Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1961 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1961
Page 7
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July 1|, 1961 MO ft STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS Page What Time Is Best to Be Young* By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-Somc say this is the best time to be young. S(*ic say there never was a worse lime. But life is a mosaic of many memories, and any youngster of today by coming along so late by the nature of things will 'have missed a lol of what went before. Many a man or woman middle- aged or older feels a bit sorry for young folks who can't remember when— ^ou could buy a white shirt for iFdollar bill. No child dared to call its father or mother "stupid" or "silly." Anybody who went up in an airplane and came down safely got his picture in the newspapers. A child's biggest thrill was to be lifted to ,thc back of one of the big gray horses in the local fire station. less than 8-4 pounds at birth'apol- ogized to his friends. Fat people were thought to be Everyone over 60 foretold th» i happier—and likely to live longer weather by his rheumatism. (Only the very rich could afford doctors who called it arthritis.) Dogs slept outdoors at Highland there wasn't one in the whole had broad land whose owner bought it a mink blanket. When a fellow found it hard to —than thin people. If you had a second helping ^ 'dinner the beaming hostess took it as a personal compliment to her cooking. She had no idea you were eating to camouflage a hidden neurosis. % Anybody wtio could imitate bird irnvn LI • ^ i iw ?T iisvii i\.l it II (.11 II IU , > i « i i t read the small print in the maill calls m ' ? lay , a mUS1Cal S T !f d an artistic future in vaudeville. More people worried about constipation than cancer. order catalogue he went to the dime store pawed through its display of spectacles—and bought the pair he could see with best.. If you lived beyond your means the neighbors clucked and said "over the hill to the poorhousc." The proudest kid in the block was the one with the most warts. Nobody had heard of government relief checks. Families were expected to look after their own poor relatives. Big babies were thought healthier than small babies. Any man who fathered one that weighed led the American homers from 1911 In baseball a home run was really something to sec. (Franklin F. Baker League in four years: only 39.) It was widely predicted that if real income lax the nation would rise up in rebellion. There was always a hitching post handy to tie up the horse and buggy—and not a parking meter between Maine and California. No doubt, those were the good old days indeed. B & B SUPER MARKET Dial 7-4501 WE DELIVER 9 A.M.-10 A.M. — 2 P.M.-4 P.M. Slab Sliced BACON 39 Ib Delicious Cured HAMS Small Size 43 Ib FRESH DRESSED GRADE A FRYERS 23 Ib Large Ground BEEF 39c Ib. Delicious Ail-Meat BOLOGNA Good and Tender CHUCK ROAST 49c SUN VALLEY 2 fc 39c Good and Tender T-BONE STEAK clb. Richfex Shortening ' 3 Lb. Can 59 DELMONTE CATCHUP 5c Packages CANDY GUM 3 5c Packs 4 l\ r For |||C FLOUR Guaranteed 25 Ib. 1 49 Sack CLOROX fl!.19c Blackburn SYRUP !/ 2 gal.45c Riccland RICE 2 Ib 29c QUICK Home Permanent by Richard Hudnut Special Offer 2.50 Value FOR Si 50 Nabisco Oreo-Cream COOKIES 29c l! 3 /4 oz. Bag MILK Per & Carnation Cans Guest Size Ivory APPLE SAUCE 303 Con 1 LB. CAN 1.29 Mellorine CREAM 1/2 Gal. HOME GROWN TOMATOES Ib. I5c RED POTATOES 10M2c HOME GROWN CORN 6 Ig. ears 19t HOME GROWN PEAS 2 ft. 25c Tabasco Goes To A Cookout Good food tastes even better out of doors, and broiled stenk nnd roast corn on the cob are two favorites for a summertime cookout. Tabasco, the spicy liquid red popper seasoning, adds piquancy when used in a slenk marinade and a butter sauce to spread on the grilled meat and hot cooked corn. 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To lest for doneness, make a short cut near the bone with a sharp knife. A seasoned butter sauce is delicious spread over the cooked steak and brushed on the corn. Tiilmsco Vz cup (1 stick) butter '/!