The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 3, 1951 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, December 3, 1951
Page 11
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1HT The News, Frederick, Md., Monday, December t, 1M1 College Court p Season Here NEW YORK. Dec. 2, yP)--Col- - leee football was ready to take a back seat to basketball--execpt for the bowl games--but only after bowing out of an exciting season in spectacular fashion. . Navy's stumbling,.fumbling team finally realized its potential with a surprising 42-7 shellacking of Army; Vanderbilt almost surprised Tennessee with what would have been the No. 1 upset of the year before bowing, 35-27; and Boston college's hitherto-weak Eagles screamed and clawed their way to a 19-14 victory over powerful Holy Cross that rivalled the Crusaders' historic 1942 upset in its suprising result The Southwest Conference championship--and the Onal lineup of teams for the big bowls--finally was settled as Texas Christian's versatile team imacked down Southern Methodist, 13 to 2, to win the title and runner-up Baylor moved mercilessly past Rice, 3413 TCU will play host to Kentucky in the Cotton Bowl, while Baylor will meet Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Rout Was Not Expected Navy had been expected to whip the Cadets, but the complete one- sidedness 'of the triumph came as something of a shock to the less- than-capacity crowd in Philadelphia's municipal stadium and millions of television viewers seeing fee service contest for the first time. By marching to a touchdown with the short opening kickoff, and marching again after recovering Army's fumble of the next kickoff. Navy had a 14-0 lead before the Cadets offensive platoon ran a single play from scrimmage. John Rasters 101-yard sideline sprint to a touchdown after intercepting a pass was the deciding point in turning the game into a rout. Vanderbilt appeared to be in for the same treatment at the hands of workmanlike Tennessee, trailing by 21-0 in the third period. But when erratic Bill Wade started to do everything right with his bullet passes, the Commodores started to move. They pulled up to 21-20, pulled up again to 28-27 after the Vols' fourth touchdown and literally went down fighting at the end. Eagrles* Victory Real Vpset Boston College's victory was even more remarkable than it might seem at first glance, for the Eagles won it after letting Holv Cross come from behind to take a 14-12 lead with five minutes to play. But BC hit on a 60-yard pass play from Jim Kane to Tom Murphy and sophomore Joe Johnson slashed the last yard for victory in the last five seconds. Here's the final big bowl lineup: Rose--Stanford (9-1) vs. Illinois (8-0-1) Sugar--Tennessee (10-0) vs Maryland (9-0) Cotton--Texas Christian (6-4-) vs. Kentucky (7-4) Orange--Georgia Tech (10-0-1) vs. Baylor (8-1-1.) The Rose Bowl entries, Maryland and Kentucky die. not play yesterday, having completed their season, but Georgia Tech did. walloping Georgia, 48-6 in one of the most , one-sided affairs of the old Dixie j rivalry. Tn other traditional southern windups, Louisiana State nipp- \ ed Tulane. 34-13; Mississippi trampled on Mississippi State, 49-7. on Laverne ( S h o w b o a t ) Boykin's seven touchdowns: and Alabama whipped Auburn. 25-7. The traditional inter-sectional thriller--Notre I«»me vs. Southern California in their silver anniversary game--went to the Irish, who never stopped fighting and won 19-12 after coming froni behind twice. Freshman Halph Guglielmi set up the winning score with a pass and senior John Petitbon swept around end for the last eight yards. This game was televised coast- to coast, giving TV fans their best show o£ the season with two games running from 1:30 p. m. (EST) to! about 7:30 p. m. (EST). I In the midlands' traditional game, ! Oklahoma trounced Oklahoma A j Radio Program NBC CBS MBS ABC "PBAI, WFMD WOK WMAL 109* k« 930 ko 710 kc «3«kc Evening 6:00--News for 16 MIn.--nbc-cbs Network Silent Hr.--nbc-mbs-eaw Kiddles Hr. (rpt.)