The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 28, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1924
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PACE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1^2-1 HAL EVARTS IN APPEAL FOR ELK Hutchinson Editor of Saturday Evening Post Writes For Outdoor America. KIIIR left for Corpus Chrlsii. Tnx., to Join I heir huslmndu ami spend tlio winter Mrs. Hendricks Heads Better Homes Move In Outdoor Am .-rii'ii, owned mid piiMlslied liy tli« Uniilt Will.on liea .aiiP of Atni'llc H . Hal l!. Kviitla Dl' llnlclilnson, oiitdoui- i -ilitor of tho Siitunlny Kvrn'ui! Post, wrltton a ptory tlmt tout-lies tlu' loiirt. It is "The Pinal Ita.Iy" nnd It lulls of tin- «turvliiK oik In tlio norlInvent lands, the ratine or monnUin^ and Mimvs In and near Yellowstone I'i'.l'U. Mr. KvtiriM Junius his Hithjeet tielter than any o hv: |>.-!>:on. I 'o.' h-' haw ."pent nnuli time In the mountains where the elk ate to ho found and where they are inak In K their f'nal Miuiit, where tlionn- Dnda of them tire literally s'.arvlnj; lor hay ami other feed. The Need 13 Great. "This In net on ordinary article," the editor of Outdoor Atneriea says "it Is ti call to iietiim." Anil lite maitarne is uoitu- to creal leng hs !o inlt'n-M uiitdorte lovers and 10V- w.°. of wild nniinals and fame, in | litd[t, atid help now w|-:'li the Il 'lp- is nee led tu savit the el'ji. It is B story that apnea's to everyone and no one ; houhl fail to read it tool tn lulo wh.-n the ohniU 'o I'um'ri, as this elianee has eonie, } to MIV<- one {if rli up -at .-Ht of out- j t '-.or anlmalH tn the wothi. The first, step in the prepinallon for 1.1' Iter Humes Week In llutcli ln.son for which will he held May in to IT throur.lintit the try. was made today, when Mrs Uu '.ph lleiidrlck 11eeept .il the Invitation of i-teeretury or t'onitneree j Herliert Hoover to sotve its eltair- man of a hKT .I eotnniittee to pro mote and develop n Metier Humes demonstration. ( More than Kdhi ime-tre^slvc eoni numlties throitrihout Ho. enlire stales oonducted lletter Homes tiiin 1 "ftim last yetif. SI'o|>o-.Sco|,e will take the hop- pinn out of votir Xmas siinppi.i£. tf. During the World War (Icrmany Klrlpiied ri.ors f o"i li'.tes and tore he"s fr ' -to melt tent for war munitions. PLEVNA The Plevna hoys i .oiit to Allien Pridny. (Novemher 21) nnd Plevna ivas defeated hy n scoro of In to 20. II wiu our first Ranin of tins- Itelhall and the hoys played well, The revival meeting nt the Con- i;re;:allonal ehnreh will elose Tlnr .'S. ilny, (Xovontlior 27) with n Tlmnks- i *lvin,i; diniier. The Koeond nmnlier of the Lyceum Course will ho given on Wednesday night, (Novemher 26.) The hoys ha.skolhnll tournament hetween the classes will he held Tuesday. (Hecemher 2) and the finals will he playd Prlday night, tlood luck to tlio Sophomores. The Physiology class received samples of Colgates dental cream. -There is now no excuse lor their n-t washing their teeth. The Congregational Church C. K. Is going to have n social Friday night (N'oveniher 28) to which the high school Ktudents are cordially Invited. Mrs. Craee Medslter's Snndny school (Mass and their friends half a surprise party at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Koy Tawes, Saturday evening, November 22. Many gnmes tvera plnyed and the evening was onjoyod by all present. Refreshments wore served nt a Into hour. Charley Learning, formerly of this town, died at his home In Liberal. He contracted a stroke of paralysis Saturday morning nnd died Saturday evening. Short funeral services wore hold at the home. Mrs. Learning and children accompanied tho body to Iowa tor hitrlal. A box nnd pie sjipper was hold nt tho Independence school, November 25, which Is taught by Miss Dawson. A large crowd enjoyed tho tine program. Miss Clara Oallo goes to her home In Mottndridgo for the Thanksgiving vacation. Miss firaco Van Scolk will spend the Thanksgiving vacntlon with her sister and family at Kinsley, Kansas. Vse tho Shop-o-Scopo—Hsu your head, not your feet and make this tho merriest. Xmas ever. tf. AETNA-JZE NOW. Brehm's. Phono VI. li-ni.w-f-fjt CITV WA8 THROWN IN DARKNESS LAST NIGHT. The city wns thrown In darkness about W o'clock last night for 11 few minutes, as a result of one of the big