The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 31, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1934
Page 6
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SIX PAWS HEWS. TUESDAY, JULY 31, W4 BURNS FACES HARBEN IN MAT SHOW FEATURE Main Event \Jack Shows Boxer What To Feature ! $h ort Left Hook Is Like Tough Boys Old Man Mauler Fulls On Cloves Again Wlien Pro- tege Fails to Follow His Orders; Approaching Fatherhood Keeps J ack Awake Nights 7-4 Defeat YORK v-P—.Now and then "Throw that left h Frankie Graham, Rough _ House Q'Brien Meet In I «-- e se« bothersome for \Villiam ! yelled Dempsey from the side of j ^ * "IT- 1 {Harrison Dempsey and then the j the rinsr. ., "What are you trying j •"•emi-rmal {old champion is liable to cause { to do, mow hay ?... Short, I said,! ook short," 1 Increase Lead Over Second Place Galvestou Bucs; Hillin Wins 2Oth | someone trouble. ! short.. .here, wait a minute," ; It will be Boy Scouts and Per- j He's bothered now. and the fel- j He called for a set of rincr tights j kins Brothers employes' night a- j - ow w fc O has all the proof of what | and a shirt and he tied on the j 3?aris Athletic club Tuesday forjhe needs is Tony Gaiento, a mon- • heavy gloves. He didn't bother 1 ilaaager Fred Greger's second ! ster of a heavy-weight., much of it •'taking off his street shoes, And he j wrestling program since j about his -waistline. By BIl>I^ PAKKKtt Associated Pre*s Sports Writer Jast to be sure of the league pin- it - taKins orr ms street shoes. And he : nacle op the final day of July i climbed right in there with Gal- t , . „,, I -,-»« I. S5an . Antonio Missions trouj taking over the local franchise, j Dempsey was saying: Monday \ ento. j Every Scout in uniform will be j that he hadn't had a real night's] "Now I'll show you." he said, j ounced Monday night. 7 to 4. The Wes FerreB Washington Club Crippled With Three of Regulars Out of Lineup ARE Furey coach of football By HCGH S. FT'ULERTOX. JR. \ Bridges to direct the athletics and Associated Press Sports Writer serve as head Judging by results so Car, the at the school, purchase of Wesley Ferrell. who refused to play this season for gT, MART'S TJntv«r»ity of Sa.n j Recently the games fear* been Antonio has started a recon-! Played on the diamond *t Cul- struction ofits athletic frame work, bertson Park, on South Thirty- And the first step in the recon-: first street. They start at 5:30 struction was to hire Frank o'clock, with seven innings ihc salary Cleveland offered him. •was about best stroke of bus- admitted free of charge. Manager sleep in five nights what with Oreger has announced, and Tues- < keeping- ready every moment to daj' night has been set a^side for | rush over to the Policlinic hos- emploves of the local Perkins -' pital where Mrs. Dempsey i« as- you ihro-vv a left hook. j Missions increased their lead o%-er j iness the Boston Red Sox have put make it this!" | Denipsey's fist disappeared in t Galeato's abdomen and Tony look- j the second place Galveston Buccaneers, who lost to Oklahoma store. Bach week the management i pecting a baby, -Then too, at 41. Jed a little sick. This went on for j Cit - v - and ° ver the third place Oil- plans to admit employes of a Paris j "^ business house as its cuests, Mr. ! ^ a waist:ine that's beginning to ! two rounds of two minutes each. ! ers. Beaumont, fresh in the first over. | %Vith Lefty Grove still disableO | and other f lingers not soing so ] we!?. Ferrell's arm has been an \ important factor in keeping the 1 l! and a head lull of boxing I At the end the Newark heavy- j division, was the only other up-' Sox In the American league's first I Greger announced. In addition to admittii:? th Scouts and Perkins workers ire* 3Jr, Greger has announced hereafter «li kids under 15 problems and Max Baer, this heat j weight's lips were split and he was a j wave hasn't helped any. either. > backing up all over the place. " ; So Jack thought he'd take his ! Dempsey patted