "Top , 15" teams in the United Press' from penetiatin --- -- ---Daily Ke^' tc:, 20c a %vcok. ' l':\ - o h c r 5fi M 4 ' the satuioay gan^- - ,15- teams m tne unuea rress »am wins either way. \VASIII.\GTO.\. Feb. 4.--l'P-- I weekly ratings, bounced back difference?" The gam-iSccietary of State George C. Mar-!f rom "j as t week's loss to Salem -inhltM., " bier told Maas. I f e n a 1 1 disclosed today the State, w l t h a 54 to 30 win over Olney. ·';^^^^ ^ouJS'coS rSe'SSM ^iKTi^SSS ^ SSiseS^foSe^^S^S ,;:.' J.Mt SSe'no^cr S^. of mdianapoli, ^^^f^^^*^ fiu^iS? G^Sf £"2 f'aai!. At the time he nad as- Chjef of Poiicc Edward B . Rouls'conference that specific proposals 35 G ( * Ocislme5ei ' ,unvd it was an oficr to pla . bottom of this." foi a new piogram for Greece ^^tonal basketball and showed to e ct to the oouom , ^ e ^^ ^^.^ ^^ ^.^ A m g r _ i' to his cpach. , " lie answered the letter and said' TI IC good that woodpeckers do-- Blasting Rivets Rivets now are available which can be sealed into place by a small explosive charge in spaces too small to permit mechanical riveting devices to reach the other side of the material. Heartbeat Power If the hearbcats during a 24 hour period \\ere exerted in one throb of vital power, it would be sufficient to throw a ton of iron 120 feet into the sir. The heart usually beats about 72 times a minute. \\a.s open ( ic.-sionally. l ° T T_ off 55L:!°., Pl ^ Bating destructive lie received said that Friday no -far out- v.eighs any pecking damage to the night'tiee it?elt, tree expeits- say. M*£j^i£Z3£i^^ Complete Stock of Washer and Radio Parts P-arst S'-viee Cn Rtsalrt Rob?on Radio Electric Service :4 E. P:c it Fuller Brushes Phone 678 - Aduits 5Qc « Children 25e « Adults 6Gc -- Children 3Q 110 days there have been ur^. 1- gh-level conferences in Turkey on" what additional aid is needed. In other games, Joliet beat Wa- j *i^» TI,TM, \~,-o tcrman, 51 to 44; La Salle Perue ·TMn« ^ -.n f?,nT^f-Hv- ' ^ed out a 35 to 32 win over St. , being given full stud , m 'Bcde; Ilillsboro tromped Nokom- . The original Greek aid progiam R ' . « 9 . vanrlnlH hpat Green- , i was S300.000,000-half ot which »· « to 32, Vandal^b^iecn , r," e r tSS 'of GiSS? TM ^ Valley.^0. 43. | mumst warfare against the government at least 510,000,000 of tlit economic funds already have- been transferred to the military, i _ f _ . The original Turkish aid pio f^JSyfiaffft Pirint gu-m was $100.000,000, all of which 2*S88 I l@yV T lUlU v.«.s to be used tor military pui , CONNELLSVILLE , Pa ., Feb. 4 Lyjack Reveals i ^ been voic-' S( : 1J: tociav for tho bl gg es .t event of thpi'r mi"h-! nis gdded career--marriage. !»-?v^Tn'ro£am" burin" the last Lujack, 23. who recently signed l t « i aid program. mirm b me _usii a contract lo play with the Na . Daughter of Late SFDR Assumes Control of Peper tional L. ague Chicago Bears this fall, was afflicted with the usual pie-marital tingles yesterday when he disclosed his plans to wed Patricia Schicrbrock, 20, of Davenport, la. He said they may be married upon his graduation from Notre Dame tliis spring, or perhaps Ti--i later in the year. Miss Schier- Ovcr Thc Fashion Palace INCOME TAX SERVICE faster Rug Upholstery Cleaning B03 W. South St. Phone 859K Harrisburg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer COLLECTiONS £· tfcrt tc » 'J- .- a-, ·-! N'o collection, no charge! . D. N"c;lcr Collection Agency |02 E. Walnut Phone 113 d.« accouits, nctes and lai Vrt colirct from aiyon?. ar»- |IOTSIX(;ER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance l"'i S. MAIN* ST. Phone G55R »'ir, -y, j E. " Pc .. D. A. LEHMAN EAR, NOSE. THROAT Glasses Fitted . 2 °3 North Vine Street 4-Harrisbarg Hospital -" "!^*"^^^"^TM^^" [GOODRICH TIRES Truck, Tractor fi 5/*^? f ^ /'·* \ f -MOLLrV John aSna X Roosevelt BocUigci fbiock "is at" LuTackV home "here · for a visit. i Misinterpreting a question of how he'll like taking orders instead of giving them. Lujack said: "Fine. It will be a pleasure to have Sid Luckman call 'em for tor "and publisher of the newspaper and that she. the daughter of the late President Roosevelt Las. assumed full control of the neuspapei. The announcement confirms re poits current in Arizona ^incc early November. More recently re financing of the paper throii-ji a $200.CUO loan at the Valley Xa- tional bank of Phoenix dis closed. The Times announcement saiu Boettieer "was desirous of devot ing his efforts to other v.cik. the ni-ture of which he wiil disclose shortly." me. Then he caught.on. "Oh." he Sign of Resentment MUNCIE. Ind. UP--Muncie police arc looking for someone they think may not like them