turbine* at tho United Water, Otis and Klectric Co., power plant being accidentally showered with water. The automntli, switch was thrown out and It was four minutes before the lights wore thrown on agnln. Must Wear Pajamas Vienna: At the bathing resorts in Hungary regulations in regard to costumes and deportment are enforced by gendarmes. Pit Jam as must bo worn over bnthlng suits ot those not bathing and banishment from tho scone niiil n fine is the. punishment for offenders iigainst goo dtttste. RALPH CODY INJURED UNLOADING MACHINERY llalph Cody of tho Cody Transfer Co. suffered sovorely from tho fracturing of one of his fingers about 7 o'clock this morning when he was helping to move somo mncliln cry at the Peerless Laundry. Whet he took tho roller out from untlei tho machine, one ot his finger." wns caught. Force ef Habit. "How dared you kiss me like I hat?" screamed the pretty young woman. "You—an absolute stranger—right on the public street—before everybody?" "I don't know," apologtzod tho movie actor. "Somo dnmfool yelled 'camera'!"—The American Legion Weekly. | LOOKING BACKWARD ——— V? FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1074. .Mr. iiml Mr*. (\ U Kendall U-fi Umi'hin.son to make their home In Si'ii Francisco. Sri;!>-i> in KUinwood wove munti- rjK'iifi'iiiK their own salt by h"il- iiiL* the valet- from the t-pr.n^. Tit'' pour lum^n was V-inK en- Iiiri4'''l hy ft"-' mltlins of ten morc- r-b-epinp buni-. -addim; WJTO \vovk Inr (iti'l. K. A. Smith. FORTY Y£ARS AGO IN 1B84. ... i*. Civ.'nk'f, civshier of the ]Iuti hinf-on bank, went to ('aliforniii lor ;i short v!H".itwm. Ri 'v. H, C. Col" was II'TC viyit- l;m hiM hiothcr, n. J, t'ole. wml ,>p 'ar !K 'iJ at ilie It .iptf .st I 'iiinrli, Kor;y of the yotiim people of ti .• tn\\n went up I" NIc.Jier.-'nn 10 atieint Liu; oponiiii; of ih>; pkatlut; rink. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1894 ; K. W. ('lin*., t;ix roninil^sioner j f«i iho land nVpartnif-nt of thoi Saniit IV, was her*? on buslnt'ss j loi liis company. ', Shotteiilurk vein (o Pret-] * i> i't .:iri" 1 n invoice a stock ot l:iiod< Km in ft t H uM oh hml bought. \ Mr\ H*-j'tha Siiuuk wroti; ti Mr. ami Mrs, liownrd Waddles' iraVM a daimiiiR" party which, was V '-ry iiniuue, for it was UUA first i time a lio^tf.'fr; carried out u color, >'hftm- in u]| h"f I'OOHJ.S uutl used, s.une flowers everywliei't. 1 , TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904 Miv. S. V. .lohn.'on eiit'-riained lit*- stti inh'-r.s o;" the ?.rr-h'i-.ttt»-s*-n fluh. Mr**. Martha Hr.-^,~l.r sn> .1 the Jttn-k island railway for $ HM»IH)> .t [or the death of Iu»r litis- hand. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914 Mr-. \Y. l\ /inn and Mrs. Frank Snt t. .;t ' entert :t jned a niimi>e>' oi r'u.-'' - .if a ti\ <• hundred pari \. M: -s Hessi.. 1 Laiit-r who was b-j^ln? for California 1" live, p»\e ri far. well r <H 'ilal at the puniio of Tbiity Hiittrsill. >'rt<. .Sam Kiup and Mi>. Hni'-e A 4-Tube Radiola Four tubes to get big distance on the loudspeaker. Dance to music a thousand miles away! A well-built receiver, improved in tone and performance. Brings in music and voice, clear and undistorted. And outdoes in performance receivers far above its price! RADIOLA Hl -a including head- hhmics, RaAiola Loudspeaker, and /our \V 0 - t 1 KaJiucroni. $110 Let to demonstrate it in your homt i Rorabaujh Wiley's Bring the Kiddie* to Toy Land Our Third Floor Rorabaugh -Wiley's All Charge Purchases Made Friday and Saturday Will Appear On the January 1st Statement!. This Store la The Christmas Store Begin your Xmas Shoppin Now! Buttcr-ffrust [Does Not Crumble/j Try it /J RADIO De Forest D-12 Reflex Radiophone A fi'iir tiihi- iony cnnWiined hat ten*-.* distance indoor loop lvceiVL-r, villi Ltui iuud speaker. PRICE COMPLETE Price ineludfs everything—sot. 4 tubes, all necessary bat- h-ri^s, rr-'prodtner uw\ loud speaker, loop antenna," elaborate tn.srruction hook, and tuninj: chart. I.'-U'-Art Leather—"A" and "13" dry batteries, $177.00 LIBERAL TERMS Rorabauyh -Wiley's] Rorabaujfh Wiley's Preset' ng WINTER MILLINERY Radiantly New! $5 $ ? 50 IJQ HmJIaut Ucscribti IIICM' loVi'lv n >.-w liat:- l.u.-- Irous faUrlcs—Brlgln Triiuuiiiinh • Leading Fabrics—Faille Silks. A lu'ut'usiou ot new iii'-ui-.'s uwiill your in^M'L'Uuii. SatJns, Benonllnes, Brocades. 