his shoulder and T _^ I mind off a!! his cares for a few j climbed our of there. i ^~ t I moments and see how Galento. a | "T feet a lot better." he said. "A ~ ^^-^ I pretrv stood heawweisht, was sret- j fellow should do this more o^ten. old will o« admitted tor iv cents j :iT _ a]ons . |ri bis ^ or ^ out ai s C in _ f T ^, ess ril come baek tomorrow h week to the bleachers on the j TOan , s gymnasium. Galento, in { and teach him some more." s:de 01 the arena, j w hom Dempsey is interested, was j Galento looked like maybe THREK MATCHIiS j doirsg just fair, *Dempsey aid, he wouldn't. To usher in his ne\v policri per section team to win. Ash Killin, the young in division. Boston was safe ^ j iourth place Tuesday and only s | jrames be' w-ho has been a complete Cleveland to Texas league batters y,^ net:€ Tulsa with , ^> e ;. ^ nd Ferrell's record alone | showed triumphs enough to keep 1 the Sox a-.vay from the second-di- [ visiors leaders. At present 33rid*es is coach, athletic director and field representative of the Texas Military College at TerrelJ, Texas. The Bulldogs of this school are scheduled to ap- oear on the program of games* for the Paris Junior College Dragons this fa.Il a.nd for this •ed s at ; • arer-a. Mr. Greger has seeur- { two matches iavolvinc prof-es- i heavyweight wrestlers and \viil offer another local laieut match ior st curtain raiser. The 2naiii event will go -wo cut of 'three fails with a two hour time .limit while the senil-finai will be a. time limit maicb. The curtain s xaiser ais-j wili b-s a time limit i affair. j As ajj e^tra added attractioc | Sill Sleolge -will be present to deru- I onstrate •wrestling holds, how they j are ...secured Hugo Clash First of Series For District Is Scheduled For Tuesdav WEST Jacksonville 5, L.ufkin 4. Tyler ?, Palestine 1, night Ix>nsriew S, Henderson l. night Okla.—Hugo Tigers j iiold _to ask about wrestling 'fen ca •vrili be ,^ ; For the znain even t'si. card ilacager Siliy Sums ,, 'wee- ivlJ on Tuesday i e Greger cat- aad George ! d .iUu £.' inin.s: 10 to S and jdEugo -won. by 3 to •?. in a sev- EAST DIXIE LEAGUE Greenville 10-5. Greenwood 3-3. Clarksdale S, Pise Bluff 5. El Dorado T, Jackson 0. niaht : mystery ; this season, stopped Tulsa -svith I eight hits and left the mound with j ais COth victory this season to be f | the league's leading hurler in gam- I os won. Hillin out-pitched Posedel . i -.o gain the verdict even though the | Tulsa. siabman allowed only eight j hits. Both pitchers were \vild. j Foseael walked 11 and hit one. ! KilHn issued ~ walks. Both were i effective in the pinches, leaving I -o runners stranded or; bases. j The Galveston Buccaneers look- j crSple^whea i ed over an assortment of pitchin™ ' { from Harry Matuzak they could | not beat, allowing the Oklahoma • Cit;- Indians a 3 to 1 victory, Matu] sak. a right-hander. al]oT\-ed three ] hits. The Buccaneers scorec on ; j--^-,^ "'iValters' error at first base. - The Indian htsrler whiffed si^ to i wiu "his mound due! from South;' pa-w- Jimmy TTalkup. Indians s recent spurt -which d 14 victories in IS | Since joining the club at the { end of May. Ferrell has appeared ! on the moujijJ 15 times, starting 1" games, and Monday's S-0 triumph over Washington was ninth of the season defeat. the customary distance. The boys, all amateurs, turn, in some cred- 1 itabl© games and contests thatf have their fans and backers on i ca _y. A «S"st S. Night Races Are Delayed Extreme Dry Weather IB Middle West Result* In Postponement WASHINGTON.