The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY NEWS. FEBDEMCK. MD_ TUESDAY. MAY 31, 1932- Memorial Day Services Held Monday In City And County , With appropriate exestlse* Frederick j favored nation en earth ?r sa-d a=c county honored her war dead Monday. j-.j ^ j 13 , e ^ .-^i these crea' pr-s- la she n^r. soldiers and ex-*erooe n*ea j C ipfc» ** shall aset 1= tr^s^ig or- paradec througn Cag-draped ctreet* totter out -rf chaos--prosperity c-: cJ ce- il:. CUT*: cenwiery. «h*re exer-; presawe-" H* caled CE ':ie iep- c-ses r-«re heM csd-r tb* direcdon of; resentau-. es oJ '.~e ;ae Fri2;.s Scot: Key Poet. Tbe Ameri- ) h-yh posit.oc* is can Ijegaori. sailer which, flowers vere, pm tn» pnnc-pl*^ placed en the graves of the dead, i ^jt-j fought as5o i?ri-«c a-d ;-a- ceretaonies 'sre'^j; ue^are o! th» :-v · ^~ ' e ,^::' pclilKs. The x'.r. r r. - Li ^-a.c "·.-·. The Cn.t«; States sh.--^; oe a cc^r-.r, T-here jiiitlce pre\^i-- -^'^ · T ih^ P happjsess and v h r^ -. . ': - ·:: ^·-.- Daily Radio Program Lime Kiln · "-'-.-- * a-tf ; . TUESDAY. MAY Si. (Centra) aod Eastera Standard Time) Prcir»-;» *utj*cl to c^aac*. P. M. (I^a).-g' '. t'-st c: * sour .a'.er , ¥at«--All procrama to »*y «»d as3c cJta 3 or t'f»-^ 'n»-egf un.esa »p*rf- :^ist 'o oumxt ^c to e) 6«»)ga!ica ice ude« 9 . a ^ a ,*- e *:a o*-j: Cent. East. 5 SO-- 6 30 -- 8y!vl« FMC» -- Basic. M»s »;n S.'-st'*-- JJ *:« 5 45-- « «S--Ci'.-'e Bss*eil--ooa«: cut 6 93-- 7 CO--C'-b--!'.»« c Ore*"--««'. C '5-- 7.'S--l-/n»an Or.--Ji*»~e. John Ktlvii--L- i - Bennett's Or.--»**: «:SO-- 7 JO--Ka:« Smiti--Has c. Colonel and B-.S2--!.i'e 6 «i-- 7 *5--Medcrn Ma'« Chs'j*-- J | Llsce KJ;P. May 31 --The Ladled A-d ~ ' Society, or toe !,i rre Kiln M. P cnur:±. , ·»u; hold a bi??-:e:misl program -^ ti« ' 'school bulldog Tt_-siay r-sn: a: S *e-j TKt NBC-WEAF NETWORK 3 A S I C -- E * » t : wear »eyl w««! . _ r »LJJ * v » a »?! *Jt wfdr «r . _ - . i i-j »··:'. »td woc-«rfeo vow wdif %v)P!TMWEST A C A N A D I A N -- wtlBJ ,1 *.*: wt:.»c wdav kfvr rkj-w cfcf SOUTH -- » ' \ a »;'f W«-HI wij wjax *.'.-. M-s H le^-.orii; Orou^d. where ihe ponied a granichlJi of the ordinal George WaihmsTOEi elsi and turned is ic vne city. 1= cc_n:y io«iij. irany of ihe Me--cna Dsy exerc^es haa been held wta* »»rc , 7 5,j_ g co_6cn P A C I F . C COAST kjr kxhl kR i«w kwr.o ktar kiu iay. \VotxSsboro aad that _ under th« F-cec of ih* MiddXown Aaier.oan Lef.?n pas: **?«· addressed by Jus'-oe Saernsan P Bowers. A: Brunswick, the second annual menicdal prt)grani ·ras helc a'. Park HeSgfats cemetery [ tst oJ thei la Iron: A liar: E:-.:~9t Monoay ciorriry: under A=er.caa Le£---»r. S ·a»re ^^'l3 Monday n^h headed by G H-ja'. ..».-* the grates of m-hich had fl£- comnsiite* ^i chars waa composee of Cbarlca N Stale; eph E. Eli-r^ Mrtaorial Ground Srrtire. , a: M"-S1 -.-.a. Gr..^-.l a: Mt- Air?', siso-uy »r:*r 3 ^ ·. -~» .".~t pa-a't. 'v.- C Ketcham. i j^ired :he *xercjea at ' .