Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1961
Page 5
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Thursday, July 13, 1961 M O P b i» I A K , HQ HE, ARKANSAS Pocju h*« CARNIVAL •y Dick Turner Flower Plot Ahtwtf to Previou* Pu«I« j ACROSS 1 Dianthus pltimarius 5 Woody vine 8 Avens 12 Biblical name 13 Feminine , appellation »*ISea bird I 15 Get up ' 16 Social insect ! 17 Dismounted i 18 Prizes 20 Mediterranean island ; 21 Lieutenants (ab.) 26 Sept 22 Female antelope 27 Gaelic 5 Caliphs 6 Moveri' trucks 7 Still 8 Having toOthe< wheels 9 Mystery novelist, s. Gardner 10 Distinct part 11 Measure 19 Summer (Fr.) 20 Pine . 22 Portal 23 Snare 24 Ireland 25 Mimicket 23 Pester 26 Pronounce incurable 30 Tear 3J Kind of gin 32 Sturgeon eggs 33 Exist |; Mast j'5 Seed 36 Be about 38 Adolescent years 40 Hostelry 41 Dance step 42 Amid 45 Fringed —— 49 Dispatch 50 Child 51 Icelandic saga 52 Step 53 Collection of sayings 54 Paper measure 5> One who (suffix) 66 Babylonian deity 57 Identical DOWN ISkin opening 2 Flag 3 Bird's home 4 Genuflects TIZZY 28 Satellite 29 Tidings 31 Whirl 34 Warbled 37 Kindling 38 Light brown 39 Natural fats 41 Rose 42 Vipers 43 Flesh food 44 One time 45 Departed •46 Notion 47 First man 48 Appellation .50 Small Sap (0 1M1 by Nf A, Inc. T.M. R«C. UP. Put 09. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. "I thought this Jimmy of yours didn't have any bad habits! How about this habit of his always being broke?" — SWEETIE PIE By Nadinc Seltzer By Kafe Osann (f!196t by NEA, Inc. T.M. R.E. U.S. Pal. Olf j| © 1961 b, NCA. Inc. T.M. v,' e . U.S. P,l. Olf. "The only way to get a word in edgewise with Tizzy is SIDE GLANCES to buy her something to eat!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosscr FOUR. S YOU MAY MORE B MASTER 5TRAWS,L LARD LIWV "1 couldn't remember whether you told me to get cole . cream or ice cream, so I got the ice cream!" By Golbroith V;»--f. - * - •,_. _._,.. -•-. .r.» t -, BE PRAISED FOR. YOUR MORTY MEEKLE —MY MISTAKE/ J 7 , /3 &\. © 1«I t» NEA, Inc. T.M. R. t . U.S. P.I. Oft "1 do declare, George! You're paying out good money for all this peace and quiet and you don't stay awake long enough to enjoy it!" By Dick Covolli HORRORS/ we MOST FLEB/ FLEE, V HARK/THe f I LOROGARVE/ V COMES/ JUNIOR TOWW PLAYERS FLEE/ FLEE// FLEE! FLEE/ FLEE// THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs "(l WAS RAISED IN A > LITTLF TOWW CAUED\ ( MILFOKO HILL. WHV \ DO VOW ASK? ,> YOU AMD YOUK COMPANION STAV ON THIS ISLAMD S LOW6 AS YOU WISH/ l FEEL THE WAY ALICE IM i / WOMDERLAWD MUST MAVE =/ FELT AFTEP SHE FELL A DOWM THE i?ABBIT HOLE/ FLASH GORDON MuM.\w...PAnny ...t'MSOK'RY.' I'M LEAVINCV TITAN-AND YOU, MUST Dan tarty YOU CAME Hr.Rf. TO MAKE ME WELL, SO 1 NEV6R TOLD YOU HOW t HAT6P IT HERE..