— Extrem* dry weather in the middle vr«st ha» caused postponement of the opening date of night automobll* race* at the Ft. "Wayne. Ind.. Speedway. originally scheduled for Wednes- their toes all the time. up another for the women. This one is the owner franchise. Her of a name is Mrs, EL B. Branconier of St, tx>uis and has purchased - j the Omaha Western League baseball club. She bought out Manager Frank Wetzel's aharw and immediately named Malcolm Pickett. a 26-year-old first baseman, Parisians will be j as her temporary' manager. against one lene i n t e rested to learn of t. h e transfer of Bridges to Si- Mary's. Prior to his 3ob at Texas Military college Bridjses w a s coach of the Baylor University Bears, the Simmons University Cowboys of Abi- of the Olympic club of San Francisco. He has . always Senators although he was touched for 10 hits. With, a makeshift lineup, resulting from injuries. Washington failed to offer a real •hreat until the ninth inning, ih^n Ferrell finished the game by whil- fing Ossie Sluege with the bases These ia a Zocai ririg. i case 10 Te^sjs from the i gjy? znic-dJe -B est. T%"h.-£re iis i ttp aa impressive record c-f i - vietoriss. Since eomicg to Texai; lieves he -win be able to maintain i ^ en- " tills record ssamsl Burns Tues- ""'" tean^s opei> a nine-game ! district tournament series here ! Tnesday aftemoon at ~ o'clock to : Decide the representative c-f thi^ cisTric; TT; the staTe tournament TEXAS LEAGUE Beaumont t. Fort v\"orth ;i->mgs>. Houston S. l>a!las l. night game. loaded. Three Senator regulars, Heinie Manush. Joe Kuhel and Johnny Stone, -were missing and "Having jumped into a first div- j as a result the utility infielder, ision berth t-y virtue -of their dou- ! ^^° Kress, was in right field. j ble victory Sunday over Oklahoma i rookie Job.n Gill in left and •%. \ City, the young Beaumont "Export- j catcher. Luke SewelU on first. ; ers entrenched themselves a bit j The defeat returned the Sena- 3 (11 i firmer by taking Fort Worth. 5 to ! tors to siith place after they hud | 3. Three times the upward going ! advanced to fifth Sunday. The Exporters were forced to corne St. I_ouis Sro-wss. with one of the [ been, in the best our estimation, one of coaches in this section and why he was removed, at Baylor always more or less puzzled this department. Certainly there must have been a reason but we always felt he had creditable teams considering the fact his material was hardly up to that of some of I I OU PRIERSOX, Chicota's contribution to XVindle's VTander ers, temporarily heado.aartering at 1/ufkin. continues to sht>w the boys a few things about hitting the ball to distant places. Through games of last Wednesday, the last' date for com piling of the -weekly averages. Lou had belted 33 home rurts and "was second in runs batted in with 93. Fern Bell of Tyler, recently sold to the Newark: ] farm of the Xew Tork Yankees, was leading ia runs batted in with 55. in stolen bases with 32. fn two- base hits ^rith 35 and In runs This announcement from the Contest Board of the American Automobile Association here — national governing body of the sport — did not say when Frank Fuck. operator of Ft. Wayne Speedway. would stage the night races." It was believed by Ted Allen, secretary of the- board, however. that with relief from the intense heat which has gripped the section. the schedule of after-dark races would be carried out. The nlsht races announced t e- cently by the contest board were the first of such events scheduled in the mid-west. For sex-era! years twilight competition has proved successful at the Speedway in ' Los famous Ascot Anseles. Cali- foraia, and when staged In eastern states. -with SI. In the runs scored department he was tied ivith Johnny Tobin of I>ufkin. who is recond in home runs with £"- GUI.& Johnson Handling HOLC Title Work the other Southwest schools. Conference z3a! Augrusu at S CHANGES the Denver STYLt: boy has Oklahoma Ci*3~. * • Jesse Rc-s-etf?, "husky Okla- A an<3 M piicJi^-r. to tns ; ri^otzn'' 5 - i.n T-ues-^ia'^'s, ^"itn '. • l-'on B-enn catching. ! !^rs. Junior Clark, out of the '• ; -rjsuf s-ev-era- cays due to ir.ju- : ~'-;t. Pj.e-a.sar.:. will , Okla.hon2a City 3, night game. San Antonio T. T? TJEAGCK ST. Ix?