The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 30, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1932
Page 10
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THE DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK. MD-, MONDAY. MAY 30. 1932. Pilots Brave Gales In Hunt For Scientist On Glacier Makes 570th Address In 247th | i Day When He Speaks Under j Auspices Young Peopie. AUTOS CANNOT HAUL AS MUCH AS FREIGHT TRAIN Speaker. At Meeting Here, Con- trasts Old And Present Conditions. "FieldMarshal" OF SUSPICION Maryland State Koad (rucks Take Them To District Line. ONE KILLED AT CUMBERLAND; May 29 --With the Asa- ' -near: fla? r.jing before them !6 truck- · loads of -arar veterans came to the end ' ·j'. a. transcontinental hitehh_ke today -»ith the avoa'ed purpose of remaining . in Washlngrton un'.il Congress pays ihelr J :x:;iis in f'jll. Weather-beaten, travel- j strained and dog tired, the former' Two Ph"---»p''»"« Not Wanted In ! Brodsfcy Kidnapping Case. 1 Wilmington- Del.. May 29.--TKO Fhi!- · adelphians. who were deiained in Bed! ford. Pa. last nigh: a connection with I the HiKia. BrocsKy kidnapping of .ast ! month were cleared of suspicion is the r^. icase by three WAr.ingt^ detectives. | Fi who questioned them there. Detective Captain Elwood Wllaoa s«l upon his return today th»t the pair h» convinced him of their innocence an ae ordered then» released. a«M», the 8 year old daughter of ! and Sirs. Harry Brodsky. WilsnJngi disappeared on her way to school ap a few days Jater House of Waters. Portland, Ore . Cxitr^t^c Ant-rira und-.-r proh-fel- Uon "-ith tr.e n v i - u r f f*c.\e as Biltiaioiv. N-".v V~r* and P.-_:jd"l- rr.-er. Or Ira !in-r/_i of the N.-.'i,' T-n-p^-ar.ce Co'ir.iil, 'J-d a Saf-rcav r.s-:"- vicx-ce her- that -prohib.ttoa 15 a Ch-u'-'n enterprise and v.ill no: fe* r'-pea.ed " The address of one hour ·aas maO before an .if bet wen twc hundred ar.d f.:-y anil i.iree h'Jndr«-s persons in a rally at Calvary Met.-sod- Sst Episcopal ch-.rch. sper-sired by the Young People's s-v-xttes c! Frederick -enrolments ':,,:' pWi-b-.-.on sur;«rt County Towns Join In Paying were received from the aud-cr.o*. to be divided locally arr.-»n* the Allied Bits.- . ness Men. Ixu_s L. \\Mson. rlia.srr.sar.: , Allied Women. Mrs. E A. G. Hermanr.. · soldiers. 330 of them from the Pacific , --field marshal" of the "bonus artsy" o! ·»ast crossed the district line with 300 World War Tehran, recruited at trucks wjjpiied by Maryland and found Portland, iho passed through Fredrf- hot ste*. bread, ixulfc and coffee -ira:'.- ; sei Sunday on their way to Washing- :r.g for them. | ton. D. C.. to demand f-j2 and ^nnsed;- · Their conduct was orderly. They wav- j a » e payment of the bonus. After mn- ' ed and sniCed at the crowos oongregated I nui j into d^Sc-llties with raij-oad om- on fashionable streets, but there was no C iaj at Caseyville. r.l., the Tet*ran= 1 shoutinj. no difnons:rat:on. After their j ,-ere given additional transportation as , meal they marched to the vacant buUd- ! far as the District of Columbia line in ui2. which will be their barracks here. . trucks furnished by the states t which they passed. T.u-re -*.i5 an t..rr tsarid ?