-e cf*r '* -· r."A speaker At j au^i prosra^i ··: '1 - d^ 1 - «. ··_^'»'= oi Xer Ms.te-.. specui'. ceremonies »erei a po^jn er.tif.ed Ti T"^ ' -v^l c.-, :eai-re: c~ az: access y Albert *.V former Slates A -or:.". '.\ .. -i M 5"*-n mc-tr.iwr c! the .oca: bar ' storsr. tr.e :ree p.a..-.::;: ~ M"s C.ajIdea: -sealher uhlch greeded the day [ gett E RanvAurg ar.c d^'iptar.'-e ·-.' b-oufh: 'houssnds af k«al and out-of- · jj^ -r^. jj- Mayor rZ.-r.t-r F M,r_^- v - ».". rr.:'or^ts to ihe hjfhways and re- tr j a ber.alf or '.-.· su.tec in a s-od cpenins crowd at i The cerenion.'is u-;a- *.- - EracdocK Ht-^his for the 1932 summer j vts. Qray«r. Cr:TJaJS.t ' seascr. Arr.uservcus ai the he.shto j tije poes: by Mr fc- m: *: are* sp'.er.c.! crcretSs and the dances i ^urx then pa-e a: - . ex,).a:-.a - ai the af*ernoon arid night were we!J- .y^, »h:ch she ^a.d »as · pairor.^ed Because o! th* coo» we*lh- h^tonc so.l in Car«o-.'!» ^ er. the ?-»-.~ni^-.e pool business »as| o f the earth -·: » ra up as ;ocn as hoi 'rea' Special frents at the CatocUn;- club uere an incentive to a large r.urr.ber of the's social sec Golf, tenr^s. and bn^e were Indulged In d :rtr.s the day. which closed with a ptcstc luncheon on the lawn In the expected to P-ck i -^ t-^c ty ^.Ut Ran^b--? S .- r«- *ther Intervenes called the .'c^." Pis', p.-"* i--.'-? ··' AJI.- iHarr. who aere h»r. cl! Mr- R »oer' , · 30-- C 30--Woman's Radio Review 1 X-- i y~--The Magic of Speech * .3-- 3 i£--T*a Oanmant* 2 4S-- 3 «i--The Uady Nert Door , to-- 4 ,G--CcmpOeer.Pianlct J -S-- 4 -5--Skipox--e»st oely 1 0-- 4 -SO--Garden Meiedi**--e to e 4 ./O-- : CO -- Dinner Mualo -- Also 92^' Skiopy--dJd»««t repeat 4 SO-- t 3O--Mountaineer*--w«af ertlc Melody Brief*--trltfirext oa!T 4 ;i~ i 4S--Back of the New*--e to e i OO-- 6.XJ--Hymn Sing--to ecast ' ',$-- t *5--Harp Rtc.tal - J3-- t JO--Sponsored Proj. i 45-- e 4S--Tne CotdDerga . "C-- 7 1O--Sanderson and Crumit t 10-- 7 30--Mary and BCB · 30-- 9 CO--Cay Vienna--« to o ' JO-- 8 30--Ed Wynn--o to e ·· .j-- 9 3--Dance Hour--« to c i OO--iO CO--RUM Colombo Orchestra i '»-- 1C.!4--Opry House Tonite--c to c * M--1C 30--Dornberger Orchestra 0 CO--15 OO--Ralph Kirbery: Pettls Or. ·:.JO--11 iv-- Seymour Simon's Orch. j CBS-WABC NETWORK | B A S I C C H A I N -- EAST: waoe k«jr) j ^ -1 - v* ^.Q wc3o naao wnac w§tr wkbw ' % -c w ^ n I ^ z wdrc wcau w[p»wfar I ·. ja r , . j n w!b! w«;h4 «tnal. Midwest:) ^ . rs v K - t n r b m kmbc wceo ktr.or EAST Ar.D C A N A D I A N -- wpg wpl ^ '.w w i i c c ·»ibx wf*a wore cfrb ckac j D I X I E -- «c»t wfsa wbrc wbt wdol · x lira -.·-«· wlae wdsu wtoe Lria' *-r k'--) k-vi wico itfjf wqatn wdbo' · ) · « i»(. c trhas wtar rdb) w f l w wwva i V DWEST--wtx-ni wsbt wcah wm») , n - j o « ; . t i itib w'.in k*cj wibw kfi Bfn e's Orchesfa « C ! - b -- f - i » - 6*r. Cara Vaurei--L I-T. Hamp's Ofch. -- w r s t C OS-- » OO--Shilkret Orch ,, U) c 8 :5-- 9 "5--Fast Frejgnt--c to c ft J^-- 9 Ct--Bari^vw byn^phony--c to c 9 3O--'0 CO--Ntil^n s Orcn.