-uis 4, Chicago c. Boston 5, ^Tashir,s:ton 0. NATIONAL :>en date. STANDINGS Galveston 1. i from behind e\-entually to finish in i front. AI Tirtcent, in the eleventh 2sa 4. rtight ; innins-. drove a triple over third [ to drive Ross across the plate with i :he wining- run. Jake "Wade, press; ed into service at the besrinniirsr of ; the tenth inning, receive^ credit : tor the mound victory, j Frorr! ind;cs.tions the 2?al:a5. = ^"veers arc off on another long- los; ?n=r streak. Tney foi;owe5 up thfsr • uoubj-e defeat of Suiuia.y by lopir!.;: 5 !n S to I game tt. in ore -.for \VEST DIXIE LEAGUE W. L.. the other, pushed the gc-in= > •-t;. tits 1 Tra.'y ftri-d is nc-t a^ers* 10 a. \ l>it ol cuestienabJc v.-rtci-'ihiir. Ke ; showed fairs last week fcs knows a : Henderson ITEMS ABOUT COMMERCE CQMMEHCi:. — feas been ansaged for nir-e years asd while lie had Irtiie oppcrt^r;- \ :ity •• to ssow it lasi. we-=k he is ; as a. -s-re-Eiier --'/ho can take ; w-ell as dish :t out, ; FIGHTS Last Night .405 O~'e— has a -position with the I,ir- .3~i ;. :"s-=tcn Academy at I-ivtirstc-r. ] Tenn.. a= head of the Spanish d«- EA8T DIXIE LEAGUE I Pa-rtmtnt. and leaves Friday. Aug. =^r a 3~<- »4 i^ -Vss I A Daughter ^as bora to Mr. ar.d \ ^^--^'1 — ^4 Sli h virs - R -" Daniel M c -cay. a ~d a ; --^r^o '.'.'.'.'.'.'. I? 1? ^ZSI^- ^ nd Zi* arrived at zhe ociatec Press : Greenwood 15 "1 -IT i ^\ ? ^f^^ ; ^- -^o £3'.».._„ TV^-- -;-?cii js.—>or>T! ... i- 21 .<i"3C* ' : "'" •' •-—nca.. morr;ir:g. ^-e, ^,, _^^. : ^,.._- ^_^ Mrs. O. C. 3Itt!key. Jr.. rrho nr- ; <J-c-r-went an appendicitis r>r-«ra:.i>ir: | Surrday. is report-=2 doirrs: a? "?.-<=" %^V : ^ r - ^- ^- Butler, tennis coach at K two yeari &i>o i=" c-?^s;d=red : - *-• H::n- ; ira- >:.. T.. stopped" L-e- TEXAS LEAGUE ^ . __^ ;. . . , : ^,T-i — ,-i — C.— ' Ci" *^ ~- - *-^i -^- 1 •? 1 ,- . *, "*"*' ••3. tn/mxng n-^ii^'yv, 'r L rt-T'-;71 ^rrsii;^.-?*". : * ^-- : -'---, ~ ^ •--. ^ —- -—s 1 -, •- - i ee.^.'- — * ^.-. . I>£=ipiie '.s.rr:--i--g around 21'C* : JEH.5KT CITY".—Ste-v* Dudas. San'" j't».tKids of beef h-c- is remarkably ! - i5- S-5s-e~ater. X. J., oatpoirited. . G fast. ' i Tus-^ S:rit:s, 214 Ve.w Tork <"?"; • Bsa i _ T-_»T__ r;j; XS =f> O"Sri&n, -svros* -o -^^v-'vr-~ ta-"""cs i SPRIXGr I^UD. >Iass.— ^ o m ^'— ' ' ';; ^;' "-r- ;__^7^"' i " 1^ ^t ''::. • EiSiC. is in Galveston visiting- his ~""~"~'~ Zl 3Z "-- r , niother -^-ho is seriouslv HL £.UmC-r;t --- 3t! D-> ,31-f : CROSS CHILDREN MAY HAVE WORMS *''e -K-LI buy or iraC* for yocr *d f-jrnlture. Come 1r5 to »es us -, for the best valtjes tr? fcorn«> f-jr- 35 .«i O. H. Baker Furn. Co. 3-- .SS5 -: "The House That Sells Fcr Leas" : to tak« this opportunity • :•? *-xpr**s rr.y thanks and app^e- • foon- ? c?ation to the voters for the:r so?~ Saturday j a! support in Safjr day's election.. ' Friends I can TJOt express ray ': for the c ?<*•-. J hope J can prove -worthy, Sincerely. P. L. CHISM. sally *. ..knockout pu-i-h is r*c->- "• - s * "' -'" " • KC^-*^' ^" -*^ n " oil to wiis s fail frorr: hjn.:. -.- ^•-^' B - n? - -- 4 - H'-Iyok^. Mass.. ='S », Tl>c "Palace DTUS CALL4OI— BONHAM STREET Store ray. 3 4c. Tapper. N, T>.. outpofrti-'i P. L. CHISM THANKS VOTERS DELCO ELECT COMMERCE FOLKS TO OFFICE BATTERY -j'C^ 1 ^*-"*.r-^ offtce^r In the ;->*ctior Saturday ere: 'f. N«wton, who -was late In line -with their program St. I -Vlary's recently has named Mose Sirams of Abilene as business mac- aser and he was slated for a conference early this week -with Bridges with the view to perfecting- plans for compiling: a complete schedule for the 19S5 team have marked | ^ poon ^ possible, under Kogers I Bridges leaves Texas Military ornsby-'s rcauag-ement. came C olle5e after coaching: there since c-m behind to whip the White- 193 °- Each year his •x 4 to 3 and take fifth by s. Teams have mad* enviable H srarne. j ords and information that llies that progress rec- had ATI unusually large amount -ot title work -has been doa«- the past few weeks, by Gill < Johnson, local abstract office, for ] those who are seeictnsr loans from the- Home Owners Ix>an Corporation. .-••••• ..