*;·· t:os jr.i :::'-r. a:: a.1 .!r--.v by Mr. Han:. !'i:t.r.yr: J.:-T -*h'i~:-. Mr. lU-aps. Balt^r.ore 3:^-' ,'-'..-.-r-'i a '.-. rt t»i".jc. ."·;·"- ·.jn ov t.-.r. bar-.c! and benecs'-tion av I?.--.- J-'ra::-: A If-i-'-nix-rgi-r clckscd tr.o CHILDREN'S CHOIRS GIVE PLEASING PROGRAM [ Another Detachment ; Sparis. Nevada. May 29.--A group of i ' iOO World War veterans, en route to! Washington w seek action by Congress .n their behalf encamped today in the railroad yards here awaiting the arrival of a train to haul them across the Great Desert. · The men. recruited in San Francisco ! Bay Region. Oregon and Washington. i arrived here shortly after midnight in : three box cars, attached to a Southern Picinc freis'si train. Hot Days Are Coming So Buy Now. Tribute To Wars' Dead. the cause were also taken. , Mingling humor »sth a serious pre- '· eentation of prohibition as "th» mark of one hundred yours of American progress." Dr. v,ho sn 1915 was Prohibition fr»r iice-presldcnt of the Un.ted States. made a stirring ^., defense of the c^nst-tution. citlnK former President W.llian-. Howard Tafi as a man ir tion OUT AT WOODSBORO DEDICATE NEW CEMETERY Srrricrs I'ndrr Auspice* Bonus Hiker Killed ~ . Cumberland. May 29 --Gilbert M Combined Organization Give Case _ 34 wj omaha. Neb., a straggler _ - f* c..«j^u 'of trie ex-service men that reached Service On Sunday. . Wlih , Rgto:i today was !ns:ar . t ;y *iued i tonight on the national pike Sire rni'es Ariproxl.T.jtoly 250 children compris- ' - Aesl o ; here. ' in? junior choirs of four churches of j Case was struck by a car. drives sy j ·h.- ci'.y look pan in t:ie annual musi- ' Harry H. Howard. Cfsaptown. Md. :^ar _ cal service !n the E-.ansclical Lutheran e re. and -.vas dead when he was tak- [ Mills And Governor Of N. Y. Federal Reserve Meet. G. 0. P, CONVENTION HEARS Gliders in Our Incorporation Sale .as low as $10.90 Awnings--Porch Shades 6-ft Stock Awning, Green and Orange Stripe $4.15 Rubberized Glider Covers $3.50 NEW LOW PRICES OX WESTINGHOUSE DVAL AUTOMATIC KEFKIGEBATOB3 c. Established 1868 C. C A R T Telephone 396 48-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK. MD. Washington. May 29. ?? Mills . -Saturday !oa:uros in and l a r e r S-ir.'Uy . arjf was. present at th* '5":i '·' the Frederick Memorial ·ry i:s ::·.'· Linden Hills :·;' .·.:·· r..»-:-. A: -5 oV.Ak. Th- · r . i. A ~ x-..r. ·:! ··: Kn'deri-k ntv ,-hurrh. Rev Dr. Arr.ys John Traver. e n to a C-jmberlanc hospital. He had a , a . d ton ;; h .; -hat a conference at th« i . . '.jo-stor. Sundav »-.-,-nsn; A lar?e con- ; pictured stall. ; -yhite House participated in by Repub- ' iUfflmyj -rc-.riDn ::T additnn to rr.err.i-rs of _ The driver a-as not held. ! Ucan Senate leaders and George L. Har-[ is prfst-r.t. 'Ino folio. 