Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 5, 1969 · Page 78
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 78

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1969
Page 78
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Page 78 article text (OCR)

REPUBLIC •.-•••• ••BU-LLDOG Atfzdira HeptibHe Phoenix, Wed., Nov. 5, IM9 Vic Wilmot iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiii f THROUGH THE BOTTOM OF MY GLASS: Channel 21 has jjlpst its financial peg(ler). Julian Peagler, of car fame, ^dodged the final word and pulled out of his one-time pur- 5 chase agreement. Not only that, he took all of his commer- jcials, no small sum on that station's books. . . George tautz ^shocked a party crowd with a naked upper lip. No change ^ith wife Joanie, though. And as far as I know, no change in *his Handlebar-J, either. . , Careffee's Hitgh Downs follows Jhimself, so to speak. He no sooner concludes his NBC-TV j'Today Show" tomorrow, than he turns up (on film) on the fKTAR-TV "Today in Arizona." At least that's the way it 2stood yesterday. . . And there stands Frank Moore, sporting *the grin of the Irish front and center in the Adams Hotel .{lobby, remodeled, you know. Not Frank, the lobby. Frank's ^the hotel's new gen'l mgr. (via the Sands in Tempe) who tfirst saw the Arizona light of day as the original Playboy chief. | MAYBE BOBBIE GENTRY doesn't know it, but the gal's sitting on a new hit. Her latest penning, "Fancy," sjvas released Monday and 3s getting the big spin locally. She told me it was on jier mind for a long time. •It's the tale of a very young lady of the evening ("It's pfficult to trace where the idea first registered.") Bobbie: "I was leaving for a |rip, and had told friends so/ [Then I had a sudden urge to Stay home that night and write it. No disturbances. I v?rbte the song in five hours." If it's any omen, she penned "Billy Joe" in {he same time. She doesn't feel there's much of a short- Story market today, "but I fast might try a, novel." She Bobbie Gentry juov ixu5»k nj, a. iiuyci, uiic ( * should. Asked what she was do last night (her Fair Appearance is tonight) she hummed. "I've got a basketball game." I said "Okay, hung up, and blushed at the second nought: She owns part of the Suns. * * * * *HEY! IF Y' HAVEN'T received yr invitation to the Scotts- d£le Girls Club's 3rd annual "Whing Ding" ("A Night With Omar Khyaam" a week from Sat. at the Safari), here's VKhy: The invites weren't mislaid, but they WERE mis- YJEIGHED. Some went out of the P.O., some didn't. So don't fwet. . . Bobbie Gentry, cont.: Her drummer is Peter Magadini, the same Peter who went directly to the San Francisco .Conservatory of Music when, he concluded his career as a senior at Washington High School here 10 years ago. He spent last night way, out on N. 20th St.—with the Chas. M. Magadinis. . . Patricia Stevens' poise-type school here has changed hands. Jean Jones, with it (and the school) for the past seven years, talked husband, C. Lee, into buying it and giving her a new title, director of admissions. ' * * * * /FOR THE CURIOUS, Jackie Gleason HAS shed weight. He's trimmed from his "usual" 275 pounds to 213. He did it by eating fish, meat and eggs "and drinking a hell of a lot of water." Says The Great One: "It was boring eating, but I love the results." More: He supplemented the whole thing by wearing a 12-pound weighted belt all day and walking a mile and a half with it every day. And