The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 31, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

>AY. JULY 31, 1*34 THT PARIS NEWS. ell It Or Trade It With A Paris News Classified Ad CLASSIFIED AD Information e* : 1» tb* orrie* of t** P»rU ££*m oot inner cJatLo « p, m- tk* For X Tinm* *o p«> word. * Times «o p«i »ord_ U Tu««* iSc- twit vardL 2* Ti«-«» 30c >*t »ord. oarnbvr of C»n»*T«<! air Uoe» »•: IB * c«»cot*:a oa i&* buMiB or t«ti*r» Contract r*.lmm *XU t>* £!«*& apoo *ppilca.tioa. L*«a-i nJt«« *i OB* «*&t p*r word »«.rti tQ**rt>oiu - Oaz-ot-towD oraur* tor. claMl- tl*d «Jji »r» 9&y«bi* to «.d»»r!C» Eirt>r«: T&« N»»» will not t>« tor mor* tb* J-laJst .to. *<lJt *i!<J c«u*or *U copy for ' til* b«»t lat«r*Bi» of . Box b* *l» blind «t T«i»t>buzte your ad» to our c*im- sirsed Ad T*i£»r* wfco - vo« t-» wortii»« ifc* 1«t OK 1M. Financial To Loan AUTOMOBILE LOANS GENERAL INSURANCE Plan Russell. ' Oliver Lwmar St«t« Baak Bid*. Tel, COURTS BOXT TRAJDE YOUR CAR .Until you «»* our estlaaaute on com- pl*te!y r«coi>ditloaiae your car— body. top. s»*.tnt. brakes, etc. Terra payment, plan. We Mat* Cash Auto 'MORSE:' BEE UXE Grmlkd «t IWh Tel. MS Livestock Feed Plants and Seed . *2 AfiTtoun.cem.ent* ;5oi-ieues and OF EASTERN STAR PARIS Mo * O. E. S. mfeftS» *v*ry -*nri 4tli Thursday nights *z S:60 p «u - Tisluag d«mb«r9i welcoas«d- Mr» WtlJS* .Cavlaess. W. M. air»- Docs Jilar- •tia- .-Sec. PARIS LODGK NO. 27 A, F. *nd A. Jd. Stated coiii»«clca:!ons 2a<i and 4t±> FrS- <iay ' '«ve.Eias> *acb montJj 7:30 y. sa VJsSnye' br«t*ir«a cordially naviied 1. J 3JL, H. G- Sr«neiuaa. S*c- Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Nuff Stock Feed Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Bulk Bir<3 Seed. Bird Remedies and Supplies. Dog and Puppy Food Chigger Cbascr. Guaranteed to Keep the Chls^ers Off HARRY BOOK 37 Grand Ave, TeL 6O4 i Muriate LJcenses Issued i Rankin XX Bell and Mias Ruth j-Marie Wimberly. | 'Claude Wrijrht and Mrs. Effi« Matlock, - N. F. Howard and Miss Pauline Johnson. Howard Addison "Walker and Miss Martha Evelyn Yancey. A- I>. Cunningham and Miss Maurine CarrolL Jeff Preston and Velma Thompson. Grady Tttnson and Cleta Cordel Gatewood. I*mar County Auto Ucenses Commercial Cars ,-J. M. Gladden. Paris, Bodge truck. 'BOGATA COMMUNITY ITEMS, PERSONALS TEXAS STORM TAKES HEAVY TOLL I Plants and Seed •IJLFAYETTE CHAPTiiai NO. 45 R, A it. State*! con»ooat!oa 3rd Tiiars'lay a* •each raoaiJj. 7:30 p. aa. acJons w«:cnrrted. J, J Ji. S, H. P. H- G B -r*Z-AYETrB COCCIJL NO. 34 R. and "S M. - Stated asserab-!? 4t3s Tneaday month 7:38 as T JL M. ns. Visiting J, J, CooaJn H. G- Brexiesnaa. S« COMMAKDKKT NO. S Stated Sir tuoatii 7:30 cordlally Baryl D, Johnson E. C^ H. a»ru record «r. GROTTO 31. O. V. P. E. R inesti T-30 p. ni. Vl-Jtiaii: Propheie jy -taTJtftd. J- W. Karri* iloa- H C. Parson*. Sec. OF THE CAS^EHX STAR cts*pter 6S9 meet* ttie 1st niyht *ad th* tbSrtf Friday MsJs rnosxlx. Visitors -«r«lconi«. J£a.