The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
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Edition eto WEATHGR FORECAST FOR 1 MARYLAND: Fair and warmer tonight. Wednesday increases ctourUneiS and -'armer. Probably shomers Wednesday night and in extreme *est portion Wednesday afternoon. VOL. LV.--NO. 194. AP» Means Associated Press. Full XEA Serriee- FREDEBICBL MD, TUESDAY. MAY 31. 1932. * * i.t»-i».r» TEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS Hoover, Appearing Before Senate, Urges Sales Tax Adoption To Balance American Budget BOYS, timsinio STRATEGY BOARD MEETS TO OUTLINE DRYS' CAMPAIGN FIRES CAIL \Va_h_i3toc:. M^y 3; -A?' -- Th? Ni- :.»~i. Prohibition B-ard ,.f Strate-. =i". :« secret s^uio:-. t-xiay t^ settle «- · campaign '.acl-^ to e:r.plv:. from .-.·* 1 -?n through the v .» . -c*» c'ntioiis 1:1 Chic.i;. Twelve :·' the mr.;.~. chared ».'.h j tiie- erne by iry ·...r.i.inir.ativ 1 :!^ l\»r cry i candidates and dry planks in :h* fv-:":h- coat-s? presidential ele-ci-on a :n the o2iv-e of Ernest K Cher tFKTOUSieiN GARNER APPEARS TO URGE PASSAGE OF HIS BILL Speaker Is Witness Before House Committee. Commencement Exercises To j One ffiaze .Breaks Out While £ Be Held June 9, In Tivoli j Another Rages Near Center | pr Theater. I Of City. oposals by i;ie =-.3;r ;::iii-al parties Bishcp James Cins-j" Jr . rf thr eihocii-t Sp-scopa! churc.i. Sy-tr. *a;d : ^ : C.Albert Orrison.Former Mayor Middletown Events To Begin Of Brunswick. Tells About With Final Assembly Thurs- Memorial Day Experience. day Afternoon. BACCALAUREATE SERMON j TOTAL LOSS ESTIMATED I "We are ga:::^ t d^-'^s the attitude i -xe -xill take a: Ch:.-i t -o and our rr.?:h- ! CKi of procesi'jr? " TO BE PREACHED SUNDAY AT S40,000 TO $50,000; FIVE IN ON III "TERRIBLE JOB" TO GET SENIOR CLASS TO GIVE LOOSE FROM ROPE BONDS PLAY THERE ON TUESDAY \Vr.iJiux-o!!. M.iv 31 .,: in -.1* u-.!.-^'..»". r- lie «x. 'l\« !ir'. ·-·.« 30-W 1 000 r.-j-.i-f ::-.C.INU -,l.ii:ivvl lie j;:vf':n..: to ^u*"i.-ii'n vi '.!!·-· nvr:is He .xi:d !:· -.\o'.!!d u ··' of u «· pr ;x.*5 !· V..L- the fvr.-.; ::f.\f of ir.- iXii.'-v. r j!i-w:s; 'AT- o:: his but I'.f .'no to «·: Ms kill Ji ilw memory :he rtialr President Urges Limited Changes To Increase Revenues Committee Immediately Afterwards Votes Against Levy. INCOME RATES ARE GIVEN BOOST Washington. May 31 (AP).--The limited sales tax. twice rejected by the House, was advocated before the Senate today Final Assembly Tuesday Morning Of The Coming j Week. ! Incendiarism Suspected--De- ; partment Divides Equipment ( For Battle. j Feels Effects Of Bruises--Ban- Senior Events At Thurmont To dits Missed Other Money In Begin Sunday With Bacca- nc cou:i'.r\' indicated ··» lar-ir ::ti:i:ber Cash Register. laureate Service. One hundred and sixty boys and girls will graduate this year from the Frederics High School a:- the commencement exercises to be held Thursday morning, June 9. in ".he Tivoli i; was announced today. The be held San- baccalaureate service r~ ^ ^P ~' Results Of Agents' Visit To Har- Hagerstown, May 31 AP) .