1 .ing ctiosrs t --jk part Bys", c h i r an'! Jur.i ir G.rls' chcir of the ·^' III-A! Ki-fornied churcl' Mrs. · Pass Through City. Vndemanstritive and e l chibi"Jns Ut interest in the comparatively fev. i risen, governor of the New York Federal revenue bill and the prospects of econo- . . tny." The conference was attend by Vice- . ] A D:iv Si^S'l^-r?? Passinc «iry» brought the oeprcssion and '-e | ^rets are cotr4f to bf'pir prosperity by -. giving emplorrr.ent i-i 1 t!-0.000 1« t h e ' of beer. Dr. said. j^°- c ~^ver isecdexl enough beer to more than IOO.OCO bef irr " "Taking care of M.e farmer by buy- Ing up his grain is a new ariMtton ".f the Te: talkers." he added. "But rr-ore grain is now being fed to th» ndditirn- ^~ d ^. m , )r: V ; ;..' c Vn- of t.-.e nf 13 to 0 r. O. S. Of V. Ser\icr Held A rrcx\d cr-'lrr.a'c-it T b'-,^o'.-ii 4.000 r-. Sci-.-. sp ns--r«I by thi* Walkersvii'.e I.^xi;'-. P.i'r:o'i.- Ore!, r. Sons of An-.t-rica. .-·.i: cn-r..vl vith Memorial Day Speaker. D John Mirk"-, 'liss c:',v. i pastor rf Reforrapd rliurch. fol- , Cs ;.. m s,; a ·!.,,, · i ^ - d t h ~ choirs and :»-·!·: tli"ir plaies i a parade throii.-h \ V i x i | Mt. Hope cenirtr-;'. \\:u-- al cow on the farm than was ever used for liquor." Since prohibition had been effective. , p^.j^^ r^;'.T,v·^^·. z j Prrsons attc:-.c!-.i :'·. sections cf :iut ·.-·.".:·..'·. r,:: | of the cour.ty. t h e c-.,\.' the larscst to over A.-B( :r '·· ·p.*. from ··-1 , -y.her par', 1 - inar.edlatcly preceding this : j,^-..;^-, -, art o ; :« e ·».-.:-. deprcssi-'n. Uie speaker re- | o , n , arc v. ' l c r r t -,-. R r ; » r:: -.j ".- ns in :rse In the Isn-- d. Church ·.' H." Sunrl.-. . \V3".Ki'rs\.ll O S nf A S'ato Pol:.\- the sueaker asserted, the United States uses 35 p»r cent, more milk and 23 per cent. rr.or« butter. Hish school enrollment has multiplied by four and college enrollment has doubled Suburban residences have increased and living st-f-t-: standards are the highest in history. J m .^^ O {T 3t The years ·srorio-'sice minced his audience, v.crc the years oi ; Q^ an i Lutheran America's greatest prospentv. · woodsboro: the RO.--.V Crime Growth Not Prompted. j sj-jioV.. r.e?.r \Vojd*i? ·' ' Dr. Landnth caricatured the claim j comrnunl: -,- b.inJ. th" r that proh-bition increased crime, and ; 3 5g e an j 3r . n ,.-v.i..\r; corr.pared Awr-fa's bic city situation - :1C3 .cj :r.c ·srith that of London, where crime ir.-i Marrhir.; snf tho cernot'Tf. TV-':-.-.,.-"creased, accordms to police firores. 17 _, ,,;,,,_.. ; - PiC j 0 -. ;; h r: -.(j O f \V · i ^. 1 _=b'r-' per cent, in the post year. ' t:-.e p.iraders 5:*lit Ir.'j ".·'.-· l.r.-.^ nr. "When a sh^xs a fTJnman." ; -,raik.x; pist t!-," cra-.o.-. ;O ·.:·" f . o ^ o r he said, " t h e w-^ts loec or.e ".ote. and ^ esch C-T-'H-.-T. « '. UT.''d -sv.'l if each kJls i:v o'her they lose faro · p; r Ric.uird- -I-., c'.-; If f!ro drunks tr. an automobile hit a jf;;;or. vos C"T. bv · ···" bricce. 'hey I-ise """ v'cs and a lot cf liQ-or. Tnsn the ~-ct£ start to blame prsh.bstion. I think perhaps ; selection by t.-." bir.d f. they cucht to blsrr.s the -n-rio built the bridge " | -If all the youns people were drink- j teg from hip pocket flasks, as our! enemies charye." said the speaker. "ever, then "lie" wouldn't be srMlo*- I ins ?.!! this home brnr that is t-ilkcd about To Fay '"verybodv has if ^ f asy. rut yc-u car: t e~t ?