=d«, Scott. W. J5. Vr» l.welle and F"onn<3 I,OST:, I-adies' black patent lea- lipper . Reward, Phone 714-J. BURR CLOVER SEED—50c per bushel. Oscar Sullivan, Caviriess. Texas. Merchcatdi&e for Sale S for Sale S2 ELSEKTA PEACHES will be ready for canning about 6th t& 12th of August. SI-GO per bit. at orchard. $1.50 In Paris- R. !i- Hicks. liaaor. QUICKMEAL. gas range. Lorraine regulator. Good condition. See It at 54 S. 5th St. .Mnslcai LnstrumenTs •S3 N^—Xice reconditioned piano. Quick sale. $40.. Denman Miisic Store. - Wanted to Bnj- BOG ATA, — Mr«. Back Howison has gone to Kilffor« to Join Mr, Howison. -who' i» employed there; J. H_ .JDeVaney ha* moved j to the Howison place on Mais street, and Buck Smiley has moved from his farm near Johntown [ to the John^ Francis property va- j cated by the DeVaney family. i The Baptist revival conducted 1 by the Rev. Porter Neal of Clarks| viile Js attended by large conjpre- l gations. j Senator T. A. DeBerry has re' turned from a business trip to I Austin and other cities. i The continued drouta is doing j considerable damage to crops I here. **&-* £**•*?;* " ' V *V A ?SA 'NS,^*^* "^ fe.-5-n. f. «j> } Groom Former Marshal 1 For GOP Slate Leader RENO CHURCH WELL HOLD REVIVAL MEET The Church of Christ at Reno will hold 3. ten-day revival meet- tn^ beginning Thursday, with services held daily at 10 a. m. and S p. in. on the church grounds- F. L. Paisley of Temple Tcill be the preacher and Claud Isom w-ill lead the singing. 5 __ * A^TTLERS, Okla.—Clarfc Wa*I son, Antlers, former secretary of | the Republican state central com| mirtee, is being: groomed by one { wing of the Republican party for } state chairmanship, when the par{ ty convention is held at Oklahoma I City on August 6. Wasson is a | former state representative from f this county, and until recently" was { United States marshal of the east| ern district of Oklahoma. He has 'been county committeemaa of bis j party since statehood. Flashes Of Life jj Score of Commerce i! Youths OH to Camp 1 1 COiOklEHCS. — Twenty Com- 1 ) merce boys leave Friday for Camp I Helen, near PaJacios, for th» i Teaas National Gtiarcl annual ea| campmeat. Tbe group 1 Marvin Tbotaas and X By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NOW FOR THE IdTH XJXCOLJ<# Neb. — E. R. Harris [ lor. sergeants; H. C. Byous. cor- iira-^ s??& 2-Ejss- ^"^"sgijrss; card ^From number 14 n read 5. j wood Thomas. Paul Hudsins, W3- 4 ' S ' " ' Jis. H'jdsrins. George Potter. Ostou "All I need is an ace," he said : Lands. Joe I>. Boyer, Jake Ash- and s»-uns^. vi'hen the ball stop- < worth, Roy Prim. Henry Hale, G. ped. it was "in the cup. j H. Slassingarne, William LeFan, i Ix>uie Gr-een. TVeidors Taylor and A REAL KICK PRILAOELPKIA — When you ' register a kick, you should make I ii emphatic:, believes Rose Bran- j