-- eis' Jse Honor First President. In the morning exercises here. Francis Scoti Key post. American Legion Women's Auxiliary, pa'-d tribat* to its first presided. Mrs. George Birely. by placing a wrec.:h on her grave In Mt. Olivet cemetery. The wreath uras presented by the Maryland State Division of the auxiliary and was placed by Mrs. Clagsett E Ramsburg. ·sestcrn Maryland catrlct director of the di- visloi!. Prayer *as offered by htrs. John Albaugh. state president of the 8 and 40 The ceremonies at XU OLvet cemetery folioTed a parade from the American home on East Church street Meeting a; the home at 1 30 o'clock the marchers trended th«lr way trest to Market street and thenoe South ruima^KK ?.:.t. Mrs 3.- to the ceine^ry. ·There they proceeded H. Apple describe hoar a-;ra t.\e who aere h»r. cl! L. Hammond. Mrs Charles S H--'-:k Jr fcr.« that the tree plsri'-.i^ .'a.' t»on with the GeirRs \VJL centennial celc.)-a - :on a:.d ·.,?· .· va.~ a "grandchild" o' thi C«*-»rf?f \Vij-.^-.»-- t» e!n» at C3L3".or.c!s r Accepting the TOO MJ or M.I-. .'«·*- er said it was a hap.w c-i -· - ·!·.-«· i"i , one that afforded him n*. ·. · y - a i J ' e i to accept the c.f. He ::^r.t.-J I'.o -\- iliary in behalf of the t.-" '. ·' 'i.o.r , gienerosity and tho-jghtf-lr.-.^ ard ad- · ded that it »as fce fent.n ··::'. ".v plan' the tree in connectlo". ·»:·! th^ b.cen- tennial activities maricaie Ihe -OOlh an- | nlversarr of the bi-th o! :'-." .TT.ortal Washington H^ said t.'e tree ·»'.!'. r.oi only scire ai a memorial to \Va**i :s;'on but «i!! add to the bcau'% a-:d anom- ment of the park ard c.t-, i "I wondrr " b^ jidfi*Hi "hnu *r;arv of l us remember what this spy. So^cd -!c a few years a:o? This pa-'-c h.' r . i' beginning one day a a n-.eetiiu of the · committee responsible for thj bcajufa!; memorial *hen I Vard Dr J.-st-ph · · O U N T A I N -- l : \ o r k!r kob - A C : F I C C O A S T -- k h j icnx ko!n kgb | '-e a^. it'pv kv! kern kns} kfbic Scwf -:rrt. East. I · 33-- 3 33--Mu«ic Americana--c to c i ·· X-- 3 00--Boston Variety--c to e ! ·-- 3 30--Piano Recital--c to c I .j-- 3 4S--Cnristlan's Orch.--c to c' :·)-- 4.I-- Meet the Artist--c to c ; 20-- 4 JO--Protestor A Major · }-- 4 4--Grc. Hall's Orchestra i 00-- 5 CO--Arthur Jarritt--c to c '5-- S *S--Re«» A Dunn--c to c 13-- 5 C3--lack Miller--c lo c 15-- 5 45--Joe Palooka. Sketch OO-- 6 CO--Morton Downey--e out :,-- 6 TS--Milla Bros---Basic. Rich's Orch. -- Liil:o 9 IS--10 li--Ne!icn"» Orch.--c to e 8.3O--10 M-- Orcn.-- - to e 9.4^--10 4S--B ng Crosfey--e :o e 10^0--11-00--Stern's Orchestra--e to 1C:3O--" 3O--Cecn.Sanders Or.--c ·-· 11-Oft--"2 W--Djice--«rib: «ezn »:a I I 30--'I X--Ben Bern e--co-sj-. rere- NBC-WJZ N E T W O R K BASIC C H A I N -- E a * t - *;i (k«y » t z Miciwest « v » . - «.·» a'^x jre^r « . a * w N O R / H W E S T 4. C A N A D I A N -- w' = S O U T H -- A - . - I T : ' ? w?in? -.