The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 30, 1987 · Page 40
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 40

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1987
Page 40
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Page 40 article text (OCR)

THKSIJMMY SHOrt'KK Sunday, Auguitt 30, 1997 TUESDAY MOMNING MOVIC A WIMIUMI ul l' A rtrCX'WO C*4t*MJ« d»r*! <VVO1».'> X-H lo tw-r caim-f *^i!d J iu/MKonw.^ >e<.tu<« trio* K luvl 19W) Af TEMNOOM MOVIC 'IU<t«.»d llw na<j< e( l«V!t Ol **!**? b«4ttfKJ CM1 llMOTt COU(ji«* uf <Mlvfm\t t>«:kr|routKl& tuvl *oet jr« slwM'n fCdfun 0"%vM ittVjK Burton VU,fT..Mrll 1978 71 MOVIE 'Hooc*!' Tl»o« «-.•(.! How Vtxk Ftcxxll ofttvc in Ctaylun tHi |>l»n% to txcj*ncs*: 19/6 M MOVIC Wtw«i 4 wo/nan tmcomns P»«vrt<Mlt ol ttX) U S t r.iy. Pody (V.ti/e<i Arl.-i« DaU 1964 MOVIE: 'Ih« Compulw Woo ' UXJ 4CC*!&$ fu d CON4>(j«r'& COfTWXjIlff &V& If^tl. d IttlK^tflt IKVUdri& VdTM lilCtS COO by W<jfld ol Disrw'y" |V»?44fn!a!too Km! Rus&uil. Ci">v itncmnu 1969 PJII 7 ol EVtNIMG t)S(B MAJOR LLAGUC BASEBALL (l.ivw) (? Iwi . *O nun I 1000 MOVIC: 'DM-MCT A IXllttXM ,!IK< SI!. !«r (fy IO CO(H-' willi IfM? iicl Hi.ll tKilh tlioir pdr«Miti wtri*: ifiuculwi to* Ht'J Sfvn 1 MlKMHy Multon. M.itwly Pattfikin AiiM:i 1983 (In Sirtn.'o) IJ O MOVIE 'Women in Wlijie' Hi,- uowly ,i|>!HMn!«rd criM'f of btalf of d Fld* uij ho'j|) sirmj'j!'!', 10 I>oli1 il«i l«)s|>i t«l louiMlHM Sauri Wlntitiaii. Pjlty l>jk« Ablni Rolxti Culp 1979 I'art ? of ? IB 'H MOVir 'Tenipesf A it^illu S4on«'<1 N Y inrliiti'CI U;dv«;s his wifo (trul httjh {Ht.'b'.uio CttrtMH for ItU* on a feinolf Gnr* 1 *- iblaixi Jorm Cas^.ivrM'JS. Geri.f Howlafxfs Su^.in Silfrfndon 1982 9:1S«3 MOVIE: 'Will Penny" An aijimj cowtHiy f^tls in tovo wuh a wonian wrto fuHps tunt dfltir fur is iiuackud din! loft (or tli-'drt by outlaws Clidfflon Kusion. Joan H.ICKOII. Oonulii Phtascncc 19(58 10:300 TENNIS Saint- <)ay early round hiyltlujhlb (roin llw UST A N.Hionj! 1'cn ins Cnniiii in Qucwis, NY lTa|x.-d) 11:000 MOVIE: 'Silu«tio« Ho|>«less but Wot Serious' I wo IfMirs ihot down over Gcrmrtny are liilon in by a lonely ucctmmc wliodousn'i it'll ilicni the war is ovei RolM;rt Rcdfotd. Sir Alec Guinness. Mictui.'l Connors 19GS 1 t:30B TRACK AND FIELD HKMcjhts of World Chi'»fn|)tonships. Iroin Rome (GO nun ) 9 MOVIE: 'Hurricane Smith' A luyi live on a south sea island captures a :;hip thai is oft a search lor uold John Ireland, Yvonne DtJ Carlo. James Craiy 1952 12:009 MOVIE: 'In Old Chicago' This story depicls Iho O'Loary laniily. whose cow is blamed for slarliny the greal Chicafiofifi! Tyrone Pow<;r, Alice Faye. Don Anwcho 1938 12:109 MOVIE: 'CtHSum' The successful owner of a vast catlle ranch. locKs hoins will) a powerful and unscrupu tons businessman wtvo is deiernnrved 10 dominate tin! eniire renion John Wayne. Foitest Tuckor. CtnistO(>lK.'r Oeoifjn 1970 (HI TUESDAY EVENING 0 3D ® © GD O CD OH (8) • GD e •t © © •i © © © • n 5:00 t*« 5:30 i 6:00 SDCN ^ I*™ M<yi»ws J MCK R'XM R»-nj<x -! f. Manhattan Cont <J _„ . Oioonr Bru^airyJ [W«v0e Uo> due Can', on IV 6:30 in! \wvfr\\ 7:00 Matte* DonnaReed MOT* Whistle Do«n if* WivJ SponjCentw US Opwi Bdi Dance 7:30 Mister Ed 8:00 Mo«e Dame! My 3 Sons 8:30 ~tr«fWcft~t. T 1,, i,, 1 ,,I,|,I, 9:00 Sus* CarW Movie Romance m Manhattan Sp*M//CKV3 U S Oc*r\ l£fir*s MacNeil / Lehrer Newshom People. Our Group Mow 'tUi« Mow 'jwalbws jnd Amazons The Big Sn Kr« New.WC/1 Lwe at Frrt Sfw. 0» Mor*. i ^ndy Aktwst Hoy* Aice CBS Ne*-s SftOrtK/ ABCHe*-s News Moneylirie Mouwlwpuce Wheo-Fortune C/ossf»e News MOY« On The F.dg* 8e«tcned Rly ASxirn Uttle House on tNe Praise LA Downs Golf Journal Mone leachcr. !eacf>er Carol Burnc-n ComputitrF'Tunni^ Snc^s GooO littes Jeftersons Greati-s! Am?iican Heir Andy Gnfctri I oo Close Benson SanlcKtt & Son Business Rpi Kay 0 Brten Billiards 9:30 Momxees !