if Gleason, the Son vivant, can do it, ANY one can. * ... ' ' -And Val Valancius says half the bunnies in the Playboy hutch, .think cyclamate is a bicycling center spread in PJayboy. Kecords BEVAmM:iT\i:it Bach - Japanese style . "Jhe music of Johann Sebastian Bach has been subjected to«a jazzy, Japanese treatment on RCA's budget label, Victrola (stereo, VICS - 1458), "A! New Sound From the Jap- anSse Bach Scene." A the album cover says, "Twelve familiar Bach pieces become a new experience as members of the popular 'New Japanese Music Movement' do" their own Baroque thing, with koto, shakuhachi, guitar, bass, and drums." The koto, of which there are two here, is a Japanese zither - harp, with 13 to 17 silk strings stretched over an ob- loijg sounding board. Each string is tuned by adjusting its own movable bridge. The sound is not unlike that of a harpsichord, more taut than a guitar, bright and articulate. , The shakuhachi, a bamboo flute, is like the recorders and transverse flutes of Bach's time. Sliding fingers and cross - digital combinations produce a mellow, light sound. Trills are weak, but otherwise the shakuhachi can be successfully adapted to the music. The guitar, bass and drums are primarily for delicate backup of such numbers as the Air on the G String from the third orchestral suite, some minuets, dances, fugues, and two - part inventions. Hollywood Golden Era on way out By GENE HANDSAKER | Associated Press 1 HOLLYWOOD - Winds of I change are blowing through movieland. One film company announced it is selling its studio; it was learned another probably will dispose of its mammoth movie lot, and a producer called for a summit conference on economy — all in the past week. "The era of the major studios, as we knew it in the so-called Golden Era of Hollywood, is over," film executive Martin S. Davis said. He sees a trend toward "mini- majors," not burdened by owning sound stages, but shooting on location or renting stages as needed. The call for a summit conference came from producer Martin Ransohoff, who said top Hollywood executives should discuss cutting expenses by 20 per cent. "Somehow, some way," Ransohoff said, "the overall cost of producing films has to be reduced $40 million or $50 million a year if this industry is to survive." While Paramount's studio is up for sale, "the picture company is not going to be sold," David M. Judelson, president of the parent Gulf and Western Industries, said in New York. The assumption here was that, unless new land is acquired farther from the city, filming will be either on location or on rented stages. Fortune magazine said MGM probably will dispose of its Culver City studio and some of its -foreign theaters under the new regime of Kirk Kerkorian, Las Vegas, mag- hate now the largest single stockholder in MGM. A trade paper, the Hollywood Reporter, said MGM will move its home-office operations from New York to the Culver City studio as part of Kerkorian's plan to have chief executives and board members near his Las Vegas headquarters. Meanwhile there was another addition to Hollywood's growing corps of young movie executives. Independent producer Stanley R. Jaffee, 29, was appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer of Paramount Pictures. He joins such under-40 executives as Robert Evans, 39, Paramount's global production vice president, and Richard Zanuck, 34,' president of 20th Century Fox. And newly elected president James T. 