The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 19, 1918 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

xPCTURSDAY, SBprjflMJJJiilt 19, ARMENIAN GIRL MAKES ESCAPE FROM TURKS .- She Traveled Nearly a Year from Armenia to England—Walking Most of the Way. • I-ondoB, Sept. 18. (Correspondence Of The Associated Press)—There was an Interesting scene at the American CoiiBUlnto-Cleneral a few days ago, •when Arlx Mu.Kg»rttrehlah, a pretty Armenian girl, suddenly stepped out of a line of persons waiting to have their passports vised for America and, pointing lo Vlce-Consul Leslie A, Davis, said hesltatlntrly to an attend ant: "I believo lhat 1 B tho man thnt saved my life!" Mr. Davis looked up and, catching sight of the girl, arose and greeted her. "It's a long way ffbm Turkish Armenia to Ix)ndon," said the Vice- Consul. '"Tell me, how did you get here?" "I have been traveling nearly a year, much of the lime on foot." she answered. "I have Just come here from Hnku, where I understand the British havo'recently landed troops. I am on my way lo Now York, where 1 have relatives." Her father, she said, "was for more than twenty years dragoman of tho British Vice-Consulate ot Dlarbeklr, In -Turkish Armenia, but tho family had to floe to escape massacre. From Dlarbeklr they went lo llarpnt and sought the protection of the .American consul, then Mr. Davis. "To avoid being sent to a harem," said Miss .Muggonllchlan, "1 went as n nurrn Into the American Hospital and worked Micro for eight months. One of the patients there was a Turkish commander, and out of gratitude to me he said that If 1 over TO In danger I could take refuge l n his home, which was in Harput. One day 7 was nut alone, when three Turks on liorHcbnck ran after me. "Remembering what the Turkish commander had said, 1 ran to his house, which was near by, ami there I was safe. "from the window of the house 1 attracted the attention of some friends and got back to the American t'onnulV house. "Hut with the massacres spreading It bacnine unsafe for us to stop any longer at Hnrput. *o we decided to escape. Our pl;in was to disguise ourselves as Kurds -the wandering tribes who are left along by the Turks. "My mother, my two sisters, my little brother and myself got away iin- tb-tect'Hl and endeavored to make our way to Baku, l-'or many months we were with the Kurds. On the road side we paw hundreds of the mutilated corpses of our countrymen whn bud been cruelly put to death by the Turks. "At last we reached the Caspian Sea and got. to Baku, where we were safe among our own people. At Haku they were looking forward to the coming of the Ilrllish soldiers. Our party crossed Uussia to Murmansk. So long as we had money wu were able to get sufficient food. ' "When we reached Murmansk the. British were there. The people there said the English soldiers were very kind, and they and Hie Finns there j also were delighted." ^ & \*' <?"• 'J- <i* & <?' ••• <8> • "~ •• <• DOMESTIC ART AWARDS. <• <-> v V •( * <• <j' * -S- <?• * <•> 4> 'i -J <•• Yea»t Bread and Bolls. Win- lir.-.ifl.. ,"p0 JH-I- rt-nl yubslltuto Mrs A. 10. <!r««R. ftl-s-t: Mrs. A. V. KnslInK, Fe'.un'l: Mrs. Frii] Millpr, TUIH'KH , third; Mrs. M. H. I .i '\vl», fmil'th. Any cnlnr u-jir bri -jid. Mt por et-nr sub — MM . A. K. llrilgg. first; Mrs. ('has. 1'i-U-i- i-.-.-i, His-ciiiil; Mrs 1-Y"il M!lh-r, llilrcl. Any eiiha- war l)i<-fid. 45 per ,-cnt sub.— Mrs. Thus, ivtersoii. ftcst. Whin- UKht rolls. r,0 per erm sub.— Mr,-*. A. 1-:. UniBK, first. Any (-filer liKht rolls. 50 per t-enl sub.-Mrs. A. K ClnLKK, fiist. Baking Powder Dreads. % 1 Wlii 'Htleas) rirr'atl, anv i-olor—Mrs. Frt-U Miller, tl-.lnl. Hreu.l Willi fruil -'Mra. Frr-il MUH-r, first; Mrs. t'has. Ivicrson, spi-ond. li.irk mil bread -Mra. Ij-ah l J ln..c-nl, fri>l, lluLoliitison; Mrs. Frr-d Miller, seveml: Mrs. .f'has. Pi -lerson, third. tlrsuilth; Mrs. I 'has. JVtei-Min, first. Muffins. -Mrs ('has. I'l-tersen, first; Mrs. l.