--Ever;.-1 » piece o£ fire-fighting sppars- j ar at the high school and -x~l be ·Tired by Kher events, including the While lists of prospective graduates in the other high schools of the county ·sere announced recently by acting Count James Eigh Q of the school. , posed of those srho actuary ivili grad- | from the school. aai announce- tus in Hagerstoiirn was called out to- j day to quell two blazes in the heart ol · the business district believed by officials : to have been of incendiary origin. The first fire was discovered warehouse occupied by Charles D. Mil ler. furniture dealer, in South Potomac ; grave Place May 11. 5-?in^ relieved o* 5C5 wor^ci o ·.vorst situation by far. C. Albert Orrison. operator of ::-.· fillirt; TQ HFftRn i ~' a " : o n ~'"~' ?e:ers -~ ie an1 ' 15 nCinUU 'mayor o-f Brans-rick, asserted ta; 'resecting tMat s-txnethins like 5130 miss- Char=ir.c that the Eo=er Breaker.; « -^ clutches of the bandit-* ccm- «r.d Thurmoai i .|PROSECUTION Vf! " ' street near the center of the city. While j the llsmes were oc»ti» -ought there the J ridge farm at the foot of Catcctin second fire broie out a block atiay at i a-o^tai^ abuut three miles east of , ..... . ., _.. o._.,,, -r «,!- · tfigers)n WM ;he sceae o , Thont3LS Har . j about S:CO. ~3* paid out on a gasoline Mr. Orrison stated. greater par-, of th an abattoir owned by Sainae! T. Hal- i bach. ~= j proper. June --10. dunr.s: w:u;h usr.* ·ser'40 boys ar.d girls aill bf sradujted on I from th.- Middl'-to-i-a H:;h School ar.d 37 from tht Thuravt-nt H:?h Sciiovl. a: the Middlcto-A n Hi?h School Thursday afterr,vXr. a', 1.30 o'clock a;;d u:.! : --?^^^L?LrS' AFTERNOON AND illYC" O by President Hoover and within a half hour afterward was \oted d«\vn by the Senate Finance Committee. Adopting the unusual course of addressing: the senators in person. Mr. Hoover said he did not favor "a general sales tax" but had come around to considering- "a more general application" of the proposed manufacturers' levies in order to balance the budget and meet a present "emergency." He outlined also a project of federal aid which would broaden greatly the lending powers of the Reconstruction Cor- ! poration *o it could advance funds to the states and municipali- Regular And Special Awards In · ties and to private industry to start the ball of employment ' and recovery rolling. Likewise he asked for action on the legislation long locked up by congressional disagreement to cut millions from the roll Each Class. he home economics de- .- :: ;r:^ are expend to be i^.r His proposal of federal relief through the Reconstruction Corporation ran exactly counter to the relief plan advocated bv gl)eaker Garner in defense of which Mr. Garner was testify- l*fo« . House committee while the President was on his oned. : . ,;_.,,,,-- -.,,,_,.=,,., ,. -v,-, O f»i ce : secur*!'.