A patio! car discovered a large quantity , si ng e scattere'd over the" po fishermen. Details of th in lot. K v n i b c a n n o u n c e d latei. laughed, "well, I guess I'll be bossed by two quarterbacks." Angler's CJub to Ask State Department to Fertilize City Reservoir The Egyptian Anglers cliib mcti last night" at the Athletic House and discussed plans to ask the siate depaitment of conservation Jo fertilize the city reservoir to bring about better fishing conditions. Thc group also decided to inaugurate a program to aid junior. fishermen. Details of the program i Listen to "CLAUDIA" WEBQ 10:30 A. M. t BOTTtED UNDER AUTHOK7Y CF THE COCA-COLA COVA.MY BY Coca-Cola Bolliir-g Company of Harrisburg © 194S. Th; Cwo-Ctls Ccc-pcny lice station parking lot. BY KARRY GRAYSON NEA Sports Editor TVIEW YORK--(NEA)--Ohio State men expect. Paul Brown to be iN back as athletic d.rector ar.d head football coach of the Buckeyes within two or three years by popular demand. Despite his two years of championship success with tne Browns of the All-America Conf Tonite 6p.m.- Thursday 6 p. m. ranee Barker Miley AGENCY i ·^··^S3S^;\- **·( , ^ x - ; · Lc£f£ ^V % " tj ·*,-·"' ^ V '''«"' f lU'REAU . - REPORTS rr,nt!' STIGATloxs "I-1.I.(T10N SERVICE n nil d,n- riionc 678 I , SEE b.\ n ,?: 0*en. J- P. -"«/. Ph ° nC 655W ;-]^ lCl or Drivers' License, Ulic TM. Deeds or Mortgages. TAX Cor! Zeller--World's Fastest OU Pointer--Will Paint a Picture Valued At $100 Which Sunset Carsors v/]\\ personally Present To Some Lucky Ticker Holder In the Audience. A Painting Will Be Given Away At Each Performance I Saagws, "Wesiern Enieriaiaers oi ih§ Movies / Carson in "Days of Buifaio Bill" fcrcnce. Brown, a collccian at heart, is pictured ns being unhappy as a professional. "I was hnppicr at Massillon High SchooV he tells intimates. Owner Mickey McBridc of the Browns paid Brown $25.000 a year while he was in the Navy. With his base salary rnd pc:con 4 .- agc last season. Brown collected $60.000. T.TE has a gorgcoii^ hon-.c m the J - i - exclusive Shaker HcisMs district of Cleveland, already possesses all the money he should ever need. Brown's fricr.ds declare r.c would be plad to make a svb^an- tial financial sacrif.ce. accept the standard college pay to return to Ohio State. All he asks is the security that -ocs with the athletic directorship. It was the athletic board's inability or unwillingness to assure him the athletic dncctorshio »pp" the retirement of L W St. John that prompted Brown to join the money ranks. When St. John reached the statutory ace limit Inst .Tune, the athletic board rather ,urprisincly 7iamcd Richard C Larkin* athletic director. Thc tackle of 1D2D-30-31 was teaching physical education. / St. John is said to have rcscr.tcd Brown ol Massillon bcinR stuflcd down his throat by the state's high school coaches. Anyway, they never did hit it off v.ell All of the late Francis Schmidt's regulars of 1940 had been graduated when Brown look over in '-41. yet the imaginative young coach i State. lost only one game and tied Michigan with sophomores and third- Stringers of the previous year. In 1942. Brown was unbeaten in winning what amounted to a national championship. With the Cleveland Broxvns now are seven of Bsown's Ohio State plavers who turned pro with from one* to three years of eligibility remaining. They are backs Tony Adamie/Bob Brugge and Dean Scnsanbaughcr. end Dante Lavelh. tackle and place-kicker Ixni "Thc A P I C T U R E BEYOND ALL \VONDLK: Paramounfs Review of the Toe" Groza and guards Houston and Bob Gaudio. 3t was perfectly legal, from the professional point of view, their classes having been graduated. All of them are still students at Ohio State, Lavclli and Lou Groza being roommates Ohio State people now fear that the remarkable backs. O»ic Chne and Joe Whislcr. each with another year, will join the Browns, Ohio state high school coaches were extremely proud of one 01 their own making good, have not co-operated with the university since Brown left One close to the situation says it ·A ill take five year? for the state high school coaches to forget what they consider the slighting of Brown This same close observer expects nothing in the way of a topflight team in Columbus for at least three years Brown has all the mob-old grads and all--or, h ; side, has all the answer*, wants the job. The obvious conclusion is that Paul Brown will be back at Ohio Double Now Showing Feature -- 12c end 35c Boy, ~^ J ^ // Shnnn Moffctt and Harry Kciurn Sliowins ·WAMP Johnny Wc5.s;nnilcr. Hurstrr 5* I a*8* : a t \ 41 .mi

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