\ \V, Slamey, sceond. Loaf Cakes, i Whialh'ss.) Spoiijr,- -akt—Mrs. Arthur flalluway, city, flr .Hl. ' Ht -vlls' fimd—Ml.-i» Myrtle Mlll.-r. city, fir (.-Olid. l-'mll rake, lipht Sirs. A. '.'. Kaslhuj, city, first; Mrs. ilu.'ih U Mynull, Juim-s- Ian t, Mo., sei'iriid. Knilt rake, dark—Mra. Hugh 1.. My- nait, second. Nut luaf- Mrs l-'red Miller, lest. Potato i-ake- Mrs. 1-3. T. .MCIHMI , Km- porla, flrKt. Spit* rake—Mrs. Fred Mlll -r, first; Mrs. R. T. McrwU-ll, second: MI-H . Chas. t'eterstui, llitit]; Mis. Arthur Galloway, fuurUi. Soft R-insei-bread—Mrs. M". B. I>:wis, city, first; Mrs. Fi. T Mrmlell, second; Mrs. Chas. I'etersiui, third. .larn {-nkc—Mrs. l-Yt-U Miller, seeond. ('lioeolalt- luaf—Miss Vera Bauer, rtty, rirst; Mrs. C. \S'. Stanley, second; Mrs. M. Jjilidls, cilyy third. Whcattess Cakes In Layers, Devil's food—Mrs. Knil Miller, fir»H Mra. CTlulM. relrr.suli, Beeond. VAGV NIfm Srlce—Mrs Chas. Petettton, oecofld. Fig—Mra, Lcnh Plnytrd, tirat, Onxamol-Mrs. Fred . Miller, nrst, Orangn—Mj-s. Fred Miller, first. I«mon—Mrs, Fred Miller, first. ItnlAln— Mrs, CSiaa Petorson, seoond. Covoa Bplce—-Mra. Fred Miller, first, •Mrs. Chas. Peterson, seeond. Wheatless Cookle« and Wafers. OattneaJ cookies—Mho Sontney, city, first; Mrs. Tl H MeKee. city, second! Mrs. 11. s. Schuyler, city, third. Smatoim ihlpe—Mrs. Arthur Galloway, first; Mine Sentnoy, sneond , Children'* Departrntnt 1'lnochl candy— lluth 1'en-tl, city, first; Helen Btamey, city, second Pennut eamly—ltuth PenU, flrtt; Helen StJiftnev, second. SeHfoiun—ltuth pontz, first! Helen SUimev, tM -eotid. Date candy—Helen StaJney. second. Peanut brittle—Helen Stnmey, first; fttittt Punts, second. Iluttei-seoteli— Ku1h v Penti, first; Helen Stnmey, second. Fudwr—rttith Pentr., flrs-11 Mlinbeth Puterbeugh, city, Beroml. Divinity—ltuth Penlz. first; Helen Stanley, second. Jellies. Apple—Mrs. J. 11. Oloscock, city, first; Mis. B, 13. Stotlghton, city, second; Mrs. F. W. Mcaintook, Wlohlta, third. Blnekbwry— Mra. T* It. Mayhem*. Wichita, first; Mrs. F. XV. MeCllntoelt, second; MJ-S . w, 13, Stovens,. Nlckursou, third, Currano 1-ed—Mrs. T. H. Maybony, Wlehltii. first; Mrs? F. W McCllnlc^k, seennd. iUuck currant—Mrs. R. K. Pent!:, t.-tty. first; Mrs. F. W. McCllnUlck, scnotid; Mrs. T. II. Mnvbcn-v, thirO. t.'rnb apple—Mrs T. 11. M«yhr-rry, fli^t; Mrs. Alice Junes, city, second; Mrs. J. C. lla-hb, city, third. tfcHKH'bcrry—Mrs. Ids Moore, eilly, first; Sirs. \V. 1.1. Stevens, fircottd; '1'. II. M»,vlH-rry, Ihlril. t.;i-iij:e, ripe. - Mrs. Ida Moore, first; Mrs. K. K. Itlooni, city, seccnd. tiix-eu Krape—Mrs. P. I. Kershner, clt s v, fli-sl; Mrs. Ida Moore, second; Mrs. Jus. Farley, city, third. Plum, red-Mrs. Ida Moore, first; Mrs. T. H. Mayberry, sec^ind; Mrs. W. S. lted- burn, city, third Plum, preen—Mriv C. Vf. Sto.mey, first; Mrs. VV. 8. lti-dbtrm, second; Mrs. .1. II. CUiuseeck. third. gulucr—Mrs. F. W. McCllntock, second. llaspl-ierry, blnek—Mrs. Arlhur (lallo- way, first; Mrs. T. II Mayberry, second; Mrs-. U W. gtnmcv. third. Uiuipberrv. red—Mrs. F. W. McClln­ tock, first; Mrs. F. U. Olduburg, city, sre*mtl. C<illci'tloii—Mrs, F. W. McCllntock, first. Preserves Apple—Mrs. F. W. MeCllntock, first; Mrs. F*. K. Pentx, second. t'ruh apple—Mrs. J, If. Glascock, first: Mrs. \\\ 11. Stevens, second; Mj-s. II 14 lilMini, third. tjullire -Mrs [•'. W. McCllntock, first; Mrs. K. K llowell, city, seconil. Peneh--Mrs. W, u. Stevens, first; Mrs. F. \V. Mei'llntnek, weond; Mrs. T. II. Mayheiry. thlrit. Pear—Mrs. F. W. McCllntock, first; Mrs J. If. Ulaacoek. second; Mm. IL E. Dmvell, third. Mum, red—Mrs. F. YV. McCllntock, first; Mrs. 'I'. It. Mayberry, second. Plum, bUn—Mrs. T. W. Itose, s.ixman, rirst; Mrs. F. \V. McCllntock, second; Mrs. T. II. Mayberry. third Plum eiili.