Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 20, 1942 · Page 9
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 9

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1942
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHTEEN--THE MORNING AVALANCHE March 20, Many DolIar-A-Year MeiTAr^Charged With Trying^To Allegation Mader ~ ~ " ~ ~— in Hearings Pia! 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal Office» <E-/ The Dr.ited Prusl "WASHINGTON, March 19. — A House military affairs subcom- . mittee today heard the charge that - many dollar-a-year men, trying "to serve two masters," often permitted their business connections to prevail over their obligations to the government. , v Robert R, Guthrie resigned ,Vhief of the War Production Board and leather section, made 'the allegation at hearings to in- ;Ves*.igate charges that alJ-out con- iversion of industry to war production was being impeded with;in the WPB. •? Trying To Bring Order "" He said that "at heart" he and 3VPB Chief Donald M. Nelson saw • "eye to eye on the issue of all- jout war effort versus compro- 'jnise." ••" "I have tried to follow and support him," Guthrie said, "Because ,1 am convinced that working un•der great difficulties and with an Organization that has grown like .-jTopsy, he is trying to bring or-der out of chaos. ^ "That cannot be accomplished *pver night. I sm confident that if "he understood the degree to which .his insistence on an all-out effort ;is impede in his own organization, •he would stand his ground against ^hese forces exactly the way that ,J have done." ^ Cites Various Industries ,., Asked by Chairman Andrew J. -May, D., Ky., of the full military committee to state the ex- reason for his resignation, vGuthrie said it was because he *could not make his own appoint- ;ments and conduct his part of ,AVPB as he believed it should be -conducted. «,; Guthrie cited the radio, refrig- *erator, wool, cottonduck, Nylon "industries as what he said were ^specific examples of the reluctance of WPB officials to order ^conversion. £ Hefers To Dispute ,^; In the radio industry, he refer-red to a dispute between himself ;"and Phillip Reed, chairman of Jthe board of the General Electric ,Co., and chief of the WPB bu- Jreau of industry branches. Guthrie ."said that the radio industry was ...using "significant quantities" of '•scarce materials including alum- Cleo, Naughtiest Qirl Onllroct&way .,_, J It was explained that at the ime of the radio dispute Guthrie ^ assistant chief of the bureau industry branches. '.-. "I was shocked to discover that "aluminum was being used for this purpose," he said. "It is well itknown that many airplane manufacturing plants are operating at |fless than capacity simply because -_ihey cannot obtain enough alumi- .>uum." *M His Order Overruled ^ Guthrie said that his disagreement in the refrigerator industry -came when he and Thomas Evans, ^bead of a Philadelphia company, -tP-ttempted to reach an agreement •fhalting the output of refrigerators. ^Guthrie said he had ordered pro- ^duction to cease as of March 31, *but that subsequently he was -overruled and~ ; ~told ' production ^'jwould be halted as of April 30. ^i "This was done although Mr. sEvans was not a sworn govern- nnent employe and had no offic- Jal standing," Guthrie said. "Salt Lake Residents Xomplain Of Deer * SALT LAKE CITY, March -19 •3W —The town's gone wild. •» One quiet morning, for instance -"? Dog packs hunted—and killed— deer near the center of the bus, ness district «i An automobile struck and killed ^L bobcat. ^ The state fish and game depart- ^inent received more than 25 com-plaints of deer drowsing on laxvris *; Its winter time in the mountains. WHO ARE HARD OF HEARING ) make this simple, no risk hear- ^ing test. If you are temporarily j •>de<ifened, bothered by ringing,' ^buzzing head noises due to h'arden- ;*€d or coagulated wax (cerumen), .Sry the Ourine Home Method test ^that so many say has enabled them -to hear well again. Used since y.3S5'. Over a million packages d. Safe ingredients as listed in s U. S. Pharmacopeia. You must ,pe satisfied after making this test xor your money is refunded. Costs •only a few cents daily. If afflicted "ask today about Ourine. For sale 3>y Mark