The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 19, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE BIX. *BB tttfTCniNSON NEWS. ~, — - ... ... •.»»., ....... — , , Visit the Rorabaugh-Wiley Dry Goods Store Fitst and Main—and ndte our many Fair Week Specials. Headquarters for Less Expensive and More Becoming MILLINERY! Our milliner}' designers and buyer H have mndc the most careful nnd Intensive study r>r tlie sorl or huts thai best become the different types of women. The sizes, shapes and trimmings necessary In expressing their individuality—the colors and nljlos which will best bring out all favorable characteristics. It is remarkable liow the turn of a crown—a touch of color—n. bit of tulle— m- a cluster of flowers or feathers can change a womnli's appearance. Only it takes the experienced designer to reallie the secret of the needed touch. Picturesque J! a t s , very small anil very smart give to the mat- ion an interesting individuality. I. urtii; drooping hats find favor with the youthful type of Kill. Chic, practical suit Hats are necessary to complete the success of any tailored costume. We have a large showing of nil three types. Then there are cunning Hats for the children. Fancy llttki pokes for "best" and servlceabl'-' little hats of velvet for school, Especially do wo emphasize our Chil- Prices are vcry~rca- sonablc—tho selection is extremely large. Second I'ioor. Service Yarn Cold weather will soon be here— when our soldiers and sailors will need warm socks and sweatei 'H and scarfs and helmets, it Is our duty to see that their wants are completely satisfied. And the time to do that knitting is now. Wo have plenty of service yarn in an excellent grade for socks and sweaters. Yarn comes in grey or khaki. Priced JI.UO to $1.70 hank. SPORT YARNS for school sweaters come In a great variety of brilliant colors. Priced 40c to 75e Skein or ball. Third Floor. Blouses 5.95 Appropriate Companions for the New Tailored Suits and Marked —Only .......i. Blouses of Georgette crepe.—made with plain round necks or becoming sailor collars- Trimmings of beads— or silk embroidery. Some have collars in contrasting colors—a new nuto which is very effective. Others are extremely tailored. Colors come in grey, blue, flesh, orange, bisque or white. Sizes 32 to 44. Priced |5.85. Other blouses of Georgette—priced up to |35 00 each. Second Floor. America Next year will have to supply ;he Allies 4 billion pounds of fata--!")0 million puunds of heel products, 'i billion bushels ul cereals and l',i million Ions of sugar. Are you willing "> share with the Allies their sucrirlii! ol food is well as blood In the cause of world democracy? Remember Our bipf sale of Afternoon and .Street Dresses, your choice, $29-75 Are You Forgetting Your Soldier Boy? You can-send him the sweets he craves — the , coin- forts ho needs—the American cigarettes ho longs for—py ordering thro our big store. (Jrdoi's filled and delivered from Paris. Toiiot Goods Dept. lylake free use of all our Store Conveniences Take lunch in modern TEA ROOM. A Ride on the American E, R Special 7s Quite Interesting clear out the depot, nnd h»ld jour ijrwtlji, enn't come in nhd sny, 'FlrBt citll for "'" ""' '" """ "•> breakfast," like you wna used