-rr\ e - Mw. F. \Y. MeCllntock, first; Mrs. <'. \V. tilatnev, second; Mrs. It. I-'.. Mow. 11, third. Green Gat-—Mrs. K. K. PenU. first; Mi^. Ida Moore. Micowl Walernvlon- MJ-S . F. XV. ArcClintueJt, flir.t. Mrs. K. 1-^ HlcHitn, second; Mis.-J. II. Glaseock, third. t'tji-t-HitH--Mrs. 'P. II. Mayberry, Mi>. F. \V. Mer'llntoek. second. Rhubarb -Mis J, C. Habb. cltv, I'ttu-aiipl,-- .Mia, 1-x K Bloom, Mrs. A. M. Talbott, city, second. Cherry-Mrs. K. I-'.. Dlnnm. flret I-. P. Iloeker, city, st-coiicl; Mrs. F. \V. MeCllntock. third. Uliiekherry - Mrs. F \V. McCIinUirk. .'irsl. Mrs, T. II. MaylM-rry, second. Itrmi>lierry—Mrs. T. H. MayberiT, first; Mrs. Frcrl Miller, second; Mrs. \V. II. .Stevens, third. St.rawhrrrv— Mrs. K. Mrs. F. W Mcnintoek tieultanii, elLy, thlrtl. (Jooseb <M -n-—Mrs. T. first; Mrs. \v. 11. Slov It. K. Dowell. third. OrsnBi* mnrmnlad*?—Mrs. F. K. Pentr.. first; Mrs. F. F Ulootn. second; Mrs. K. t. Stafford, city, third. Apricot—Mrs. F. W. MeCUntock, first; Mrs. It. K. Howell, second. Tomato, red—Mrs. II, \V Hose, first; Ur«. 1'. W. Stanley, second: Mrs J. >l. ,'Iast -«H ;k, thlrtl. Toiniito, yellow— Mi's. V. W. MoClintoek. 'irst; Mrs. 'I'. II. Ma.} berry, second. ' Jams and Butters. IWaekherry—Mrs. T. Jt. Mnyborry, list; Mrs. .fames l-'ati,>y, second: Mis. •'. W Mci'llntnek, third.. Cherry -Mrs. Ida Moore, first; Mrs. F. C. Pent?., scisind; Mrs. F. \V. McClln- .irli, third. Cui-iant. black—Mrs. T. II. MajiberiT. tirsl: Mrs. ]•'. \V. McCllntock, second; .Mrs. K. K .I'entz, third Strawberry—Sirs. A. M. Talbott, firat; Mrs. F. ^V. McCTlnUick, second. IJtai-kberry—Mrs. Ida Moore, first; Mrs. T. H. Mayberry, second; Mrs. ii. K. Penlz, third. lied nispberry—Mrs T. H. Mayberry, rirst: Mrs. F. W. MeCllntock, stH-oral. t'kioaeljerrv -Mrs. Ida Moore. first: Mrs. F. W. McCllntock, second; Mrs. B. K. I'entz. third. Apidt) t-.utter—-Mrs. J. H. Glasi-ock. firet: Mrs. W. S. Piedblirn, second; Mrs l-'red Miller, third. Crab apple butter—Mis. T. Jl. May- rKJlt-y, first; Mrs, J. II. Glascock, second; Mrs. .1. c. llabb, third. Cider apple butler—Mrs. Nydia Giles, clly, first; Mrs. F. \V McCllnt-i-k, scc- onrl; Mrs. J, C. Johnston, third. Peach butler—Mrs. Med Miller, first; Mrs. F, XV. MoCllntoek, second; Mrs. H. F. Dowell, thinl. rium bul'rr— Mrs. W. H. Sterns, first; Mrs J» 11. Glascock, second; Mis, K. K. Pent/., third. Apricot— Mrs. .Ina. Farley, first: Mrs. T. II. Muybt-rry, second; Mrs. F. \V. Mc­ Cllntock, Wichita, third. Green Krape—Mrs. Ida Moore, first; Mrs. T. II. Mayberry. second. Canned Frtilt6 and Vegetables Apples—Mrs. F, O. Celdelmrc-, first; Mrs. 10. K. tVntz, second; Mia. J. It. Glascock, thlrtl. Cherries, early—Mrs. F. O. Celderbury, first; Mi*. I-'. K. Pentz, second; Mrs. F W. MrClintock, third. i \ I,ale cherries—Claire Allen, city, first; Mrs. F. W. McCllntock, second; Mis. K. K. Pentz. third. nine-klierrles—Mrs. n.~F. Unwell first; Mrs. Arthur Galloway, second; Mia • F. O. Celdeburg, thlrtl. Strawberry—Mrs. F. O. Celdeburg, 1st;/] ttaspbttrry, red—Mrs. F. O. Ccldeburs, first. Itaspuerrv, black--Msr. F. K. Pentz, first; Mrs, .1. O. Hiibb, second; Mrs. J. K, McCiulrc, third. gooseberries—Mlrs. J. 11. Glasscock, /Irsl; Morjorla Park, second. Peaches—Mis. F. W. McCllntock .first; first; first first; Mrs. K. Pentz,. first; second; Mrs. Fd II. Mayberry. ens, second; Mi-s. Saves Waste Saves Cooking Most attractive bf all cereal foods. Mrs. B. K rentK, second; Hra. II. W. nwsc 3M. ^ „ „ . Orccn Oagfi—Mrs. n. 15. Dowdl, fifat; Mar. K. K .ren!