The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 31, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1934
Page 5
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TUB3DAY; JULY 31. 1*34 TW FAJttS NEWS, ociety Paris Saddle Glub Regular Dinner The Paris Saddle Club met on Monday evening at the Paris Golf club for its regular monthly dinner with about 24 members present. Mrs. Claude Terrell had as her cuests* Mrs. Adelia Jane Daugh- «rty of Brownsville, and Miss L*la ilay Miles, of Midland: ilr. and Mrs. Arthur Caddel had their , Sonny Caddel Burroughs. McGarvey House, Jr.. was with hi» mother: and Mr. and Mrs. Will G- Freese had as their guest, young Miss Mary Alice Theio. Immediately after dinner a business meeting was held and plans were discussed for a Paris horse show to be sponsored by the club. A tentative date was set for sometime in October- Will G. S*reese has been named by the president. Dr. O. R. O'Xeill as general chairman for the show. Miss Black Honored* By Commerce ty'MS COMMERCE. — The Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church meets on che lawn of the parsonage Monday eveniog; at 8 o'clock, to honor Miss Mary Jane Black, daughter} ADEIIA DAUGHERTY HERE FOR VISIT Formerly of Paris She Now Has Schools In Vallcj Mrs. Adelia Jane Daueherty of Brownsville, formerly of Paris, i» here visitinjr her--«Lsier. Mrs. Burford Brooks, and Mrs. Claude Terrell, for a fete- days. Mrs. Dausherty formerly conducted a studio of the dance here and is now engaged in that game work in Brownsville, and Harlia- gen where she has been for the last two years. Besides devoting most of her ume to her school of dancing, physical culture and dramatics, which is the largest school of its Kind in the \-alley. she also \srite» a daily column, entitled "Health and Beauty," for the Valley Morning Star of Harlingen, and broadcasts on the same subject each morning except during the summer on the woman's hour over station K. U. ~&- At The Grand RV Ul j COMMERCE CHUKCHES Avid lovers of thrills and chills can find their horrors in large packages in "Before Dawn." Edgar Wallace mystery story which opens at the Grand Theatre Wednesday with Stuart Erwin. Dorothy Wilson and Warner Oland. Wallace's flair for the unusual 1 finds exemplification in this eerie production which introduces a distinctly -novel type of heroine, a I tive. Arrested as a quack medium. 1 she is found truly psychic and persuaded to communicate with the spirit world to solve the crimes and answer several mystifying crimes concerning a weird old residence in the sTzrburbs, How did Mrs. Marble meet death? "Who Is Dr. Cornelius? Who Patricia Merrick's father? is the million dollars of COMMERCE.—Joint open air •meetings of the Preshvrerian, Methodist and Christian churches will be tire first tiiree Sunday evenings in August. Between th« high school building and the annex seats will be provided and the choirs of the three churches •vftil participate. Services will be- j k^i«d j&s at S o'clock and the paxtors! Where of the three congregation* -win j-Sold loot hidden? TVhere does the preach, ~ 1 stone stairway lead ? How did the Sunday evening. August 5, the I housekeeper's dead body get into R*T. Thotnas B. Gallaher of the j tne cistern below the house? Is First Presbyterian church, will de- j Joe Valerie's story true? What is Hyer a sermon; August 12, the j the significance of the death mask? .Rev. Sam Bluck of the First Meth- | What sounds ar" heard from be- odlst church, will address the | hind the wall? TVbere j s th* secret sattheriagr and August 13, the j panel? R«v, B- IX Henson of the First- 1 T^e answers to the questions Christian chnrcfc,, will elsarse, ] are spine-rwistinsrl— linked in "Be- 5 fore Dawn." Eerie settings, spooky PARTT AT BEPORT S photography and excellent portray- DEPORT. — Mr. and Mrs, Dean {aJs rank this production as a top- Oliver entertained Saturday eve- t notch jitters producers. lung with a lawn party at their f Stuart Erwjn, Dorothy Wilson home honoring the twelfth birth-j an d Warner Oland play the fea- day anniversary of their daughter, tared leads admirably. Dudley