- his hands and feet. ! _-,,,- ...M K-. The Miller fire spread to a second , -a «· P--f^-;/ -**-'». *_ f e ^ So .J «,, that, said the former mayor.' ^^VS ,-^,~.,*=. ~-,-:,-,.eri hr- T n p Potomac ' o! H. Noel E2..T. Lr.itea States Com- . " . - . ' . . . ,, : . . ·--·---^m. a..a tomac -o: H. Noel K ? :r. United St,t« Com- ^^^ V^^-^r* r side m-Siion^r. , -.-·.-, .- j - - _;-,^ --- ---w= ' warehouse occupied fay the Pot; cneni was niade t^s morn^ o ; ne ; Compa: 5. aad the ocher names 01 ^ T_e ^, - bu!Win B used as head-; Others a: eludes 5= boys and 9o »_M. _ _ j ^ fo , tbe Fire , Hose Company of i gallon «£1 found or. the property May , -^- -~ _ ' » - ^t-a A»--T^»I- ~.v'rjv Tc-Hj-t ! : p Har-: 5 ^-*^ 11 * a j be held in the .',-h,xl a.idi- Sar-day fvcr.irj; .it 730 "oa?c3.lJtirca-.e o'.'r-.'ire '.'.ill n had been a litt'.e more careful ir. j ^."}^-_ d :r - Z :v.: Laiherar. chur-.-h. Rev sing nisn^.ay- i ._-,,i. ccu-d of running the 400- , ^« '^.^ lhe , woa:d -, a « ob-. in bUls anU silver roi'.ed , *e Sre department. i'-'- ** .-^^t^ J^d^^Up * ** *-' « d « £he « sh dra ^' Those who will receive dip.cnias are , i Frederick Coounenceiiieiiu Academic--Paul Powell Blair, Daniel S? John M. Conroy, ·!«. John Ho- ar George Byron ber. Alan H. Kargis. Gideon O. Earne. AHen Harper. Jr.. Edrar Harrison Hoilis. ^ Jesse Earl William Brace ICreh. Proctor de LeMaine Messier, Thomas S. j Michael. Jr.. E. Linwood Myers. Jr.. ; G. Hichard Xoeii. D nald James Roop. i William Luther Shuli. P.eno Kenneth j Smith. Paul 3iigene Staley. P^xJney : Earl Wii'^rd. Henrietta Stnith Bair. | Catherine Elizabeth BeaU. Vivian Cur- j tess Ca'.lahan. Heiert Madora Darner. ' Kath.: Lanie M. Everhar . Hilca Rebecca. Foster, j Sarah Ellen Ganley. Huth Dixon Gar- j rett. Erma Catherine Gonso. rHoise Karle CroS. Margaret Evelyn aal'-. Larania. Rebecca. Hargetl. M- a.3th".een I W Harlev. X. Beatrice Harper, Myra Gene- j "' \-ieve" Her-iz. Mary Evelyn HoBman. . Beatrice Sedc-nia Kyati. Helen Virginia j A meectns in the ir.teresl of -jrorid · ; ;-.^ morn^ig. a:t-:r -sht'.h the defense Linthicum. Annabel'. Louise Maeaha. \ ^ e3 ^. e -j^n -^ -~ e -^ Thursday aftem-Don ' ^as besur.. Rer.3 S. Har.. ~a= attorney Margaret. Mariana Main. Mary Eliza- j a . 2 3Q o --- oc . : - j n .^ y. M. C. A. and ! for 3r?::v;nridre. "DT former Conaresi- i --------· LOSES AGAIN IN ! the spo-. and four eaipty ' rels -srere found here. ^S^ef^th Sbeth 1 *^ i First Congresswoman To Make! ^^St'Sa^'SSh r^' .^rter, Harriette B'-brecht. Nan- j h _ d j, a -,;-_ T e = : s --ed their afternoon in' Address At Y. M. C. A. . restigsticn of the place before Hargrave. · Lufton and Xlytrs dro-.e up in 2. car ; contamir.., two smpty k-:-gs and .som.; HE np IS np : household auppiies. They r, ere placed Uf rljAOlj | under arrest 3reter.ridge. v.-.o ^ras i aTray a: the tint:, ^as cited to appear. covemir.en; presented its case i---£3 ana bsr- . "Somehow I worked aiy feet arouse in . CommercPn , cr . : prc .per -»;!I be oo- . r.