%'s « ' a V O U N T A . N -- / f j r » ! ks r P A C I F I C COAST -- '=·· ,,· Cent. East. 1:30-- 2 3O--Heilo. Ma- i T45-- 2 -ij--Mvrmon Cno.r^-c 2 "-- 3 '5--Army Band--A Bo i 2:45-- 3 4i--TalX on Finances 3.J1-- 4 15--Marley Sherris-- -v j 2»-- 4 J-- Smg-ng Cady--eas'. cca~' 3 45-- 4 45--Orpnan A n n i r -- * - * ^ * t*:». 4 OO-- 5 00--Ted Black Orchestra 4 10-- 5 JO--Ray P e r k i n s -- c :o c 4 45-- S 45--Topics In Brief -- east. O r p h i n A n n i e -- m J ^ c » i reutat 5 CO-- to CO--Aires *n" Andy -- ea?t Singtng Lad/-k ifttrst sep^at 5.15-- 6.'?--Just Willie 5 35-- 6 30--S'.ebb ns Beys- -c !O c 5 45-- 6 45 (ones aid Hare 6 DO-- 7 ^--You 4. Your Gov't--c to c 6 3O-- 7 CO--P.ano Duo--^;i c- 'v 6 45-- 7 4---S sters o' SK.IIet--A »o so 7^!O-- 8.CO--Eas-T- A. Guest. Pcct 7 30-- S ZC--Great Persanalittes 8.00-- S.CG--Reaimentalists 8-15-- 9:'5--Tune Detective S 30-- 9 3O--Par 3 Nin^t Ls'e 8 45-- 9 45--McCravy Brother* 9.CO--10:00 -- Slumber Mus-c -- t-i«'~ An:os 'n* Andy--1 ·;»-.»! '·-' vr^st 9 30--10 30--Piano Moods 9:45--1C 45--Earl Mines' O-chcvtra 10 QO--11 00--Dancing i* M i l w a u k e e 10.30--11 30 -- Agrev* OreH. -- Oas.c. Jones . Hare--Kcf-at for coist ""·^ **· -- Mr ace Mrs ? aa=.a »?ect Mc^aa par-ts. Mr ai- M -- - i o . ix. , -- M: 1 E Was ___ ,, ,_ ' Sr-c...t. ·?f^' t..'- 7itr^-t;.c ?..".. 1 Ir C.^srKj --Mr ar.c -Mrs t.*r. Sf-T 3:.- *;:-s oi n-ar M^L_'..JJ. XL'i ?A-. li-e-er^ . SV-----J '·-·-- Mr a-c ilrs ADRIFT Of* RAFT Sudden Wind Curies Boy Oat On Boti£h Water. l^i.~. Cal, Slay 30.--Adrift os a j Sdiii eri£ s depu'-ies. ca^ed by play- r^a:-i s:^oc ielpless ca the shore. v;_iam. a.aec 2" ?:av:raies, odil: a ra;: en lores rai-roac '.les yeK«rday a'i-.e.-E.?;::. The QJCS: ad^es'-tirous ol -^ ? r he so o-'. alane on the any '-a:.'o-.e.- tne .-.a'-ers cf '-Sis odd deser. r » ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FIK£ THEFT PKOFtKTY DAMAGE I.IABI1.IT* HELFENSTEIN URNER S -cceii.-- a " . T» * nn* ft~ t · .«r£ V. TM-u a: - d shipped u? iartner rr~m snore prevented the Jaunch- S * Harry R-s- = ~ . --M- V.' . .- .til.; . *r it'"r, Mri --Mrs ' Ssi.'h. i. -::,{ Mrs -- M- G \V F-:.-: ar.^. Mri *.V E Ex: o arc An Unusual cessl c»:t cr' -- M-s* Ix-.:a iJ as 3a.'..3iore 'i.'.i --Mr ^r.c Mr.- Opportunity Build * Bti«me*k of Your Own % ClABA-NTEKM MARKET * rBICE UTe pajr roo "Sic to *IS («r «"»! -ubbit raii*«l uadrr Ub*nU eoatra^t- No eiprrt«ac« U oe*ti«J *« Mr *«yp*J l'c«Ii£rr*J ISrwdias toek- Vjtb .ou to r*l** Ihrni. *«d thra I*-«y tau 15«- I t* per puood tor mrtl -ibl.h., or (2 to *1S cacti for brrtd- \1! tuu n«*d U n uuji Inrcstmrol. »p4rr m b*cU yard. carafe 1 or kh^d \ k !k TOUT besoLW to intratlcate till* r writr u« fur lafurmMtl^a Counev Crprr^r-ta'iTe H anted -0-OPFj:VTlT» RABBIT RAISING i M A K K K T I S U A*.