The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 30, 1987 · Page 41
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 41

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1987
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

» AA TilK SUM>A\ SlliM'I'KU Suiitlny, August SO, I<)tt7 MONDAY EVENING e •3) CD ® 0 CD OH ® • (3D ® OE ® © • 1 9 © © ©23 L 5:00 News Monkees 5:30 NBC News NICK Rocks 'Portrait ol Jemne Co«l d SportsLoiA Fishing Cartoons W Alexander WiUiade Lady Blue 6:00 News Can t on TV 8:30 Ent Tonight Sparlakus 7:00 ALF Donna Re«l Movie: Carson Qly SponsCenter NFL Slats Airwoll MacNeii / Letuei Newshour People in Movie The Aurora Encounter Movie Danny News Newswatch Live at Five CBS News Show&iz ABC News 'One Cwy Summer Cent d Work & M«Kly Bewitched News Moneylme Our Group Fcaggle Rock Mouseter piece Wheel-Fortune Crossfire News Crazy About Movies: Elvis Little House on Die Prairie Scuba World On Track Movie 'Track of the Cal Alice Carol Burnett and Friends Compute' .-Tennis Snoes Good limes Jeffersons Greatest American Hero Too Close Benson Sanlord & Son Schedule do«f not reflect laft-minvt* programming cha»g«f 7:30 Valerie Mister Ed B:00 Year in the Life 8:30 9:00 9:30 My 3 Sons Susie Cai M Monkees Movie" "Portrait ol Jennie Hydroplane Racing Riptide Business ftp! Adam Smith Kay 0 B'ien Don Johnson s Heartbeat Friend Plicka Michael PiuneNews Boomer Kale & Allic 10:00 News 10:30 Carson (Spy Movie. "Ciirson Oily Surfer May Volleyball Scuba Mag WWF Punic Time Wiestling River Journeys American Masters Movie "Call to Glory: J.F.K " Movie "Crossroads" Movie "Duchess ot Idaho" Newhart Lany King Live Designing W. Cnyney S Lacey 1 CNN News NFL Pro-Season Football Movie "Rambo Firsl Blood Parl II Hnwan Five-0 Bill Worrell Suiting Ftidays Off Center Portrait/Jennie SpottsCflnlct Today's FBI Voice / Dancy Dr. Ruth Show Martm Mull live f torn Olvio Ozzio News Moneyline News Movie Clwiich S Chong s Nice Dreams Marco Polo Major League Baseball Paper Chase The Graduation Year Major League Baseball 3 s Company Soap B. Buddies News H s Heroes Matt Houston E minent Atfaii Movie Women ilaiai League Gaseball Bob Newhatl Mow Ihat Was Then .. Ihis Is Now Dance in Dark Simon Spoils Tonight News Dangerous Maudo M L Baseball 1 lading Places Movie" "All Ihe fine Young Cannibals" in Whiln Late Show [• " " -•'• Movie A Cry lor Love Barney MillBi News Benny Mill MONDAY LATE EVENING 0 3} ® © ® O CD OH ® 9 3D O BE ® © »i ® O (27) On 11:00 Carson Donna Reed 11:30 12:00 Track anrj FielO Mister Eo PortMit of Jenn<e Cont (! Spo'tsLooK Today s FBI My 3 Sons 12:30 News Susie 1:00 Love Coanpi 1 Car M Movie Caison City BilliattJs Ertge ot Night MacNeii ; Lehrer Ne-.vshcur Re^'S Philbm Show Search lor Sign-OH Road Racing Weight Loss One Thousand 1:30 S«jn-0« Monkj'es 2:00 2:30 3:00 ,'5:30 4:00- <1 :.'