«, second. _ Ilcd plumn—Mrs. 33 ,K. V&nlz, first; Mrn. F. O. CetUleburs. SPCO»K 1. TWi» plumo—Mr*. J. H. Olaac<v;k. first; Mra. II. W. Rosn. BfcOnd. iVnrs— MJ-H. H .K Dowell, firrt; Mrs. T-M K reftt2, second; Mm. J. U. QlflB- coek, thinl. Tmnnto—STrg. tl .W. Ttose, first; Mrp. n. 12. I>owol1, second; Mrs. J. 11. Glasscock, Ihiad. •fUiiil«iH>~-jrr«. n. Tl. Powell first. Bcaii— TMIMH M. Andwson. first; Hcatrlcc ruutk. second; Mrs. F. W. McCllntock, tWrd. PtNii»—Beatrlnp llank, flrsit Mm. 1«iv Moore, npcnikl; Mrs. .T. 11. CHiiescock, 3n:li Corn—Mrs, Ida Moore, first; Mrs. J. It. Olcuwoock second; Mrs. F. \Y. MctMintock, tWrrt. Beet—Mrs. Ida Moore, Mrs. Cut-tin Pcuph, wcoml; Marjorlu IMrk .thlrtl. Apricot*, MTS . F. \V. McClintoci(, first; Mrs. M K. I'cntK, second; Mis, Ida Moore, tlUrd. l'lnrnpplcs— Mm. K. V,. riloom. first. V«Uow plums—Mrs, U. VI. Howell, flrKt; Aim. 15. Woorn, «econd; Mrs. F. W. McCllntock .thinl. Grapes—Mrs, E. K. Pentr., Urat. Spiced Fruits. Crabopplps— Mrs. K. lo. niontn, first: Mrs. T. tl. Mayberry, second; Mrs. J. H. Oln*ocook, thinl. Cherrles -Mm, B. K. Tentz, first; Mr*. Ifln, Mooro, stx:oiiil; Mra. T. II. Maybcorj', tirlrd. Grapes—Mrs. F. W. McCllntock, first; Mr*. K. K. Pent*, aeconfl. iviun— Mrs. It. r-;. Dowell, fir?>t; Hpat- rico ltanl< ( sucoiwl; Mra. J. II. Glasscock, IhlrrL J'fjiblifR—Mrs. T. IT, Mnyborry, first; Mrs. 3. II. Glrtsoooek, oocond; Mr«. I*\ \V- MH 'lintock third. Walormelon— MIP . F. \\". McCllntock. flrfit; Mra. It. 10. Dou'Cll, second; Mifi. 10. Blnom, thlrtl. Caritaloup«fi—Mra. F .W. MeCMntnck. rirMt; MITH . It. 15 .Dowell, second; MJH. T. 11. Mayberry, tldrd. Pickles and Catsup. Sour riu'urnbrtra— 'Mra. 'l\ 11. Mayberry. firm.; Mrn. K. K, I'entz, second; Mrs. F. \V. M <t'llntock. thLrd. •Swrct fut'uiulxjrf;—Aim, K. K. PentK, first; Mrs. T .n. Maybcrrj", second; Mra. Curtis Peugh, Ihlixl. Green tomato, Hweot—Mrs. W r . R. Tied* bum, first: Mrs. F. \\\ McCllntock, sce- ond; Mi* 1 . 13. K, Uloom, third. Chopped pjrklm—Mrs. F. 'U*. MeCHn- (ock, first; Mrs. 10. 10. Bloom, second; Mrs. J. K. -McGuire, third. Mustard—Mrs. F. T^ Y, McCllntock, first; Mrs. 10. 10. Ulooni, second; ilrs. T .II, Maybrrry .third. ,M;uij;o— -Mrs. Arthur G«tll6way ( first; Mrs. K. K. IVntz, second; Mrs. F. \V. Mc­ Cllntock, third. Cauliflower—Mrs. 10. K. Pentz, first; Mrs. J«\ W. MeCUntock. SCCOIKI. Alixed —Mrs. .1. M. Uebslork, Newton, first; Mra. F, \V .McCllntock, second; All 's. K. K. PPIIIZ , third. PieenJlllll--MTji. \y. S. Uodburn, first; Mrs. li. K. 1'onta, second; Mrs. J, C. Qabb, third. Chilli Bauoe ~Mrs. E. 10 .tlloom, flrtrt; Mirs. J. It. llollii, city, second; Mrs, T, 11. M «yhrri*>-, third. Onlon ^-Mra. F. W. .MeCUntock, first; Mrs. 10. K. Pentz. st'roiid; Mrs. K. Hloom .tlitrd. IJean.s~Mrs. .1. K. McGuLro, fiiut; Mrs. 10. K. Penlz. sHH*ond; Mitf. T. II. Mayberry, third. Tomato catsup—Mrs. 1.. I'. Hoeker, firsi; MJ-S . F. W. McClintouk. second; Mrs. \\*. S. Uodburn, third. Chow chow—Mrs. i\ 1. Ki -rshrie-r, city, flr^t; Mi-a. J. K. McCUire, second; ilia. F. ^. McKriinttH'k, third. Plclcltsd beets—Mrs. T. II. Miiyborry, first; I0»thor Kcrshnfi', t-ity, second; Mrs. Ida M. Moore, third. • • 'V <$> <*> • 4' <S> •$ • <?> ^ 4> • <S> • <S> <$> <*> POULTRY AWARDS. <•> - <$> • *$> <;> <S> <$> <!> 4> 4' <S> 4* • Uight Brahmas. A. T. Modltn, Topeka, 1st, 2nd cock; 1st, 2nd hen. Kosi 'thill Poultry Farm, Hudson; 1st cockered; 4tn hen; 4th cock; jnd, ard pullet; and hen. Charles lU Duniol, Odessn, Wo., 3rd cock; 1st pen. 'I'. E. Quisenberry, I^cavcnworUi, 3rd hen, 1st pen , .A. T. Modin tiJl in "Dark Rralimas, Buff Cochins, Paitridffo Cochins, While Cochins, Black Cochins, classes. Black Langshans. A. T. Mo<Hin won 1st on co<k; 1st and 3nl eoc-keri-i; ^iul and 3rd jmllet; Jtid P*'n. II. M. l^Umor, Floroncp, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th hen; 2nd cockerel; 1st puilc.t and lai pen. White Langshans, Palnnor, 1st. and, 3rd, 4th lien; 1st and 2nd cockerel; 1st, L'nd, 3rd and tth pullet; 1st, 2nd pen. Modi In won all others. Dark Cornish. W. II. Jenkins, Staffoixl, 1st. 2nd, 3rd and i ih cockerel. ltosehill jMultrv Farm won nil ih*i rost and all in White Cornish and White Uiiru'd IlfH.l Cornish ciitKScs. Jk'nr>- II. Kivklnr, or