The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 31, 1975 · Page 5
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August 31, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1975
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

6A / DES MOINES SUNDAY REGISTER • Aug. ,11, 1075 Car pool computer emits blanks KMSROY Continued from Page One trast to 1974, when Pester Derby sates — in terms of gallons - dropped 5 per cent. The figures for Pester Derby are somewhat more dramatic than the statewide figures. Records at the fuel tax division of the state Department of Revenue show that total gasoline sales through June of this year ran i.« per cent ahead of 1974 in terms of gallons. Huge Amou But figures for July are not yet available and department officials say there are indications that lowans bought huge amounts of gasoline last month. Pester believes the situation is ironic, in view of his own belief that energy conservation got off to an early start in Iowa. "I think that perhaps we saw greater degrees of conserving energy in Iowa than anywhere in the country. People believed we needed to do something," he said. Douglas C. Sanders said he also believed that — for a while. Cot Down Sanders, general manager of L & L Home insulation Co. of DCS Moines, said he and a lot of other people he knows tried to cut down both on gasoline and utilities. "And as soon as we did, we started seeing high profits and prices. My expenses didn't go down, because prices went up. I know that discouraged me, and it's got to have discouraged others," he said. As for his own business, Sanders said he has been add- lng insulation to between 10 and 30 homes each week this year — far below the 45-to-50 a week average in 1,974. Two Laid Off Hfs company has laid off two employes and those who remain are \v6rktag eight-hour days instead of 12-hour days, he said. The statewide picture on home insulation, however, is mixed. Some contractors say business has remained steady or improved, while others say it has slipped. The sale of home insulation materials to do-it-yourselfers has remained strong, accorditg to William C. Hunt, purchasing supervisor for the Payless Cashway Co. in Denver, which operates nine stores in Iowa. 400 Homeowners But on the other hand, only about 400 homeowners have taken advantage of an offer from Iowa Power and Light Co. to provide 9 per cent financing for home insulation costs between $100 and $500, according to Eugene Young, assistant vice-president of the company. .The made ased on increased utility rates till subject to approval or dis- pproval by the Iowa Commerce Commission. "Part of Wt money may have to go tack in refunds to customers," M said. Also, the second quar- er of 1974 was "depressed," he aid. General Attitude As to the general attitude of ie public toward his company nd energy conservation, fpung said: "Our surveys show first and oremos^.,that...people-.are - ipn- erned about rising ^Tity costs. They show that people elieve there is an energy risis. o 'And, our credibility is better that of the petroleum in- ustry, which is not saying a elluva lot, I guess." 'oogh Problem Young said all of this makes is own job, as a public rela- ions officer, quite difficult. "Yes, it's a tough problem. But I don't think 'it's imp'os- ible. We're going to continue o urge people to conserve en- rgy in all manners, shapes and forms," he said, adding, hat the best hope is that the ederal government will give his effort a boost. "A national energy policy, a meeting of the minds, would program, which was available to the company's 180,000 residential customers early last year, "hasn't grown as rapidly as we anticipated," Young said. "Perhaps we overestimated the need for this sort of thing," he said. Still, Young said that Iowa Power has promoted the program heavily this year as part of. its $80,000 advertising program aimed at encouraging energy conservation. This promotional program also— includes an effort 'to get s, Young noted that, they are;September, 1973, six weeks prior to President Nixon's stern varning that the United States was heading "toward the most cute shortages of energy since World War II." Nixon added hat the situation "will require ome sacrifice by all Ameri- ans." One of the things people did i Ames was to call Norris to egister for the computer car x)ol. More than fiOO Ames area esidents did that in late 1973 nd early 1974. i"Fcw'a"Mb'hth Now, the inquiries have ribbled to "a couple a month — certainly no more than hat," Norris said. The only thing that could re ive it would be "if people got cared — that is, if they help a great deal. The ack of any co-ordinated energy lolicy at the national level has mrt our situation somewhat. There doesn't seem to be any eadership in. government," Young said. Similar Concerns Van Nostrand, who also serves as chairman of the Iowa Commerce Commission, which reg ulates utilities, has similar concerns. "It's really up to the federal government to establish a gen- ral atmosphere for con- ervation and to set a national direction," he said. mpbrted Oil But Van'Nostrand added that he only law he can think of hat is certain to encourage energy conservation is one that would put a limit on imported oil. "Then there would be a real shortage everywhere you'd ook, and that's what people need — something they can see," he said. George E. Norris agrees. Norris, a public information officer for the Iowa Department if Transportation, heads up a citywide computer car pool program in Ames. Except that the irogram doesn't require much leading up any more. About Dead "It's still in effect and we're still publicizing it and occasionally someone checks it out, but t's kind of died," he said. The program was launched in people to turn their thermostats up to 78 degrees in the summer and down to 68 degrees in the winter. 