The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 4, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG,' ILL*- WKPNKSDAWJJSBBUARY 4, 1948 FAGB'FIVl WAKE UP YOUR LIVER Constellation-'Sets' '»··"«· Coasr-tp-Coast Record'for Airliners NEW YOUK, Feb. 4. --U.i:-- Trans-World airlines announced today that its constellation "Star Out Our Way By Williams * ! ' * · » · · · * * Typewriters Repaired · V'^Sjy; . ·' Experts .on . ii . T. * * * · ·· . All' Makes and Models Cash LEROY MITCHELL r ^ n i e - Sjl* 1 Sr«ic. It took off , from bos-Angeles a t 1 SUO p. m. .EST yesterday. The pilot Capt.K. IX Kac,,38, of Western Springs, '111.,' said" he "kept the' planc"7it" 19,00.0 feet altitude 1 lor the entire flight and averaged 376.'2 miles pe« ; .hour for- the 2,517- ' mile distance. · - . . . ! ! : Grandmother of Mrs. : John D. Sweint Dies Mrs. 'Frank? P.^llarra, 67 years :0kl, grandmother of Mrs. John D. 1 Sweat. Carrier Mills, died Monday j at her home in Salinas. Calif. j The Sweats were unable to go i la the funeral because their nine-' i months-old son, Steven, is recuper- 1 lating from a siege of pneumonia. ·ATER Small Electric Heater-^;-. effective for-bathroom^., breakfast nook and oth-. er small spaces. -. · Several different models' in stock/ Offered at reduced prices. ; '; Harris-Appliance Store 9 P* Opposite Post Office .,'CARRIER MILLS COME ANV GET IN* TH' LEAP AWHILE/ YOU REMIMP ME TOO MUCH OF A GUY WHO COMES JMTO A COUMTRV AFTER TH' PIONEERS HAVE SETTLEP WHAT? wo EXCLAMATIONS OF APMI RATION! IT RATHER PRETTV, ISW'T IT? CA/ER SUCH FROSTEP BEAUTY? WHUT'S TK MATTER WITH YOU GUYS? Taylor Was Dean of So, Illinois Educators ' ''· (Continued from page one) las ever served a prison term, ac- cprding to the records. Said A. W. Clcvenger. slate high school visitor, in a letter m 1939 after a visit to the Harrisburg Ilic morniiu; of last Nov. 13, when, halloas in ;i chilling wind, he talk-, ('! to tin- liirom; gathered at the depot lit'iv to honor all of Harris- bm - ;;'s ivtinniii}'. war dead. Said .Mr. Taylor: "C:m't we live in peace and happiness and enjoy the things that God on hi;;h lias given us? Let us keep our heads up, our minds Township high school: "Your community probably never be possible to determine the amount of influence which you have had on the lives of those with whom you have come in contact. You have rendered a service i of which you have a right to feel j proud. I always think of you as one of those school administrator;; who has a well-balanced education-! al program in which you put t h e 1 training of youth ahead of a program of simply teaching hi»h school subjects." Service to Community Mr. Taylor's service to the community -outside his school activi- clear and :ee that differences amor);,' men cruel wars." he settled without -- ^^^ --- Relieve coughing spasms, muscular soreness or tightness as most mothers do. At bedtime, rub on time-tested . . «ini i E PARK Herrin, III. .. ,. Saturday, February 7 \ COPR. 19** P* "£* SERVICr. IMC. T. U. PEC. U. S. f'AT. Off. · i I rr*~ **""«^«»i"«»«"«^·*··»*·· Dearth ol Pepper : Due td Persist ,'".BATA.VIA (UJi)_ The'fabulous 'pepper,; trade .of the Dutch East Indies presents a gloomy picture to a.pepper-hJungry world. · Few Dutch economic experts ex-1 pect Indonesia to reach her prewar leyel of 32,000. tons before ' NBA-Register Correspondent WASHINGTON--(NEA)--They're for it, but they're afraid 01 Before the Japanese "eight day conquest" of the Indies, Indonesia supplied 89 per cent of the world demand for pepper. , The estimated crop for 1948 is unknown. Nobody will hazard a fuess. No figures exist on the total acreage of. land now growing pep- j-j, ^-p romine ^. international bu si P*!/ . . ,, «j, t/ ,«j :,, nessman told the Senate Foreign Pepper is no longer produced in Committee the othe. the "spice elands" of olden days, d . n summi his observa the Moluccas and Ccram--now m- tjons Qn busincss reaction to-the corporated into the state of kast Marshall Plan Hc was RoyV-av. Gifford of Detroit, board chairman of Bo'rg \Varner International. Foi nearly 40 years he has been building and running ·factories, and' setting up sales organizations in 100 foreign countries/ . Gilford came to Washington tc tell the Senate about His plan: for an "American Council for Aid- to European Industry." First public announcement" on,-the Git'foro plan Jndonesa. . It Takes Time : ··· New bushes take three years to cultivate before they bear the percious spice.