Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 26, 1962 · Page 6
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 6

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1962
Page 6
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6 SUN., AUGUST 26, 1962, lofc* Charles American Press IN BCAUREGARD PARISH \ Wildcat Opens New Oil Field Completion of a wildcat in Reauregard parish, four miles southwest of Bannister, is among four reported this week through the Lake Charles office of t h e state department of conservation. The uildcat opens a new high gravity oil field. The operators, Per ton and Penton. drilled to Man Bitten by Monkey to Take Anti-Rabies Shots HOUSTON 'AD — An insur- ancomav! bitten hy his pet monkey \\hii-h may have been rabid, arrived here Saturday (o begin an- tirnbies shots. James Martin of Groves was on vacation with his wife and three children when the monkey died. A \\oman who kept the monkey said it had frothed at the mouth A doctor advised .Martin to uk^ the series of 14 shots. Martii] learned of the search f' :n a hank teller in Groves, when )• called the bank to ask them t' "ire him money. The family v, ,i> camping at Rio Frio. 8,100 feet in the well and abandoned it as a duster last November. They decided to re-emer and open the hole back to 7,928 feet lo look at one sanri. Completions are: Penton & Penton No. 1 Crown Zcllerbach Corp.. 27-4s-9w, Beauregard wildcat, completed August! 13, 71 barrels through 8-64 inch! choke, TP 2190, GOR 1659, Gr. 51. perforations 7821-25 feet, TD 7.928 feet. Pan American No. 70 Gulf Land : A R-A C. 12-12s-10w. in East' Hackberry field of Cameron par-' ish. completed August 14. 133 barrels through 7-64 inch choke. TP ; 1550. GOR 109. Gr. 32.4. perforations 12,752-58 feet, TD 12,861 feet. Pan American No. 78 Gulf Land A R-A C, 12-l2s-10w. completed in East Hackberry field August 14. 135 barrels through 8-64 inch choke, TP 1350. GOR 408. Gr. 31.5, perforations 12,455-76 fret. TD 12.559 fed. \V. \V. F. Oil No. 1 James F. Pool. 2-9s-4w, in Roanoke field of Jeff Davis parish, completed January 17. 1400 MCF-D, 12-64 inch choke. TP 2500. Perforations 836472 feet, shut in pas well. TD 8.696 feet. LOST PFNNY MULT/PL/fS CHATTANOOGA <AP>- A lost penny started the whole thing. When someone at Erlanger hospital lost a penny, it was taped to the top of a counter at the seventh-floor nursing Nation. Others were added — and before long, more than 2,000 pennies were sticking to the counter. The nurses think they have a good thing going—for Salk vaccine. 37 RIGS RUNNING Oil District Activity High Natural Gas Industry Sets Review of Federal Control Oil activity remained high in, the Lake Charles oil district this, week with 37 rigs reported run- i ,ning by the state department of' conservation's local office. Oil activity reflected in the, weekly report is: (BEAUREGARD PARISH i Cowpen Creek — Ballard and j Cordell No. 1 Jeanne V. Bennett, j 10-6s-9w. drilling at 7,161 feet. '. j Hurricane Creek •— Continental •No. 1 William Doornbos et al, 19; 5s-7w. spudded August 16, 9':* Cinches to 1.826 feet, drilling at •5,259 feet. Righlhand Creek — \V. B. & A. i Nelson McCarter. No. 1 James Bel :et al, 36-5s-8w. plugged and aban- Applications to drill six wells 'doned August 17. were filed in the Lake Charles CALCASIEU PARISH office of the state department of East Moss Lak « — Brickcr & conservation this week. Kilroy No. 1 Ernest Clooney et' •al, 18-lls-9\v, logging. 