Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 10, 1998 · Page 9
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 9

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1998
Page 9
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c THE DAILY GLOBE. Ironwood, Ml —Thursday. Sept 10.1998 Page 18 Teens, drinking don't mix FOR BETTER OR WORSE Dear ABB Landers: 1 live in a small community in western Washington, Unfortunately, we losx two teenagers the night after they graduated from high school. They went to a party. Alcohol was involved. They died in a car accident. I wrote this for our small community newspaper the Mukilteo Beacon. Feel free to use it. -- LARRY SIMONEAUX. EDMONDS, WASH. DEAR LARRY SIMONEAUX: Every parent who reads your piece will be moved by it I hope it connects with their teenagers as well. Thank you for a powerful message. Here it is: I don't know what it feels like to near flic words that two sets of parents received this past weekend. Like every other parent, I don't ever want to know. I'm not sure I am strong enough to handle it So. (his is to the teenagers. It's a message and a prayer It's from us io you. We were once just like you -- just as young and daring. Vfc were once sure our parents hadn't a clue as to what we wanted or what we were about. We were once sure we could tackle the world. We were once, down deep, scared to death io face that world. We were once just like you. The only real difference between us as parents and you as teenagers is a lot of "been there's, done that's." And, believe me, a lot of our "done that's" were iust as dumb and silly and dangerous and exciting 'as anything you've done or will do. That's why we worry. We made it through. We got older. Ann Landers We fell in love. We got married! We had you. That means we sat up endless nights whik you were a baby. We changed you when you were wec We fed you when you were hungry We held you when you cried. We fretted over you when you were sick. We watched you take your first step. We made stupid faces to see you laugh. We listened to your first words. We bragged about you at work. We carried pictures of you in our wallets and pul others on our desks. We sent you off to your first day at school. We kept your drawings and school projects. We put your birthday cards on the refrigeratot We watched you in your first play. We cheered for you when you made the team. We drove you everywhere. We worried about whether you'd be popular and then, when you were, we worried about your friends. We were angry when we shouldn't Have been. Vfe asked you questions we shouldn't have. We made mistakes and hurt your feelings. We didn't say, "I'm sorry" or "I love you" often enough. We argued with you. We Laughed with you. We stayed awake in bed and worried when you stayed out later than your curfew. We watched you change before our eyes into strong young men and women who were about to leave us. We were scared and happy and sorry at the same time. We want to see you become firefighters and doctors and lawyers and policemen, merchants, pikxs, beauticians, teachers, librarian* and forest rangers. We want to talk with you about how exckie*. yoor work is. We want to listen to you tefl BS bow dumb or mean your bos* it. We want io tee you meet the man of woman of your dreams. We want to see you to faU in love and do the same crazy things we did. We want you to get married. We want to pass you a few dollars to help you through the rough spots. We want to see you have children and watch you start all of this all over again. The thing we're inost afraid of u that, sometimes, those things we worry about happen. Sometimes, for no rhyme or reason, you're taken from us by things beyond <xr control. Sometimes, we never get to aee or do the things I've talked about because you're not here anymore — and mat is a hurt that cannot be described. So, this is for yon. the teenagers out there. It's the same thing parents have said to iheir children fere-vet It's the same thing you'll say to your children. They'll fed the same way about hearing it from you as you do when you hear k bom us. Please. Be careful. We love you. You're all we really have. ANN LANDERS® O1998. Creator* Syndicate Your Horoscope Friday. Sept 11. 1998 In tte year ahead, try to associate yourself with bold enterprising individuals. Their enthusiasm will be contagious, and you'll find yourself going after bigger and biggor fish. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22) Your tolerance for outsiders will be up to its usual Bridge North rw ic '.'£ * 5 4 3 2 V K Q 5 3 » K 3 • * A 3 2 West East * J 10 " '*' A K Q V 8 4 V J 10 9 7 * Q .) 1 0 K f; » 9 7 4 2 * J ID Q 7 * 8 5 South * 9 8 7 6 V A 6 2 * A 5 + K Q f, 4 Vulnerable: East-West Dealer: South South West North East 1 * Pass 1 .9- Pass 1 A Pass 4 * All pass Opening lead: • Q standards today, but you may not show the same consideration to family members Keep your priorities in proper order. Get a jump on life by understanding the influences that'll govern you in the year ahead Send for your Astro- Graph predictions by mailing S2 to Astro-Graph, c/o this newspaper, P.O Box 1758. Murray Hill Station. New York. NY 10156. Be sure to state yoor zodiac sign. LIBRA (S«pt. 23-Ocl. 23) Rety on logic snd i-o.ison todjy. instead of intuition and hunches. What you sense may be a decarturb trotn reality. SCORPIO (Oct. Z4-Nov. 22) Be positive a-.i! rr_i niijlv ioday but Ocn'l txiild your h<i(,t.