• teaspoon Tabasco 2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice Melt butler; stir in other ingredients. Brush over broiled steak and hot corn on the cob. Yield: Enough for 2 '1-pound steaks or 1 dozen ears of corn. PRICES GOOD FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JULY 13, 14 & 15 SUSPEN A Short Short Storv THE FEVER OF REASON By LESTER ARNO Prof. Thomas Woodruff Gray acknosvledycd the applause, with a smile. "Thank you, Friends of Youth For that is how 1 think of you." The Professor held up his hand as though lo quell any dissenters in the audience. "I know you will be Frieiuis of Youth after I have finished my little talk because although it is listed on your programs us 'What Makes a .Juvenile Delinquent?' I am confident you will permit me to change the title. "I shall call my speech "Ihe Fever of Reason' from the quota- lion of La Rochefoucauld, which 1 am sure you all recall, 'Youth is a continual intoxication; it is the fever of reason." Prof. Thomas Woodruff Gray was pleased as he noted the ripple of assent from his audience. People appreciate a bit of erudition, he thought. "My friends," he continued, "the juvenile delinquent was not sprung, full Krawn, in our times. The word 'mobster' stemming from 'mob' had its origin in Roman times when 'mobile vulyus was used lo refer to the 'fickle crowd' by I he elders decrying the juveniles who were rowdies ul tin Circus Maximus. "English history records that the first day of May in 1517 \VM named 'Evil May Day' because on that day serious rioting in I,on don was created by I he appren tices who fell upon (he Frcncl residents of thai city. "London has had a long nnd interesting history with its exuberant young. A group of over-stimulated young men swarmed its streets in the llilh century. They were called 'Mohocks,' spelled M- 0-II-O-C-K-S, after our American Indian tribe, the Mohawks. One of the practices of this group was to roll persons down Snow Hill in a tub; another was to overturn coaches on rubbish heaps." Prof. Thomas Woodruff Gray wailed until the laughter .subsided, then, with a chuckle he added, "So you see, my friends, even our staid English cousins have had shall we say. their own over-enthusiastic young men. "As a mailer of fact, it may amuse you to know that a reporter, writing in the 'Spectator', a lending news source of lhat (lay, described (he Mohocks deprecations as follows: 'You sent your Mohocks next abroad. Wilh razors armed and knives; Who on night-walkers made inroad. And seared our maids and wives.' " Again there was a stir of appreciation in the audience anr again nthe Professor beamed his appreciation. "Yes. good Friends of Youth,' he continued. "Some of (he vcr> word-; we use today were born o ;,•••.;:!hful spirits. 'Blackguard' WL lake from a proclamation issuei by the Lord Steward's ol'l ice in .May of Hi!i:i when a group of young men calling themselves 'The Black Guard' imadeil his majesty's slables. From Ireland com. 1 * llie word "Huuiigan.' irolii Fl.U'ii'e llle word 'Apai'lii' ll'i'lll the lu\e!v city of San Francisco Eichmcmn Admit Sending Jews to Camp By THOMAS A. REEDY .JERUSALEM (AP) — Adolf Eiclunnnn admitted under oath oday he shipped out some .lews o construction camps in the full knowledge they were going straight lo their death. Ally. Gen. Gideon llausncr iii-ccu 1 I he former Gestapo colonel o acknowledge that some dcporta- ions were lo work camps but others were labeled for immediate extermination. The defendant declared, however, these decisions were reached )>• Heinrich Ilimmler, Reinhard lleydrieh and Ernest Kallenbrun- ner, the, lop Gestapo officials, •Vside from transports lo label' camps, the attorney general declared, "there were oilier kinds— traighl lo death." "I do not intend lo deny this," Ciclimami replied. "1 did not give the orders." I'residing Judge Mishe Landau .stared at Eichmami, interrupted the cross-examination, and .said solemnly: "Would you like lo explain?" Eichmaiin leaped lo his feet. Tic eagerly told the court, the directives were issued by his superiors who chose "the numbers and a certain place of destination." 'I knew part of what was going on at (he time," he said. "I knew certain numbers of Jews wure gong to extermination. 