-ach ^f rr.y^ fingor;. but _ it ^as a :?r- - er . ed ; n a new manner this year, dur- rible job. -ven »orse than ins: ^as .^ - Ah;c , a pas cant entitled. "The t--ir.g -x, get that go? oui of my : 3u . ;t ; eri ·· _ u -. ^ g:ve - -j-.-dcr the ger.- nioiith.' . e - a ; c--.^-;on "f Mis* Mar-.- E Rhcaas. The former mayor agreed -y.-.h 2 ; A ", ?h( , , a ,..-. v _. ;h CTUii; d ;re;ted by laugh that he could no^.' go in for 015- scale acrobatics. "But not. until I - t over sorr.e of these bruises." ac;ed. "When they put those ropes on VIST -tvst ha", e meant, for their, to wii: be held ui the ha'.l o! CaJ- j \vav to Capitol Hill. Mr; M E church Friday, j-m- 3. from i ' AUhou ,, h t h e limited sales tax proposal wfts promptly re- at°=S "rST ^fr«Strt Vo 10 ^ | jected. 12 to S. by the Finance committee, the President's appeal L Ralph Tabor, pur.or. Rev. B. F. \ especially urge and -ae'i attended, as j or act j on o f one sor t or another apparently made an impres- Biubau 3 h. ^yersv^. ^ ^eac^^e , *» ^^S^,^^^^ sioR on the sen atovs. It appeared likelythat the tax bill would be passed hy tomorrow with the gaps fTued' up by increased income taxes. A raising of the income schedules was voted by the Senate itself before the President appeared. | In his address to the Senate Mr. Hoover declared the down. . . . . . . . . ! ward course of economic affairs had taken an accelerated pace ..-.- Atlee Smith: "Mrs. Wheeler ·" namtd; four, collection of row. j ^^ t h e past f g w days and t h a t hesitation in Washington was partly responsible. He emphasized he was opposed to the "general" sales tax-a system providing a levy on every sale from wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Such a sales tax is not before Congress and has not been, endorsed the special manufacturers' excise sales tax along of the faculty. -.\ith music Miss Edna K. L:?h:er: costumes made by members of the s-tphonjore class un- '. er: 13. arrangement of fruits and vegc- perernii-ils arid biennials r.ot less \ thai: six kinds; t-:n. arrangement of j ro^as :n » suitable ror.tairser: I I . artistic ! - j -\T /-«^, w ,;i arransi-meiKs of flo-.verF. must be over | the lines recommended by the House \\ ays and Means Lommu- ts'e:ve inches r.iih. including container: 12, arrangement, not to exceed e:;ht inchw. including contain- '" ' der the director, of Miss Miri;n C eronornics ini-trujt r r. 3nc Ana Mjcrs. Evelyn M. Og'.e. Rhcia isx ; £0 ^..^ .^ c ,= ca , o to attend the Re- PeregofT, Bea-ice Marie Phelps. Sath- , ^^ K ;i o=a l Convention, alene L. Poole. ML-i3um Elizabeth Put- , - ^^ jj,^^ ^ K - fce g^. WO!nar . ;o | man. Dorothy Kane.- Rcop. Julia £.;.a. ^ ^-o^ied to Co-Tess and held office : er. Helen Virginia Smith. Anna ; ^.^ ;he W:rId ~ W ar at vchich ' State oo'.ice h.".t" no further c'.ues today t lead to the tracic? of the thret . men yho hs'-d a? the a::--.5 station atou; 9 o'cloci Msr.-iav ir.jrrir.; A des-cription of the car. ~x~' irh borf a i Va---land license. -*as f n t to ne'ih- APPEAL TO SUPREME COURT ^·*^ ^.