M*ry Dean, ihc time was spent in • Dlgges. Frank Reich ?r. Gertrude Make This Model At Home Pari» New* Daily Pattern Eagle Is At Crossroads On Birthday NRA's Bird, One Year Old, Faces Many Changes In Operation WASHINGTON. (& —Tb« Blue Hasle, one year old Wednesday, is at a. crossroads. XRA's future Is still to be determined. Changes are in the making, Suggestions have ranged from Hugrh S. Johnson** Idea, that a board, instead of one man. should manage his job. to a demand by Senator Nye (R-ND) that STRA be deprived of price fixing and other fair practice powers and be placed cnder the federal trade "commission, -with, the anti-trust laws in fall effect. The next congrress. •which meets in January, -will have the task of determining NRA*s future. The Blue Basle is slightly yoticff- er than the "XKA, It was born August 1. 1S3S. and quickly became the best-known emblem in America. It started life as a merit badge to employers who slgraed President Roosevelt's re-employment agreement (PRA) for shorter hours, higher pay and no child labor. Today, as it turns one anniver- j sary. it symbolizes the vow of i countless industrial code signers j to comply with XRA's rules of j fair competition- j "When the PRA was announced j by Johnson to speed unemployed to payrolls pending more tedious code-drafting:, he set up the Blue Eagle to guide the consumer in his buying. An army of 1,500,000 volunteers —probably the largest volunteer host of history joined in carrying PRA and Blue Eagle from I cloor to door. XRA estimates that 2.500.000 employers signed. The original PRA lasted from August 1 to December 31. but later was extended to allow more time for code-making. Today, all but about 100 pending agreements have been fitted into the code structure of nearly 500 industries. LAURA WHEELER FINDS ELEPHANTS MAKE A GAY KITCHEN KITCHEN MOTIFS PATTERN 77Q, Somehow the smart kitchen to-, ery is done entirelv Gun Wounds Prove Fatal Charlie Martin Succumbs After Police Hall Escape From Prison » i I ilUSKOGHE. Okla.. (ff> — I Charlie -ktarzin, whose 70-mJi* | tax j cab flight from state's prison j was halted by police ballets her* f Monday night, died of his w ' Tuesday. Two policemen were, shot by the 3 S-year-old robber. Patrolman Kd Hensley, 45. may dle^ Officer Billy Guy, _ 4 5, was severely wounded. j Th* convict, who had served" } about IS months of a 30 year sen- i tence from Tulsa. county, escaped i at McAlester late Monday, flee- J ing in a taxieab. • He got out of the prison on a. • ruse, to confer with an attorney, j and drew SI25 from, his prison. j account. ; Rich Owen, prison executioner, ; was assigned to guard him on the | trip outside the walls. { While in a. drug store. Martin day not only flaunts itself in gay i stitch. The edge of the shelving 1 suddenly fled and jumped Into a. that as | Laxicab. driven by Artemis G. s desir- j Minyard, who was questioned by colors but also likes decorations Is riven in a pattern so that are droll. These elephants—! i much of it can be made ed. spacing they look well done in any color i please. or in a variety to j on the fugitive. hen the elephants as you j police here after Martin's capmre. • The Muskogee officers saw the of colors—are just j Pattern 770 comes to you with t McAJester- taxicab on a. residea- ung to use, for they are al- : a transfer pattern of two and two] tial street and halted it- Guy or„ „„ Decorative and certainly are j reverse elephants 33-4x6 inches, dered Martin out and searcher c-o*.. j.^e:- really beiong to the : four and four reverse elephants f him while He-sl^v h«'d lamily as the elephant tow- ] ranging from 2x3% inches *^ * ~ 50, shown some time ago, f 2*A x 4 i so would make a fitting I the shelv citchen ensemble with them. The ! ments for a varietv larger ones are the thing to add a I and illustrations of "stitches- * touch of decoration to anc another automobile to pass .in the of articles: | narrow street. Martin seized Guy's 1 pistol, struck him ever the nead/ curtains,,; Send 10 cents in stamps or coin; an <S opens* r accessor-i (coin preferred) for this pattern i the en"-*uin? smaller