-*: much I'.c-ior '. Sixteen senators ar.d many more rep~e3ontatives have been chosen dole- fifteen trucks in Che · g ,' ;es 0 he j!lre [4 gathering at Chi- iir.e. furnished by the state, and ^^^ o j co; ^ se _ a f. ;7 - w : :i have to at- .-·=c'n was occupied by between 10 and ^^ wh-Shcr Cor.srcss Is in session or 20 men. The trucks proceeded dovm ; ,, o . " bu; ;he ocss ibi.-.v cf a niuonal West Patrick strec-t and were then CQnve nt.ion conducted "largely by pro- taken cl.rect-y to the road leading to' fes . s onal a ^-, bu-inis men soerr.s in- .".-·..·ili.r.-ttcr.. Xo step was made in the ; : , cre ^;b; e to some en Capitol Hill. confronts nty S.nce no advance xvord hid been received concerning their arrix'al. few persons v.-cre aloni the streets to watch tne army through. STICKLER SOLUTION i a',^ a Sue con-r:'jtif.on o: spiritual ce- ' xrl-'prnen". In p.pprc-r.ate snrt ir.ter- I'.-ir; remars^ h? pa^io.3. ^-^ ··-j-bu-.e _,,, e s a:e police said no disorder oc- "3 tr.e dovri.iTncn j. .-.r..- . ...oi.s cttrred at any time along the route and -- -- · ^^ ~;5 n rr.."de no demonstrations as through any towns. Xo T - ne 5-,-j,, proY.ira Demccrats a -hos A se- ed bv pravrr by Ke-, pastor BEVERAGE i-o.^s. were .I'iM to mike .1 word out c t'rt top 1-j-r. an--i iKr ktttrs in iKr !o»- « Isw a:e Jx-wn m tK« contct order lo form 3 -j-xrd. State Chairman Aide Ba'"m'-.- Mav CD--Mrs. J. rtarards accompanied these trucks, as Y- : " n '~" o- Hj-Vrstown.'has b-?r. ap- "ad beon displayed en "Father Cox's -pi.r.tod -A;mil a^i-iat^ of "he Re- P :bl..".n PMte ""-".jurman. Galen L Tait. ?"»:e r-irtv ci'airman. announced Mrs Your. :'.- nrp-ir.:n-.-.--.: rflects-.e -shen · acV.-.-d b 'Mrs. CV.'.u. X. Gabriel ^h3 .^ to b^ n.irn'-d Re-ublican National . beir.5 ragged. Several the convention meet? T.,^,. -.- ni-ii^TTcrV) -he nic'iire on -- i. -- *..- -- «--.- Csoiwl K_l rnsy be c'^ar by that .^ xtnctrcn --er.atcrs so far have " to the nst.cnal coaver.- faihinston, M'.y 29--Strikin; oat ^;TJ a; Prc= d-:nt Hoover, the House r r m v of th- unerr.p'.oved." which P^ss-. Democratic leaders'.-.:? today forecast .-d through here earlior this year and | , Ra . v,,^ ^- ,., ~. c white Ho'jse Is numbered many t.mcs the strength °'; era-sins to a close and s?.id tre World War ·.eterans. No well-dressed, affluent men ap- in Sunday's army, clothing in i Prcsiien: Todav As Never Before Folks Are Making The Dollar "Go Farther" When buying Dresses keep this Old Relia- Store in mind. '"Why buy less than Quality Fit-v.denf; stand ssainst :h« ·; the 5ix Coi-.nre.s.- SIT.e crr.v;nt.-n 1 district a', . And May Their Sacrifice Guide Us In The Paths Of Peace Today" v^ii-^re advance aeents have beer, mok- Gamer's v.-ss inrc-ugh the : ir.s plans to house and feed them. rxrr.ocrattc national committee while i ; ; The verorar.s specifically seek cash ' p^j^-,- ^ucd h^. at hss office. i 1 · payment of the bonus and are ra:i5e .t sT-r-is Of Sentiment," '"r.» ~^'. c'.?..rrj= ." Ohl" TT. re cr". fsrrw _-. L^ A-r-- --- t-- 1^2 ·"' 1 rr.a- Vcn -.