1 do not wish o lake shelter behind lies. But I could not order, nor could I ordfir' cessation of such actions. 1 was a ool." As a tool, Eichmaiin said he had o centralize I he paper work and organize the transportation. Eicluiuiim swore that six SS officers lied when they signed .statements naming him as the chief executor in the Nazi slaughter of the Jews. Moore Bros. DIAL 7-4431 FREE DELIVERY "SERVING YOU SINCE 1896" Fresh Dressed Government Inspected FRYERS Delicious Broiling SIR-LOINS Bor-B-Quing T-BONES 100% Pure Ground Lean Hamburger MEAT Meeting of Six ROME (AP)— The government chiefs of the six Common Market, nations have agreed lo meet in Bonn, Germany, July Jl! to discuss steps toward political integration of the economic group. Foreign ministers of the six— ranee, Italy, West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg—set the dale for the summit and worked out an agon- la Monday at a day-long incet- ng in the Italian Foreign Minis- ry. HOOL.UNP "Youth Is the fever of reason." the word "Hoodlum." "Let us judge our youth, bu el. us not judge harshly. Lei ut remember our own youth, let iif remember the words of La Roche- "oucauld . . . 'Youth is a cnnlinua intoxication; it is the fever o reason.' " When Prof. Thomas Wodruf finished his talk, was deafening. the applause Prof. Thomas Wodruft Gray turned off (he ignition key in his car, got out, closed his garage door and started for his. house. lie smiled as ho remembered the applause, the handshakes, I he agreement thai had followed his lecture. lie was so filled with the happiness of I he moment that he hardly fell the forearm that wrapped ilself around his throat, the blow from Ihe short piece of gas pipe, the kick from Hie brass tipped hot that crushed his skull. II was loo late, too, for the Professor to small Ihe alcohol on the breaths of the three youths who ripped away at his clothes. THE END Layer Your Pie With Flavor cheese 1 0-ineh bakoil pastry shell Vi pint strawberries Three flavors combine with harmony in a fruited chiffon pie. For Ibis summer triplo-docker dessert, there's a fluffy lemon rhilTon base madu with untlavored gelatine, eggs, and fresh lemon juice. Only <5 minutes of cooking time are required. Part of the mixture is blended with cream cheese for the bottom layer of I ho pie. A seasonal, bountiful fruit . . . strawberries, peaches, bananas or blueberries . . . form the second layer. The remaining lemon chiffon Roes on as the crowning layer. The chiffon mixture can be served in a baked pastry crust or in sherbet glasses. 1 rililrd Chi (Toil I'ic 1 envelope unflavored !'/;• teaspoons grated lemon gelatine rind % cup sugar, divided 1 8-oimcc package cream \'\ teaspoon salt 4 eggs Va cop lemon juieo y.\ cup wnler Mix together gelatine, ',f, cup of the. sugar and salt in top of double boiler. Combine slightly beaten egg yolks, lemon juice and water; add to gelatine mixture. Cook over boiling water, stirring constantly, until gelatine dissolves and mixture thickens, about I) minutes. Hemove from heal; add lemon rind. Add Vi eup of the gelatine mixture to cream cheese; blend until smooth. Turn into prepared pie shell: chill unlil almost firm. Hull berries; reserve several for garnish. Slue remaining berries over cream cheese layer. Chill remaining gelatine mixture until the consistency of uiihoatcn egg white. Beat egg whites until stiff, but not dry. (iradualty add remaining '-i eup sugar and beat until very stiff. J-'old into'gelatine mixture. Turn on top of strawberries; chill Until firm. To serve, garnish with remaining strawberries. Yield: 1 !i iiu-b pie. NOTK: 1C cl"--ir<"-i I eup lilnolvrrics, sliced bananas or peaches mav he substituted for strawberries. Fresh Pork CHOPS Country Style SAUSAGE 2189 4i1 (H Tray Packed Sliced BACON Delicious Chuck ROAST 3 fro 4 Lb. 39 c Ib Fresh Homegrown Golden Sweet CORN Borden's Half Gallon Delicious LOW CALORIE CREAM 39 Crr. Extra Nice Dry Salt MEAT 31 00 Purple Hull Peas 10 C Ib POTATOES 10 Lb. Sack 39 •Gallon Vinegar 37 JUG WAX PAPER WO Foot Roll Full Quart Blue Plate Mayonnaise 3 Pound Can Vegetable Shortening 8 Pound Pail Pure LARD 25 Pound Sack FLOUI

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