- No large-scale pepper planting-has yet taken place. The so.ur.ce of pepper being, expotfed: from'-the Indies today is old stockpiles. ; Little of the stockpile pepper ever reaches the big American dollar market. '· Old pepper cannof pass rigid United States fo'cfti- control*laws.'* J ': - :r -·· · ·Old, stockpiled pepper- is gener ally directed to European taoles where no .-food, inspection ; laws for pepper sexist; ···-.. ·· · ., 4 ^ zDutch economic experts.said the deteriorated-pepper cannot he re conditioned for .the American mar L- fas .much,as we like United "-* · - _ - « · ! » · A T E E D Jf you need to put the old pep hack in your car . . . CONTACT 1UR ·GREfiN;-tiic.-;- , . States -dollars.", .'The Daily Register, 20c a week by carrier boy. ' · GOOD FOOD GOOD DRINKS GOOD SERVICE GOOD PEOPLE : - . G e t in" the Groove : -].-,.. i · ·- -" '." -. ."· Join the Move ; To Andy's ' · Tops in Town Beside the Grand Theatre tics cannot be overlooked. I l e j l wac a strong speaker as well as j | a man of force and judgment. i| He was finance commissioner o f j j Harrisburg for four years u n d e r ! ; Mayor C. W. Turner. lie was ;.'c-,| live in the Liberty Loan drive,; ! u r - : ing World War I. He was awarded ! a citation of recognition by the j Department of Illinois, American;: Legion, in 1941. He was co-orcli:i-|" ator for the Saline county w a r ; effort in World War II. He w a s i , named a representative of educa- i j tion on a commission to draw u p . ] plans for post-war reconstruction 1 j in this area. i ] Mr. Taylor in the past couple of years "was forced to abandon his vigorous activity. His last public-appearance as a speaker was liMMIE SMALL . ' '. · T/ '.·: r\. and his Orcheslra Adm. nOc, Tax lOc HAL 60c ladies Admitted F R E E BY PAYING lOc TAX 8 m .1 ll II was made, in .this .column last', aiilvV ciriBiSrV·''BfTefly^TUf."Giffo^ WO T poses '· to line --up the services--or ; HEIRESS/SAFE. Maria Jesus Yolanda Escobar, 15,'._ embraces mother; Senora Consuelo Capaceta, upon return "from Mazatlan." where ' .she was 'field' captive for two .and .'one-half .months. ..after, she was i uuata · 10 line -uf me oci vit_to ui . ,, . , . - . . -, T America's top executives, engineers j forced to ^arrv-^ove. iMazano Mo-_ ' · ' " · - " '----- ' ·'"- '" r an. Jr., 21, under threats of death, j A~-suit was "pending in "Mazatlan j to' annul her marriage ; to liloran. " . . . . , ' (NEA .Telephoto) Old Age Pensions Averaged $41.10 During January SPRINGFIELD, 111., Feb. 4-- U.K--The State Public Aid commission reported today that .it! paid old age pension allowances averaging $41.10 to 126;809 persons during January. The average allowance was up six cents from December, but there were 75 fewer recipients in January, the commission said. Total cost of payments was $5,212,304, an increase of So,o80 over the December total. AGRICULTURAL 0 MORE SPRAY Containing the New, Original 2,4D A suarant^ed spray method that will-control weeds in small corn,, posture and noh-crop..are_qs._. r _ ..._ New:2,4D sVimuIates so^ Yiplent:q^growth^of fpols, wyds- literally consume themselves. Weeds ^1 -each other before growing, usually .by one, treatment. Equipment is inexpensive, easy to operate. · ' - ; : "-··"·* ; ·"'",''·'·'·' ' ^'? ···.'"'V · Weeds, IheTanier's Greatest Enemy! Controlled by 2 f 4D. FOR MORE INFORMATION OF THIS AMAZINGLY LOW COST PRODUCT, COME TO and technical experts. ' He woulc. make their "know how^. available to- the Iti European"- nations receiving aid under the Marshall Plan. "' ' · ' ' / ' · ' ·',- Gifford believes this aid would be readily forthcoming' if Am'erf- can businessmen understood tbat. by. contributing their services, they \vould help restore Europe, brin^ abcut a more lasting peace ana reduce the drain on tne American taxpayer. «. c o. The trouble is that American businessmen generally, With little or no foreign experience, don't know about these things. Sen. Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky asked Mr. Gifford why. Mr. Giffcrd had one thought on the matter. The trouble was that the Marshall Plan presented so niany imponderable problems thai [its elementary principles were "lost sight o'f. Tnis is tne point that Undersecretary or" State Kqb'ert A. Lovctt has been emphasizing for months. Keep it simple. Dori'i [get involved in details. As Gifford analyzed it. no private business could conceive 1 or handle a $6,800.000,000 program. Hut, if it were explained that 31,000.000,000 of that sum were- to oc- set aside for industrial reconstruction. which would mean Si.