Halsey Drug Store. By HAY PEACOCK Wide World Features Writer Her name is Cleo. She does the grind and the bumps and has no inhibitions whatsoever. Just downright naughty, is Cleo. But she's seen in the best places, always in the company of two personable young men. Walton & O'Rourke, they're billed. And Cleo, the moppet, is their puppet. Whenever Cleo does her act, a lulu of a hula, other puppet performers in the Walton &. O'Rourke stable hang their heads—on hooks back of the tiny portable stage. Even though her undulations are motivated by strings, and she hasn't an ounce of brains in.h^r plastic head, Cleo has her own personality. She got it from Paul Walton and Michael O'Rourke, and it's hard to say from which. One of the partners starts a sentence and the other finishes it. It takes 20 to 30 silk fishlines to make Cleo and her fellow troupers cut capers. An ingenious fastening of the strings to a pair of "handles" permits countless movements. _ Walton, who adopted Texas as his home state after first samplin" the air of St. John, Kansas, and O'Rourke, who early was of Pocatello, Idaho, 10 years ago began the puppet partnership which led to double billing on Broadway— in Olsen and Johnson's "Sons o 1 Fun" and at the Rainbow Room. Cleo may be their most spectac ular performer, but Lazybones and a hi-de-ho team. Dianne anc Dennis, get steady booking too Lazybones polishes Walton's shoes plays hotfoot, and exits hurriedlj after sampling a cigaret. Dianne sings while Dennis, cued with the house orchestra, pounds the piano McKay Child Buried i hursday Afternoon Last rites for Frances McKav two-year-old daughter of Mr anc Mrs. R. N. McKay -of Shallowater were read at- Sanders Funera home chapel Thursday afternoon Burial was in Lubbock cemetery. Rev. O. E. McGaw, pastor of the Shallowater Baptist church offici ated at services. The child died of pneumonia about 6 o'clock Wednesday nigh in St. Mary's hospital, where shi had been a patient several days Survivors include the parent and two sisters, Louise and Beth Lou. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! ••a -*» -* i 2 •» :f "J [ — i 1 •"• __ 1 _ J s DPI [ Dr. MYR OPTOMETRIC CLINIC Dr. Millard F. Swart DR. him R. HAMIUGH DR. HARRY J. SHJTH HYRICX BUUDiN6 LUBBOCK Thousand Motorists A Day Should Purchase License Plates During Remainder Of March, Tax Assessor-Collector Bryan Advises A problem in mathematics posed by H. B. Bryan, county tax assessor-collector: ''Lubbock county has from 18000 to 20,000 automotive vehicle's and trailers that, if operated -after April 1, must be licensed. "Two thousand of them have been registered. "There will be 11 more business days in which to complete registration. "Find the answer." Requires 1,000 a Day Bryan said more than 1,000 persons a day would have to "line up" to get the task completed in time Fewer than that would mean i: nos- sibly as high as 3.000 a day in the waning days of the registration which would tax energies of his office personnel to the limit — since the personnel has to remain into the night to check work done by day, as it is. All of which means Brvan is Schools Are To Take Holiday For Session Lubbock Public School children arc being given a holidav today The holiday was called today because of the meeting of the West .Texas Teachers association in the city. Another daylong recess is planned for Friday. April 3, because of Good Friday, Dr. W. B. Irving, .city superintendent, said m making the announcement. Negrc schools also will be at recess today, Dr. Irvin said, and most of the teachers will at- tournament in tend a disirict Brownfield. seeking to influence steady registration immediately. "And don't forget your certificates of title," he advised. "Without them cars cannot be re-licensed They must be presented to this nn, ense ags. The law does not allow us to issue a license without first inspecting the certificate of title Mere possession of such certificate is not sufficient: it must be pre sented. MARRIAGES O. K. NOW DALLAS, March IS. W.PJ The Dallas board of .education today gave its blessings to marriages with the Army, Navy and Marines Heretofore, it meant a school mar'm's job if she married. Now she may keep her job until hei ! fighting man returns, in good health. ACHING-STIFF-SORE MUSCLES For Quick Relief—Rub On MOVING Everything You Own—insured Complete protection is yours, when you rely on us to move your 'furnishings to suburb or distant city. Our many years in business proves our dependability.. lubbock Transfer & Siorage Co. 701 - 10th St. Dial 5715 Tire Prices To Be Enforced .