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WASHINGTON AT ; 40th S'TREET Reservations: 273-7181 Funks' Greyhound Racing-Circuit RADIO KOY JM KTAR-NBC 420 KMEO 74P KIFN—Spanrsh IM KPHO—MBS ..910 KOOI—CBS «0 KCAC—Spanish .; 1010 KURD 1040 KCKY 11SO KRDS—Western nw KRIZ—Top 40 1210 KHEP—Rel'glous 1UO KBUZ—ABC 1310 KRUX-Top 40 1340 KXIV 1400 KDOT 1440 KHAT— Western 1410 KALF 1510 KASA-Reli9lOM 1540 KTUF .15N FM STATIONS FM STEREO FM STEREO KFCA-FM — «1.5MC KUPD-FM ~ »7.»MC KBUZ-FM — 1P47MC KHEP-FM — 101.5 MC KMEQ-FM — »6.» MC KMND — 93.3 MC KTAR-FM — M.7 MC KNIX-FM — 102.5 MC KOOL-FM — 9X.S MC KRFM - W.5MC KDOT-FM — 100.7 MC a.m. Hour TAR-News, Music KOOL-News, Music a.m. |t* a.m , |t4I a.m. KTAR-County Aaent . «i*9 a.m. KOOL-WorldNew» . * Roundup , ay, , Newscope fill «.m. KOOL-Law Rtporti KOOL-New* KTAf.News. Music ,t:K a.m. litt a.m. KOOt-NtWl, Music KTAR.N«W|, Musk! KPH&NewsCQM im « nv 7i4$ a.m. KPHO-Wprldthis Morning, Newscope 1:00 a.m. KOOL-News, Edl- jJPHO.Ne'wscope KHEP-Mornlng ' KOOL 8:30 a.m. .-News, Sir irely y< KOOL'TOP KOOL-Mee 8:50 a.m. •AeetYour Candidate . , op of Desl »:60 a.m. TAR-News, Music .OOL-News Music »i*> a.m. KOOL-Dlmensfon KTAR * ,- MUSlC 10:09 a.m. s, Music at Home, Music .-Emphasis, KOOL-Naws, Music 10:10 a.m. KPHO-MovIe Talk Music 10:30 a.m. KOOL-Dear Abby KTAR-EmpnasIs, Music the KOOL-News, Insltfe Story 'own'tal'k KP K00 1 L-A*rtiiur l 'God. Res s, Music hasls, of est ^ KOOL-Tomprrow'» , Living 1:00 p.m. :oOL.News, Music :PHO-News, Muse HTAR.News, Music KOOL-tomorrow's Living KPHO-News, Music KTAR-ErnphasIs, Music 1:00 p.m. KPHO-News. MUSIC KOOL-News. Music KTAR-News, Musk 1:M p.m. KOOL-Mother and Child KPHO-News, Music KTAR-EmphasIs, isrtscppe, ~vs • "ft-iJovKS, MUSIC HEP-John Jess KPrlo-A $ SU*'Re'port P.m. .ensfon, ^ ,.^ ...i Hollywood KPHO-Newscow^ Stk Report KOOL"N»sfM 1 eet 'our andldale KOOL^Personel Close Up, Music KTAR-Emphasls. Music <PHO-News, Muolc KTAR-News, Music 4lOQ p.m. KHEP-Hearl to Heart ;pHO-Newscop« oOL-News, Musl«, .TAR-Ne\vs, Music 4:U P.m. KPHO-Stk Report KTAR-Arl?; n Bullders KPHO-Newscope, Stk Report KOOL-Walter Cronklte 4:50 p.m. KTAR-Ariz. Outdoors KPHO. $:N P.m. '•Newscope, Stk Report KOOL-News, Music KTAR-News, Stk. evvs^ualc Newscope KTAR-Swrts, Weather KOO^ev KPHO-Ne KPHP-Newscope, W^-ld KTAR-News a , V 'MuslC KOOL.*New?', m Sport>, Reasoner KTAR-Gover'no'r'j Report KOOU-Loy«ll KTAR-DuW rlnkly KOOL*SporFs', n Meet 'our andldate 7*00 p.m. KOOL-Sports, Music KTAR-News, Music KPHO-Fulton Lewis 7:15 p.m. KPHO-Georne M. Combs KTAR'ci?et P Hu < ntlev KOOL-Huddle Show Minority Report S:0b p.m. KTAR-News, Music KPHO-News, Music KOOL-News, Music KPHO-Roadruriners la vs. Portland D m ews/MusIc -News, Music 1P:flO P.m. L-News, Vuslc KTAR.News, Music lUSlC KTAR. Hein Riess as Goering berates one of his generals, Wolf Harnish, in a scene from "Battle of Britain," now playing at Fox Chris-Town. The epic film recounts the Nazi air assaults on Britain in 1940 and the successful resistance of the R.A.F. under Lord Dowding. Michael Redgrave and Ralph Richardson are among prominent British and German actors recreating the battle. Stolen jewelry worth $72,000 HONOLULU (UPI) - A San Francisco investment banker said yesterday thieves took $72,000 worth of jewelry from his hotel, room last week. Jacob G. Schurman told police items taken included 27 pieces of jewelry and a wallet containing about $200 cash. ».m. 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