I^cavcnworlli. won all jirizes In Muff orphlnfft»n clause*. Black Orphinflton. J. A, Push, l^cavcnworth, 1st wk, l«i pulleL ItiKti-hill Farm won nil the r^st. Ilosehill Farm—1st hen, in White Or- phinK'on, und .1. S. Sim*. .Stafford, won all other prises, posehill Farm won all prizes on Plna Orphinjftons. Modlin won all prizes on all Golden Campincrf. Barred Plymouth Rocks. Hoy MuDnnald. Dalharl, Tex.. 1st cm-U. 1st, 3rd. and 4th coekrels; 4th pullet; 2nd, 3rd, pen. K. I,. Stewart, Wichita, I'nd, ^rd cock; 4th hen. II. It. P;ittfn, Hutchinson, 1st hen. A T. Modlin won all the rest. White Plymouth Rocks. Minnie C. Clink, Haven. 1st. 2nd. -itu eock; 1st, 2nd, 3rd hen; 1st, 4th, cockrcl; 2nd pullet; 1 KL , 4th pen. C. I*. Carr, North Topekn. 3id cockerel; 1st, 3rd, 4th pullet; 2nd pen, A. P.- Mowf, StiLfford, won all the ri^st, • Buff Plymouth Rocks. II, I). l*ake. Iturden, 1st, 2nd cockerel. .1. H. Iluuiphrcy, Pratt, 3rd cockerel; 2nd pen. J. S, .Siintf, 2nd, 4ih cockerel; 3rd pullet. 1-3 11. Kelly. Stafford, won all the rest. S. C. Brown Leghorn. T. 10, tiuisenbeny, I.eavcnwortli, 2nd cock^el. II. C. Short, I^eavenwoilh, 1st, 3rd, 1th pullet; and 2nd pen. • lOufieno lioyt. St. .John, 3rd, 4th pen. Modii .n all other prizes. R. C. Brown Leghorns. W. O. Mathews, city, 2nd cock. Otto llorth, Plains, all oilier prizes. Modi I it won all prices on Columbian Wyandottua. HoBeliill Kami look nil prizes on Silver Wyandot ten anil <m Golden Wyandottcs. White Wyandotte* Ben C. Fink, i'euboily, l«t cock, 1st and 4th hen. Mrs, IStla Uownian, city, 4lh cock; -nd jH -n, Mrs. C, E\-ans, Abhyville, all other prizes. R. F. Palmer, l.eavenworth, 1st on Buff Wypndoite hen. Uosehill Farm, 3id cock, 2nd and Oh hen; 2nd pin. Partridge Wyandottea. Rosehill Farm, 3rd eoek; 2nd and 4th hen; 2nd* pen. Oscar Huston. IJ \ Junla, Colo., 3rd hen; 2nd coekrel; 1st pullet. A. '1'. Modlin won all other prizes. Modlin won all prizes fn Huller Cuiw, Nou-Hearded Silver Polish, Nou- Meurded Whitu Ptillttli, Beardod White lV.liah. Buff lAun'tl Poliali, W. c. Pluok Polish, Reaid- pd Golden polisli, Bcurdfil Wllver Polish, W. F. Black Hpanish, Bilver Jjcghoi ns, IU'*i Pyle Game Bantam, White Gmr.e BaJttatn, Silver lluulain. NVui Bearded W. P. liatitunvH, l.iaht Uraliina Banuims. Dark Bruhma Bantams, |<U'h Breasted Utd Ganie, ltrnwn Red (Jame, Silver HucUwinsr Game, Itetl Py'e Game, Faverolles Wliite, Houduuc, Black Sumatra*, White Silkies eii^s^-.s. Oolden Scabrlcjht Bantama. Rosehill Form—1st cock, 2nd hen Modlin VVVMI all ether prize*. Modllu won all lu Silver ScahriKht Bantams and Bl.ick Itiwse Cumbetl classes. Black Tailed Jap Bantams. R.iH«nlU Far-n, 3rd cw»ck! 2nd IIP.II. Modlin all other.* In this clans, and all In White J«P BauUms, Black Jap Ban- tanw and White Cochin Bantam classes. Black Cochin Bantam*,. ,' Busehtll Farm, 3rd eoek. K, II. Kelly, 2nd hen. Modlin won all other*. Buff Cochlni, Qantams. J, P, Haven, 2nd tuid 3rd hen. WAS SO WEAK COULD HARDLY WALK ACROSS ROOM After Taking Orgatotic Treatment She Can Do Her Own Housework liaslly. "Yea, Sir, Orgatono Ircatmpnt has been worth a thousand dollars to my wife and has done her a world ot good. She has only been taking It four weeks now and It has put her In better health than she has iH'en In for five years." The ahovo statement, was made a few days ago to the Orgatono representative by Fred Cole, a.well known and popular painter-of Wichita living at 192fi South Santa Fc Avenue. "My wlfo's troubles had about gotten lier past going at all," he continued. "She had no appetite, and for a long lime she couldn't cat anything but a llttlo breakfast food or something like that, and she had Indigestion so bad everything she would eat soured on her stomach and made her feel miserable nearly all the time. She was badly constipated and was so nervous she couldn't sleep to do any good. She