10.295 feet. Applications are. Edgerly - B. M. Hester No. 4 BEAUREGARI) PARISH Pan Am Fcc ' 28-9M1W. 4', inches Oil District Reports Six Applications Wildcat — F. W. Hnlbrook No. to .3.541 feet, at 4.327 feet. No. 5 all over town happy homeowners can tell you why \ i it's best to get | your home loan) at First Federal I Savings & Loan •They fixed us up with a special payment plan created |ust for us!" •Their home loan counselors know all about local conditions and property values. It's a great help! \ I ••The Association okayed oar home loan quickly-without red tape or waiting. We were really pleased! Thousands of homeowners all over town — and all over this area, too — have come to us for help in building or buying homes — because we're interested in planning- the "right" loan for them, not hurrying them through an impersonal routine. Drop by for a friendly chat about your home loan requirements, You'll be telling your friends about us, too! IRST V IMMIHH^^ (MHS H ^H^^^HKBB S/W/V0S 4/V0 /.CM/V ASSOCIATION DIVIDEND 535 KIRBY SULPHUR OFFICS LOCAL NEWS: First Federal 1 * "NIGHT REPOBT" Mouday tbru Friday, 10.05 P.-M., KPLC-TV 1 G. A. Kimball, 32-7s-9w. 660 feet HL 8 !™ 6 , s <*Uon testing for dual, west of east line and 2.970 feet *" a - 1 " *' cc1tul south of northlinc. to 8.200 foot. i c , North Chalklcy - Sun 0.1 No. 1 jStanton A, 29-lls-6\v. 7 inches to CALCAS1EI' PARISH ! 11,875 feet, perforated 11,429-32. Edgerly — B. M. Hester No. 2 ', 11,380-90 feet, testing, at 12.147 Pan Am Fee, 28-9s-llu, begin at ! feet. northwest corner of section thence 89 degrees 16 minutes east 3,397 feet along north line thence 50 de- Vinton — C. L. Brown Jr. Tr. No. 44 Vincent Heirs C, 34-10s-12\v, perforated 1807-11 feet, testing, at grees 6 minutes 30 seconds east 2.082 feel. No. 46 same seclion prc- ' 2,179 feet, to 5,000 feet. .paring to perforate at 2.114 feet. , , . .. ,, •, Wildcat — Frankfort Oil No. 1 Grand I,kr - Superior 011, E(J d L&[ , No. 14-D Grand Lake State 11-; A , ; i3s-4w, 6.995 tcct north and 5.272, f f , , i feet west, of northeast corner of ? 80Q fce( l> j section 24, to 8,990 fect. CAMERON PARISH i OFFSHORE B1 K Lake — Texaco No. 1 L. H. W. Cam. Blk. 6 tV-C — Call- Gotbreaux, 39-12s-9\v. drilling at fornia No. 2 S-L 3760, begin at ! 15,031 feet. : southwest corner of block thence Calcasieu Pass — Robert Mos- north, 1,900 feet thence east 6,775 bacher No. 1 J. A. Davis B, 8-15s- fect to 14,000 feet. nw - 5'.i inches to 10,855 fect, perforated 10,784-89, 10.575-78 feet, E. Cam. Blk. 42 W-C - Signal al 10 863 fect Oil and Gas No. 1 OCS-G-0931, Cameron Meadows — Burton- 4,100 feet west and 4,800 fect Sutlon Oil No 33 Cameron Par- north of southeast corner of block, ish School Boarc j, i6-l4s-13\v, per- to 12.500 fect. forated 6,462-66 fect. testing at W. Cam. Blk. 110 — Socony 8,405 feet. Mobil No. D-3 S-L 1153. surface Grand Chenicr — Tenneco Oil 7.303 fect from south line and ; No. 3 Nunez, 52-15s-5\v, testing, 5,559 feet from wesl line, lo 9,300 PB 11,654 feel. Tenneco No. 1 Ruth Montie et al. 5-15s-5w. perforated 10,904-35, 9752-54 fect, lesl- ing 11,805 feet. East Hackberry — Gulf No. 51 M. P. Erwin A, 12-12s-10\v, drilling al 9,805 feel. Pan American No. 6 C. Elendcr A. 12-12s-10w, ' Frank L. Setliff. 