The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1967 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1967
Page 23
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WASHINGTON Ikny-Go-Rouad WASHINGTON -Revelations by William Manchester of the attitude and actions of the Kennedy staff toward President Johnson immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas and on the plane trip back to Washington have reminded Washington that this wasn't the first time there had been such lack of recognition and respect for a new President. When President Harry Truman rode on the funeral train bearing Franklin Roosevelt's body from Washington to Hyde Park, Truman became impatient at the P1EW FEARtON long stops the train made at Baltimore, Philadelphia and Trenton. Finally he sent his military aide, General Harry Vaughan, back to the rear car where Roosevelt's body lay in state, to ask why the delays. Vaughan was told by Harry Carr of the Pennsylvania Railroad that they were givingpeople time to pay their respects to the President. General Vaughan replied: "The President ain't here; he's up there," pointing to the forward section where Truman was COMEIN TODAY HOW TO TAME YOUR INCOME TAX TAKE IT TO BLOCK) They're •«p»rrt at whipping up a la it, accurate tax return that tavet you time, worry, and often money, tool Drop by your nearett BLOCK office today. BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE LIFE GUABANTEC; We guarantee accurate preparation of every tax return. If we make any errori that cost you any penalty or interest. we will pay the penalty or intereit. America's ktrgest Tax Service with Over 1500 Office.* 108 No. Moore - Algona, la. 'Weekdays 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. - Phone 295-7031 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY riding. - o - FBI AND FOREIGN POLICY Militant far-right organisation such as the Liberty Lobby and the John Birch Society spent an estimated $30 million on propaganda last year. They expect to spend more this year because of their flght against the Soviet-American consular treaty, and are pouring mail into Senate offices at a rate of about 100-to-l against thetreaty. They chiefly cite J. Edgar Hoover as their reason for opposing the treaty. If the FBI had worried more about the Lee Harvey Oswalds rather than trying to shape American foreign policy, there might have been no assassination in Dallas. - o - OUSTER FOR REAGAN? Under the laws of California, a governor can be recalled six months after taking office if the people of California want to vote him out. Within a month after becoming governor, Ronald Reagan has ousted the President of the University of California, cut back the budget for education, appointed anti-labor men on commissions dealing with labor problems, and postponed the Important plans which Governor Brown had made with the federal government to set up a redwood national park. All this has the people in Northern California fuming. In Southern California they don't know too much about it, because the newspapers have been very gentle with Reagan. However, they'll find out. During the summer, according to present plans, petitions will be signed for recall of the governor, and it's almost certain that the 15 per cent of the vote necessary will be on the petitions by October, and that there will be a statewide recall vote to remove Governor Reagan from office. Jesse Unruh, Democratic boss and Speaker of the Assembly, probably will run against him. - o - PROTECTION FOR DIPLOMATS^ State Department officials made the amazing admission to Gt>op£ help keep more money In our town! MOW r Because co-ops are always locally owned and Cooperatives are the controlled. balance wheel The Savin 8 s the y return to their patrons, stay in the that Strengthens community to help build all kinds of business. our free economy ... In a single year> co ' op savin s s returned » patrons in just one state, totalled $1 7,500,000. This meant additional buying power for automobiles, clothing, appliances, furniture, groceries, insurance, and scores of other needed commodities and services. Cooperative patronage refunds help make local business better . . . benefit the whole community. TITONKA CO-OP ELEVATOR Jack Stott, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, Bode R. L. Matheson, Mgr. FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR CortU Lura, Mgr. 1RVINGTON CO-OP ELEVATOR E. F. Immerfall, Mgr. LONE ROCK CO-OP EXCHANGE — Lorenz Geitzenauer, Mgr. WHITTEMORE CO-OP ELEVATOR Alfred Schulti, Mgr. (Hobarton Branch) BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR Ronald Jurgens, Mgr. LEDYARD CO-OP ELEVATOR Bernard Reilly, Mjr. OTTOSEN CO»OP ELEVATOR Jerry Huffman, Mgr. WEST BEND ELEVATOR CO R, W. Jurgen$, Mgr. Cooperatives help more people share in America's progress Madame Mlcunovlc, wife of the Yugoslav ambassador, that the United States government cannot protect her and her children from future bombings. After the Yugoslav embassies in Washington and Ottawa, together with four consulates in the U. S. and Canada, were bombed simultaneously two weeks ago, State Department officials advised Madame Micun- ovic to take her children and go to live with a friend. This was an amazing admission for the most powerful nation in the world to take — that our police and our vaunted FBI could not protect the wife and children of an ambassador to the United