--abo-mbs-woit 6:15--Discussion Series--cbs 6:45--Newscast By Three-- nbo News Comment--cbs 7:00--News Commentary--nbc Beutah's Skit--cbs News Commentary--abc News Commentary--mbs 7:15--Jack Smith Show--cbs Dal! Commentary--abc Dinner Date--rabs 7:30--News Broadcast--nbc Bob Crosby Club--cbs Lone Ranger Drama--abo News Comments--mbs 7:45_0nc Man's Family--nba News Broadcast--cbs Evening Newsreel--mbs 8:00~Gordon MacRa* Show--nbo Suspense Mystery--cbs Big Hand, Drama--abo Hashkntfe Hartley--mbs 8:30--Barlow Concert--nbc (also TV) Talent Scouts--cbs (also TV) Henry Taylor Talk--abo Crime Fighters--mbs 8:45--News Broadcast--abc 8:55--News Broadcast--mbs 8:00--Voorhoes Concert--nbc Radio Theater--cbs Whlteman Teenagers--abc Murder by Experts--mbs 9:30--Paul Lavalle Band--nbo Korean Report--mbs 10:00--Mario Lanza show--nbc Bob Hnwk Quiz--cbs News Music--abc Comment: Mystery--nibs 10:30--Man Called X--nbo Waxworks--cbs-east Rex Allen--ebs-west Time for Defense--nbo Bands Broadcast--mbs 11:00--News Variety--all nets Television Summary 7:30--Screen Test--abc ' 8:00--Paul Wlnchell--nbo Video Theater--cbs Detective Drama--abo 8:30~Barlow Concert--nba Talent Scouts--cbs Life Befrtns at 80--aic Science Review--DuMont 9:00--LlEhts Out--nbc I Lovo Lucy--cbs Hour of Kl!m--abc New Jersey Wrestling:--DuMont 9:30--Theater Hour--nbo It's News to Me--cbs 10:00--Studio One--cbs Bill Gwlnn Film--abc 10:30--Who Said That--nbe Stud's Place--abc M, 41-6, and Kansas rallied in the fourth quarter to preserve a 4128 win over Missouri. Tulsa won by 34-20 over the Detroit team filling in for Villanova. Texas Tech downed Hardin-Simmons, 28-21, in the border conference's climax game to win the conference crown and a spot opposite the College of the Pacific in the Sun Bowl. EQUIPMENT DAMAGED HAGLRSTOWN. Dec. 2--{^)-Superintendent Richard Willson, of the City Water Works, said yesterday that equipment for mixing flouride into the water system arrived here so damaged it has to be rebuilt. Willson estimates it will be at least early January before the equipment will be ready. The Mayor and City Council voted last January to add the chemical lo the water as a prevenlative of tooth decay. MAAS OPTICIANS Eyes Examined--Glassc.i Fitted TELEVISION G L A S S E S Phone 1951 Z4Z-A N. MARKET STREET ANTIQUES Red Skip - Itackeyslown Fine Furniture. Good Glass Beautiful Porcelains Royal Vienna--Bee Hive Mark New Hall--Shclton Coalport--Davenport Liverpool--Chelsea PHONE nUCKEYSTOWN 4782 So easy... so welcome You'll have extra visitor! during the holidays. So, be sure to have an extra supply of Coca-Cola. Serving Coke is always the refreshing way to say "you're welcome". 24 B.frte Cos* $PO Flirt Oepoiil--At Your Dtolw »OTTLED UNDW AUTHOWir Of THE COCA-COU COMPANY »Y FREDERICK COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 1»01 N. Market St., Frederick. Md. Phon* 726. ChM- K. Taylor, Mgr. *****"b*nfttHnJlm1»4Hmk, 0 J»J1, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY I.E WSFAPEsfl R CH1VE®__ MAY SWITCH RAILS --New York railroad magnate Robert R. Young, chairman of the Chesapeake Ohio Railroad, above,* says he may some day take active control of the New York Central system, in which he and an associate, Alan Kirby, own a controlling interest. Interstate Commerce Commission rcgula-ii tions forbid him to be a director of both railroads. Young entered the railroad business in. 1937, gained control ol the C-. O. and has crusaded strenuously against what he called "archaic, practices" of his competitors, i TIED FOR LEAD Middletown and Williamsport remained in a tie for leadership of the Washington County Soccer League Sunday. The Valleyites were hard-pressed to nose out Thurmont, 3-2. while Williamsport took a thriller from Walkcrsvillc, 1-0. In the other league encounter, Clearspring and Hancock battled to a 3-3 standoff. Next Sunday Wai kern vi lie and Middletown clash in Middletown, while Thurmont journeys to Clear- spring and Hancock is at Williamsport. The United States is the largest consumer of asbestos in the world. Draftees* Guide By MAJOR THOMAS M. NIAL WASHINGTON, bee. 3--From the clerk of Local Board 92, Parnpa, Tex.: ''You said recently that if a man joined an organized reserve or National Guard unit between Feb. 1 and July 1, 1951, he would be classified 1-D. This is not according to regulations. If a man joined a unit between those dates his induction will merely be postponed in class 1-ACP) for the rest of his enlistment, or for one year or until he reaches age 26 years mine months, whichever is-tfce shortest. Organized reservists entitled to the 1-D deferment are those who joined an organized .reserve unit (1) prior to age 18'/j or (2) prior to Feb. 1, 1951, or (3) prior to June 25, 1950, if they applied for active duty and the application was denied. "We feel that if we call this to your attention you will make the necessary corrections as so many of our registrants (as well as the clerks' read your column." Glad to make the correction. * * * From R, J. A. of New York. N. Y.: "1 was discharged after the Korean war started with a disability I applied for vocational rehabilitation, the GI training for disabled vets. But the«VA turned me down because rny service-connected disability was NOT the result of com- bnt or extra-hazardous service outside of combat. Can't 1 reapply now under a law just enacted?" No need to reapply. The VA says it will review your previous application automatically if you just ask them to. The new law says a vet may get vocational rehabilitation training if: 1. He received a service-connected disability any time after June 27, 1950. It doesn't matter where he was disabled, whether in or out of combat. 