34% Comply A telephone survey of 100 Iowa Power customers las month indicated that 34 per cent of those who have air-con ditioning are complying witl t h e company's summertime wishes. Young said he doesn't know exactly how that compares witl what people did last summer But based on a different cus tomer survey conducted in lE»t June of 1974, he suspects ttv figure is lower this year. Turned Them Up In that telephone survey o 405 persons, 39 per cent o those who had air-conditioning said they had turned their ther mostats up by at least 3 de grees. Thus far this year, Iowa Power has sold 7.2 per cent more electricity than it sold last year. This compares to only a 1.6 per cent increase in 1974. In years prior to 1974, the growth rate was 7 per-cent consistently, Young said. The company's sales of natural gas have dropped by 1.7 per cent this year. But Young said that fact is totally a reflection of the fact that January, February and Marcn were much warmer in 1975 than in 1974. Earnings Up Young said the company's efforts to encourage conservation of energy were hampered by its latest earnings statement. which reported a 67.5 per cent increase in total profits for the second quarter of 1975 and a 19.6 per cent increase for the 12 months ending June 30, 1975. In connection with those prof- HAIR IMAGINATION BECOMES REALITY with the 2000 AD Hair Replacement only at Mr. Ixitvtivo 3,000 A.D. Hoir IUploc.rn.nt — Nol jutl a Hair Replacement, but a new way of lift. Stnd for your ntw way ol lift information today Copyright 117$ Leon [mmoni 7/w Compkl* Hoir Carl Cinlir' ICxecuttUe I Mil IMvtrifty, 0«l M»ln»i, l«. Ml 11 "(SIS) 174404* |(Ow»tll»wn,«H«tll»ct) I I Mail Ihil coupon for a FRtE BROCHURE that conlidoilially antwvi lh« • l«n moil fnqutntly ask*d qutltioni * about hair replacement. 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Transit Firms But public transit companies throughout the state are fight- ing to hold onto the new riders they attracted in the early days of the energy crisis, according to Terrence Fritz, director of public transit for the State DC- partment of Transportation. .. Fritz said that in Des Moines, for example, the Metropolitan Transit Authority attracted 200,000 additional riders in 1974 - only about one per cent of which could be attributed to new routes or improved service. Levels Oat • "In 1975, you See a leveling out of ridershlp and bos com- panics across the country are not talking about 'any more growth._TheyJre_talkliig_jbou| holding on to what they've got," said Fritz, a former executive director of the Des Moines bus system. In Dubuque, the Key Line Bus Co. faces somewhat the same situation. A company official said that ridership increased in 1974 despite an increase in fares and a slight reduction of service on some routes. "This year, our figures would not Indicate people art trying to save energy by riding the bus," said Bfuce Randall, transportation cashier for the company. Discouraging Picture All in all, the energy consumption picture in Iowa this year is discouraging, but not surprising, according to Van Nostrand. "I'm not the slightest bit surprised at what has happened. "The American public is used to Instant everything. At the people Mid,'Well, if I slow down and shut off the lights, this thing ought to clear up.' They tried that for a few months and nothing happened. "Well, it Just doesn't happen that fast. ... It's going to take years to turn things around," he said. 6 MMRS jurors SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) Six jurors have been tentatively selected after the first week of questioning for the upcoming trial of American Indian Movement leader Russell Means. 800 TERRORIST CASUALTIES TUCUMAN, ARGENTINA (AP) - At least MO guerrillas have been killed,, wounded or captured in the army's, cam*: paign against leftist terrorists ' Tucuman province in northern Argentina, a top-ranXbig army officer said Saturday. The officer said the victims include Chileans and Uruguayans who fight and die at the side of Argentina's Marxist guerrillas, who, he added, receive training from Cuban and Algerian terrorists. The officer, who declined to be Identified, is a general in charge of the campaign and discussed the fighting three days after explosives planted under a local airport runway blew up an Argentine military C130 troop transport plane, kill* ing five and injuring 24 of the 114 soldiers aboard. 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