to. Hut 1 will tlo tho best I can. Arc you ready for a little Knack. ? t couldn't* buy much nt.Lhe last station. Vim kiiow, boss, wo doll t stop long en< ough—" Presently ho reappeared. lie gave each of us a battered tin cup ut Warmed-over coffee. Out of his tunic he produced two* sorrowful llt.ld oranges. '1'u Ret In the way means ecrlnln death. Alt along tin* rlH"ht-or-wny the l'*Tench nrn In a stew— The. A...». Special IB about to go • through I ., - Tootl Too>o-0-ott alnns: lilong! , ' Jtcrti she eere-a like lightning, just teaming along,..' lletter <IUck nnd beat It. It's the beet thing to do • /. Whim the A. 13. V. Special goes thundering- through. ; , .— .. 4 shown—1. und -'. Mc­ Anaw; 3. Smiley; 4, Wnltmlr*. AH swnnls In tho mule foot ties i-insies . v. oung^ Herd* •em td hiiwlnfj 3 bend. FINE ART AWARDS. «. *. t 4\ $ <fr ^ <£. A- A Terminus of the American E. P. "Sprclal," France, September.— Wheri a French train signals, with Its queer;* ••• ej> siiucnk-vrliistlc, that II Is about to,* mosey Into a station, the depot nt-j<& CATTLE" AWARDS, tcr-.dnnts pass politely among thn,-e> lownspeople and ask If tlioy would *• <j <s> <J> <j> * * .j* J, be so good as to get off the rnils so Hereford that the train might approach. The. AkiN1 nerds, i shown ~' gent without townspeople are there for visiting rempctltlon. purposes. They visit with the erigt-| i^j.'"!"*. "*"jjAwli Bhown - 1 ' l»«'ctt; -• neer, firemen, conductor and other! ciiir ilerds, 5 shown—l, Lnrgent; S. train offlchlls. They visit, too, with llnaint; -J, Miller;! 4, Turners: 6, UmwhT the passengers;many of whom alight! Bc ^ „»f ^ uJuTlori^^.'-i.'.o^'.I.i for. a promenade, even for a glass of ' ' • Wine at tho' estnminet across tho <!• <J- t Paintings—Oil. Laiulseaiie—,Mi«. Hex Payne, first] Kalhrltie h. Perkins, TopPka, Kecond. , lllnlne--.Mr». Ilex IVyne. firsl; K.ltll- i Hn*» \J. t'erklhs. Beotind. ! .: .KIRUI'T—Mis, U. O. Usbbltt, Wichita, first; Mrs. nex Payne, ceeoiid. Ideal bFiid—Oraeo H. Il«yni"nd. Wln- flehl. fliMf Knthrlno I/. J'erUlns. swond. Iluwurs—Mrs. Rex Piiyiie. ffisl; Kath- lli'u ij Perkins, secTiiul. Hill] Life— Mrs. Ilex Payne—first; Grace It. Uruniomt, secend. AnhiiKl—Mrs. A. A. tllnje, Slafffird, first; Mis. Hex Payne, second. Water Color. , Landscape—Mrs. ltex Payne, first; Mrs.* R I'l. HIIMMII, second. Mailer Mis lie- "nyue, first; Ornoe It. Kuj mu;... Hccoiiu. 1 I-'ltiuris—Urflce it. itaymontl. Hecoiid tdeiil. head-i-Mri, R, Hi.. Ulooni. first: street from-the station. The baggngc- y Doll lairiax. ^. ttwHl, liunald; 3, l-argcnts on Clny ' Liul loth.; 4, Turners on Don Perfect llh.; 6. ftuwnuin on Oenerous olh. i . , L %. ^ i Produce of Cow. 5 herds shown — 1. and men-have great fun. Each package 4, I intents; 2, lituictt; t, "rtirncrs! »> they'hand out to station attendants. Bowman. has a, little ^history, such a comical) i.^,,| h ,.„„ . sh , Dr,l ;! J , r , n ', „ ,,,, . history too.- The air buzzes with chat-l W l^^IlfelrW,^p ^ ,, 'K,'.