%OTIAT»«'» "«· Colorado Bide. IVath. U. £ ',' I Commencing June 1st and Ending July 31st All Retail Prices of STIEFF SILVER will be subject to a deduction of 2O% JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER Ventilator At Top Cools Porch LAST O P P O R T U N I T Y to get info the B/ue Ribbon Malt Contest ( ff-cayd ch !rch and a plan »as work- I theL- places and they becorr.c TI.- nesses o t - -^^.i?3 \c this beautlfi part "! of ai! the c.ians p » t"»i 'a;te place AOOJt c o: . i _ a mBs. Mayor Mucahower suited | them Thej o^otse as it -\ere r.^tor- , a . _.-.... c . : -, h.ui nine parks grow Ins i Seal nJor. J ..T.e::'-i anj :,« oj-s?l-.t- they every year artf tnat [ ha-.e a Ufe sro»^-s ana piss-r.5 a "-ay persons make -ase of not beaie ir.anln-.a-e and aa'.arjirs In recent years. Fred- ' the flelds and nicrs" planted aijoat 35.000 I ThP p-o^ram Bugler H^rr. G CASH P R I Z E S ii't tonight or never! For the third and last lime the "old maestro" will explain the details of the easy, interesting Blue Ribbon Malt Contest. If you want your share of the pr-ze money, stick close to your radio tonight, and have pencil and paper handy. cr:c/: trees, .T'ract.-.e : .an h« closed directly to the fcjosi. -where the cere- rcocles *ooic place The line of march tras headed bv the Legtoa drum corps. fo"o-»ed by Company A. Isionr.aircs and ex-serrioa men. Three Gold Star mothers. ?.trs. Aupu* Monatn. Mrs. Luther Kins and Mrs. Edvrard Mercer, all of Me. Pleasant, whose sons irerp killed in the war. were in the parade in automobiles. Announcements by Irvine M. Landauer post commander, and inTocaticc by Rev. DeWitt P. zose, opened the ceremonies. Justice Bowers then delivered an address on Memorial Day He opened by referring to the occasion and an explanation that it came about through a general order of the United States, signed bv General John A. Logan, May 10. 1868. He said that the day vas more of sorrow than victory fce latter being always connected with Armistice Day. On such an occasion. h« said it vas appropriate to memorialize and recall the hcrnble JOBS of life suffered in the World WET. in -srhich the United States slrce lort about 250000 men. in sddl- KOS to many woanded. The living of today should be eternally grateful to those ^ ho aiv3c tic supreme sacrifice in cefenss ol their tKintry. Fonrht For Principle. To Civil War veterans, Metnorial Day recalls specific happenings, the speaker con'ir.uod. ji^si as '.t brings to mind entirelv different remembrances to World War ve^rans He stressed tire fact '.hat sold.ers in both xrars "«~c f.cht^r.e far a principle--the Ca-on Civi: -c-ar vets against secession and for -_r..:v and the Wor.d War forces for i.berty. fro^dcai and justice and asalnst sutocracv. He gave credit to thcsse ·a-ho -K-ere forced to resr.aia at horr.e but · iept -he home fires burn- ·x-.g" 3=d Eut^3frt«i the mer. "over th^re" He told several World and Civi: War ar.ecaotes He a.d th p»opie of today should recs.i a.l t~-*e samf-cc* ar.d should resi*~be-« sacred principles for «rh:cn ctners la-.d -Irs^i theTM lives for thsir cc tit-TV "We should try to pass cii the l-er-.t-aee thev have left us," he con-^.