The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 3, 1956 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1956
Page 5
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Tuesday. July 3, 1956 Ballerina Advises Exercises For Grace By HOBBY S5JTMUX Tis gay to ho v ery younu and graceful, but its even nicer to be "fortv-ish 1 ' and equally as graceful. A famous ballerina has developed six exercises with the express purpose- of adding grace and poise to any figure.. Each of these should be done about five times, gradually working up to about 15 times per day. The familiar knees >:lraij;!it, abdomen tense, touch floor with Ilngerf-ips. heads (he, list. Instructions: Inhale deeply; l>eml forward from hips. Ketimi slow- J.v. Her second exercise is thusly: Stand erecl with hands clasped in front. Slep forward with, left foot, swing arms upward with elbows straight, rise on Iocs. Inhale dec-p- ly on forward movement. Throw chest out and head buck. Unclasp hands, tb.row arms backward 1 and downward, lower heels to floor and exhale fully. Return to starting position. Exercise three begins standing erect with hund.s tin hips. C'on- tnu't (he. abdomen inhaling deeply. Bend forward slowly then return to erect, position. Kxhale- Bend forward and touch 1he, door with the fingertips without bending knees. For the fourth, stand erect with feet close together. Extend left arm forward, right arm backward. Keep both arms on level with the shoulders. Swing body around wilhout moving tho foot, until left arm points backward and right arm points forward. This excrc;:*c is especially goo:l for .strengthening a'udominal muscles and tho spinal column. •Stand erect again for the fifth exercise. Inhale deeply, bend hotly from tin: waist, tti the left iind forward, then to the right backward, keeping (lie, right and backward. Keeping the Jiands on the hips. The sixth exercise is slightly more complicated. Sit on the floor Have your spine cfiecked through before and after X- rays. You cannot buy another Spine. Protect it while you may. And do it nature's way. The graveyards are filled with those people who had their autos repaired and neglected their bodies. Consult your local Chiropractor. W. T. TRAVIS Chiropractor 15 E. Sterling Dial 6910 Offie.e Hours fl-13, 2-G with right knee bent, right leg crossed in front of you, toes pointed, weight on right thigh and 1 hip. Stretch left leg out to the side, bend the knee, point the toes. Extend left arm out straight, right arm folded across chest, body turned to right. Hold body erect, without tenseness, Must be a feeling of stretching upward. Practice until the-re is no soreness. Beaufy Aids On Display By GAY I'.KJLEV NEW YORK — (UP) — Great- grandm;t improved on nature with cosmetics as well as corseis. Tradition lo the. contrary, women of her day stocked a sizable collection so elaborate as tho creams, lotions and perfumes found on the average woman's dressing- table these days. At the turn of the century women he!|>cd nature with such as violet almond meal compound, cold cream of glycerine, and reducing salts. And corsets, of course. A display of cosmetics "then and now" was one of the. highlights of the New Vork Historical Society's exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the federal Pure Food ami Drugs act The exhibition was culled "Eat, Drink and Be Wary," and was a backward glance at foods, drugs and cosmetics before tho protective act was passed in "1906. The cosmetics were pnrt of the Richard Hudinit collection, started in ]890. Tradition would have us believe (hat the proper young woman of that era confined herself to the use of a little rice powder, a touch of cold cream and a dash of eau de cologne. Lipstick and nail polish? Heavens, no, said the society. But the exhibit included freckle lotion, headache cologne, cold cream with glycerine, wood violet tooth wash, violet almond meal compound for cleansing-, hair restorers, smelling salth. and paste "rouge" for lips nnd fingernails. Cosmetics didn't come under the act unlil it was amended, in 393S. The society'? exhibition also gives us n pood idea of food dangers before the act was passed. It, has a copy of a treatise called "Adulterations of Food," written in IS-fl by Frederick Accum of London. Accum cited recipes of "modern authors of cook books" which recommended boiling pickles with copper coins to give them a lively green color. Accum then described the case of a young woman who ate pickles Impregnated with copper and died nine days later. Engaged Couple Are Honored Miss Sarah Ann Black and Hot- tic. Bailey, who will wed July 14, Were honored with a barbecue