« ,, : ter. and Is threshed with gesticula ^i John lieBlcr, whttewiiter, Kuiis.; \v. a. tlons Evervboilv Is shaking hands I Prllrhnrd, Walnut, la.; William Meckel- Not Bp with 'the A. K. Special,! JuOgr—Jqhh Tonison, i>nver. Kana. which ; hfts. Inst enrrierl me arrows Ag;eil Hull, 2 shown— 1 Ijerliclin inn ell , ,. - ^ •• *iri ' tairieti me across cuntteiland Stamhud; Molnies mi ! '- Haymond, sicond, Il-ltnce. • 1JOB3, you Is on the only Viscount Standard. No two year old hulls i 'dial hVnd—Ornee It. Ilnviuond. first: 2 -legged trtiin lu Krunce," said tho shown. Seniur Vcarllna i:uii», J shown—- I Mis. 10. I-I. IJloum, secor.d. black bbrter—nrlvale to me while wn 1 ,lu,m,1 s on Count Valentine; J, llerklu- • Orlitlnal des'sn—Mrs. I-; ,11, ulooni first. were flying on.our way. It was true. Piuwant Acres Sultun. junior venilliM 1 rt-ft. .Mrs. K. Hlunni. s-cond. A COUPle of miles floui a Sla- bulli>, :l sliown—I, lle«ler on A. L. LII.I- I Pencil, lion our ElEantlc' Yank enirlne would "'"und; 2, Holmes on Hod uuuullet: a, I Ijtndsi ane-uriw-e It. Iti.ymond. >ec"nd. . i r tiifcine wouu ,. n ^,,,. t on ^....der IIo„ n ,ion. Senior M«ui e - Oi nee It. Iliiynmnd, second, let out a couple of mad roars. The bull eiuves. 6 sliown-i „,„i 1-,-l.cluud Id-m heiul-Oracc li. llnvni.u.ii. first; depot would be deserted when we got "J" S»leei Dale and Cnptaln i.'luiloii; a, Fiooi cu.-.l—Mrs. |.;. 14 ltiofun. M et ml. f""^ 11 ?* H& m ,n, »* m ? '"f .^r i '™'mn on C Sbe , ftl , SI''. n ? 1 ;i? , ' : 'iu'nlX f.^' 0 " m »**>°~««*'> ««=>»"""«'• lace having taken to the air-raid shel-, bint eiifvcs. 6 shown—i, i.uehnni on I Crayons. ctrnce 11. Hayuiond, secntul. Flnwnrs—Mrt, 13.. B. Mlooni, I first; Kath- rlne L. PcrklAs, second, SUII l.ltr^-oinee • n:' Itaymond, first; Miv«. io. K, lilcKim, second, Animal—i.race R. Raymond, first; Mrs. K. IC. Tlloom, second. • Pastel. l.aiidscnpe-Mrs. flex Pnvne, Tlrst; Kathilnc u Perkins, second.' Marino—Mrs. Hex Pnyne, first, figure—Alice M. tlruwn, Stelilmt, scc- rnd. A Ideal h\id—M'rs. Ilex Pnyne, .iccoTul. l*"lowei-B—Atrs. 10. 1:1. Hloom, seciuid. Still Lire—Mrs. K. 10. Bloom, m-und. Animal—Mrs. 10. 10. llloom, ftrd; .Mice M. Mrown, second. Drawlnoc—Pen end Ink. iJtndscaiu—t^aee It. tt..yni.dul, sei-nnit. I- IK in i — .ois. 10. 10. Itloooi, tils,; v.iuee CAMP DODGE—WANTS IW. Ilutcltlnson Physician, Now i« < Second infantry, Tells About the New Camp.' lers. Nothing like such audacity In trains has'^over been known In France. Called "Attaboy Special." The Ajnorlcan E. F. Special Is call: ed the "Attaboy Special" by our army in France, after the chief of our triujs- portation, who was formerly General Manager W. \V. Attcrberry of the Pennsylvania Hailroad. It is our only all-American passenger train in France. Of course, we have troop ,and.j luuVisi freight trains on irregvlar schedules n ""'moving all over FVance, but these usually have • crews wholly "or partly French. The "Attaboy Special" is • not a troop traiii. Its passengers are mostly officers moving between our general headquarters and our various important bases along our lines of coin- Victorious ilnle; '2. llerklennin on Cum bei-lnml's Choice; 3, Holmes on Valeatlna Stump: 4, Iteglec on Lavulluus; &, tlueils on lloyal Duke. - , Senior Cluimplon Ilull—Herkeln on ou Cuinheilonil Slanitaid. Junior and tnnna t_'haullouu Bull—Pi-Hcliaid on Set*.el Dole. Astd Cows, 4 shown—1. llolimrt.oll C'rvsiol Mold; 2, Ki'Bler on Calla -Jlid; .1. Xineoeii on ui'lmson s DaoBhur; r, ilnr- |-l3 on ltiwelunf. Two yeur itlu cows. 1 show ii-allolines on Keeiirfak.:. SLiilor yeuilmg helleis. 