-·-: -r-r. oi-.:r. tr. ?.r.i r ci -"".rr-'r ". his l e f t F -- ---r.~'- -''.^ l.-i C-r,-- .- ---rs' ·-. O- . SAt-.rd.--v P.-T- A. | men. in Ccr.sress. They wore traris- ! p-:-rted 'r~m the in tracks furnished "DT t.iie states throuzh which they were traveline. after beir.g ejected Vmrr. n Baltimore and Ohio rsi-road , tr.^'.r. a' East St Ix-Jis. HI. The SCTT.T · '. ^ headed by VT W "Waters. Portland. - Adclitl-riAl similar rxnty: r-rmies are belr.c c-rtranir-ed :r. vr.r~.ous ciiies cf the vest and Pacific co'.st and plan- nine rr.'.rches to Washinswn The ob- .'ectiie .n each case is cash payment or I tile b^rr.s to aid ur.emp'.oyed. i Stopped Over At Cumberland. ' The armv stepped o^er in .Cv.r.--""Tid Saturday niclv. arri'.mg there about 11 p. rr, in the trucks. i · rr"~ thorn at the %Vest Virztr.ia Ge-^rce Kenders"r. himself a World *e*cron. the arrr.y w-^s ci*. A n .oc~- 1 ire ?-t the eld ciar-s rl.=r.- -n ni~h 1 f.v^cl ry the SAlvat-^n ! 1 ^.-, me " mom ^- c j C i-^rrl^-d was tr.e fir---, c.rr a -t-.-'r. h»« p-ov-.Sc-d a Our Ready-to-Wear Department ,,Sr ^ Ir J 5 S" 3 ,cono^ i Large Spacious Show Room · 0 ,- rt ..-,,, «V A -----^- ·-,-"/-:- v'" 5 ; T i O""t-r" 7 - '^i | 4 Large Dressing Rooms | Courteous and Pleasant Salesladies | Efficient Alteration Department | Elevator Service to All Floors % Select Your Garments Amid Pleasant Surroundings blarntas: Congress. PLUNGES TO DEATH Chicago Broker's Home Near That Of Edward S. Swift- C'r.iraso. May 29.--E Bo-»arciis ShaT. 6?. retiree broker, -sas killed tocay in 3 fail from the --ir.cow of his 24th flaor home on Laie Shore Drive. His apartment is within Sve blc-cSs of tr.e hsrce of Edward S. S»".ft. packer. ·xh. --as killed in a similar fall yester- cay. Servants sai-J tliat Sr.a~ had ;orr.- r-lair.ed of fce'.ir.;: ill ar.d --as helped to I»Q. A fe^ niizi'^tes la*er tl"^ janitor .-.·"ar--. his body str;ii? tr.e c^'" drive- t av. LeadTS sa:c FKer Forc«J Back. Sra".-- 1 "V.-.= - . Mav'.n Br--'»~:. Ne^ York 3-er. ^as f-i" D?C -- ar. a-vrr.itei r--- 5 :-^? " .r. the a-.- ar.d .rr. ned.atdy n-ade olar.' tor ar.-"t.-..^" f..c'.it attemr-t torr.orro" i w.-.le r.s'.f a. d^z-^r. ir.^cr-ir.ics t-re Street Inlcrscrtion Crash. r.r.d K.-.rr..l---n a-erne be-weer. 5 ar.d S -'cl.x-l-c Sitndav --i-rr.oor. Soth rr.?.- OT"^ * ""5^ ?~.i* "*«. nnd c % r;c C*T'"~ -,rr.'v. .'.'-·» H=Tr..: i Gn aver.-?. The -- .-r- r.x Iv ir-trcd to roc-.uro ttcl. The s.5e of Captivating Styles Georgette and Triple Sheer Fabrics 2-pc. Silk Jacket Suits Novel Crepe Sport Frocks Newest Silk Jersey Sport Dresses Dureen Knitted Street Dresses Jack Tar Dresses for Girls Polo and Swagger Coats bi es vvr? i a" the sc-r.e driver.. ;t. was Style Dresses at $5.95 t^ A specially selected group of one and two piece models in high shades that look like values twice the price. ^p^re a p.xr.o ?..n-..T.e\i ic.i tree { :^j aft-T .-..s. bres;h-ta^j^ dash co^n J:=e rus-vej. FLYTXi; ANTS T K R M I N T X PMone 65 ». OF ^ 9 S St. -MERCHANDISE OF MEB/ ESTABLISHED /877 iftvaagaraaT^^v^^i^gft^^

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