< :•*• N ii'RC THE riRor KID rvt ; R 6RHW UPON TMI:3 MOON TINA ' .1 filiesit WE r>POIlEP YOU, HUH? BUT IT WON' r Of: .SO BAU ON CARTH ON<:I: yen i.i:>ia.' 10 ir ALLEY OOP By V. T. HomlJn 3V* /OH,OUTHELPIN'.U c - : —-C I THOUGHT THERE WAS SVEU, HELLQ >> KINS SUZ / ...WOUND \ ONLY ONE MOO4MAN FISHTA / UP FIGHTIN' ) LEFT...THAT LITTLE WAR.. I A MESS 01= J Olf) OXY TVVENTY- - v POUR FELLOW... " ...WHO WAS ALWAM3/ VEH? waL.MAYBEJ/ 1 ^ NO, BUT NOW HE'S GO1N6 TO CARRY VOU'P BETTER / WHY? HE ( GOT ALL TH' HELP ME OFF...ONLY HEV WATCH OUT FOR/ HASN'T60T\ HE'P NEEP TOfiEl WASN'T BifiEWr "-l 1 ^ HIM KJOW.',A AMY BIG6ER1 TH'.JOB-DONE/ CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turnci IHAl 5 «LL 1HEIK. GUMS! NOW GET'EM IWTH& TRUCK FAST! 1V& GOT TO STOP THEIR PILOT FROM GETTIN6 AWAY 1 . SOKRVi PAL..,WE'RB NOT READV FORVOU TO SPREAP TH& • AL'ARW YET! NOW INSIPE. WftRPENn. \ YOU'LL FACE A FIRIMfl WITH YOUR GMRP5! AHi\SSUAP FORTHI51 YOU HERE'S YOUR PILOT TO ^ar CAN'T GET AWAY! JOIN YOU, TOO 1 . .' ID8I by NtA. In,-, T.M. H.K. U.3. I'll, flll. BLONDIE By Chic Young iiini|IIHIll!|il ir ^"sHESVizRV /• PfOFICICNT TELL ME ) ( /\r SHOPTHAND ABOUT S. V^_ AND TYPE- VOUR NEW \ r Op, { WRITING 5GCPETARV l>; • j .9. PRISCILLA'S POP SHE'S VERY GOOD AT ANSWERING • THE PHONE AND SHE'S AN EXPERT PILE CLERK TOO OH,STOP THE ) NONSENSE y l! wi-iAr r WANT TO KNOW--- V __ V TO KNOW--- r" P. > IB SHE ^ i. • >,'^ ( PPETTV . P SHE v RETTY ) By Al Yermeer BUT YOU ALWAYS : MAVE SME WANTS TO KNOW WHATEVER BECAME OF "GABBY" HAYES/ SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neaf 7-/3 t.M. u. K . u.'J. t'4i. Ull. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople I OWLV WANlWA SHOW VOU--WHEM VOU SAV LITTLE THIKI6S ITPDM'T SOUWP LIKE MUCH, BUT LOOK WHEM ITS MADE UP IWTO A LIST PER JIST A HAFFA PAV.' VOU AIM'T LOOKIW 1 / NO, VOU WOM'T LOOK AT MV SIPE OF— I MIGHT IF VOU WEREN'T SUCH A FAKER/WITH THE WRITIM<3 LAR6E ENOUSH FOR A POSTER ANP YOU STOOPINS TO MAKE THE LIST LOOK LARGER—I POM'T CARE TO LOOK AT VOUK SIPE/ WHV MOTHERS GET 6KAY 7-IS GRAB A HOLD, PARROT GALLIC ^1A^AES OF Trf R6ST OF TlA % WE'D NlUVtK OF kMOVsJM VJl \OTi-U r Y VJli 60T SPISOTCV.SOT COOLED ooTi^TiA" HOSPITAL AM 1 PARROT WA r -i A Pr- 3F HlS.AKl^OME CHOMP IN HIS MOB SOLD I O THIS STOKE g£FOR£ VOO Took X COLLBCTEO TH' #3,000 MOULD HAMG •»SOO FOE. BUGS BUNNY LOOK AT THE TERRIBLE LEAK IN THAT PIPE! THE WATER WILL, QUIT WORRVIN'... CALL A PLUMKR] I DIP, BUT WE'VE SOT TO DO SOMETHING UNTIL HE SETS WHAT D'VA WANT Me T'PO- HOLD MY F/M6£K ONTH' LEAK? BUGS i COME HERE, PLEASE! HURRY! PETUMIA, BUT I'M BUSY! /*/.,', \*- — — ^,. • ( IC._- O^--^T' S-r' 1 ^_^—-V-l^--

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