^ff^ ^ V: i^Jf Washington. May 31 i'A?;.--Scarface 3iS ·- : -' : s--cnery 03- bv3 in "he sophomor-,- c.a.^ under the direction of J Homer Rem?- A Urge and beauufu! cathedral ^-m- C3"^" design -^ ill be u^cc as a barri- grjund t3r the ar.a has b«n mace by Miss Ejolf ar.d J. C- SH'.d- rr.ore. The pageant by Wa'.tsr Bissri! \vill be quite e'.abc-rate. the s»?v.'.r.:r bein: the interior of a temple, ar.c the latter be:r.; symbolical of the nation tables :n a basktt: 14. arrangement of So^-ers or shrubs ior combination of bochi. suitable f j r a porch; is. jir.ner tab:e lor SLX cio na: RURA L LETTER CARRIERS Named To Convention. Representatives of Hood Co-«s«. the Gazins into the temple, youth beholds ' special class for children under 12 years j the s of the builders, cht-rn- uts. physicists, horticu'-tunsts. aviators ar.c others in industry, cciei.ce and the . Coznznercial--Charles a. Brust. Ches- Jarces Mcl-aren. Jr.. John :«oles~orth. Thomas 3. Kaysrard Morgan. Willam Harry Mess. Ira Calvin Rice. John Atlee Shrr. Hoy D. Suncer- gill. G. Robert Warner. Eoseoe D. Ztm- mernian. Mae Baurr.gardner. Frances Sosa'.ia Scall. Bessie Amelia Bell. Tne'.ma Theresa Burrer. Helen G' Cramp-.or,. Beverly G. Cram. Anna Margaret Culler. Louise Elizabeth Ea--.- er. Rtila H. Derry. Hebec:s Christine Dror.ensur?. Louse 2valene ?-ze r^nre; laide Free. Kel-en M Harris. O. Kslfr. Humrr.. Margaret V.r- gtr.ia Seefer. Msry V^rtris. .·veyser. Marraret Sre'.yr. Leatr^r. Evo'.yr. i. Macklay. Mary Sluaoeth Mt.ler, Marsarei I^uise :-;re. Marearet \-irr"^- Nusz - ^--'"i M Palmer. Mabel Catherine Pear'.. Mar;or Louise Pheous. Syvone D. Pont an. Anna A. Postber. Ol?i Hae Rldenbaugh- Helen T. Schaefier. Tnelrr.a Gertrude Saakr. Hilda Mane Sriaff. r-iytr. BO'.'.JI, ShanSle. feler. Irer.s Sr.c-^-c. Mary Mar- Thc^rx^rT/'Marraret Cathenr.e Wiles. Eleanor Mae Wils-:r.. H;'.tn Elisaw.h Y^'ir-c. A. G'.aays Young General--J. W-.l.iarr. B D^-.-s. ?.x- expectec there Triil be a large attendance Professor Wiliiam R. Bamhart of Bibl-e history. Hood College, ar.d Mrs. R S. J. D-jtro-a-. tnis city, are l-cin; local arrar.gemer.ts. O'CONNOR AND KENNY GIVEN TERMS IN JAIL Slarhct Falli And Hccovcrs. Xo^- Y?ric. May 31 .APi.--After or. r of the sharpest of recent . months, the st.jcs market recovered sartially for s. ti--.e today coincidcn- TTith President's massage to Congress urging balancing the budget through adcpfon of the rnar.ufactur- The list slump* c on»- to rr.ore than 3 points in ;h; rnomir.;: as fir.sncia; quart-r cons.derabie c^- appoir.tnicr.t ov?r t".-.e apparent sh^lvir.; of the sales tax in the Senate. S'-rlin!; cables opcn-'-c 2" = cent 5 ; l-.7-«rat 53 5?" 4 Call men"" 2 " - per cent. The ar-nuil :-xr.. me^ of -he Fr-c- ---rirs Cr-r-ty Rural L-rt*. Carriers' -V-- -::sti3a ?.r.a :h» Z.;ci*s' A-;-il.a-- l-.-elc m the civil rervic-? rc-orr. c-f "lie Frsclenc"^ Post Office iith a ".