Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1968 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1968
Page 19
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, mx s, ALTON Playhouse Series Is Simple Concept By BARBARA SCHULTZ 'S NOTE-Miss Schultz 18 executive proditcet aftd chle! wrltiftg-talem , scout for CBS Playhouse. Although the series has succeeded in luring back some established writers who had deserted television, the hunt goes on for undiscovered play* ; Wrights. NEW YORK (AP) - What Is , there about the CBS Playhouse ; concept that is supposed to ; make this series different? Do , we at CBS have any particular • ground rules calculated to achieve something more "spe cial" than has been done In tele- ' vision drama in the past? ; Indeed we have. The concept of the series is very simple: the Playhouse is a writer's theater. The ground rules are equally uncomplicated: the "plays commissioned, developed and final ly selected for production must be original, contemporary and specifically designed for the medium of television. Since this is a writer's theater —and to accomplish what we want to accomplish—the writer must be given his head to write that which he sincerely desires to write. In the vernacular of the moment, he must be allowed ;o do his own thing. Writers for the Playhouse choose those top* tcs which genuinely concern them and engage their imagination and their urgent feelings. To quote Ei B. White: "Whosoever sets a pen to paper, writes of himself knowingly or not." But authors who "set a pen to paper" for a CBS Playhouse production must write in terms of a medium where intimacy, closeups and detailed explore tion of character, best tell a sto ry; where broad issues must be dramatized through personal and particular conflicts. Televi sion audiences may number in the millions, but plays are tually viewed in small groups, often by only one person. A strong emotional identification with the characters on the home screen must therefore be estab lished. Each of the five CBS Play house productions to date has been written expressly for the medium, and each has had a life—a world—of its own and a point of view rboted in realitj to be specific, take the most recent Playhouse presentation, Tad Mosel's "Secrets." Its theme was the broad issue of in* vasion of privacy, but its story was an intensely personal and individual one. And that story was told in a form which the author freely admits was unsuited for the stage or motion pictures. It has been said that the Playhouse is challenging dramatists who claim that there is no place hi television today for the- kind of work they want to do. Because there are so few original plays on television, they are presented as "specials," and the Playhouse is no exception to that blanket term. From CBS's point of view, it is more difficult to do four or five of these plays a season than to do a weekly dramatic production. If you're going to do only four or five then they must really and truly be special in every sense. That, in essence, is what CBS Playhouse is all about. * * * * * * TV LOG (R) Denotes Rebroadcast (C) Denotes Color KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) S, KPLR 11 I:H-2 Wells Fargo (R) 4 5 News Report (C) 6:30-2 Off to See the Wizard (C)*(R) 4 Wild, Wild West (C) (R) 5 Tarzan (C) (R) 11 Truth Or Consequences (C) 7:00-11 Passport (C) 7:30—2 Man in A Suitcase (C) 4 Corner Pyle (C) (R) 5 Star Trek (C) (R) 11 Of Lands & Seas (C) 8:00-4 Movie (C) 8:30-2 Guns of Will Sonnett (C) (R) 5 Hollywood Squares (C) 11 Steve Allen (C) I:H—2 