3 shown— I. Prllcluid on t.uoj' Susan; 2 and 3, Hums *tf U'iu i fet and Itosolear Juulol*-,>ealtins: shown—!• and FRED WEESNER Successor to Brig** 9m- ft. No-3 SauiJ» Miile • ''fttmUw. Modern Bread tuakes $ definite Baying oi wheat. USE IT! You wouldn't tako twico what you glvu for a l4tMfiy Light aud Power Hunt, Ask Tom Majors, lteoo-Bulek. Co. J6-6t. When you tauve no stamping ma- tcriajB. a design tmn be drawn by h«U)d >vlUt't.»*«>»li, il U>» Mud is skillful munlcitions, Uiis whole area now being culled the S. O. S.—-.Service of Supply. At-the wayside station whore I was. to take the "Attaboy Special," 1 went t .n lhe French ticket office and asked fcr a ticket. All, Hie ticket man could sell no billels on lhe American Special. It was not a public train. 1 would please see the American R. T. O.—Hallway Transportation: Officer. 1 raw liiUL Me had no tickets.; Ilej asked to see my papers, . 1 hnrj • my , American white pass^and asm. H. Q.\ letter, to commanding , ofticers. to grant me fuj.l^ facilities. '^ill maUe a Tcseryitfioii, for . yqU^''r'jhe .^said promptly: VThe traJu is'Jciue at- . It will be here then.'!' It was (here. The'thiieV^was at night, a stormy night too. A corporal lead me to tho captain-conductor who was calling a roll of passengers j bound for points west, as telegraphed to him up tho line. There- were four majors, a couple dozen captains and lieutenants and Quito a few privates on special duty to get aboard. My name was calledr Compartrnent With a Major. I was to share a compartment with a major, i .thanked the captain-conductor, and -was conscious of some one taking my suit case out of my hand mid saying: "Come right ills way, sail." He was as black its the night. Ho lead the major and me to ono of (he first-class compartments (tor this American locomotive was pulling French passenger "carriages," as they call them). He helped us'up the steps, brought in our baggage aud turned on the dim bluish light. "Ths light makes your khaki uniform look blue," I said to him. "You look more like a Pullman porter to me than a soldier, "Weil, boss, I guess it's the way 1 acts, too," he grinned. "I am a Pullman porter, temporarily on duty here, you see, sah. Yas, 1 am an old PennBy Pullman porter. I put in three years on that crack Congressional Limited between New York and Washington. Yas, sah, Ob, yas. General Allerborry and me done been on the old Pennsy for years. "Now they's u war on, but they's no reason - why you gen'men shouldn't be worm aud comfortable. I've brought you a couple army "blankets and a pillow, but if you think you want any inottb, just tell me. All satisfactory? Good night, suh, Good night, saji." • By this time wo Were bouncing over rails Intended for more sedate travelling. The major had made several trips on tho Special and 1 anxiously watched him. I wondered if it wne- a re'al American train whore people undressed and got in their pajamas, it was. There was even a clean place to wash, something stnuigo and uncommon,over here. It was a warm night, though stormy, and wo sat up in pajamas and had a good chat boforo wrapping up in our IT. S. A. blankets ami turning out the light. Like a Mother's Lullaby. Those