supper Fricfay night in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Herring-ton, 2004 Alabama. Among- the guests were Mr. nnd Mrs. Herman E. Eckoff from Smith America. Mrs. Eckoff is MiiiS Black's mother. Seventeen guests were served chicken barbecue. Navy Mothers MRS. ROSA PORTER. Mrs. Blanche Hunter and Mrs. Georgia Lwcnbce were installing officers for the TS'avy MothefH officer installation services recently. FiANTERS BOX ljuestion: Whut is the ndvi.scd MinuiKT row <'.art"? Answer: .Mulch rows in MIMI- IIHT nnd Rivti nil c<|iiiviilent of olio inch rain every week. Soak soil well when watering;. Dust or spray reifulnrly with sulfur for bhick-.tpot fungiis, multipurpose pesticide, for mildew, or for uphills, a mixture of nicotine sill- futo lindune, pyrethrum-roten- onc. DMA Plans Houston- Convention Ilir j*int Names-'N-Notes -Dukes, Paul Blacks Among Baytonians To Take Vacations 'I'll buy that!" Yci; say that if I will save regularly with Harris County Federal Savings & Loan Association when the dividends and savings amount to the down payment on the new home that I want, you will lend the money to move right in? That's a good deal if I ever heard one! KARRIS COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS ft LOAN ASSOCIATION 300 W. IVfee Uhi) Dr. and Mra. H. H. Duke and Sir. and Mrs. Paul Black are among the Baytonians vacationing in the East. They left thi.s week for a three, weeks trip to Maine. Dr, Duke will attend the International College of Surgeons, Eastern Sectional meeting in York Harbor, Maine. While the couples arc traveling they will visit New York, Pennsylvania, Cape Cod and Wiiliftmsburg. Va. Brunsons' to Mexico Monterey, Mexico, is the vacation destination of .Dr. and Mrs. Donald 1 Brunson and daughter, Cassandra. Mrs. Ouida Brunson and Mrs. Ira Berry. They left Baytown Tuesday. Bl«ck Hills "Them thar" Black Hills of South Dakota were visited by Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Walding and daughter, Marsha, who have just returned from their summer trip. While in South Dakota, they visited 1 Mrs. Wakling's family and her mother. Mrs. C. J. Aiseii'brcy, re-turned to Baytown with them for a visit. To Mnnlllii James B. Lisenbee, CWO U. S. Navy, and his family from Washington D. C. are in Baytown for a two weeks «Uiy with his mother, Mra. J. J. Lisenbee, 510 West Ke- piiblic. The Lisetibees are in route to Manilla. Sununer School Five students from Baytown have enrolled for the first summer term at Stephen F. Austin State college. They are Miss Edna Ophelia Heaslet, Johnic Wilkcy Chamblin. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Galbreath, and Sam Boyd Adams. Registrar S. W. McKcwcn has announced that a total of U65. the second largest summer session enrollment in the history of the college, have registered for work. TCI Vi.«It K«Mt<ls Airs. Vcrnic Stringer of Dallas Protect Outboards For Winter Storage The most important precautions in preparing the trusted outboard motor for storage ar« protection of the unit against physical damage, rust, corrosion and dirt. An outboard that is used in winter weather and not afforded adequate protection and care could cause .serious and expensive, trouble for its owner. For safe travel and uninterrupted winter, as well as other season use, owners should adhere to the following rules. .1. Remove engine from the boat immediately after each use, and thoroughly drain of all water. -. Keep motor in n. vertical position in a dry place when it is not. in use. 3. Give it a thorough checkup, regularly, to be sure all parts arc in good working order. •I. Clean tho engine thoroughly at regular intervals—oil nnd accumulation of salt or mineral deposits are apt to cause trouble in zero weather, more than any other time. Sun Patterns — Easy Sewing 1491 4-12yn. The new long waistcd look for young girls of pre-teen age in a ri'ainty puffed sleeve dres«s that has n. Peter Pftn or Puritan collar. N'o. H9I with PATT-O-RAMA included is in •». 6, S, 30, J2 years. Size 6. 2 yards of 33-inch: u yard contract. Send r,,V in coin for this pattern to IMS 1..ANE. ill care of Baytown Sun, B<<\- -*3S, Mldtown Station, New York .IS, N. Y. will arrive in Baytown Wednesday to visit her pnrenis. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Read. 2(1 Arbor. With Mrs. Stringer will be her daus'lner. Sherri. The two will visit here until the weekend. At Catlinlir- \\Yililiiii; Among guests who attended Mie wedding of Miss Marlem- T'radoi- ius and Hut-1 1,. Snider Saturdav in St. Joseph's Catholic church were Airs. Bertha Pmetorius. Mrs. John Piiyton and 1 daughter Anna Marie of New Orleans, La..; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Frazier. Mrs. Edna Edmistor of Houston: .Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Freeman of Pasadena. Xew York Trip Daughter of the Rev. anil Mrs. Loon Frazicr. .inOS Hawthorne. Miss Maedel Frazier of Benumont returned recently from New York City after attendinjr the National Physical Therapists convention. Mrs. I'.iliic \\"neii;n:i of she 1.>.'•-• lie .School ot' liancin); and I'-ruce House, who has the Knii.-ie ;-'ehool of Dancing in BayUiwn will !>e amon.': the hundreds of dasuv teachers from thron^hou! TVxas and the V'.S. whn will be in linu.'i- ton July ii-1," for the national convention or" the Oaiiei Master.-) of America, t.ho first ;o be !i,-U] in this part nf tl\,- coviiury by the famous nr;;anh-n'.iim. About 1000 teachers and students .-ire expected to attend the eonvei'.- tion which will be headquartered in the Rice hotel. It will In- (>ne of four conventions held thi.< vc.-u- by the DMA. One will !>,• in Las ,\n- jreles and the oilier two in rx'ew York. Patsy Ruth Miles To Be Married On July Fourth Fourth of July has been set ii< the weddin;; date of M i.<s Patsy fliith Miles, d.'iughti-r of .\!i-. an.i .Mrs. Edifie Cooper of Aiuihu:!:- in Thomas Clark Ford of Lawlon. Ok la. The couple will be inan'jc.i a! H a.m. in St.. George's f-ipLsro church in Texas City by the llcv. A, .1. KUling iu (in infiirmal double I'iny ceremony. The brother of tin-" intended bride. P.illy 'I". Miles of Kiiytnwn, will £iv<- her in mai'riai;'-. Mrs Billy -T. Miles will In- nuuum of bo.'inr. Hi'njy T. Ford of .Lawinn is to lie best man. The reoeption will follow the ceremony in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde D. Kelly of TI-N:U< City. From Thursday, .Store shellac in glass bottles to help un-vcti'. it. from turning: !•>'•• i!'. 1 -. '!..• bo.-,; o:-;.; ini.-.i;;on ni-':nliers of the DMA, as well as Kunuily, stiff, and hard to brush wili be i i.mec M.isti-:--; o, Amci-ica. nnn-nienibei-s 'Mil. .Inc . Chapti.'r Ihree, Si.n:th Texas Assijeiaij,),, ( , ; - Ii.iucc Teachers T'.;.- uificer.s ale Isabel Me- IX-MHI ;•,. v! a ! \' e s ; on. on .-ijdeiil; Miriam W'.diiian !; t i-, j..y, lii-au- suont. \-iee-presideni; I > o r-.> t h y \\'eiki-r!h liraves. I ioii.siiiu, sei-re- Ijii-y-tn'a.'.uri-i-; l-'lorelici- C-ileman H',ir:ii-lt. i'jii". Avlh-iii-. HaVlKMUci;- U:':an. and \";\';an Keiioe. "l'ex. il .s Citv; 1'atsv ,S\vav.'.e, lloiision, anil I'(iris llede. I,a Marque. direcMrs. An impressive I'm ulty of well- kniiu'n perso.iaiiiies in :i:e diuii-e world, in both tile juTt'iii'minn and ti'.-ii-hini,' fields, will be a; the i-onveiKion. beaded b\ M.iry Kilen Moylan, I'Drnier huninaiy of the Pallet Kusse t ie Mon'.e Carlo and t-alle! Theatre and ciirn-ntly u'llli Ihe -Mi-trii]ii> (ipera i 'o. Otiier important teaeiiers include Maria Nevel.ska and Ores! Sere;ev-,!;y. |,.-. ; 11,.! :1M( ( ,-!iaraetei. Pitiuiy llor-.o!-. l-'.dub l\oy.\l ,-iini Homer 1'iabb. tap; Bob Kii.ible and .ludi'.'u T. Spniuie. chiliiren's dam-e';. plus oiliers in the fields of iK'rohaiii x, b a II r o o ni daneini;. modern j:ii'.-,-, and adajao. In addiiion to elasSe^ fur the teaehers. lh ( . fi\-e-day eonven! uui Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry .. , - llin- Ilieii-acldi |..iv.vrli-r. sprlnkii-il on ynur h!,!!i-s !:ulf!s i briu nrjui'i- :.o thi'V I'cel ine.'-i- I'l-Tii^ii-nit.,],- Avoid enitjiir- I-il.v,Mlr:il i-iUI,.i\i liv Innw |!liill"v Cil'l I-'ASTISli'l'Il locl-.iy in iinydrui; cisvinu-r. Thru Wednesday. July I I All women in the city are entitled to come in, without obligation, for FREE STAUFFER TREATMENTS PHONE 8003 REDUCE Surely! Scientifically! Pleasantly! 105-A EAST TEXAS LATE TREATMENTS BY APPOINTMENT 6:00 to 8:00 \ hma (innn, ( )\\ ni-r Mr.n. c. B. AVelch. nnd Air.--. .Itidc S.-mndcrs, I-'iR-un- O)ii.<iilltant.ii And, Only Electric booking Gives You Assured Results Foods are almost certainly the largest item in your family's cost of living these days. Why trust their preparation to any but the one modern method — electric cooking! With its precision controls for just-right temperatures, electric cooking is your best guarantee against costly failures... shrinkage of meats is reduced to a mini- mum . . . you serve tastier, more healthful meals. Cool, clean, convenient electric cooking costs only SI.50 to $2.00 per month — less than two cents per meal - in the average home. Let your dealer show you his wide selec- tion of new electric ranges . . . live better . . . electrically. HOUSTON LIGHTING & POWER COMPANY [ f o f n r, A fi , E 10* f O 4 ' tl

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