702 Seventh drilling at 10,068 feet. Pan Am street, received a master of sci- No. 71 Gulf Land A R-A C, 12-12S- ence decree Saturday, at the an- lOw, spudded August 15, 10 : U inch- nual commencement exercises of es lo 1,985 feet, drilling at 9,745 the Tulane university summer feet. No. 73 in ll-12s-10w. drilling school. ;it 1-.444 feet. No. 79 drilling at ,,., , i \ \ 1 () .408 feet. Ihe degree was conferred by Dr. Herbert E. Longenecker, Tu- ( .. a , ^ ™ ,-"^i"" dI \ llT'c , lane Presidcnt 30 d -J2s.L. drilling at 7^99 fect.' Principal speaker at the grad- South Thornwell — Pan Ameri• nation exercises was Dr. Howard can No, 1 Lacassine Co. GU III, G. Sehaller, dean of the Tulane 7-12s-4w. drilling at 15,100 feet, school of business adminislralion, Wildcats — Atlantic No. 1 Ozc- whose topic was "Accommodal- me Savoy, 29-14s-8w, drilling al ing our Economic Progress." ; 13.054 fect. Cities Service No. 1 John Mccom, 6-15s-12w, drilling at 9,389 feet. Delta Drilling No. 1,: J. F. Sturlese Estate. 36-ls-5w, drilling at 15,089 feet. J. P. Owen et al No. 1 Cameron Parish, School Board, 16l2s-3\v, drilling at: 17,760 feet. j VERNO.V PARISH j Wildcats — Pan American No. 1 Pitre Graham, 2-ls-9w, drilling) ST 15.275 feet. Ramrod Prod. No. j 1 Pickering Lumber, 9-3n-8w, j spudded August 13, 8 s * inches to' 1,016 feet. OFFSHORE j W. Cam. Blk. 17 W-C — Cali-i fornia Co. No. 1 S-L 3839, zone 1, logging at 12,500 feet. \V. Cam. Blk. 33 - J. Ray McDermott No. D-l S-L 1123-OCS 0265. spudded August 13, 16 inches to 480 feet, 10% inches to 3,570! feet, drilling at 9,312 feet. W. Cam. Blk. 40 — Gordon Street Inc. No. 1 OCS 0681, zone 2, drilling at 5,683 feet. W. Cam. Blk. 110 — Socony Mobil No. D-2 S-L 1153, zone 3, 5'2' inches to 9,300 feel, perforations 8902-07. 8983 and 9018, at 9,300 feet. No. D-3 spudded August 20, drilling at 300 feet. W. Cam. Blk. 225 W-C — Forest Oil No. 2 OCS 0902, zone 4, drilling at 12,326 feet. W. Cam. Blk. 312 W-C — British American No. 1 OCS 0917, zonn 4, spudded August 18, lO'i inches to 3.050 feet. By MAX B. SKELTON SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-A major segment o! the natural gas industry meets next week for its annual review of the status of federal controls. Members of the Independent Natural Gas Association of America also will take a long-range look at future markets. Six of the eight principal speakers, however, will discuss various [aspects of federal controls, the basic problem that prompted formation of the trade group five i years ago. i About 500 pipelincrs. producers 1 and distributors are to attend the ; two-day annual session opening • Monday. I The association's membership : includes all but one of the major i transmission firms that transport I natural gas into all the 48 main- i land states except Maine and Ver- imont. Most major distributors i also are represented. Many of tha i transmission firms also have pro» ! during Jntcrrsls. i Problems resulting from inter- slate transportation of natural 1 gas, however, have dominated thi i proceedings of the annual meet* i ings. feet. Setliff Awarded Degree at Tulane 47 Ballot By Absentee In Jeff Davis JENNINGS (Spl.) - According to Clerk of Court J. W. (Bud) Pitrc, 47 civilians and eight military absentee votes in Jeff Davis parish were counted for the September 1 election by the time that absentee voting closed at noon Saturday. For Ward II the ballot will in- j elude run-offs for school board j member between William E. Broussard, No. 33, and David H. Morgan, No. 34, and between John B. Fournet of Jennings and James N. Lee of Bunkie for associate justice of the Louisiana supreme court. ( For the rest of the parish there j will be only two names on the j ballot, (hose of the contestants ; lor the supreme court position. 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