Judd, for the Defense (C) (R) 5 SPECIAL: American Profile — "Home Country USA" (C) (R) 10:00-8 4 5 News Report (C) 11 Hitchcock Hour (R) 10:30-2 Joey Bishop (C) 4 Movie (C) 5 Johnny Carson (C) 11 Movie 12:00-2 Movie (C) 5 News (C) 12:10—5 Panorama '68 12:25-4 Movie 12:35-11 News 12:45—5 Weather 1:25—2 News/Sports 1:30—2 Thougit for Today 2:10-4 News/Religion (C) Saturday July 6 5:15-4 Religion/News (C) 5:30-4 Summer Semester (C l:W-4 Town & Country (C) 6:30-1 P.S. 4 (C) 5 Agriculture U.S.A. (C 7:0*-4 Capt. Kangaroo (C) 5 Cool McCool (C) 7:15—2 Thought for Today 7:20—2 Farm Report 7:25—2 News Break 7:30-2 World of Ideas (C) 5 Corky's Colorama (C) 8:00—2 Casper Cartoons (C) 4 Frankenstein Jr. & the Impossibles (C) 5 Super 6 (C) 11 Modern Almanac 8:30—2 Fantastic Four (C) 4 The Herculoids (C) 5 Corky's Colorama (C) 11 Gumby 1:11—2 Spiflerman (C) 4 Shazzan! (C) 5 Flintstones (C) (R) 11 Funny Company 9:30—2 Journey to the Center of the Earth (C) 4 Space Ghost (C) 5 Young Samson (C) 11 Roger Ramjet 10:00-2 King Kong (C) 4 Moby Dick & the Mighty Mightor (C) 5 Birdman (C) 11 Outer Limits (R) 0:30—2 George of the Jungle (C) 4 Superman - Aquaman Adventures (C) 5 Atom Ant & Secret Squirrel (C) 11:00-2 The Beatles (C) 5 Corky's Colorama (C) 11:30—2 Am. Bandstand (C) 4 Johnny Quest (C) Noon—4 Lone Ranger (C) 5 St. Louis Hop (C) 11 Love That Bob (R) 12:30-2 Happening '68 (C) 4 Road Runner (C) 11 Room for Daddy (R) 1:00—2 Perception (C) 4 Opportunity Line (C) 5 SPECIAL: Baseball (C) 11 Movie (C) MOVIES •k FRI. EVE 8:00—4—"Secret Invasion" (10—) (C) Stewart Granger, Mickey Rooney 10:30-4-"The Lieutenant Wore Skirts" (1956) (C) Sheree North, Tom Ewell 11—"The Hard Way" (1943) Ida Lupino, Dennis Morgan 12:00-2—"Blue Beard" (1962) (C) Hildegarde Neff, Michele Morgan, Charles Denner 12:25—4—"Our Very Own" (1950) Ann Blyth, Farley Granger SAT. DAY l:00-ll-See Frl., 10:30 p.m., Ch. 11 2:30—2—"Amazing Transparent Man" (1960) Marguerite Chapman, Douglas Kennedy People & Things Explorer 10 (C) George Carson (C) New Society (C) Movie Close-Up (C) Repertoire Workshop 1:30-2 4 2:M-2 4 2:30-2 4 3:00-4 (C) 11 Twilight Zone (R) 3:30-2 SPECIAL: Arabian Horses Are Fun (C) 4 Dennis the Menace (R) 3:55-5 World of Sports (C) 4:00-2 World of Sports (C) 4 SPECIAL: Buick Open Golf Finals (C) 5 Wackiest Ship in the Army (C) (R) 4:30-11 Porter Wagoner (C) 5:00—4 Leave It to Beaver (R) 5 The Rebel (R) 11 WDburn Brothers (C) 5:30—2 Let's Go to the Races (C) 4 CBS News (C) 5 McGee Reports (C) 11 BUI Anderson (C) A Firecracker For The Cops MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — The Miami Police Department got a lot of Fourth of July calls about the illegal exploding of firecrackers. One was on home territory. Someone tossed a lighted firecracker into a captain's offic. In and Out of Hospitals in Area St. Joseph's ADMISSIONS Mrs. Norah Kfaiiss, 2317 State. Christy Heed, St. Louis. Parker Nicholas, 3 W. 20th. Walter Eppffleyer, Wood River. Mrs. Lena Martin, Godfrey. Mrs. Margie Helmers, Dow. Mrs. Cora Moore, Hartford. Jennifer Molloy, 836 Pearl .Tudith McClintock, East Alton. Lisa Sterling, Charleston, Mo. DISMISSALS Esther Allsman, 2102 Washing- Mrs. Joan Bensman, 810 Me* Kittley. Mrs. Gail Bricker, New Douglas Raymie Buchanan, 2515 Salu. Mrs. Adele Carter, East Alton. Orville Chatman, 2203 Salu. Mrs. Katie Cunningham, Jerseyville. Mrs. Ruth Goss, Rte. 1. Barbara Hazelhorst, East Alton Mrs. Jeraldine Harrison, 3103 Belle. Mrs. Mary Higgins, Godfrey. Mrs. Patricia Klasner, 2225 Ridge. Mrs. Lena Martin, Godfrey. Rose Mitchell, 1800 Belle. Mrs. Linda