£"- at- · r.dAr.c-c "r. Saturday night T. HI L«as-?. president. r- f - ar.d Mr?. F 3 N^bcll. =taf pre;id-:-r.t. ^if in charie of V. Suglebrec r-cs. Joyce- A=e- Baltimore Gamblers Aiso Fined Gsrar.-:-r. L. Irene By Judge Frank. Aid Society Anniversary Thnrsday. Th» Lai;ts Aid ciety of ti--; l_trr.* B2lt^r.-.c-j. May 31 -A?'.--John E O'Connor ar.d Berr.ard Kenr.y. «torrr.y petrels of court ar.d anti-zamblir.g action in Baltimore during the last ;.x-ar. today ^-crc b-Ml-, .-xrr.-.t-r.cec to sis m-/r.ths ir. ;V.l and Sr.ed S5C3 and S45D re- spect-vely. They filed appeals. The sscr.tcnc-es ^'cre p3ss-d c-y Jude: Zl. Frar.k en t.te.r cc-r.-.ct'.o" ^.t.i tc-ur oth-ers in cc'r.r.j~cti*t7: a r3ic Apr.. S at an es.-ab'.isr.nijr.i ir. E?.=.t Balt.rr.:re all.ejedly a b-;-'l-irr.ak:r.5 snd zamclirg d- day r.-C'r.- st S c ''."..-k. A prcrrar feaf,:r-:d by rr.r.:or. p cturcs ar.d ar. ad dress by W-.lliarr. J Grove v.:ll De 5.%^^. The c". er. m is beir.*t plsrir.^d oy a cor.irr.iff:- co~.p-".=c-d of Mrs Mar--'! Mrs Karry z~£. Mrs ·-.:;;;r.?i- ir.clud-r.r the ? of r«s- ~:-.::c-n.- that »ill be 13.-5 before T.c .-·a-.e rr.eotir.c a-. Eist-'ii. !'.'' letvr .-ir- elect--i the fell -sir.; officers: Pref- o. s--?£tar~. Z Y S-"-"'rr.v»r' ·---·isurcr Wnt- TJ j."..l:t D-.-t^ur R T;--- '.v.:-.--.-·£ ;-"'. cst*-' "-'-: arrt-t-.ri.- ; . i _,-..,_ L^j^.r.--: M J W.^r-er 3^'- r -·"--* -.-r. D Sh.:dt. Iet-r-.r. N O r Sh\rr---r H-Viy H.C2--; H C S---rr.:v ... I -s.rr.s-. ".e; S t Crc-r.e. Fr -dr:;. H s. B l-i.ffrr.,-.r. ^ Trie cnt^-e senior c.a.13 the cast ar.d a choir of 26 voices from the jur..:r osss ~x~-l- sir,g. Seven mus- i~a". numbers and sever. tabaux -.1: be Tvo r f the r.jrr.ocrs ?-i-'. " Hail Bright .Vjods!" frorr. "Tann- hau.-fr." Wanner: ar.d Mi;s.? of Na- tur' " fr'-.m 'Caiall-jria R u f t t - a n s " by ber:ec.ct::r.. Rev J-lir. S Adarr. Mid- Frtv boys ar.d cirli ".:; ^rid^.T-. .'--jrr. the s-cho^I i-l;..- year, tr.-: .arias' r.uabcr li^.ed 111 s^rr.e year.- Lx-t :· ^ar ·here --ere 29: ir. 1330 3!. ar.z :?:? 25 Thnrmont Even!".. tee and twice rejected by the House and now before the Senate. This tax is levied only once upon a commodity--when it is sold manufacturer. After it had rejected the sales tax the Senate Finance rarQ I Committee approved a tax of one cent a gallon on gasoline ter" I estimated to yield §150,000,000 of the §215,000.000 still wanted. I The committee then voted to put a five per cent, consumers* j tax on domestic gas and electricity to raise $60,000.000. 'must include "r.versj; 13. growing gJr: ---- ' BLUE RIDGE FINALS Commencement Exercises At Xe« Windsor Monday Morning. Rev. J. H. Hollir.^er. of Washington, ·K3C. tne principal speaker at t,he com- -i;r.comcr.t exercises of Blue Ridge Col- 1?M at No*- Windsor Monday morn- incIuchiiE disn gardens ar.d oth^r types of miniature gardens; 19. mer.t of flowers in U'ice containers 'open ;- members of Garden Club onlj~ . 20. i -EXPERT'S QUALIFICATION ! DELAYS GOBLENTZ TRIAL · a nr=rer arrangement suitable for a dres;ir,; table or dssi i In addition, to resular awards a spec-il prize »tll ae first ;n ea-ch ciass ill compose . There is ill be no miry ff^ nor char?