lost lots of flesh and finally got so she had no strength scarcely and didn't feel like doing any of her housework at all. No kind of modlclne she took seemed to help her one bit, In fact she was getting worse all the time and we were about lo have her sent to tbe hospital when Orgatone was recommended to us. "Hut I never saw anybody brighten up like sbo did when she started on Orgatone. She had taken only four bottles and has gained several pounds in weight and says she feels like a different person, and she looks it, too. She now eats three hearty meals a day and eats just anything she wants, and nothing she eats hurts her at all. She Is not nervous any more and she sleeps like a child every night. Tho truth is, I consider her a well woman ln every way, and it's a mystery to me how Orgatone got her- over her years of suffering so quick." Orgatone is not a so-called patent or secret remedy but a scientific treatment, containing no alcohol or other stimulating drugs and is sold in Hutchinson exclusively at A. & A. Drug Co. Out of town customers are being supplied alt charges prepaid, upon receipt of price, $1.25 per bottle, or six bottles for $6.25. (Advertisomont.) Mixllln all others prizes ami ull on | I'iirtilUti: Cochin IJanUana. B. B. Red Game Bantams. P. G 1'urker. stiickler, Jnd cock; 3rd ,1 hen. •Mo*in all other prizes. Partridge Plymouth Rock. ruv-rchill Fiii-ni, -ud, cock; 1st, 2nd ] cockerel; 1st pullet. A. p. Moon-. Slu/ford. 3rd cock, 1st j hen. Hoy ]•:. Sutton. MmncupoltH, nil other prizes. Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocka. A. li. Moore, 1st, Und, 4lh hen. J. F. Ajule nil other prizes HIKI all on Columbian Ilyrnnuth Iloeks. S. C. White Leghorn Modlin, 3rd cook. 3rd hen. (1. It.. McClurc, Mcphfers'tln-, 3rd cockerel, -lth pen. Mrs. w, li. JUIilicalh, Oswego, -'nd cockerel, mid ;:rd pen; 4lh pullet. , 10. IT. Kclley, 3rd pullift. t : . M. D. II. l-'arm Colony won all other prizes. R. C White Leghorns. Modlin, cock; 1st cockerel; 1st pullet. Mathews all other prizes. S. C. Buff Leghorns, C. M. Herren. l-i Junta, 1st, -ILh hen; 2nd cockerel; 1st, 2nd pullet, and 1st pen. It. F. Palmer. 3rd. Hh pullet. Modlin all other prizes. Modlin won all on 11. C. Buff leghorns. S. C. Black Lerjhorns. Qulscnberry, 3rd pullet Modlin all other prizes. S. C. Rhode Island Reds. .1. A. Hu-sh, Leavenwortll. 3rd cock. 'niiMtia:* D. TroiiKhton, Wetnlore, IHt, 1 •Ull cock. Mmlllu, end eoek, -lth hen. Cedar flrove Farm won all oilier prizes. R. C. Rhode Island Reds. F. 1.. Klaine, 2nd enck, -lth hen, 2nd and 3rd pen. Cedar tirove 1'^nrm. 1st cock; l. y t, 3rd hen; Itll cockerel, At.nJIln, 3rd cock. .1 A. Bush. 3rd eor-kerel. .1. U. Cou-dtry, Topeka. all olher prlzey. S. C. Anconas. AY. O. Mathews, 1st eoek; 4lh hen and 2nd. pen. Mtullin. 2nd, 3rd pen. llo.-jehlM Farti.i ull oUter prizes. R, C. Anconas. CI. D. Wlllenri, Inniaii. 1st cock; 3rd cockerel. 2nd and 3rd pt n. Modlin. 1st hen, 4th cockerel. Uoy I-:. Sutton, 2nd ewheiel; I H I, 2nd, lth pullet \V. M. llownian, all olher prizes. White Sweepstakes. Mrs. C. W. F.v.ius. White Wyandotte, 2nd male and 2nd lenwi'Je. 4th pen. Mrs, Minnie C. Clark, While Plymouth flocks, 1st male, 1st uid 3rd female, 1st pen. Mrs. HIMre.ith. S. C. While l^eshorn, 3rd mute ami 3rd pen. 11. M. Palmer, White Uine.sli.ui, 4th male. J. 8. Sims, S. C. While Orphlnirlon, (ih female. V. S. a. R. Farm Colony, H. C. While l^eldiorn, 2nd pen. Black Sweepstakes. II. M. Palmer, HI-M-K Lau^.-than?, 2nd mnle, 1st, 2nd, 4tli female and 2nd j»en. Modllu all other prizc:i Buff Sweepstakes. K. 11. Kelly, PJyun uth Uock, 2mi lriale, 2nd fen-nle, and 2nd pen. SUMMING UP THE EVIDENCE. Many Hutchinson People Have Been Called as Witnesses. Week after week has been published the .testimony of Hutchinson people— kidney sufferers—backache victims— people who have endured many forms ot kidney, bladder or urinary disorders. These witnesses have used Doan's Kidney Pills. All have given their enthusiastic approval. It's the same everywhere. 