{<) 1 Soy Wciwn C.irrev.'il Story Movie Portrait ol Jenrw; Su|n Oil SporlsCcnlef Keys-Success Champion Sparl- Mu() -100 Program Yourself lor Succt'is New H;iir due last ni \ViKI Iractot Pull Ac(0t)n:s iVoiid/AtimwK Your Skin Investment Advisoiy lnv<'suni>rit Aitvisoiy inlonnation Movie Scream For Help 'Dancmg m the Daik Conl ct Simon & Simon Newsmght Nighllme Movie Celling Even Bridge to Terab ihia Perfect Person n Just 3 Days Salvage t Ciossfue Monday Sporisnile ^!ovle felicity M.T Moote A Hitchcock Newsmght Bonanza Mews S(W'ls News Movie "Al Close n.-mgo Movie Duchess o ( Idaho Movif 1 IIP Sli f! Wjit DiSncy Prosimls Night'.vatch News Ovefnujfil j Larry Kintj Ove/nujfu Movie "Midniqhi Olfenruj'. Movie Hollywood Vice Squjr.) Mow The 7«o !3nyr, McMillan and Wife Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs at Houston Astros Conl a Movie Trading Places Con! d Yng Cannibals Taxi INN News Your Skin Sign-Off Oo'.ifi".' Shortt'i/ Mow ! 'v Wai «> Siwcf Moyic Blind Dali> Sign-Oft Movio Submission - Mov? Opo'a'^ 1 " Paciln: Ypnn'Ai^.'^i.-! National Geographic Explorer Benson Your Skin News j i Movie Dealh Penally I (in-t-n *,_•<", Gcrni.'i P-ft- PTL Glut Movie Tnief Movie The Faci. 1 ol F-w Htw* Uncte Was a Vamyi- Laverni; 1 INH M.'v.., | VOVK- th..- Last ol the Mowcan? Movie ' Waterloo Me-r>' The Dia'y 0' A Mttr<lei»S'i j Combat 1 j lntr.--2,tar An ambitious 'Daniel' doesn't quite work By Robert IHMatteo An ambitious 1983 theatrical release highlights this movie week. Tin; movie is director Sidney Linnet's "Daniel" (NBC, Sept. 1), which is adapted from "The Book ol" Daniel," a richly impassioned novel by E.L. L)oc- torow. It is a lightly disguised version of one of the most controversial cases in American history - that of convicted spies Julius and El he i Rose n be rg. It is told from the point of view of the troubled offspring of the "Isaacsons" (played by Timothy llutton and Amanda I'tummer). The Timothy Hut ton large cast includes l.iiuis;iy Cronsp ami Mundy I'.itinkm. who in flashbacks play the parents, who wore either martyrs or iTiniinals, depending on one's poinl of view. I'alinkin overacts IC- verishly, t)til overacting is smnelhingit lot ui'aciurs fall prey to in the films of Sidney Luwet. Alxnil half of "I laniel" seems strained and unconvincing, bill some scenes work extn'-tnely well, and the subject remains an inherently fascinating one NliC's schedule also includes part two of the three- part niiniseries "A Year in the Life" (Aug. Ill) - a fictional saga of. a "typical" American family lhat will debut in series form this fall. NHC will also rebruad- cast "Under Siege" on Aug 30. This drama, co-written by Hob Woodward ("All the President's Men"), studies the American response to terrorism. It's a cautionary political thriller that pivots on a terrorist rocket attack on the U.S. Capitol in broad daylight Hal llolbrook plays the beleaguered president. Peter Strauss. KG Marshall, Victoria Tennant. fieorge (iri'/./.ard and Paul \Vinfield round util the talented cast. CBS's "lllinil ..Justice" (Aug. 30) us ihe nightmarish drama uf a photographer who is mistakenly'accused of cornmitling a scries of rapes and robberies Tim Malheson plays the trapped photographer Mimi Kuxyk co-stars as his wife, and ihe gifted, loo little seen Lisa Kichhorn plays one of Math CSOM'S defense attorneys MONDAY CONT 5:00® MOVIE: 'Tli« Computer Wore Timnis Shims' Allor dccidonlally yain- ing access 10 a colloyo's coinpu«ir sys- tinn. a siudunl ruvoais spino tscis con- corninci gambling) opmaiions ownud by o local iHisiiMiSsman A "Wondeiiul Worki ol Disnoy" (Htisaniation. Kurt Mussoll, Cosar Romero 19B9. Par! 1 o( 2 EVENING 6:30 B MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (Livo) (2 his . 