2. He had a discharge "under conditions other than dishonorable." 3. He needs the training to over- Essoheat Fuel Oil Kerosene MONOCACY OIL COMPANY Phone 365 Product* Frederick, Md. IN TRAINING--Pfc. Gene A. Zimmerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Zimmerman, Jefferson, who enlisted in the Air Force June 15 is stationed at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. His address is Pfc. Zimmerman, AF 13411475, Box 620, 3393rd Student Squadron. come the handicap of his disability. * 4 * From R. S. P. of Fitchburg, Mass.: "Is there any way a divorced wife of a disabled veteran can claim alimony on his disability compensation?" No. The VA says a divorced wife is NOT entitled to compensation. But if she has custody of the veteran's children and if his disability is 50 per cent or more, then a portion of the compensation may be sent to her for the children. One child would get 20 per cent of his compensation check, two children 30 per cent and three or more children 35 per cent. * it * From W. W. of Miami, Fla.: "I was a member of the Army organized reserve in Pennsylvania. I just moved here and do NOT wish to attend any more drills. What should I do to get into the Volunteer reserve?" An Army spokesman tells me you should visit the office of your nearest unit instructor, fill out a change of address card there and tell him you are not available for assignment to a unit. You will then be placed in a "Control Group" as a Volunteer reservist. * * « From Mrs. A. S. of Louisville, Ky.: "How long does a young man have to serve if he joins the Navy before he's 18?" He may enlist only until his 21st birthday and he needs his parents' consent. This is called a minority enlistment. (You may write Major Nial care of this newspaper about your own service-connected question. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.) Bible Thoughts But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a 'thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men's matters.--I Peter 4:15. * * * To do an evil action is base; to do a good action, without incurring danger, is common enough; but it is the part of a good man to do great and noble deeds, though he risks everything.--Plutarch. Coaxial cable, now in use for telephone, telegraph and television communication, soon will form a national network. UJMLiI $ 35 DOWN HAVE TV IN YOUR HOME TAKE 18 IWOS. TO PAT SAVE $ 200 OR MORE GIANT 91V* dU SCREEN PROVEN OUTSTANDING IN FREDERICK AREA PHONE 2146-R FULL One Year Guarantee The answers to everyday insurance problems* By EDWIN E. STOFFEK QUESTION: Uly "husband has a Comprehensive Personal Liability insurance policy which we nre told protects him in case of hunting accidents, noes that mean that if he Is injured while hunting his medical expenses wili he paid? ANSWER: No. The type of policy you describe covers your husband's legal liability toward some other person for whose injury lie may be responsible while hunting. * If you'll address your own Insurance questions to this office, we'll try to give you the correct answers and thc'-e will be no charge nr obligation of any kind. STOFFER INSURANCE AGENCY PHONE 1292 « PYTHIAN CASTLE BLDG. ALLIANCE TENNA-SCOP THE TV BOOSTER! Hdds 2 Tabes Jo Your Set! · Steps up sight and sound. · One control for all channels. · Instantly installed. · Automatic On-off switch. '··Guaranteed. Makes any TV set Better! Tenna-Scope is an excellent companion item to the famous Alliance Tenna-Rotor. Hundreds of thousands of Tenna-Rotors are in use from coast to coast! alliance YENNA · SCOPE ALLIANCE Tenna-Scop* (TV Booster) Two Tubes. Plugj into regular houso circuit. $29.95 A L L I A N C I M A N U F A C T U R I N O COMPANY · A L L I A M ? * . OHJO Buy The Best BICYCLES Schrainn--all models WHIZZER MOTORS SMALL DEPOSIT WILL HOLD UNTIL XMAS BRADLEY T. HAILEY, Jr. . Petersville Road, Brunswick, Md. C O U N T S GENERAL STORE DAMASCUS, MD. PHONE 3751 Shoes, Galoshes, d Buckle Arctics Boots, Jackets, Shirts, Pants Work Clothes and Dresses Wolverine Work Shoes (perfect for dairy work, dries out soft) S7.95 Wolverine Dress Shoes $10.95 Children's Shoes $2.95 Girls' Shoes $3.49 Girls' Black Suede Ballcrini....53.49 Kndicott Johnson Men's Work Shoes S5.95 4-Buckle Arctics and Boots ....