50,000 American men anil women are publicly recdm- mendlng Doan's—always in the borne papers. Isn't ii a wonderful, convincing mass of proof? If you are a sufferer your verdict must be "Try Doan's first." Here's one more Hulchinson case. Mrs. 1). B. llonedict, 327 Seventh Avenue, West, soys; "1 am never without a supply of Doan's Kidney I'llls; they have been a family medi- t'ine wlili us for years. I used lo have consideniblo trouble with soreness across the small of my back, but since 1 learned of Doan's Kidney I'llls 1 have known what lo take for those attacks. Doan's have never failed lo givo mo Immediate relief." Price 60c, at. all dealers. Don't simply, ask for a kidney remedy- get Doan's Kidney Pills -the same that Mrs. Ilenedlct had. Foster-Milburn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Just Arrived—A Splendid Assortment of Children's Coats and Dresses for Fall Wear. Most of those floats and Drosses nvo miniature roprodiu'tinns of Women's Fall Coats and Drosses—very beautiful and very practical of course. Women's styles have, not been followed absolutely — they have been changed just enough to make them most appropriate' for the little folks. There are styles a plenty for even the most fastidious mother. Prices are pleasing. CHILDREN'S COATS, $3.95 Dandy llttlo coals of corduroy. Made with a collar which fastens up snug at neck. Comes in colors with tho collar, cuffs and buttons made of a contrasting color. Sixes to li years. CHILDREN'S COATS, $5.00 and $5.95 Pretty colors of brown, green, tturgundy, navy, gray and rose. Llttlo atralght lines with hells anil pur' Collars which fit snug at neck, plain colors ..-t t.u.- nation. Sites to 6 years. CHILDREN'S COATS, $7.95 Brown, green, black, navy and Burgundy. Snug fitting neck, pockets and all around belt, fancy button trimmed. Sizes to 10 years- CHILDREN'S COATS, $12.50 Good heavy cloth coat of a dark wool mixture, big collar which fastens up snug, wide belt and 2 pocketa. Trimmed with big fancy buttons. Sizes to M years. MANY PRETTY DRESSES FOR THE YOUNG MISS $1,95 for Your Choice of Little Frccka—2 to 6 Years I >n rl In E ii ross'c.i for (ho 2, I ami G yrjir old, llttlo Bliort wiistrd imxlr-is of pin 1 n or fa ncy KI HJTIHUTUH, tiny collars, holUf und pnrkcts, rowa of tiny buttons nrnkos a prerty finishing touch. School Dresses, $3.05 .Wean 11 ful R-inBlinms in la.i'Ke or small pliLUts; medium waltft lino, full wkirt with 3-lnch hem; has a prrtty fnnoy collar which la cut Buarc In buck, down to a point on each side of front; jwarl buttons on collar niul bolt, fancy pockets, ti lo 14 At $5.00 All wool navy nrrp" dn\sH, IIIKII \v .U «t with ph'titrrfl Hkfrt, Hid** \><M, fan«-y cllar anil porkoH of plakl silk, fancy buttons down front ami on belt; soamu nil dintbiu stiluheiL Sizes i to 1:'. Many Pretty Ones for $5.00 Via ncy '»« ll ams a ml poplins. O HO. prrt ty style In tbo lai'Kc plaid KtiiK- hain, hltfh waist, full (fathered sktrl, finished ln fhml will) a pnuel which <x»!imy down over n. wld« he-it and finl .Hlnnl with four hi K ]M?ai*l butt miK, * .t ncy pockets, full IcnprUi Hl ^cvra uixl ii hlg collar made of whlto plqU"-. 3 Inch hem; all Hciuns doublo ytllchwl. Sized to 14, Lids For Kids A groat collection of Pretty Hats for the little one is here for mothers' choosing, aud it includes every popular fancy of the season. • ;litl The prices range from $1.95 to $5.00 .with plenty in between prices— $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50 Black Sateen Bloomers for School Girls Good quality sateen; cut full, elastic at knee. Waist band has buttonholes, all worked good, scams donble-stltched. Sizes2, 4, 6, 8years ... *». ........... .,.^.$1.00 Sizes 12, 14 years... *.