*for admits.or.. Er.try rjs can be se- '·ured at tr.e Y M C. A Exhibits must b^ r'X' bt-.7*"eri 9 and 21 30 o'clocic :r. the Lawyers Wrangle Most Of Morning; Over Witness. Fx'.o^in; the aidresa of Rev. Mr. Kollir.;cr. Prjf. 3. O. Bowman preient- cd the ;racuat« to Dr. E C. Bixlcr. r 2v.-ardcd J^l'.r.'s Evanc-:l.-al L I Cumberland. May 3! 'AP·.--Prasc- ! cutors placed James J. ! r?al e^t^.te man. on the stint! txSay -is Mr; H Jeir?-t Onh :=; seneral chair- i 'he firs;,; of the f^-cor.d -K^ff. o f ; p:esidcr.t of tiie college. man 3f t:-.» ynoa-. members of the : the triAl of Emor," L C-bn'E. former] i.-.r dipl-imi;. cental committee ^m? Mia Serena : pres.der.t of the defunf Centra; Trost: The lis; of ?radua -= '.-eludes: o' Jun.or College Course--Anna Lavinia No had Durninz taken toe j Bar.ol. Fir.'isburj: Samuel Loren 3o^s- st;nd than his tjuaTJflcatlon as an ex- j man. Neur Windsor. William W. Breck- pf n in rc?-l estate appraLsfl.1 ^-as z~~ : bill. F.nkabur::: Eirl Sumrr.crfield Hoxt- tB-k~d bv d'fer^^ roun-vl f.r.a for rr.rist'· er Thurmont. John W.ll;3m F. Miles. rf h" Tr.orninc 5*»s.'n att-orr.''ys for V.-.\stmir^ter. Commercial course--Louise ixith s.d^ xrar.-zi^ ov^r th« q:isst.oa Summers Sr_ader NJX Windsor: Georze b'-for*" th? court al!i*"d his t»-^'imcny Brfx- Srr.itri. Nex Wir.dJbr. Music The p.-os?c-j:ir.r.. throu-h D-mm? course--He^-cly B. Cc-run. JeSersc-n. Wa.5.,.r.7 n -, c*mir.d "h" i^lcii«:rs' · -"u;r.t 'o shov. r.r.a; *hf vruuat-or! plac- c^ir.u- is.* --ipr*.,-ed t'-rlav bv A r t h u r : '·d bv "hr- Cfritra: Tr-.^-t C-'-mcar.v rn Ta-.lcc a -^ -.: tn'Orcrcr. ur..t ' :h» Pi'tsb-irgf! :nvea«m-nt building on -'. Mit'tr ar.d Mrs \V-.a'..2ir. A Ridd^ll EXPECTS THOUSANDS MORE IN CAPITAL FOR BONUS Wx=:i:r.c-^r. ?.!av 31 - A p i --Toe b»- Read Drlecation Heart!. Jun? 6. at 8 - c.-- -: .:i .itr t-^' A pai'arK ·?.:.. _ c.-.T. .r.-t-:.'.d ^ _.. T3. .-., T T - - ~ - o - '..-* ^ · .. o_. rC^ .. \ k . .j' .»-.-- * *j ·.-.;. W.-" t''". "·'"i-^:rs :.=.- A G xv.--. -.-: :.".--· ·:.-,· ^:-- rar.s .r. .-d.-r.D r.crt September 2. 1931. th-c cr.y belor- r." 300 Or-jjr.:a:i5 lir.'." up ,-.r. C-.ntral closed, -ffi* tx h--· --.d rr.'.r- a-d'morl ar-'^riiir.; -'.cure? inrl-d-r;; th» va.-.:A-.--r. -.f tit- i, V.v -f-. -X t-^ lea-.e Pi-isr.::-r.i h-iJcir.e. :he ,'.r:--:n- j;f pan" l"'l- ny -h" C--r.-,r3l C^rr.rsr.v b T.U- -s p.T.rl ;" Dance Tonisht. Sr.r^-.rrs .n laTM' r. .irr.^jr 1 fr-~n W-:.= - ~~~ Mary lard arc- s\~"~~""-f- f 1 av-'r.; T.' can-' of :.te West err. S""-nr- Cluo a: V.r.c. b-j:.a. 5.-dcl'i H% .;;tti. tor.-cr.". all Slir.".-:rs bc:r.c; ir.-. .'-.--c to - ^n-." "oacs " d-.r.i'ed fc--i txiay as ···'.- .-.-l 3 c :c ~ACC f r tr.e f.-rm^r S^r.-st ·- C-.=f.r?.- D"r. --r?.' Tlic Mar^arvt X-^sbaum p.-i^e f:-r the 3-var-cL-d :? M_^s Euabc-th H. Price. t--.c fes.isoury, ^riu a s.m^.sr pn^e .or '.^.e oest s*.-roun« ma.e stuGen« -?r35 a^-ar.