ones are I to The Xews. Xeedlecraft cute on shelving and pothoiders. ! S2 Eighth Avenue. Xew among ol fire on Henslev fight, all three ' wounded. things. The ezsbroid- • T, York, X. | DEPORT PERSONAL Slit Skirt Appears Again \ T ~T\ • "i —^ 7 T^v ! al! ^ son -^ In Pans ^ ash ions Parade AM) LOCAL ITEMS A. G- Elder OHT- • — Dr. Dnrward meetins; of the State. ers association of 35is- at Sugar Lake near Ritslt- "^^• *?'" — 51i:: s^i^ts. slashed pluni and gold lames were design- ! ville - il0 - have returned home, oto the knee, appeared Tuesday in | ed in slender silhouettes an the pageant of winter evening j front decollates. Their styles in the second day's show- | slit one* and ing of a big fashion week. 1 revealing heir CHOOSE COTTONT OR CREPE I>E CmXE PATTERX IS 05 By AXXE' AJ>A>1S Here is a dress In- which rill make aa impression cor I for bow. niusirated step-by-s^p, HONEY GRO\ r E LOC4L i sewing instructions included. f i Send FIFTEHX CSNTS <15c) j j in coins or stamps ed) * f ° r Black satins, changeable AM) PERSONAL NEWS 35 (corns prefer-! ^ ane Adams W^^^^^f^-^^^™ games s*rv«d. and refreshments I TS". Hoffman and others are s dfd in the support. COOL COOL TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY Stamboul Quest GEORGE BRENT — MYRNA LOY The Fate of Nation? Hang-in? on a Kiss .... While Love Dcreafs a Woman's Love To Her Countrv .M>I>ET> ATTFLXCTTOX THE BIG BAD WOLF M«st Fa.n»otj THIRTY DAY PRINCESS SYIA'IA Stl>NKY CARY <7T^NT For Thir;y Nichts A \Vom- in Trie* To Fiij'tT Tier H^-irt - Thursday DAYS BEFORE DAWN Stnart "Ernln, J>orr«i»y Wilson, Warner Bud I»owvirs On the Stajrc at 9 P. M, the world -swill have a. chance ..... . 1 ^Ir. an<3 Mrs. iidnev Gaibraith the bodice is slashed so as to make] - Aj3d whize you are writing. w cy| ar ^ ch«d'-e" o' D^rant, Ok-a. a place for that stunning plaid i not include an order for a fasci-j w ^ o s p € "^ t \^ w«k"«nd%<,-'t" Mr % bow. When ycur back is turned I Bating book, crammed from cov- f _,I d ^ XIrs "' c" Gaibraith and" M>" you will again give people some-1 - to cover with stunning illas-| aad Mrs," D:cV Wood were accoia- thing to talk about in tse way ititrations and captivating descrip-j panje^ home for a visit b-c Mi&s opens a.t the neck with two chic j ^°^s o* new fashions, fabrics arid | Mary Ethel Gaibraith. little revers. In the meantime you | orber things ths: make a woman | -^ -^ Tt ow tO" J- a^d Viss will be having a very nice time! ^ . TH^_SUMMER^ ISSUB j -g^^ a' o -^ on ^e vi^itir:g in Xor- looking so smart ~nd feeling sol ur *- £1 i-A-N-^i. AX?A3^i? ?A x ~ 1 xnan, Okla,, Mena comfortable in a frock which has i T — R;c BOOK. PRICS FIFTH EX | 4^--^" crisp little epauic-ts instead of \ CENTS. BOOK AXD PATTERN}" V T V- x - *<, sleeves, | TOGETHER. TvTENTT - FIVE | "*- i:5 ' Pattern ISOa is available in sizes 12, 14, 15. IS. and 20. Sire | Addre IS takes 2 7-S yards-35 inch fab-! Pattern 5« orders tc Department, 243 "We. ric ar^d 3-4 yard 5*= inch ribbon! Street. New York City. Full Federal Cooperation In Texas Centennial Urged CORSICANA — Federal operation without stint in the i staging of the great Texas C^nten-' ray are spendir.s: their vacation in Vernon. and Oklahoma points. Sam McGauhey. C. C. Canon anu T^. S. IjS.sset€i" left MornJny for A-ustin on a business trip of several days. Mr, and Mrs. T. J. Rosser visited Mrs. Hosser's mother. Mrs. I C. M. Briggle at Patto-ville Sun{ day ar.d Robbie Briggle aeconi~ 1 panted them fcoire fro s week's ! I visit. ! I ^Mayor T. F. Williamson who has ! Dallas has I > reported I co- tram the Ailegcanies to the Pa-i been in a hospital in .^glcific. Of greater importance to the [ returned hoir,e and Union was the annexation o* Tsx-! restinsr comfcrtablv. | t ~- " t nial celebratioh of 193S may be ! chase, because it opened the way 1 rant. Oklm., is visiting the L,ut-1 regarded a." a certainty if United j'or quick acquisition of territory f trell and Turner fami-ies here. { 1 ail the way westward to the Pa.-1 Mrs. S!