Mize,3204 Edgewood Michael Newman, 249 Dooley. Nancy Schaffner, Godfrey. Mrs. Alma Seidler, Hardin. Shirley Smith, 325 W. 12th. Mrs. Vera Sullivan, 1014 Adams. Wm. Turnbough, 4812 Cinderella Ursprung, Ed- Mrs. Martha Robison, Wood ftiver. Sti Anthony'* ADMISSIONS Mrs. Kate GWattftey, East Alton William Compton, 2719 Viewlafld Barbara Cobeck, 236 Ladd. Wayne Cotton, East Alton. Mrs. Alma McComas, Bethalto. Mrs. Bertha Kramer, Brighton. Harry Ash, 1641 Langdon. DISMISSALS Almondo McGowen, 59 Sullivan. Oscar Caldwell, 3411 Leo. William Wright, 2217 Judson. Mrs. Audrey Masterson, Wood River. Mrs. Beverly Miller, 3605 Franor Mrs. Charlene Croquart, East Alton. Mrs. Hattie Frey, 344 Dooley. James Allen, 111 Woodbury. Mrs. Ruby Milligan, Roxana. Mrs. Laura Hall, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Clara Ringering, E. Alton. William Tuetken, Godfrey. Mrs. Wilma Brown. Ellington, 2336 Mrs. Shirley wardsville. Mrs. Ethel Williams, 3028 Belle. Mrs. Donna Barker, East Alton. Mrs. Anna Bushey, Grafton. Mrs. Janet Curtis, Granite City. Mrs. Odessa DeGerlia, E. Alton Mrs. Minnie Edgar, Wood River Robert Fleming, Godfrey. Cheryl Hargis, Hartford. Lawrence Hutton, Roodhouse. Mrs. Sarah Hunter, 916 Gold. Mrs. Mary Mikolasek, Wood River. Mrs. Anna Owens, 2216 LaWton. Mrs. Margaret Schwegel, Ferguson, Mo. Leo Siegel, 113 E. Fifth. Janet Sims, 3903 Cinderella. Sharon Sunderland, 1305 Alby. -' Leroy Thomas, 1222 Union. Mrs. Bonnie Ventress, 3707Doerr Ernestine.Warlick, 1816 Ervay. Mrs. Helen Young, 1333 Taylor. Donald Atwood, 918 Logan. St. Joseph's Highland ADMISSIONS Elwood Bernhardt, Edwardsville Ronald Hawk, Edwardsville. Pat Haarmann, Edwardsville. Jean Traina, Edwardsville. John Cerentana, Edwardsville. DISMISSALS Mrs. Myrtle Herrin, Edwardsville. Bernice Robinson, Edwardsville Ella Sheppard, Edwardsville. Mrs. Sharon Wirch, Edwardsville. Mrs. Terrance Weiler, Edwardsville. RAIN OF FIRE — Two rockets explode simultaneously in the top picture taken during Alton's fireworks display on the Mississippi Wednesday and fall like fiery rain. In 1 the picture on the left photographers had to work fast because only half the fireworks were used due to a malfunction. OH MY! - A family Joyfully watches the start of the Alton fireworks display. They we parked at the foot of Plasa Street. The fireworks display, sponsored by Downtown Alton Inc. was short-lived however, . Estimated 45,000 Watch Show on Alton 9 s Riverfront But It Was Cut Short by Accident Alton Memorial ADMISSIONS Mrs. Cora McLaughlin, Bethalto Mrs. Ruby Warren, 2605 Main. Robert Jenkins, Wood River. Mrs. Helen Mahoney, Alton. Frank Seago, Jerseyville. Robert Essmueller, 5112 Humbert Road. Mrs. Phyllis Michael, 211 W. Delmar. Mrs. Eleanor Hanks, Wood River Mrs. Dorothy Allgire, Michael. Mrs. Sherain Wallace, Bethalto. Lloyd Boesewetter, 910 Royal. Mrs. Olivia Johnson, 3120 Lawn Paul Siege, East Alton. Mrs. Hannah Freeman, 608 Belle Mrs. Peggy Stafford, 2617 Sanford. Mrs, Zelma Elmore, 114 E. 5th. Carl Robertson, East Alton. Mrs. Cynthia Wood, 2407 Central Mrs. Eunice Foutch, S. Roxana James Weeden, 1708 Oakwood. Mrs. Bertha Myers, Jerseyville. Victoria Bold, 3803 Horn. DISMISSALS Mrs. Bertha Myers, Jerseyville. Emmett Covey, Bethalto. Carolyn Bonnell, 1109 Milton. Mrs. Marguerite Huber, 2749 Hillcrest. Mrs. Louise Thayer, Greenfield. Mrs. Pauline Lehman, Cottage Hills. Walter Myers, 845 McKinley. Mrs. Hester Eaken, 628 Leonard. Barbara Addison, Wood River. Rose Huff, 2025 Sycamore. Wood River Township ADMISSIONS Mrs. Louise Congleton, E. Alton Thomas