sonorous goons of our mogul engine, thu regular cllcklty-cllck of our speedy passage over the rails— this was a mother's lullaby to me. Stretched out sideways on tho carriage scats, 1 slept better than I would have slept on a French feather bod aickety-cllck— 1 was 0 tho California Limited going down from Chicago to visit my folks in Kansas City. Cllckoty-cllck 1 was rushing up from Texas to catch tho boat for houpllablo old England. CllcWlyclIck-;—was sleeping. in the morning, when we were dressed tipd shaved, the sorter private with bis isureolo of go.od nature, appeared to w|au us a "bon Jour' that e*P0fed. ail o{ his wM'e > .^Gett'tiwu," 'Jiei sBltJ; Tj»u!wny.| r.yi . - - - - - - . -. Pilchard un tilde's Hanplo nnd Victoria 7f'ft.r 2, llei- kelinuii on Imp. llnulu Munjhlne .LMi.; 4, llohur-s on Mower Maid; 5, ILii-ru on Lrt-stuieiiil Ueuuty 3rd. Senior lielter calves, ;i shown—1, ljohm-s on ' l^idy Muprt-nit ; u and 3, i'YHen;ml OH ltos< i.u.l Sib. nnd I-nirvlew Lady tin.; 4, Holmes on M.tbel Blossom 2nd.; i, llerkelin.-in on Keoia-li N'lolc-t. Junior heller eiuves, i -ihown—1, llL-rkelmiin on \ illa,-;e lluiuty; ll»-l.ot's on Sivei.-t Ijlossooi -'ml.; y. l'rlu-h;nd on V'lotorLa Titli.; 4, iLui-is on I'.-t -nd.; 5. Holme* on lijpit Senior Champion l.'ow—Hauls on till Moid Junior and ^iimd cliuinii.on eow—I'lltchiird on 1-ody NUJ.III. I -•\|?'-(] Herds—Holmes witlloui compell- J lion. ^ ounu herds—1, I'lilcluud; J, | Holmes. ; fair Herd, 3 shown-iJ. Pi-ltcliard: :', j Il'.iki Ini.'ui; J. Holnu-s. t*'" Hei or Sire—1 and Prln-hurd on O.le L'lailoii; "J, lierhelninn on "i rue t.uinttt.r- lanu; Ilolmej on PIIIK-B \ aH-ntliie 4th.; I *".*• " i>, te-g.ri- on Sooteh Luinbei-land. pirdiice of Cow—1 and I'l-itehard; U nl'.o o, Holmes; 4, Herkvlinun. Fat Steers. Ar.eil Steers. J shown—I and J. Knosini Stale Ar.i-!cu!iui-u] College un Jimmy, iiuiii bled Hereford and Ooldt udjle, pule, ibied Sborlhorn; I-. It. Keisliaw on 1 Jim. i-uie tired Angus. Senior jearilnas. '2 shown—1 and'.^.: 1-ti S. A. C. on Ijlvin- Jul . . -. • I ^yone. Utadseape—Kathrlne It. l'et-KUis, first: Grace. M. Itaymond, second .' - Flsure—,\lis. Ei 10. llloom, second, leal head — Mrs. 10. 10. llloom, first; Ktithilne 1.. Perkins, second. Animal— Kiuhrlho L.. Perkins. seecmU. Still Life—Knthrlne L. Perkins, rlrsl. From cast-Mrs. n. 10. Itlooni, Urst, Marie Hawkins, Sterling, see md. Arts and Ciafts. 'I'f-'ol Leather—Mrs. ttto. Hay. rartrUtite, firsl. VVocdwork— F. 13. .Shackelford, Wellsford. second. Hand Painted China. .lacdlnere—Mrs. D. O. lial-UHt. Se-.-oud. Vus-e, largo—Elmo Hurtle Wichita, first; Miss Marfc-nrrt Neraley, Wk-lilra, second. Sniail—Alyrtle Jo. Murphy. Tujjeka, firsl; Mis. A. li OMIIR.'TDnrkii, second,Fernery—Sirs. A. It Mills, second. Stein—Mrs. Arthur ttaJloway, rlrst; Mrs. Hex Paj-ne, seoolul. U-monade pitcher—Kuthrine L. l'erk- 1ns. first; Khno Ilarlle. second. Punch bowl—Knthrlne t» I'erklns, first; H'-i-rj- Howl—Mrs. ltex I'nyne,- first; Mis. A. li. Miller, Topeka, wccoiul. Ka!:ld bowl—Mrs. ULO. liny PaJ'trUli;e, flrrt; .Mrs. Hex PnMie, second. Nut bowl— Mrs. A. 11. Miller, firsl; Mrs. i.traee I'owelt. .Macksvllle, second, lee bowl—lOIuio Hartle, -second. Cliop plale— Klmo Urtrtle, first; Mrs. A. 1.1. Miller, sreioid, I'.rcid