•*• Mews It: It TomghtShow ISpy Mov« Whistle Down (he Wind Innovation Nova One Village m China Movie Tins lime lor Me Movw Legal Eagles Elecfre Grindmotner David Toma Show PnmeNews Who s Boss Growmg Pains Vietnam Wat WATour Fridtrt Seme** S»o*i't SfeonVtftor Dr.fiuV.Show Move: "Agnes ol God" Mone Escapade m Florence Houston Knights Larry King Dye Moonlighting Movie Scanners Hawa» Five -Q Bill Worrelt Night Heat CNNrtevS Spenser For Hire Ozoe Newt Moneyhne News Movie 'The Fly" Marco Pok) Major League Baseball Movie The Whoopee Boys Major Leagje Base&aH 3 s Company Soap B BuOd*s Hews H s Heroes Matt Houston Tninocr Bizarre Current Affair Don Rickles on tne Loose fVMf Tew* SpornTonjtt r*#*ne ft*-: M*u«e Ml.lttlMI Movie: "Wtmmg Sign" Movie: 'Will PefMly Movie: Women m White LaleShow Major League Baseball Mews Movie: Tempest TUESDAY LATE EVENING O © ® (X) CD 0 (S 0H ® O (3D CB BE m O) •i © 03 (§) • n 11:00 looignt Sfw* Donna Meed WhiSlle Dor,-n Sportstoo*. Sir on $ 11:30 12:00 hack and FieW Wnlet F.O My 3 Sons 12:3( L_1 1:0 ° News Susie Move Romancfl m Manhattan Sirler Mag Eooe ol Nigh! MacNei / L(^f(5 Neivshout Regis Fh*»n Show Surfing Search IQI Sign-Off Racing HollywooJ Love Connec Car 51 1:30 Sign-Off Monkees 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:M 4:» ISpy Movie: "Paper Tiger " MOVK? Whistle Down the Wind Sign-Off Tom Mann SportsCenter Arm Wrestling Senior PGA Golf WWF Prime Time Wrestling All-American IfVrestdng Some. Ertr* Aerates PGMSrie Investment Advisory Movie Bronco Bitty Movie Pi'ates ol Toituga Coni a T J. HoAei Nvwsnijht Movie Jagged Edge ' Investment Advisory Ktfjorffwton Movie: "The Protector" Movie Brothers By Choice Movie "Escapade m Florence' W»lt Otsney fitter*, Movie Chisum Crossfire Newsnigh! Updale Movie Situation Hopeless bul Not Serious Movie Babid Com d M.T (.fjore A Hilchcock News News Sports Nightwaich News Overnight Larry King Overnight Cfossttre SivMbtf Movie Riding Tall' Movie: "Zorro" Movie Killer Party Movie. In OW Chicago Mapr league Baseball Chicago Cubs al Houston Astros Conic 1 Warnirg Snjn Will Penny Tam INI, N«tv$ Buarre Movie Peep Show Movi6 Huftcane Smith Benson Odd Couple News Sign-Oil Movie: 'The Tender Age" Movie: "The Fly" Fugitive Sign-Off Movie 'The Hasty Heart Movie: E»cept For Thee atxl Me' : Movie 'Union Station " H.'s Hwoes Grew Acres PTL Club Movie Satem s Lot Angie Forgotten Children of the 80 s Twilight Zone Laverne GomerPirte Movie: Targe! Zero Movie "Rio Grtnde" Laverne INN News Movie: "The Shadow Riders" Movie: ' The Blue Gardenia' Combat! frwedt* THURSDAY FRIDAY L.A. LAW Emmy nominee Corbin Bertiscn plays crafty attorney Arnie Becker on "L.A, Law/ airing Thursday, Sept. 3 on NBC. (Rebroadcast) iStatinns iescr\e ihc right lo mail? fast minute changes.! MAX HEADROOM Jeffrey Tambor (I,), Matt Frewer and Amanda Pays star in a rebroadcast episode of "Max Headroom," airing Friday, Sept. 4 on ABC. The series will continue to air on Fridays in the fall. iSlolions r&serve fhc fitjht to mate hst-minute chongcs.l

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