Johnson, South Roxana. Ronald Tarrant, Bethalto. Mrs. Sandra Ratcliff, O'Fallon. Gary Nagel, East Alton. Beryl Kinder, East Alton. Mrs. Juanita Taylor, Granite City Mrs. Patricia Lacey, Olney. Albert Gottfay, Independence, Mo. Edward Hoekstra, 854 Acton. Margo Van Duker, 22 N. Main, Orville Reese, 218 S. 14th. Mrs. Pearl Benner, East Alton. Mrs. Delores Rawlings, 1200 Acton. Mrs. Frankie Steward, South Roxana. Mrs. Lucille Young, East Alton. DISMISSALS John Aikin, South Roxana. William Dixon, East Alton. Mrs. Emma Stewart, 433Korreck Janette Kelley, 1164 Ferguson. Mrs. Darlene Roja, East Alton. Allen Palmer, Roxana. Mrs. Gertrude Nussman, East Alton. Mrs. Clara McNish, 1013 Madison. Mrs. Evelyn Gencks, S. Roxana Mrs. Laura Harris, Cottage Hills. Elijah Fulkerson, Hartford. Mrs. Clara Hamilton, East Alton Gary Nagell, East Alton. Mrs. Pat Robinson, 223 Chessen. Mrs. Viola Northway, Alton. Mrs. Mary Kaltenbaeck, East Alton. Mrs. Cuba Malley, Cottage Hills Paul Stege, East Alton. Boyd Memorial Carrollton ADMISSIONS Mrs, Dorothy Overby, Medora. Norman Spray, Medora. Lynn Seely, Carrollton. Laurence Becker, Carrollton. Mrs. Billie Winch, Greenfield. Mrs. Gladys Cochran, Greenfield Mrs. Lorraine Camden, Carrollton. Mrs. Frances Coonrod, Carroll- BQWN FRONT «r Fourth of July eve on the riverfront meant sit* ting on driftwood and watching the fireworks display. When a barge pass- ed the people sitting In the "front row" had to raise their teetto avoid getting wet from the waves which washed ashore, Mrs. Delores Canter, Godfrey. Mrs. Marian Freese, West Alton Mrs. Sandra Hayes, Godfrey. Allen Young, Rockbridge. Mrs. Janice Berry, Cottage Hills Mrs. Margie Plotner, Roxana. Mrs. Jeanette Williams, Bethalto Debra Smith, Wood River. Bradley Lister, 341 Lindenwood Mrs. Carolyn Blackman, East Alton. Mrs. Mary Dietz, Godfrey. Mrs. Mary Moore, 3717 Horn. Mrs. Geneva Perry, 1017 Liberty Mrs. Linda Hill, Wood River. Eugene Quinn, Fieldon. Yvonne Tidwell, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Ann Gatewood, 1642 Main. Mrs. Nellie Mincey, Roxana. Ethel Felter, 810 Easton. Louis Secoy, Wilsonville. Sharon Baehler, 1217 E. Fifth. Mrs. Norma Humphrey, East Alton. Aldo Mondta, 1912 Western. Audrey Reardon, Wood River. Norvall Wells Sr., Cottage Hills Mrs. Louise Busch, Jerseyville. Irene Boccaleonl, Edwardsville. Mrs. Wilma Burnett, Roxana. Fred RadcUff, 417 Delmar. Harold Shake, Cottage Hills. Harold Lefkowich, Godfrey. Mrs, Blanche Meyers, South Roxana. James Green, Hardin. Toby Thiel, East Alton. Ronnie Youell, Wood River. Myrtle Long, Cottage Hills Mrs. Sandra Edwards, Myrtle. ton. Louis Ostermann, Carrollton. Mrs. Anna Ruyle, Eldred. DISMISSALS Brian Darr, Carrollton. Mrs. Bernice Wilton, Medora. James Kadell, Jerseyville. Mrs. Cora Schild, Eldred. Mrs. Esther Ford, Greenfield. Mrs. Marceda Cook, Fieldon. Mrs. Dorothy Overby", Medora. Laura Hardwick, Carrollton. Mrs. Rosemary Schnettgoecke, Carrollton. Jersey Community ADMISSIONS George Foster, Kampsville. Mrs, Ethel Belt, Jerseyville. Albert Brodback, Golden Eagle. Mrs. Delores Beasley, Grafton. Mrs. Maggie Howland, Mozier. Donald Wallace, Grafton. DISMISSALS Virgil Davis, Commerce, Calif. Paula Long, Jerseyville. Donna Heitzig, Fieldon. Mrs. Vera Hern, JerseyvWe. Mrs. Dorothy Russell, Cahokia. Firemen Work Even on Parade LOS LUNAS, N.M. (AP) - A float in the Los Unas Fourth of July parade was set on fire by a thrown firecracker Thursday. But 9 lire department truck and its crew, wWcb also was In the parade, doused the blaze.

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