40 in. Width Flat Crepe Beautiful quality, all silk Flat Crepe in a 40-inch width; A very popular fabric, and shown in the following wanted shades. White, deer, jade, nickel, burnt russet, tobacco, Empire blue, navy and black. 36 in. Width Satin Brocade Pretty Satin Brocades in a splendid quality material Plain colored grounds with very attractive figures in contrasting colors. Beautiful combinations,; blue with ,t;old figures; cerese with gold; russet with blue; tan with green, and sapphire with gold figures. A SENSATIONAL SALE OF SILKS Beginning Saturday Morning We were extremely fortunate in obtaining this great shipment of high grade silks—purchased especially for this Great Silk Sale. It is a mojt timely Sale Event, in that it comes right when you are planning and making your Christinas Gifts. Here are beautiful, fresh, crisp silks of un- ( excelled qualities, purchased direct from the Mills, llirough the combined purchasing power of the Eight Rorabaugh Stores, at a price that enables us to offer them to you far below their regular prices at $1.97 per yard. * Included are Flate Crepe, Satin Canton, Crepe Satin, Silk Satin, Changeable Satins, Corkscrew- Crepe, Crepe-de-Chine, Changeable Taffeta,' Satin Brohades, Wash Satins and Canton Crepe. 40-in. Satin Canton A full 40 inch width, fine, all silk qualits material. One of the most favored silk fabrics of the season. Shown in the following good shades; henna, burnt russet, Chinese blue, navy, seal ,and black. 40-in. Corkscrew Crepe A very delightful material of silk and wool. A heavy quality especially suitable for suits, and where a heavier material is desired. Colors, gold, brown, cranberry, bright blue, , and black. 36-in. Beautiful Changeable Satin ,Vt inch width superior quality, changeable satins featured in beautiful color combinations. Colors that will please for the Holiday purposes. Copcn and gold; cer­ ese and green; yellow and ccrcse; white and green; rose and gold. 40-in Width All Silk Radium This is the silk for your lingerie purposes—an all silg radium; a tine quality. Shown in this special selling tor your selection in white, pink, orchid, coral, peach and turquoise. 36-in. All Silk Changeable Taffeta Here is another very desirable silk—an all silk quality, beautifully finished changeable taffeta. Shown in turquoise and lucifer; blue and gold; green and cerese. gold and folly; white and cerese; yellow and lucifer; cerese and yellow, and turquoise and yellow. 40-in Width All Silk Canton Crepe A full -10 inch width all silk material in a fine quality, and a good weight. A good color range to select from—tobacco, bospliorotis, cocoa, henna, jacquct blue, navy and black. 36-in. Changeable Gros-de-Londre This is a splendid quality silk in one of the greatly desired corded weaves. The texture and the. colorings make this a very desirable material. Shown in, rose and gold, white and green; rose and yellow; white and pink; nile and tangerine; green and blue, and tan and blue. 40-in. Beautiful All Silk Charmeuse All silk material; finished with a highly lustrous sheen; a very durable quality. Shown in two very popular colorings, burnt russet and black. 40-in. Width Silk Crepe Satin This is a very fine quality all silk material. Very suitable for making Christmas Gifts. A wonderful value for the low price asked. Shown in burnt russet and black. 36-in. Width All Silk Satin Here is a very splendid silk material—a 36 inch width all silk satin. Suitable for dresses as well as for finer under garments. Shown in rose, copcn, navy and black. 36-in. Width All Silk Taffeta Now for that Winter dress! Here is an all silk taffeta in the 36 inch width. A splendid quality—one that will please you. Shown in, zinc, sapphire, deer, Havana, navy, and black. 36-in. Width Silk Wash Satin For those teddys and nighties! A 36 inch width wasli satin in a good quality material. Shown in the del' icate shades of pink and orchid, and white. 4%m. Width All Silk Crqpe-de-Chine Merc is a beautiful quality all silk crepe de chine. A good weight suitable for Christmas Gift making, and shown in pretty pastel shades of pink, coral, orchid, and turquoise. Come Early Saturday! See Our Window Displays!

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