plate—M'mo Ilarlle, first; Mrs. net .Netslty .second. s.rL large—tOlmu lfartle, first; . Itabbltt, second. Plates,'t-miUI set—lolino ilartlc, first;. Mrs. li. c. Babbitt, seeond.. Cim and saucer—Klnio Hartle,. first; ^Mis. Arthur tSaJlow-ny, second. llread and milk set—Khno Hurtle, first; Mr)ir CJeo. Ilfty, second. ' IKoeser set—3drs. . Margaret Ifcsisloy, fh«t; Mrs. A. B. Miller, second. lult, Jiuru bred Sborllioni and Musterlul, , Mrs. Onicd PowolC "second, aire tntd Onlloway. steer calves; i. • ChocolKt* set— Mrs; W. rt. Bod tjioinset—Mrs. SOeo. May, second. Smqklne »ct— Ma,*,!}. Uubbtr, first; Edwards, shown—1 und :4, K. S. A. C on Illuck , Nlckersoti, second. Uid, pure bred AuHus and Sammy Dale, SeivlnB troy—Mrs. i';eo. Hav puj-e tared Shorthorn; .1. o. Kl.i.tisoa. • Study—Merze Sklnnef first; rMs. Uurralo, Okla., on Quln^ili, jmre bred Kathrlne L. Perkins, second. Ansus. Cluimplon steer—K. S. A. C. on Gmcker.Jai— Mrs. r>. C. Babbitt, first Heieford. Urotliia—t | .Mis. Chns Nelson, second. first; U S. Jimmy, pure "bi'-d and '2, K. S. A. f JmlKi-s of fat ateer classes—John Thomson. Mover, Kane.; William' Iliultoii. K"nn- sua City, Mo., and ,1a.n-s MCCIIIIIK, ln- dluliuol .i. Neb. All awards lu Hie Gallowav wi'llt Hi H ClOft of Mi'dlcllie Kaus., without opposition. classes Lldse, .;. <S, (f, <J> «, ••> JACKS AND MULES. •i> * i> •• '•• <t> <i> 4> <?• <5> * •!> <•> * <S> <!' *v Jacks. Jlidse— Dr. C. W. McC'umpbell, Mnnhat. tun, Kans. Exhibitors—IT. T. Illneman A Son. Dlyhlon, Kans.; Cantwell llros., Slerlintr, Kans.; A 8.'Wright, Ox fund, Kuns.; W. U. Shore. Simpson. Knns. Afiiil Jnck—1, HlnemntiH on Ulllv It; 2, .Cuntwell liros.. on Clover Leaf King: 3, WriKhl on. Limestone Wig Iioy. Three year olds—1. Hlnemnn on Mammoth Monarch; 'J, Shore on Ills ljusler. Two year olds—I. Ulneman on 'nig Iku; 2. Cam.well on Billy Sunday. Yeai'llugs—1, Hlnntuau on iOlectiooeer-. Fost—Land 1', Tilnemaa on High Tide-uud-'Prolrle'Boy; J. Cantwell. AKed Jennet— I, 2, a. llineiism on Funny Long. HURIO McCord andl'ay Olrt; -l.'C.'inlwells on Squaw Chief, Three year olds—1, Illneman on Pi-ulrle Queen. Two year old--], Cantwell. Yearltiig-l, Illne­ man. Fool—1, Hinemans. Grand Champion' Jack, Hlaeman -on, lillly II. flrnnd Champion Jennet—Illneman on Fanny I-oni,'. Herd—1, Hlnemnn; 2, Cantwell. Mules. Judge— Dr C. W. Mccampbell, Muuhat. tnn. Kalis. Kxhlbitors—Pete Ricksocker. Partridge, Kans.; Cantwell Ilros., Sterling, Kans.; H. T, iillieinan & Smrs, Dlghtou, Kaus. Three year olds—1, Si and 3, Ulueman on mules by Kansas ClUef. Two. year olds—1, Hfneman on inulo by Kansas Chief; 2 and 3, Itickscokur: 4, Cantwell. Ye.-irlfngs—1, Cantwell, Fouls—I, Cantwell.• : Chajiiplon Miilorrliinemans on Maudo, * i j <i- •<> <J> «> <j> xj> s> <8> * •f ' 1 4> * SWINE AWARDS. 4> * :•,'•.