I Harry Sasders. She didn't like the Caiis * bottles and etfeer garbage 11 De collected and moved by * city sanitary forces in "Ward Tx-ay her . Three beginning early Thursday AH residents are asked plate glass show case. Seven were Known to have lost their lives and many were missing in a hurricane and tidal wave that swept the Texas gulf ccast. Shown here are Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hoffman and their children standtno on. the kitchen floor of what was their home at Morales, Tex. When" the storm struck they lay on the floor and were uninjured as the rest o? the hous« was blown away. (Associated Press Photo) Presses were cleaned at Harrv J. • E Hy!an<2's shop so she kicked r Io - ave their waste material hard. Her foot went throus-h a i e<2 at llie curb in time for remov- -. a!. This v.'iii help keep down th*. j mosquito pests and make for bet- THE PRISOXER'S SOXG f ter heal; h. the- saratary authorities CHICAGO — Said the judge as | s:ate Walter Kelly, nesrro. was brought! ~~~~ ' ~ before him for theft of a violin: I BAL.TIMORE, —Mrs. Ulliaa C. "If the instrument is yours, as' Krout's prayers that she should you claim, jrive us a nine," j not survive her husband were a^" The judge listened for a rr.o-1 svr^red. The husband William TV\ then sent Kelly to Bride- : Ki out. S2. died Monday night.'As well prison for a year. j the undertaker arrived. Mrs. • Krotit. 75, slumped to the Hoor '. without a word. She was dead.. HER PRAYERS ANSWERED Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE A Plain Case of Suicide By E. C. SEGAR -I ST — ^In business eectiou. pock- nine SI bills, some change WTU. PJ,r CASH tor a good used THE - *'*"car. Xothiug oider than *23 mod- ! el considered, and prefer light car. ' Must be a bargain. Ray Morse. Morse Bee Line Station, corner 19th and Grand Ave, Real Estate for Rent Rooms ' "~A-I at of f ic«u He-war A. /LOST—3s?lt, 14-in., S3 feet losg. §IC* re-ward. C. F. Carpenter. Paris. Rt- 1. Xeedraore Store. .'•'.'•-"•". Straye<J or Stolen 6A ;STRATrID—From SI North 24th, •2is;ht Jerser. knobbed horns. Notify phone 1155. FURNISHED rooni comfortable, Reasonable. Xe-sv Piara Hotel. Phone S6S. TO GHICrLEMHrN bedroom close in- Phone 1223. r URXI5HED bedroom to gentic- m«3- Call 2033-TT. s tor Rent *« • — • j FOUR-ROOM: fumisced apart>T take "2 or 3 passenger, to I =neat. all conv e r.ienci?s- Reason- AustJu, Texas, on or about August I able - BIIIs P^*- ^ S 3 South 25th. 5. Share expenses. aujdress Box 5 -A, care Business Property—Kent »7 "VTIi! the party who borrowed .'the galvanized sprinkler tstrsk from j Henry Smith, owned by t-anisr Fair, kindly return It. of store space near Pis svllle street. tor I-ient CHARLES PRICE Phooe S95 "S West Houston 9t G«ner»l » Rm. Furn. Hrn, and I>np.