-s en «;i;,!ty If your base is wej« y.vir housa of cards will crumble. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Your oeliavior will L>t; closely scrutinized by ethers today. When ,'Ou're in the public oy<-. ;M! you: b'.-st toot forwaid — a bad st.o>.vir.g could iravr n long memory. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 1S) A verbal agreement won.! count tor mucn today rt you re tryniy to extract a biased opinion. Irrpon.Tit (rums mould be committed Io wiiiin-). AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Use your contact? !oi.:av instead of waiting on others to open door*; lor you You'll be inside before ir.ey get their ke/s out ol Iheir pockets. PISCES (Feb. 20-Uarch 20) Partners areni apt to be of much value in hetping you achieve your objectives today. Don't saddle yourself with people whose ideas can't measure up to yours. ARIES (Marc* 21-April 19) This to nol a good day tor' you Io handto compbcated. distasteful chores. Errors are likely — wait urtU conditions are batter and you're in a good tram* of mind. TAURUS (Apr* 2O-*toy 20) In social stt- uaaon*. waiy.dortt iworn« an *> im- understanding. It could divide your trends and put you in the middte. GEMINI (Way 21-Jurw 20) H you're going out wrth others this evening, disagreements between you and your matt should be let! at horn*. Oonl air problems in public that could leave an unpleasant impression. CANCER (June 21-July 22) A close friend might not live up to your expectations today. However, It will hurt your relationship it you criticize Ws person in front of others. LEO (Jury 23-Aug. 22) Your resistant* could be lower than usual today, so watch out for sharpies wrth smooth pitches, or you could end up buying the sizzle they re selling. ClW«byNEA.toc Crossword How weak can it get? By Phillip Alder ACROSS 1 Yesterday, I gave a deal in which the only making game was with a trump suit of 8-6-5-,'! opposite A 7-4-2. Can game be made with a weaker suit than that? As this isn't bluff and double bluff, you know the answer. When ,rny students have reached a certain level, 1 give them today's deal to emphasize the "length over strength" concept. And when I'm really fueling mean (which is never!), I give South the 5-43-2. Well, suppose you find four spades. How would you plan the play after West has led the diamond queen? When South rebids one spade, North, with four-card support and the values for game, goes straight there. Don't leave to your partner what you can do yourself. Remember, he cannot read your mind. After winning the first trick, lead a trump. Perhaps East will pull three rounds, but if he does something else, win that trick and play another spade. Then abandon trumps. Your in I ricks will be three hearts, two diamonds. three clubs, OTV club ruff in the dummy and one heart ruff in hand. Note that in three no-trump, you have only eight tricks when neither of the rounded suits -- hearts and clubs — .splits :i-;i. Before you can set up the long spade, the opponents will have established and cashed ths'ir diamond suit. So, although the spade suil is so weak, four spades is the only making game against best defense Forsooth, all the honors of my oppo- • nents couldn't defeat me, a:-: Shakespeare would have written if he had thought of it first. • :: r Ift I iv Mv -Vino. Some log houses 7 Mystical teachings bas«d on the Scriptures 13 Six — news 14 Of the eyes 15 Robinson — 16 Didn't exist 17 Above, to a poet 18 Very small 20 Declare 21 Tannls player John — 25 Unpaid debts 29 Precious fewel 32 Praises 33 Bert's Sesame Street pal 34 Actrass Evans 35 Curtain fabric 36 Part of a fishing line 37 Bishop 39 River arm 41 Comedian Caesar 44 — My Party 45 Mule title 4S Area In a library for studying 51 Bathhouse 54 Ancient 55 Made amends 56 Walk childishly 57 Rents Answer to Puzzle DOWN 1 Designer Chanel 2 Farm measure 3 Vision probfem 4 Greek Island 5 Sgt., e.g. ' 6 Put shlsh kebab on this 7 Quail 8 Highest card 9 Prfckry 10 October brews 11 Singer CantreJI 12 Bohemian «* ox 'Touch- fan. «Ho*yPfo»« 1 -9QT>«6(M500 ext. code 100 IB Print measure* 21 Interfere 22 Cedist Pablo — 23 BottJe-cap remover 24Crwpily 25 — weti that erxJa wei! M Downpour 27 Nor»e poem 29 ActreM Uagnanl 30 PubUc disturbance 31 Una»p4rated 37 Ptooe M Scoundrel 40 Pronunciation mart 41 Begone, Mine I 42 Character In Ottwtto 43 A Scott 45Oppoafteo< 48 Arrow poison 47 Radtcttan 44 Fl#riing po*e 90 BuWdlno. wing S3 Madluocrt 53 Feether scarf 9o wwrrb oo Do ruu 1 DID Mosnv. -TF«N I MeCflFoco UMEM WJB 60TBWCK— FRANK A ERNEST THf fOY WHO OUT SOM* VOO HAVEN'T MOVEP FOR HOURS THAT VOCTRE STIU. BREATHIN& BEETLE BAILEY I'M LEAVING NOW, OTTO. WATCH THINGS FOR ME IN AMERICA, A WATCHDOG WATCHES WHAT HE WANTS TO WATCH HAGAR THE HORRIBLE THEGFUZZWELLS WOHSBCtftE ME UP TB WAT 1 THE BORN LOSER N4D ALL LOOT Wr\iTH£ ^ ALLEY OOP YOU COOCO COOK FC*t ME ANY MAN, TMIft IS FABULOUS - YOU 9AJD IT.' I'VE. NEVER. TASTED ANYTHII-JS SO ...BUT I'VE '.GOT BACK. TO (LEAVING, KIT 'N' CARLYLE HERMAN 10 Inc. "That WM a good MM, Mndlng out tor pizza whfto th« *l«v«tor'» on ttx frttz."

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