- * <> * <i- <i' 4> <J '<i >iS><$>*<5><«> < S' Chester Whites, Exhibitors—J. II. McAnaw, Cameron. Mo-1 W W. WaltmliX! and Sop. Peculiar, MO-; H. B. Smlloy, Poi'th* Kuns.i Coinman and Crum. Danville, Kans.; Henry Mur, Tonfiuiioxie, Kuns.; J. at, Krausc, Danville, Kana. Judges—K. Russell, Washington, D. C; Will Bawson, Kndicutt, Nob. Agcxl litiare, 'i shown—i, Coleman and Crtim; 11, McAna,w, Svulor. yearling boar, 3 shown—1, Coleman ou4 Crum; I, Walt-, mini- Junior yearling boarB, s shown— I, McAnaw; 2, Hur| J und I, Coleman and Crum. Senior briar pigs, u- bhown— 1, WaUn.Jce; 2. Smlloy; 9 and 4, Culcntan and Cruni. Junior boar pigs, 0 shown— 1, '2 and' 4, McAnaw; 8. lCrause. Aged sows, 7 shown—1, 3 and 4, Coleman and Ci-um; 2, McAnaw. Senior yearling sows, 4 shown—1 und 3, McAnaw; 2, Snuley; 4, WtdUiilrc. Junior yearling HOWS, 8 Shawn ~1, 1 and 9, McAnaw; 4, WaJtmire. Bclilot sow pigs, 1 shown—1, 3, 3 and 4, McAnaw. Junior sow pigs, 13 shown— j> j, and J, McAuuw: 4, Smlloy. - ' Senior ,nrid Grand Cliamplon—Cqlcraan and Crura un Smlloy's Kind. Junior niuuiplon Boar— McAnaw on JOB Wing 8nd Senior (uid Grand Charaplon So*'-" Coleman and Crum on Tip Tup. Junior Champion Bow— McAnaw, lin- tutraed- ' • Get of Sire, 5 's .hown -,1, i and- 3, <Mo« Anaw on get of Joe Wlngi 4, Waltmlre. Produce of Saw. 3 shavn—L McAotiW' Crucni 3 Jam Jar—.Mrs. ' A. II. Miller, first, tCathrftH.' L. Perkins, scrond. Tile—KaUiei-Jnc li. Perkins, first; Elmo lliartlc, second. 3 Piece lea set—Mrs. D. C. Babbitt, first; lotmo Hartle. second. Creamer and sug-ur—Mrs. D. C. Babbit, flr«t; >Irs. Rex.Pityne, second. Salt and pepper—Katbrtne* L. I J erkIns, first; lOlmo ilai-tlc, second. Specimen, conventional—Mrs. Margaret Nesaley, first; Mrs. Hex Payne, second. Specimen, realistic—Airs. A. B. Miller first. Display—Kathrlne L. Perkins, first; lOlmo Hartle, second. Enamels. Display— Mrs. tleo. Hay, first; Kathrlne L. Perkins, second. Paintings—Amateur Oils. Ijnndst-upo—Fern Boys, Wlufiold, first; Mrs. o. P. Brooks, second. •• * Flowers—Mrs Mary lOwnrt. Minneapolis, first; Kathryn Uoss. Sterling,- second. Still life-Mrs. Josephine Archer,'first; Merze Skinner, second. Animal—Fern Boys, second. Study—Mrs. Arthur Galloway, Hutchinson, first ;-Fern Boys, second,' Water Colors. Lamlccane—Mrs. IJ . s. Davis, first; Kenneth Macy, accoad. Flowers—Mci-7.0 Skinner, first; Mrs. J. 10. Hostutler, second. Still Iffe—Mantel Montgomery, first; Mcrae Skinner, seeund. Animal—Miss Clara B. Kleck, Sterling, first; Merxe' Sklnacr, second. Study—Morse Skinner first; Mrs. 1.. S. Davis, second. Pen and Ink. Landscape— Fern Bays, second. Figure—Fein Bays, second. Pencil. . Figure—Floy V. Brown, Tavns, N. Met. first; Fern Boys, second. Ideal head—Fern Boys, second. SUH life—sirs. Jas Hlldroth, Voder, second. Charcoal. Landscape—Mrs. Jas Hlldrc-th. second. Ideal head—Fern Boys, second. Still life—Mrs. .Ins. Illhlietb, second. Hand Painted China;. Jardiniere—Ella L. Matthews, Topeka, first; MrevJ. IS. HoKtutlcr. second. Vase,, 1 -large—101m - I*'* Mat thews* first; Mrs. Grant Chamberlain, second. ' ! VUIK-'I smidl—Ella L. Matthews, first; Alitnxta Carson, second, Hteln—I'Olla L. Matthews, second. Iieuipnatlo iiltchor—Curtis K. Peugh, first; Abnoda Camon, .second, Beray buwl—1011a IJ. Matthews, first; Curtis B. Peugh, second. Salad bowl—Curtis 10. Peugh, first; Hlla L. Matthews, second. Nut buwl—Klla U Matihews, first; MI-B. Grant Chamberlain, second. Chop plate— IHUL I* Matthews, first; Mm. Grunt Chamborlaln, second. Bread plate—AJmcda Carson, first; EUa h. Matthews, second. Set Lu-gv plates—Mrs. Grunt Chamberlain, first, Set small plates—Mrs. Grant Chamberlain, rlrst; 1211a L. Matthews, second. Gup aud saucers—Curtis