4!i nun.) 7:000 MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAGIC RETURNS A culnljiation ol Miclinol Jackson's caruui hiyliliyhl«<1 wild tlm Martin Scorsusn-ci'iocuid vi- doo lor "Bad." Ilio into song Irorn his liilust album 0 NFL PHE SEASON FOOTBALL (Livo) (3 Ins ) 8:00 fB MOVIE: 'Women in White' Tim nuwly <'i|>poimcii cfuof ol stall ol a Floi- ula hospital sirinjcjius to hold tlio tiospi tal locimhui Sluaii Whitman Patty Dnkd Astin. rtoljnrt Gulp I9V9 I'att 1 of 2 81 (23! MOVIE: 'A Cry lot Lowe' T wo liwors. one nri alcoholic arid dm other ui'' iiddici. (iiscovi'r (hat mcovury is not (Hisy Powms liuulliu, Susan ulakulv n«n» Biiiry 1980 9:15® MOVIE: 'All (he Rn« Younu C*n- (UlMfls' A couplu spins up aim oach iiiiimus into Ihn saiiK! family Natiiliu Wood, Gfloiiju Hamilton. Robitrl Wmi mrr 1 960 ' 10:30O VOICE / DANCE Ihis t inmy Awjrd winning improvisiitiotuil pur- lurimmcf 1 (jocuimmudy ttuiturttb (iri)iinnvvvintinii( vocdlisl (iobby ML'Fwrrm ,irul lfi(-' F(iri(Jy IJffiif Dvincy Culnpiiny 1 1:0X3 GJ «3! MOVIK 'WaHtilcm' llccotiilv tt>Uniu*d Irfjnl I'niln in Mlia Nap<jli?on lisids his liirci'!. iiii.iinst ihn Dtiku ol WtrHuMjNMi aii<l Maishal Okichisi o( PuiSM.I itcH] St»-M<JL" ChllStOptUK I'lulII HUM. r)i,,,,n Wifil'nr. 1971 1t:30O TKACK AND PtlLD lluil<lii|hi& ol World Chompumiitupv Irojil Montis (GO linn I Q) MONDAY Sf'OHTSNIT£((>t> HUM ) 1:30® MOVIE 'Oiwlh P«ri«)1y' A ilnim itiirii'd psyt hoUitjiM lnk<<?. .t piMsi.injt nt IISM'SI HI ,1 y(tul») StMMM *JtMUJ innmlK'f .u:t.u%fd u( murder Collctin OewhuiM O.ivuf L.ittKisj. U.m.i l.tciit t'JHO © 33 MOVir '1 tm Diiiiy O( A Mm durtiiis' An indiiNinat lycoon ir> "HIT lien-'! (jy tin? nurM- M>.i(iq i .iro t.l Ins riiuii: -.on Hn-n,v) fimii! M.IIH.I Mull 19 M 2:00 B MOVIL 'Midnight O<((Mimr- A T / yi-ii' uli) W'!'.' 1 |nii>'-.h<*y ht-r : Jt hoot <md r l.i't'jfii.ili'-i /*Hh (njty (1'!ni(in.,lf.t doll'. Muli-,',.1 Sli" Alli.lirlM.ili C-iHil-," fJailii.n I'.ilFHk i:,l',',.dy 1981 €Q MOVir Mh« Incu nl («.« A youno v.-ho (u.'lii-vn'w ^h« rut-s ,-i mnu 4 ,', ,tiiiliiij<!% fur ti"t (jwn nun lli-i .It nl Hii'M tm-Ji Id h.ill HIM Inn.,! quri Ilitin i,vh*'n *,h(- Uvif'!*- ?»ht; t*i >ri ptirfurl lii-.iHli Hiinrrlii Mi.n)t, 1 li/.ittiuli 3:24 ©MOVK 'Unclo Wrtlfl Vumplro A in,in M'tu'n-, i<> fu-. H.HIVC ijnd ii't'l hrvh Sylv.i Ko-.r., 19t"i1 4:OOGMOVIt: 'T ho Wai m Space SIM. » .ni.l -iKir', fn.ini l.iMI' Uj 1. The lowest place auywhen? on earth is in the Western Pacific Ocean near the Mariana Islands The ocean floor (joes down to a depth of 6.75 miles at that place 2. A tuna can swim 100 miles in a single day, 3. There are 1.600 known species of starfish

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