Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1968 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1968
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

By fiofc Wetef APARTMENT ME MAftft.' fOUU A lOT OF ME W THE NEXT FEWMONtKS.' AftE 1OU TlffcP? WE'RE HAY1N6 A PRESS THE HOW,"'-BUT A SHORT ONE/ IHANK 9U,M MANNERS.' PKSkSP UP, 10 WE Mora./ S A CA« WAftW© ALTON EVENING THE WIZARD OF ID Vy Parker and Hart FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry THE WRI3 OFFICE OP WORLD SPACC CONTROL... fiENTLHMEM, YOU HAVE ALL PONE A 6REAT DEAL OF fiROUNDYYORK OM UPPATINS THE SATELLITE PEFENSE RINSS OUR PLANET WE'RE SOlNff TO MEET '' WITH Trip NEW OD-ORWNATOR OPj •THWPROGWWf DON'T ITT HIS YOUTH-FOOL VDU.' HIS V IR> /- "*Z&- i SENIUSHASl^Sf/ .-^ I BEENWaL/^-/?' J^J ^^^_^s£'i 1 KNOW HE WILL T SENTLBMEH, OUR RECEIVE yDUR FULLEST COLLEASUE FROM THE CO-OPERATION/ > TRAMS -EURO-ASIAM . CENTER OF ADVANCED STUDIES... PROF.OtAF NIMOR/ 7-5 TIGER By Bud Blake 6^7-5 tofM THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman VA DON'T WANT ME TO TAKE YA RIOHT UP TO THE HOUSE, MISTER V PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By BUI Yates HOW COUUP T&U HAP A OM THE CAR? DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney WHAT HAPPBNBO „ A LOVERS' QUARREL? we MBTT WHILE CUPPINS COUPONS IN THE I tBARNED OUR RIGHT/TURNBO MARHflBO r-^OMANT'C!/ OFTHBSANKf fiy Alfred Aftdrldtft f*f KfiftftTr DRAKES DAVID CRANE By George,Sixta MBS1HAT AKM ASHAMED -WITHOUT EVEM TUCKIN6 THEM IN? WHAT A DAY.' ASK WHAT ICOULDWYTAKE MINUTE OF IT •"""SUt By Carl Grtibert DO YOU KNOW HAVE SOMETHING BITE/ WHY HORSES WERE PUT ON EARTH? fly A, LEOKUM What Is a Gas? Win The New Book of Ktiowl edge (20-volumes). Send your questions,, name, age, Address to "Tell Me Why!" cafe of this paper. You must include your Zip Code. In case of duplicate! questions, the author will decide] the winner. Today's winner is: Tony Kitts, 10, Richwood, Va. Matter can exist in ft variety of forms. When its form resembles that of the air around us, it is a gas. A gas is made up-of tiny particles, just as solid matter is. The particles in a solid are packed closely together and stay in place. The particles in a gas move about freely. They! tend to spread out as widely as' possible. I So a sample of gas doesn't have any particular shape. If you place it in a container, it will spread out and fill the en tire container. If you place it in another container twice as large, it will spread out and fill that one too. The trillions and trillions of particles in a gas are constantly moving and bouncing off all the walls of a container it is in. This makes up the pressure of the gas. In a smaller container, the gas particles are pushed closed'together. So more of them are hitting the walls each each second. As the volume (the room it takes up) goes down, the pressure of a gas goes up. If a gas is heated, its particles move more quickly. So the pressure increases. If the walls of the container move, the volume rises. So if the temperature of a gas goes up, either the pressure or the volume must rise, If the temperature of a gas is lowered, the particles move less rapidly. The particles begin to to come together and stay together. If the temperature is lowered enough, the gas is no longer a gas. It has liquefied and become a liquid. Any substance on earth can be turned into a gas if it is heated strongly enough. Water boils at 212 degrees and becomes steam. Even a metal like iron becomes iron gas if it is heated to about 5,500 degrees. At the temperature of the sun, all matter is in gaseous form. The sun and all the stars are huge balls of glowing gas. The most common gas is what we call air. It is actually a mixture of different gases, but mostly it is oxygen and nitrogen. Carbon dioxide is a gas present in the air in small quantities. The air you breathe out has carbon dioxide in it. Carbon monoxide is a gas produced in automobile exhaust. It is poisonous even in small amounts. FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What can a person wear that is never out of style? 2. Why did mother kangaroo scold her baby? 3. What did the bal loon say to the pin? Answers 1. A smile. 2. For eating crackers in bed. 3. "Hello, Bus ter!" THE TRICK BOX ,:~''l-'.':^^ •'' HENRY By Carl Anderson INSERT CUT HERE - DICE Give your friend 2 dice. Turn your back and tell him to toss them. Now tell him to write down the number on the first dice. Then he multiplies that number by 2, then adds 1 to it. Now he multiplies his result by 5. Then he adds the number of the second dice and tells you the sum. You know the numbers that the dice showed! All you have to do is subtract 5 from his final number. The first digit represents the first dice, the second digit the other dice. Answer to yesterday's Puzzle gox: Franklin, Jefferson, Wash ington. Win The New Bool; of Know) edge Yearbook. Send your rid? dies, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jofces; TfJJ Me Why!" Give Zip Cotf Today's winner is: Shaunda Coftman, 18,, Winers- ville, Tennessee I I MAC* FOR THE CIRCUS . PRACTICED CUMBIN ? .TMPlUA v HOLE IM B FENCE 1 *' I CB/rr* -^ LIRE, X'LLTAKH PENNIES, KIDCO! True Life Adventures WOOING T=U3HT TFOK. HfiK TWVOK. SHE. BOTTH AKK "TOO 'BAT?!-!/ BATDBKET7 T3CTK KOMAHCK. CROSSWORD - - 48. Entertainer 49. Vehicle 50. Eapy 61. F«J»e'« partner VEBTICAJL 1. Dear 2. Singular 8. Newspaper needs HORIZONTAL 42. literal* 1, Household 47. Cubes need 5. Through 8. Tender 12. Signify 14. State 16. Limit 16. African river 17. Weight 18. Child's fun 20, Restore 23.— Andrews 24. Among 25. Makes like a hen 28. Triumph 29. Regards 30. A Shropshire 82. Abed 84. Surrealist painter 35. Too bad! 36. Leases 37 weight 40. —~ the scales 41. Theater ilgn 4. date* 5. Ache 6. Catch-all abbr. T. Went buck over 8. Hippie footwear 9. Latin poet 10. Dropped 11. Growing in Brooklyn 13. Exult Anmver to yetiterdny's puzzle. SHHEl BHO Bfiniy rnEtSTTlArnoiRI ISlHlAlDIYl 3IOIOISITIE lAtTlTIUlNlt 3DQBO warn Av*r*l« time of tolutlon: Hml*uU«. 19. Printer 1 * need 20. Unrefined 21. Afghani* t&nhaaoM 22. Mets, ejr. 23. BefuddlM 26. Sweet, tilings 26. Spirit 27. Seasoning 29. South. western river 31, God of U* underworld 33. MadelaM 34. Leave 36. Staple 87. Garden section* 88. Botanical term 89. French resort 40. Londoners' subway 48. Small cube 44. and feather 45. Small shield 46. Letter 15 W 17, 1 40 14 V> 44. 10 II OliYFTOQUIi'S 'W.TP FXQ QMPXTK WK NXTI» XUQ NWMJBUP. TIMID OWD J41WJ»TBB 8KUPOM ' aBAVl! t|3RMON», " ' ,'i 'i

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