>... ... $1.25 Smart, Serviceable Suits—Overcoats- Sweaters, and Clothing for Boys. Their service-giving qualities make them the best, most economical clothes for your boy—Prices ai'e lower than many stores ask for clothes not so good. Fall and Winter Caps, 59c, 65c, 75c and $1.00 A new line of enps Just arrived in plaids, checks, blues and fancy mix. Pull shapes, broad snap bills, lined and Inside pull-down tor oars. Also a line of juvenile shapes in nice an- sortmeut of colors. If you see theso caps you will realize their values. A complete linn of sizes. Boys' Shirts, 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 A complete lino of boys' shirts in solid blue chambrays and cheviots in military and versatile collars. Made rtKht, priced right and fit right. Muff said. Sizes 12 to 14. Boys' Suits, $9.95 in this line you will find fancy mil- lures and pin slripes, pood strong cloth, coat and pants lined with best of llniiiKs and scams taped—no rips, coals of trench model, nicely bolted, liolli patch and slit pockets. Pants lull cut and well Moused ut the knee. Suits lhat will, please both mother ;tnd tho boy. Aires (i to Hi years. Boys' 2-Pant Suits, $5.95 to $7.95 ThoHi* Suits arc mil viilues nnd come in funny mixturcH and titriport. CoatH phMiltu) and plain hacks, hcllnl Hi. wnlnl, patch unit slit nookuts. Tant.s full cut and llmul with heavy HnlnKH nnil Bonms arc taped. A nuiKe o/ aizes from 6 to IS yeara. Jlitrry IX. Sw.Mvr. Huff Olnblnfe'toiJ, HJi ftimU*' and 3rd i»cu. Aludlln all til hi: r p''lx ( 'S- Partl'Colored Sweepstakes. V. liluJat', It, C. it I. ited.*, 3rd mate. ltuy AU-DonaJd, ltarrcd Hcks, Jst iruiJo und 4D\ pen. H. 1). 1'utltfii, Jiarrtd Jtocks. UU tc male. II. C. Short, S. (.'. llrown Lrghoni, 2nd foinale. 10. I,. Strwarl, Wichita, ISaritd noelus, 'Jiul pen. MfKlltn, I,[jrhl llra)\iiut, nialo .rut and •llh; lttirrttl il'rf'ks. Ui, f* rn:ii.>, Jst [H 'ti; lli'.twn Hi'd t'.iimc liiuitaiua, l»t cot k, lnl hen: ihuru- Haijiiiins,, liul. iuiketil, hfii una jsi c<uk. ibt and ^liti lien. Kus-liill Faint all uihec piizirf Pigeons. (.Ml Y;irn lYvn .J^pl;iyi -.1 > • W. O. AUilhi 'WH WIMI all jiriKcy offered. Pet Stock. TIalph fftiici^, While Ant'ora, J«l; Mathcw-i. Jnd. 11. & M. Ilahhiiry, KnslUli Pink 15ye, lat: MaiJHWS, L'nd. .Mji-thi'WH won all prices on aJl lUuck U.itbiiH, I'tnrua Kcd ICibblia H nd UutrJi £tai.< t.i.U- It. &. M itaWiitry all priz<vt 1:11 Hoiul«li (Hunt und Knsllsh ^pottr*l Kabhlta. Ducks. Matinv.; ;'ll liiima on Uo'in-n l>ucka. Mi -ll'ti aii , JI Izt'.s on Mallyitl Duel;., W'h.itc llyjinf-r Durlta K'a-hsa.s StJitn i'ii-on all \,i lzc$ on F.ivsn ami White Indian Huithn' Ducks Modlin woo ull prlzea on iUovvn Ctil- iietit- iior.,e. Be»t Display In Department. Modlin. 1st; Houehill l-Vin, ^nd: Mc- Pi'nald, 3rd, ENOUGH FLOUR is wasted annually in dusting on the bread boards alone in our homes to feed millions of our soldiers. USE MODERN BREAD DORIS STOCKMAN HERE. Well Known Kansas Band Leader at the Fair, Doris Slockmiin, director of the Lamed band, and well known over the. state. Is playing -with Herb's official State Fair Iwnd this -week, Mr. Stockman was formerly Identified with Woodern Woodmen bands, and several years a«o at the M. W. A. grand convention at llnffalo succeeded In winning first prize for the ncd band ill a hard aud close contest. You'll like Major when he talks to you aiboul f.allty Light and 1'owe-r. Hi'iio-Uuick Co. lfi-fit. Golden Rule Grocery Bis Chief School Tablets, iloz . 50c 45 sheet tablets, last year's size. Lead Pencils, 6 lot i5t", do/-. . .-15c Hacon, per 11) 35c t cans Soup lor J5c lllue riums, crate Jl'.OO I'rcserviiiK Pears, bu $2.75 I.arge Sour Pickles, doz 30c bulk Kruut, lb.. 10c 2 cans Salmon (tlat catia) 35c "Why Pay More?" Phone 296 321 N. Main Harrison D, Ivelsey, Prop,

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