- 000,000 in new capitaL.for each/oi 1000 'enterprises in Europe, that they could understand. In terming the Gifford plan '"an admirable suggestion for independent co-operation with the Marshall Plan." Chairman Arthur M. Vandenbcrg. of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, declared that two-thirds of the possibilities it raised could be handled in the agreements made with each oi the" 16 European nations. However it is done, the Gifford plan presents the first, if not the only, practical suggestion that has come from American busine^. i Now that the big brass of gov-j emmcnl has finished its first round j of testimony on European recovery | · programs, leaders .of -busmen. Ia-t ix»r, farm" organizalicjgis ' and ofncs 5 pressure" group? -^ wite. coming to i » ^pM^Jfteir pieces. J What IhcVhavc had to offer Most 2» West Poplar" Yand Phone 78 J . F. G. Hf. " * * · · * ; ' « · - * · * Manufacturers, first of the big business groups' to come out'with.-a criticism of the Marshall Plan, listed 14 points--all negative--on which' it wanted modifications. - .Fortunately, not all businessmen PIC of the Hoover-Collyer-NAfti school of thought - · W h e n Paul Hoffman of Studebaker, chairman of the Committee for Economic Dc-velopmcnt, gave the views ot his- big business associates to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he advocated giving the Marshall Plan adequate funds over a period of time sufficient to make the program a success A. hait- hcarted program." said Hoffman. "Is likely to be worse than useless." . .cir' ideas, have «tr. for carps | . , id rcslrictionsf \\ -.. ·. · ·,,.'; . T . ·":. I - Perhaps the political opposition [Aspect cd bin businessman Bernard j Baruch to "sabotage the Marshall il'lan. When he gave it not only j full support, but 'also suggested an even bigger program than the ( State Department planners _ had I outlined, the opposition hr.d to (all back on Herbert Hoover. And ,ihe cx-Prcsidcnl obliged by giv- j ing the plan its worst black eye. ; In a letter to Senator Vandenberg, Hoover suggested cutting tho appropriations. ; Likewise using the letter approach, president John L. Coi'.yer cf B. F, Goodrich suggests that the goals for industrial expansion in Earope be roduopd substantially. In 'Sp doing, he is rer.egir..^ on the rccommehdalions 'lie approved in the;Harriman report, : '-Thj-\ : Jsatibnat" AssocinJiori of Snow means cold weather. You'll need more coal, a new stove I .'. new. warm ' . ·· " *M ,, * · * · " I t * * " clolhcsl" FOR YOU - · For new purchases and paying accounts. Make smaller monthly payments for consolidating your debts! LOAN CO. Pructt Building -Dale II. Sullivan, Mgr. isho February 7 -- 1:00 O'Clock a v a JOHN ENDSLEY, Auctioneer. 5 sections composition black board iy« sections slate'bourds 8x4 ft. 1 two door steel cabinet 1 library table kindergarten 2 long recitation seats 1 upright chair, small 1 set.Comptons 15 vol. 1935 1 set Human Interest 6 vol. 1335 1 set Progressive Reference 10 vol. 1928 2 fire extinguishers '1 framed picture (Geo. Washington) 1 set 8 maps (good) 1 two room frame building school grounds--2y 2 acres 1 teacher's desk 1 teacher's chair 1 globe 1 large dictionary 2 bulletin boards 19 desks No. 2 one back 13 desks No. 3 one back 7 desks No. 4 two backs 4 desks No. 6 two backs 1 desk No. 5 1 set 8 maps (poor) 120 library books 2 bubblers '2 sinks i a J o The. fryst'ess reserve A. A. MOOR! IQ right to reject any or all bids:- HENRY DALLAS, SR. r W. D. NOLEN, Trustees You ?oc a new sign on today's highways::: an oval si$n wth.thc fl^^^^ART)^ tcrvicc, a:id the single word "STANDARD . ^ I; «; replacing the familiar "Standard Service" «cn. It" is being adopted for your convenience Ixv-ui-o it's easier to see and identity. w This r.owsign iss-rnbolicofa great^ . pot-wnr improvement program aimed at brincn'g you even better products and «:rvfce facilities along the road. M-.-r.-vhile--under both new sign and old-- vo-i'll find top-notch product* and i-o-.irt' ou-. thorough. Dersonalizcd service . . . to .iss-v.rc you ot safer, more pleasant rrivirc r.r.d lonpcr life for your car. STAS99ARD OIL COMPANY Standard Service Church and Vine John "Sonny" Cummins John Damcrcn --«l» S Service Commcrdal and Poplar DAVIS Standard Service Ma'n aad Walant -|| 1 l ·;?$· i 11 -'ft..- ! ·fti f ' · f M . - - . i!f : · * ~r,m « ? lEWSPAPERr iNEWSPA'FERr

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