$5.95 Shoes $5.95 4-Buckle Arties and Boots $5.95 Children's Sno Kix $3.98 Boys' Sweaters $1.98 Boys' Jackets $4.95 Men's Dupont Zelan Wool Lined Jackets $7.95 Men's Gabardine Sport Shirts..$2.95 Carpenter Overalls $4.95 Men's Hats $3.95 to $5.95 Men's Trench Coats S39.50 Men's Suits $49.50 Men's Tics, all colors $1.00 Ladies' Nylon Hollywood Hose. SI/15 $1.19 Ladies' Dresses $5.95 ISulova, Bcnrus and Gruen Watches Bulova, America Girl $49.50 Bulova Co-Ed, 17-j $29.75 Bulova, Men's, 15-j. gold band $29.75 PLAYHOUSE--Handsomely finished in rich hand-rubbed mahogany or white oak, this corn- pact console provides the superb Magnascbpe picture system with 16-inch rectangular tube, built-in filter and concealed antenna, in mahogany finish Incl. Fed. Tax and Warranty COLONIAL Music §liop 14 E. Patrick St. BETROTHED--Captain K. L. Hill, U.S.N, ret., and Mrs. Hill, of Society Hill,'' S. C., have made known the engagement of their daughter, Lois Kinchen, to Dr. Arthur Royal Rems- Electrical Wiring Residential, Commercial and Industrial FIXTURES OF ALL TYPES AND REPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Ave. Phone 1601 berg, Jr., son of Dr. and Mrs. A, R. Remsberg, of Frederick The wedding will take place in the-spring. Miss Hill, is a graduate of Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., and at present is a member of the Hood College faculty. Dr. Remsberg is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry, Philadelphia, and is now practicing in this city. Social Situation A young man takes a girl out for dinner and dancing. Wrong: He carries a pocket comb which he takes out and runs through his hair in public. Right: He keeps the comb out of sight, never combing his hair in a public place. In an average year about 400 of Greenland's icebergs survive an 1,800-mile drift southward before disintegrating in the warm Gulf Stream. APPLES Grimes--Delicious Stayman--Yorks Sweet Cider WALKER ORCHARDS Mt. Airy74-J THE GROCERY AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE BUSINESS of William S. Hood, 10 miles East of Frederick, on U. S- 40 Is now owned and operated by Delbert C. Foole..The Television and Appliance Department of the business will remain at the same location and will as in the past be owned and operated by William S. Hood. We will serve our customers in the same courteous manner as in the past and your continued patronage will be much appreciated. WILLIAM S. HOOD DELBERT C. POOLE Drug And PRESRIPTION Service MOHERN PHARMACY SUCCESSOR TO PEARRE'S DKUG STOKE TELEPHONE 208 Join Hospital Aid, Inc., and Help roar Neighbor FARMS--Dairy or stock farm 12 miles N. of Frederick. Comfortable home. Large barn--plenty. of water. Reasonable. HOMES--Bungalow. Linden hills. 3 bedrooms, Iarg« kitchen, living room, etc. Club basement, utility room garage. Double lot beautifully landscaped, fine view. Owner will sacrifice. BUSINESS--Service station complete. Located In Taneytown. Everything S4.500.00. Prosperous general store and liquors. Near Frederick. Reasonable. CITY LOTS--Two large desirable home sites near High School, tront- v Ing on Baker Park. Priced to sell at once. R. C. BOYER, Real Estate Chapline Bldg. Residence Frederick. Md. Tel. 1086 Middletown, Md. TeL B7-J-1 Representing Geo. M. Chapline, Realtor FREE! FREE! FREE! Now Y6u Can Get That HOLIDAY TURKEY ABSOLUTELY FitEE with each Kelvinator Electric Range or Kelvinator Freezer purchased before December 28, 1951. LIBERAL TRADE-IN CONVENIENT TERMS FISHER'S APPLIANCES r Phone 151 "Kitchen Specialists" 13 E. Patrick St. REMEMBER Christmas is only a few weeks away Don't let the lack of cash spoil your holiday plans. » £ \~s See us now to gel $50 to S250 or more for your many extra Holiday expenses. You can get the money.quickly and easily, on just your signature, car, or other security. Fast, courteous, private service. --COME IN OR PHONE ANY TIME-RITCHIE ASSOCIATE§ FINANCE CORPORATION 2 East Church St. Frederick, Maryland Telephone 2100 ARMSTRONG'S FLOOR COVERINGS * *· Residential -- Commercial -- Industrial LINOLEUM -- ASPHALT -- RUBBER -- CORK -- LINOTILE EXPERIENCED MECHANICS WAXING -- Free Estimates -- SANDING FISHER'S APPLIANCES "KtTCHEtf SPECIALISTS' 13 K Patrick St Phone 151 NEWSPAPER!

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