B. Peugh, first; Mrs. ltaV Tinder, second, . Dinner set—lOtla U Matthews, first; Airs. Urunt Cbujiiberlain, second. Chocolate set— Mrs. Harry Yt'arncr, soc- ond. , , Bedroom a^t—^ire. Grant Qbamborloui, second. . . , ~ Tobacco Jar—May Sentney, second. Jam Jar—Mrs. Grant UluunborUMu, first; Wlla U Matthews, second. ....... TIls^-Mrs. )<ay Tinder, second. . ' 3 piece Ida Hol-Wa, Matthws, Ml Mrs- Itay Tinder, second. v; - • Cremnor and supo*—laila t,, Mn-tthews, first; Mrs, Grunt Chamberlain, second. Men's suits or overcoats cleanetl and pressed |1.00. & 6, aoJlup, tl» N. Slain. Phone 86J. Hon. Tours, ia.« 1 lie News has received tho follow- lug Inlcioslng letter from T>r. leap tain), I.. A. Clary, the Hutchinson physician who is now surgeon, at- Inched to lhe -oeond Infantry, now stailonrd nt I'nmp Dodge, Iowa: fiiinp Podge, Iowa, Sept. l«, 1018. Edlttr News: Pear Sir: Wlille In Dos Mnlnrn the other dflj visllng my family, Mi's. Clnry nslted If I had received a copy of thn News yet. That Is what slib usually nskg first when she sees me. Facts of the ease linvent seen n copy since Sept. 1st, when wo arrived In this camp-/ Couldn't write nnd tell you I was coin-' lug here and too lm»y to write much since 1 ariiytd. Wish;* you would send me the 1 paper here. Nothing like the t)ld Home Town Paper when you-are "fur, fur away." ' As for news, thorn Is llttlo to wrlto that would Interest you. I intended a number of times while in the Islands to wrlto some more about them as they are so Interesting but it is really quite difficult to npply yourself to writing In that country after a hard day's work. Camp Dodge Is a cantonment and we are housed In. frame buildings here whereas we had tents nt Camp Fremont, Our trip here was uneventful. If our first section had been on lime at a certain point In Nobraska It would have been a much more exciting trip as a train running ahead of it was ditched. We had our first experience with Tied Cross canteen workers who met us all along the line und I can assure you the men appreciated very much the effort! made to make them feel the country was backing them. Best regards to yourself and to all my Hutchinson friends, from Yours very truly, I.LOYD A CLARY Capt. M. C. U. Si "A. Care of 2nd U. S. lnfy. BISHOP OF OXFORD TO TOUR AMERICA „ Rt. Itev; diaries Gore. Ut. Tlev. Charles Goro, bishop of Oxford, England, is to visit America soon nt the invitation of the national committee of churches and moral alms of the war. He will address gatherings of ministers and laymen throughout the U. S. - Expert Kodak ADAMS DRUG CO. 206 N. Main. Phone 131 Safe Investment It you had a moderate sum of. money-lying idle in the bailk, and ya« could, buy a beautiful article that would give you great pleasure, and Which you were absolutely certain. you could resell a year hence at » higher price, you would very likely make the investment, would you not? That is what you do when you buy a diamond from a reliable dealer. <t - Diamonds aro steadily rising ta value, Tho output ill small, and yam can, easily recoil at any time It you buy your diamonds right. Let us show you our present stock —you cau save at least 15 percent by buying now, MY T, BROWN mm i

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