—SS5J. FIT'S room furnished house, -close Iru Phone 704 Notice Spe<-5aJ Notice- 10 BUY YOUK MIX NOTTS AT U\K*-. CKOOK I5c and 25c Per Dozen We have all kinds of bait "and give prize "* J0t> mJnno-ws escfc nior!"b for Iarg«*t fish wlrb cur shiners, B. W. EARLY NOTICE: to . iJi* City Costjcii or tb* city or Ps.ri* On tl!« Sth <Jay of Jsly J?H I i»-»-hr siv« notice that s.n «j«ctica t» tls* Q^2.l:fie<S s si«r» oT tb-r City of Part* »ho own tas«t-E* pr<>p«rty IB said Cst? *3<J «fco tsar* oryjjr r^tirfsr*^} Xii-i prop*'"? for *JXXAX;en. »!;! &* BtW t>*- lw.»tD th* tc-'Jr-» or f:CO o'eJsx-J*. A- X . as.} e-»>0 o'cioc«t- P M.. cw •.!>• Tth <Jay of Aajfusj. J?J< for she parpo>« <*f ti«- or tb« ciiy Part* S««.p ThlA for That W1U- Swap srood year o»5<J fcei'er for hay, V. H. Dulsson. Phone 13JS-W. J :i>* Ciiy j i «sd <$ ; ixx «af*:c**nt to p»y lfa« Jnt«.-«»T on said boads. *sci create *. «i2Sc!B£ TuasS S^S^ES^iTS HOMER HOOPEE Auto i? »nd Palntlnc 14 O-mSS OMEW/VES,»F IT Si Benny May Be Present In Spirit By HARRY J. TUTHILL THERE'S ,'N THE fCE-3OX TKXT'S NOT SO HOT. IS 6£OR££ GOiNS TO STUF SACK WITH EGSS it?>*& TD ~A~ I / "^"- '-' —^'Jf i »CT= • r-i-rt-TTj ^/{ —'-•' '~- ^' J -"I3ACK E WENT TALK. TO THAT DJZ WHO'S A3OLTT HIS 30YS, I D LAST MIG 5EDS!D£ HUM! WHAT is IT? p,EH? WHERE'S VDU'LJ_ ADMIT HE: jt-JSTtw SOYS LCVED TO eo TO 4. yvr " Y CA' KMOV >-j WE u IKE TO / """HIS ' WHEN PROOF AT DIANA DANE Gay Lothztric by tb* CSty s««e=.-! for lit XOXV TOV CAN OAVTE TOU1« MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tt»r t*a.^y I*ayii>ont Plan: Otx. t>*y SiervUxr Paris Mattress & Awning Co. SO \V, Shermrtn Phone 37 O tf rrrsKlljtji; of•Isa! 1 , b* r«»5«C- T; C*r,trai F!r« St»t! .. XV JI Wrturtit. ^rvsi^.'ne- cffK^r; S- Court Boime. A. W. N*t^n WAHD 4: 'l>art» Hlch School. I, WT. TJS* fcr-TTi Of b*!lot TO t>« 2»*<3 !l> tJ-i »J»ct!on for ttio-** *«tij>g in fa-ror motor r#-!*:!•»<-jiori Bon-i*. s*ri*»* -is*4 " g, i'alr. Salx-a:«cc Co. North Main St, Tft« ferm of to* !>«••!: t if S*«cr Can lf«»ll> Mat«> or 491 t; :.* : "w, !n "** r * r ** lh * +*""•* " r * *=»• \VAXTKi> — ir.S machine. I ^ ^Vuj 0 ^^*^ %«* *;!" ,0°^" ^,» He Needs Help HERE CGWVES MR.K\.\ViX >M£.CAW G KiESS TO\>^Y I i— TN«->\U' r^i \ VxJHWTS -HE VCU r\\}« DOI.VAR5 \r o»sr *" ii! ^ ! " • THHHE? Vw'Ho'S UP \\N SLHE\J"E se£ N\H ASOITT;/cr\ SCORCHY SMITH Revelations anrt !*a!ary AtJdr^wi Box "D" care Ts. <jos!?nr<T to v.T t>f tti» }r«!*I«r»f« of th., *i.*t<> at> who tsas rw«t^<K! t» tfi» ttcn!:..* of th Sitnntion«> man Rre>wn«i «i«.n !n O'J^ 1 private f. A 5 i-«*fcr«*n<*ri«. A<T<.trr»s X - of N>\VW. Financial iALBRhATH. OE\VE/:$g ,AM> PKOi K cVfnr^. in»w(r«n t*l of ih* Oty of f"«ri «th »}i»y of Jwly. A. D. Mnyor CH> of r«r{» ANTLERS, kla.—Fwncnil jtcr. for Floyd Dean Green. ciKht- months-old child of Mr. and Mrs. fv. CV Green. w*rc conducted Monday aft«*rn«x>n «t, thfr fanitTy htOv. i r:*1 burial \va« made tn th.f l'Cl- f f,. o f rt«Ti. The Child night.

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