---- ·:·:" "d to W.lliam A. M:D3r.iol. Dentor.. tit" ?riz;s _n tl".:- Ens^r-Graybtll declsma- of '.;r. cT-t'^t ^ere -? c-n oy Mrs S I^orcn :rr.~ B^"cnar.. N?~- Wir.isc.r. a.nd Ic;uc;^s ur." A.rv ic S-^-'-r era B XafT. Cal i. con- v. Vs.. THE WEATHER TODAY ar.d A McD.\n.-fl ' The Guyt-Jtt pr-re for excellence in ·cxT:m-"Tc:2l sub^e-cts ^ras a~irded to M-ss Mibcl SpcK-htr of Accident. 3G *icr. sr.d sentenced t- i'r.r J^st»^r» C.'J-x^ oeer. tir.^c; ecs. \.ll.arr. L Kefauor. ^...v^.. s - j^'~^ Euger.t O'Dur.r.e or. Carles Wi.- ...,. _ a . -j.,^ bj . ; ._ prjor ,,,. er Pase 3»r.a.ld ;-^m Ixsc.w Hirry Arthur Nosl*. J William "u.l Jr. Elrr.-cr N N'lsz. John A J r . M Robert Rit:h.e. Jr. James ? ~h.clt ·*.!". a t t r a c t per.-or-s fr:-ni Cum- tence? On James ?.i~? ScarfT. Carl · j.,^.;-/.-,;- :r .g : 3 -. C d they had not ier-t Sha-sf. R.chard Lee Shoemaker. Pau. ! .._ e j^j-i-^ o f 'heir Ujpcnccrf sentences William S:r.r.e. Eugene Brust Vtrti. S. · ' !___ , _' Lou is s tan R -:::y A S' P r a i a -.K H- OX PAGE 5) ,,,.,.,.. ,-., 0 L oi U£ kind. the gtasi: !v:r.- rr._ -v-:i Jor.r/s Scr-.^l. . ^^TAr.d third -'^ ""·-" «' J " -l: - tlir rr. .: ; i ^r.G t.-." a'.V.r i --f r-csi-lrr.lR ·'. t f Detour appfar-- 1 "! · m y"«"ii ;r. ^ sb-^u-, ---o rr.^es is T. :~- raad Icidin? frorr. Ne~ v a v ;- tvt^.jr and -*'culi er.d ?-' ·r ;r .Tess-- I R^r.n-r- -vas sr^ie.- Thve ir. 'he :rro-:p "Vr"- Mr RT. K?.r-..---« Wh.trr.'C", G^-rs" "3-" Alo* th-s . Hir---v Meaw i. Harrv Gr.i^'-r. .^r.c NorriJi PC- le Ch2rl--s Dillrr ENSIGN DISAPPEARS FROM SHIP IN CHINESE WATERS Alnmni Banquet .Tunf 7. 3.-r.-·»". ^1-r.-.r.. .^\rsu«t i..l ·..-!- ICrrit lCr-«ai Beach on tat Severn i Soa-cis. R. Mrr.'.r. ~ ".-'-,..". . -, acti S. U. Shry. I Mir.i'a ,-i--.r.-- OfT.. . = .' '.-c ASfj- - f t r--.i .'..r. ..- ct.---. VCONJITCED ON f'AC-E 5;. , happened w the er^ - \P~ -- D a ii-v V.'^ at- S Pfj.- disap- liv P^5r"^' ^ .v ; r n , Cr.efx Cr. r.a. ' Precip:M-irr. for 24 hours er.d.r? at 7 ·=. ir. v:-c'.y -- r..---* inc.ic.- . Nt-rtrj.: May prec.pitat.T.-- 3 SO inches.: actual May. ISC;-- 352 ir.ches Excess in 1932 prec;r.t3t:or! to Maj 1--2.45 -aches High *.orr.pera:-;re jest-^rdiv -- T r . To Kctnrn From Hospital Socn. B.-.:--.rr.-r-c M?.y 31 · A? ·.--Secr2t^ry ··'. Stat» Dav.d C Winebre-ner 3rd ^rai ret-orte-d convalescing rapidly 'ocsy at Vr;:cr. Merr.cna; Hospital after an operation. Physic-ar^ said it ^'as indicated lie ijuld be fufficien":" recovered by :h" cr.d of the -R'eek to be sent to his hcrr.e in Frederick t_o-. last Sun rises *.o. .vrr'.-x*--«-*5 a cr. Moon ·.·-.rr.or.-A-A'--2 47 a. m MvV-n .etf ts:r.,-rr^i-5 19 ? n:. : , A ,':r.slp 'Khaio r.-.a:. be commerctally J va.ued a; from fooo so ·fio.ecp. Diri»iMe Goes On Trip. LaK-churst. X J . Miy 31 ·-·V?i.--Tze r..val , Lo? .Vr.^eles -s^r.t a.uft today ic-.;h 50 and a 14 hour cruise i.ll tiie .: over Norfolk, v a . Berry ir. '·harrt- of the ship. sa.J h* rr.:«!ht r fur' sojth if weather coa- i

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