States. - o - -DODD VS. JUSTICE Rep. Adam Clayton Powell of Harlem has been stripped of his committee and suspended from serving in Congress while charges against him are investigated. But Sen. Tom Dodd of Connecticut, also under official investigation and facing charges far more serious than those against Powell, continues as a Senator, as the head of three important Senate subcommittees, and also as a key member of the Senate judiciary committee. Recently Sen. Dodd has dropped hints that he will block Justice Department legislation before the Senate Judiciary Committee - if the Justice Department goes ahead with consideration of a criminal case against him. It so happens that the line-up of liberals and conservatives on the judiciary committee is almost even, which means that Dodd could cast the swing vote. It gives him power over the Justice Department at a time when the department is weighing a criminal case against him. If Senate leaders want the public to put confidence in their handling of the Dodd case, the Senate at a bare minimum should suspend Dodd from sitting on any committee dealing with the Justice Department. To leave the man who is under judgment in a position of judging his judges is not the way to make democracy live. - o - RED CHINA'S SECRET WEAPONS- The, Russian diplomats who complained of, mistreatment by the Chinese in Peking revealed that the Red Guard mob had dealt them both cruel and inhuman punishment. The Chinese poured glue on the seats of the Soviet automobiles and forced the Russians to sit in it. Then; while prisoners in the cars and unable to move without tearing their pants off, the Russians had to listen to loudspeakers placed in the cars which thundered out lectures on the doctrines of Mao Tse-tung. - o- - KENNEDY PUBLIC RELATIONS Bobby Kennedy's recent o^ick trip to Europe and his pronouncement last week that we must reach an accomodation with Red China are being viewed in Washington as smart and high- powered public relations gambits to refurbish the Kennedy image after the tarnishment of the Manchester book controversy. It's obvious enough that the stories that Kennedy had been made the recipient of new Hanoi peace feelers in Paris were fed to reporters via his PR men. The fact that what he learned in Paris already had been explored carefully by the Johnson administration and definitely was nothing new. But the way it was exploited made the New York Senator appear a powerful force for peace. On top of this, Bobby and his brother Ted succeeded in getting headline credits for the release on the Czech-American, Vladimir Kazan-Komarek, sentenced to prison in Czechoslovakia on spy charges. The fact in this case is that it was entirely the work of the State Department - which had told the Czech government bluntly that, if Kazan were jailed, there would be no Czech-U. S. trade treaty. But the Kennedy brothers got all the credit. - o - - "NO MORE WAR" It's unusual that around 400 top business leaders can come to Washington for a conference with the President and the Secretary of State and not make headlines. But that's what happened last week. Some of the most important business executives in the nation, from Los Angeles. New York, Chicago and San Francisco, arrived at the invitation of Secretary Rusk to discuss the Johnson proposal to promote trade with the European communist nations. Ratification of the USA- USSR consular treaty is part of this over-all policy. President Johnson greeted business leaders at a cocktail party reception in the Madison Room on the top floor of the State Department. "My father told me never to make speeches at rodeos, country dances or cocktail parties," he said. "Despite that, I want to give you the philosophy behind my idea of improving relations between the United States and the Soviet Union." The President then talked quite simply, but obviously from the heart, regarding his idea that if "the two big boys," as he expressed it, pull together there will be no more war. He emphasized the fact that only the United States and Russia have refined atomic weapons, and that the world has reached a point where these weapons could spread to irresponsible governments; so steps must be taken to stop this spread. He considered the treaty for the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, now almost concluded, to be an Important step In this direction. Band Directors, Students From Area To SCI Six high school band directors from this area and members of their musical organizations are slated to be among 600 from approximately 100 high school and junior high bands to participate in the 12th annual Tallcorn Music Conference at the State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls, Feb. 18. They are Garrigan, N. M. Rezac; Buffalo Center, L. Oren; Corwith - Wesley, M. Bennett; Sentral, W. L. Jones; SweaCity, C. Sougstad; and Woden-Crystal Lake, D. Earp. Students will rehearse during the day for two performances during the evening and informative clinics will be held during the day for directors. GIVE YOUR FIELDS A BREAK! And, cut your workload in half! A quick trip over your plowed fields with a BRADY Field Cultivator gives you the finest seedbed you've ever known. Why not attach the dolly and planter and do the entire job in one trip? Then, also use it for summer fallowing—stuble mulching—pasture and hayland renovation. 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