-:.: "Our office has T>een handliii? title work for a large number of Paris home owners, and we ar* makhag every effort to render these people «. speedy serrlce, «n- LEAGrrE abliag them to get their loan* _ . , _, , "L j made in a miuiinium of time, with -^*?^ ~ M ^ ush ' ^tors. a low cost for the uae work,^3o: G £ hnn S er. Tigers. .*.!. | SftW Roy Johnson manager. Runs—Gehrin^er. Tigers. 93: | "Tfe keep on hand at all times TVerber. Ked Sox. SO. | the off icial appUcatioa blanks And. B.UJJS batted In—Gehrig-. Tank- | "*"c- will be glad to help applicants ees, 11.1: Bonura, TThitc Sox and j f^! them out correctly Trttboct Major Leaders R. Johnson. Red Sox. SS, Hits— Maxrush. Senators, Trailing- 3-1 after Chicago had ! Cached this desk was he had an- ! Gehrinser, Timers, 135. 14T: •Ticked I>ick Coffrnan for three hits and as many runs in the •'•;•> urth. the Browns tied the count Sam "West socked a coma other formidable the making- for thf 1334 _ , , _ _. • Doubles—Green oer^. osers, * Tigers, oo. T Triples — Chapman. Tankees. 11:' 1 cost." J AI5 loans arc j througrb the otfic« of Jtidsre E. : li I Myers, who is local attorney- for I i he Home Otrners Loa,n Corpora- i tion, it -was stated.'—(Adv.) * Heal Those Sore Gums • cotxnter came' as a.»-^-ay Monday afternoon Sift from Luke; App- ] Rodsrers-"U"ade team met tb* the j La- [ a <3a y o •ne result in the second half. aTt«r Pyorrfcf*a. ha« aifr«ct r i ed your stomach, kidneys and yo«r e ^ f een«ral health. Leto's Pyorrhea ! Heusedy, -ased as directed can sav« IS-} you. Dentists recommend Jt, Drsy- 3 gists return your money If It fails. feasr-ue unchanged. Vatace iDrug: Store.—Adv. R Tanfce«*. FREE This Week At Bomar'* Eat Shop South 19tfa Street White"* E>t Shoy> I.-Oc or more. vjsrx €s CURB SERVICE >-:-en.n?.*;r.der!t ov«r Mr?. Ruby Mt-rEn by the ssrjal; tnaj^riry of ,'-'*4 Tore* :r: the: T.SS-J cast: Tors; Yun- -« tSs<* For <3^iality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 Just Installed - - —the Latent Equipment, fn Our Dry Cleaning Plant We dcjn.g a f -dry for Southern Cleaning Dye Works i fc-" cor.*ta.b'e-. Pr*-rinc* C, ) J>«s Burt rr-tAJred his? ] of public w«ijgrh«r. PrerS.nct *. nrjth | a majority of 2.SSS TO ESO for hi* , P«rkic5. FIRK DAMAGK6 SHED Fire AJo^i<!a;" st.ft^-rnoor, abc-sit ! ,44i o'clock damage-* a small *h.e<! ,t tfce home of J.o* Gllie*pie, S*S ,*ireet, Tb* shexi i« tw-- roa-s burs- we* It costs no us or* to ha.-»» cry tfc« very ta.t«et kno-sro to the try—^Ju»t »«n^ the?n h«re <!!!£er*nc*. MEN'S SOFTS AND LADIES' DRESSES Cleaned KM! Pre««<J 50c Under The Wide And SPREADING SKY Summer is the season wKen the possibilities for enjoyment are multiplied about you. Under the wide and spreading sky there is room for much happiness. You don't need great wealth, and you don't need to fasten all your hopes for happiness on a short vacation. Whether you live in the city, with all its modern means of tempering the climate to your needs, or in the country where the good earth responds so beautifully to your touch— there is much to do, pleasantly and happily. But there is art in enjoyment. You should dre*s properly for each occasion. You should have within easy reach the things that make hospitality inviting and gracious. You should have the means of refreshing and beautifying your person and improving your sense of well-being. You should be comfortable. It is not so hard to do all this. It is nof accomplished in one frenzied and expensive effort. Comforts should grow about your home, as flowers and fruits blossom and ripen. Read the advertisements, and acquire the things you need from what you learn there. Fresh light summer wear. Foods and beverages that keep crisp ,and cool in modern refrigerators. Gas and electricity that cook and brighten without heatincf your rooms. Electric fans, perhaps. Soaps, cosmetics and heaps of fresh towels, for frequent showers. And read in the advertisements where to go and what to do in order to make Summer the golden season of your IT lire.

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