„..„ <B>' The United Press) AUSTIN, March 19 — Enforcement of used automobile lire price limits will not he through the office of State Rationing Officer Mark McGee, it was announced today.' Tables of the pric<; limits which must be posted by dealers have been received here in the federal register. The scale of prices begins with smooth tread tires and provides for three other classifications based upon the amount of tread design remaining on the tire Those with one-eighth inch or less have one scale of prices; those with more than one-eighth but less than 9-32nds have another' and treads above 9-32nds inch have the highest price. Begin At SI. 50 Prices begin at $1.50 for smooth tires in all sizes for passenger cars and advance to a top of 520.50 for the best-class tire, six 8-25 by 16. There is a separate scale for hi°h pressure tires for passenger cars. Maximum prices for used truck REDS WHITE FOOD v STORES, LETTUCE ICEBERG, LARGE HEADS EACH and bus tires begin at $3 and go to a maximum of $140.90 for a 16- ply 14.00 by 24 tire. Used truck and bus tubes are priced from $2 to §14. Height of Mount Everest in the Himalayas, highest peak in the world, was computed in 1841 by Sir George Everest, a Canadian. The peak was named in his honor. COVERALLS ARE UNIFORM SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 19. (tfi — Santa, Barbara's home guards have adopted coveralls as their official uniform. The garment, can be wrapped into a small bundle—and donned in a few seconds over other clothing. Eire will import 190,000 brushes, brooms and mops this year. YOO'R£ LUCKY/ YOU GET/z POUND OF CALUMET BAKING POWDER FOR ONLY (O<r LOWEST PRICK EVER ON ALL SIZES I Specials for FRIDAY and SATURDAY Grocery Service Food Store Harris-Price Grocery IAHGES 1411.7til ?t. Dial 8401 2301. iSih Dial 2-3381 . Dial .9941 1517 Av£. Q NO. 1 COLORADOS 10 Pounds . . . A CALIFORNIA NAVALS GOOD SIZE, DOZEN L4NANAS FANCY FRUIT, DOZEN 10 I »<»>; Tempting:, Toasted! CHEERIOATS VALUES OF OATMEAL: Vitamin B, CJERIOA'T^ ***** t0 be ^^ fond <* S^l \ tte Dew oatme *l "real. Mighty fond. Everywhere it's been introduced, there's a general reaction of "My gosh, why didn't somebody think of this before?" It makes sense, you know ... this idea of a nounshmKoafm^cerealthatcomesalrea^ %J^T' S CHEERIOAT S...convenient, tempting, del.cious as can be...yet it provid^Vll these important nutritional values of7ato e S: The Breakfast Food You've Always Wanted! Provides All These NUTRITIONAL ,Vitamin G, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron Vitamin B,, Vitamin G, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron. Yes... and all of them in full oatmeal amounts, tool CHEERIOATS is, in fact, 7555 ground oatmeal... with com and tapioca added tor extra crispness and flavor. • You'll like CHEERIOATS, and -that's a promise I In fact, you can have your money back ij any member of your family doesn't like il. Try CHEERIOATS today. General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. CHEERtOVts >• * TT<r. trartr m»rb ct GracrU . Mi.K Inc. Copyright. 1342, G«iera) Mnglea tf=l_ p« CofSee Pound . . Karo Blue Lapel 3 Pound Can _ __ 1 op a fryer in Ifta pan— Bird-brand shortening —Man, oil man! Tall Cans Heavy. Lar9e H11 Pkg . . 12-* ••' RED & WHITE JUICE PINTS SHEEPPED RALSTOHQc PUMKIN Kuner's No. 2 Cans PUREX PINTS KUNER'S 2 2 Ho- 2 CHERRIES MEDIUM CANS, 2 FOR .... __„ FRESH LIMA BEANS Mile High Brand •~>««MMMIM SPINACH Crystal Pack, No. 2 Cans, ?. For in KUNER'S BEETS MEDIUM CAN _ BRAN •Mi APPLE JELLY Red & While, 2-Lb. Glass ^MMMHOMMB^B^Hta,^ HERSHEY COCOA Pound Can ___ | PICKLES r 13 OL Kuncr'; Old Fashioned Chips CALUMET ~™ 1 Pound Cans ' i APRICOTS Red & White, No. 2 Cans ISc Swift's Premium, Pound Layers, Pound CHEESE Longhorn Full Cream Pound ...... ROAST Branded Beef, Choice Chuck, Lb. . STEAK Swift's Boneless Veal, Round, Lb |

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