-rf The tTnr«d Spates a now the most couid be rrode ar.d :n c:-5:r.; r.j re- l marics he 5ald "I s^'i3 I am dre-aT..:.# j I «as that year commander o: '^c Le- j gion and *e arror.!?cci a rolling ot the. mayor and aldem-.t-u. t'.ie co r.f. com- i mlssioners and a comir.^s.on from *li_c;» include 400 '.o 500 ill the t and "· rcaiainder on the city A a N r t l u d oropcrtj O-JT parka have plaigr^-^ndi jr.der the supervision of a co:nrr.-S5ior. -*hcre .-ir.d sxjRimtn; enjoyed chu-ch ser\i:c Is held irj Baker park e\e.-,- Sur.dav -snitch a largely attended aid which 3 believed to be a flue thins for the community." Rets-riri«r 'o trees, the speaker said" There is 'orr.ctning beautiful and last- he sup-rv^ion of j Utht ,,,,,,,,,. nork _ fcon » nd Loc t»miib j ; %rTM£S£\\ S.FE «- OK K A SPECI,L Ti - \JAMES E. SOLT | .'. trees They cannot change ' **·" DO YOU Hillside Coal Co. still leads in low prices on best quality coal money can buy. Summer prices now in effect. FHONE 36 Hillside Coal Co. Office on Water Street. TONIGHT at b KasJern standard Time WABC--WLBZ and CBS PORCH SHADES MCUJKIX BENTZ 4 EAST PATEICK ST. LIGHT WELDING OF *L1- MET\LS nOBK IN BB\SS. A.ND ALL ILK II M You Can Build Anything On The Foundation Of A S a v i n s Account -103 Magnolia Are. A Home -- a business -- yes, anytaing can be built on the foundation of a savings account. Start one at this bank next pay day and then add to it every pay day after that. It is an easy habit to get into and unlike most habits it pays big dividends. 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Your Throat Protection -- against irritation -- against coogh c .v ,-:'.cr T7 \f r \ ^ \ Z . » i .v'i v r~ *v£ t - - f ~. .'-..".*" . r~ *'*'*·*:* £- Ti.: --- 7 i- J~: --^' 5- :,,-·...._) r.'.' ^ (..·* X B. C. THREE NEW AIDS TO FAl r f£R HtOMlMG i" The ne-.v '·'V.e-Ican Beajty" has 3 1(XD-V/Aif element which -j-eve-ts coc'--g a~d keeos the ^eat r=Ht v.-hers yoj \vapt :t- 2" It is also edjjsiab'e to a iowe r heat than e\-e'....?or t-e sa r e iror/ns cr Rimsies. 5" New finished : n ron-tarr.shnj chro~'u~! ...... v.hich also -ees c o- ALLOWANCE for your old iron K.NG IN .VO"^ OLD I^CN TC^.Y--arv -ae_cr c-ase of c-c cS t-ese v.orderfj! rcrs. x o-r o d i-c- ·95c. v. ! oe you- f-st oav-er,t. Sjlarce S' O3 e --ALSO-- iec-s! cord. Vsc^c and 1 -ouncJ. irerv flcx- aad ior.z-U^ cd. j hanJie. long aod ] coniionable Convrti r-t 'irat-oori- j rrol le^cr rcqtitnrc only cfianae to hottir or ciild- crheat. [ tiftal iro* -- «nd red Oifer Oases Sooa! TTmerican Beauty" fdjastoSIe oatocnatic electric mx THE POTOMAC EDISON Co. 26 W. P A T R I C K ST. P H O N E 15OO M O U N T V a r . T£»*TTOWN. Fncsentex. U n i o n BRISCC. New WIHDSOR

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