~»r George and son ) States Senator Tom Connally's views are adopted by footh Houses j ci - lc of Congress and approved by Pres- j "Again recent arrivals fro™ I utent Roosevelt, | the United States xvon the Teza.s ! Senator Connally Is cha-irssan cf! v 2C-tory at San Jaeirsto- They cre- a joint committee of the National f ated the provisional govern me r.t f James are visiting: Ralph Geersre land family. ~ Jimrnie Hstes of Coa:gate, Okla,. arrives TCedTsesday to visit his ther, Mr?. J, T. ^f TheD ay's Dial All Hours Central Standard Old P. 31. 6:00 CBS X-Lvender ajid I-ace: NBC Bergliot, music. 5:30 CBS Abe Ly man's Or.: r^BC 'Wayne Kling's Orch. 7:00 CBS Georgre Givot, comedian: NBC Musical Memories. 7:30 CBS Richard Himber's Orch: NBC Memorial Concert. S:00 CBS Fray and Brasrsriot- ti. pianists: XBC Beauty Box Theatre, S:I5 CBS The Troopers. S:30 CBS Melodic Strings. S:00 CBS Party Issues ;" NBC Fra.nk Buck, adventures. S:15 CBS Isham Jones* Or.; NBC G-ene and Glenn. 9:30 CBS" Jones' Orch.: NBC Rudy Vallee's Orch. S:45 CBS Joe Reichman*s Or. 10:5)0 CBS Harry Sossick's Or.: NBC Buddy Rogrers' Or. 10:30 CBS Frank Galley's Or.: NBC Pete Smythe's Or. 11:00 CSS Jack Russell's Or.; NBC Clyde Lucas' Or. ACDIB3LE CSS STATIONS low skirts were twice to the knee, -nings in contrast- velts. I ing colors. I Tnere were numerous trains, [.despite style prognostications taey {are on the wane. j Day >"ocks showed s-It? of all | sizes s.r,<l places. Since rnanv were | designed in slender. sheaihuke | skirts, they were often silt six I inches on either sice, to give ea~e | to waikinc. Others were slashed I in front to the knee, under an | overlap. I The cay dress was ^enerclly ; built alone a slirn profile, with i S.H accents abov« the hlpSine. i 5Iany were fasnioned with Mshop :• sleeves and big: £ raped collars. } Two colors two fabr:ic= were I often combined in one frock. A : nioss ?T-eert wool had bishop \ sleeves a_nc a' back boc!!ce of car; nation aiirj red wooL. ! Black wool frocks had white | wool vests, barjded in srr'seTi, lower ; sleeves ar.<5 vests of black satin | or draped collars faced with silver I Ia.rr:e. ; \ Colors included Mack, br-ow^. i moss srreen and •eg'splant. Fabrics i t were in pebbled -^ools nnd crepes, i I threads. 5at:n was often used as i - an accent for dull fabrics- KBC STATIONS JLa» . ....... ________ sue WSAP. ?X Worti ........... S«J.i WL-tV. Cisclcnati ______ ...... TOO . Sia AiztosJo ..... ..... 1.1PO Mr, and Mrs. Tom Caznp and son 'of Pecos. IMrs- Mary Wallace 6£ i F« rt Worth and James Evans of [ El Paso have returned home after ! visitins Mr. and >C. D. Hani| mond. • I ITrs. Jack Jeffxrs has- strrivcd- { frozn "^"ichlta Fa!J*- to vf^it Mr. t arid r>Irs. T. T. Je.ffus. ..'..'• j 31 rs. J. S- "Weete, 3Jiss Ava; ' Al- r len. Jack Robinson and Kollis Ai- , flea have returned to Dallas after i vT5iti,n,5- Earl Allen here, JJ.RG 'Ed! v-lt! Allen accompanied tlierti'i j !Mr. and- ilrs. Russell Grant aiii I dausrhter have returned to Dallas j after a two weeks visit with Dr. (.and Mrs. Stephen Grant- I Mrs. Mack Bills o.nd son have [ returned to Waxahachie- after- vis- | iting: Mrs. A- M. Martin. Mrs. -.'I*.... I Li. Jeff us and daughter Ruth, ac- I coTnpani'ecT cJiem to Greenville. ! Txlrs Dock ilcGii! and daughter i have ^orte to Dallas for a two! ^Ir. and ilrs. Farris Kead spent : a few days in Xevaca witli 3Ir. and ! Mrs. E. A. Smith, parents of Mrs. • Head. ^Irs Georg-e Griffin of Phoenix. Ariz., is vtsitiisg- Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Short- Clarence Fuller and Mahlon Grant of Dallas spent the week ;er..f with ^Ir. and Mrs- W. B. Fuller and Mr. and Mrs. J<r M. Grant. Texas slid Senate which win visit < s-n<! "wrote the Declaration of Inthis fall :o determine the depend-nce at Old Washir.srton. and nA:ure of Federal par- Bill B»-ackeen of Cooper- is here | 4 TVTT T7T> sit5n^ Ralph Mvrick of Cooler ! -^^ A LtJ1 ticipation 3n the bijr Texas evenz. Another merr,b«r of the joint committee Is Representatix^e Frits { who is sxibstitulirisT for W, R. Hay- I •ho is takir.c his vacation. I Btidd •wco has beers in 111 ! T*he entire history of Texas from the days o* the colonists is so closely} interwoven with the- history and I health »ome tirre. fell Saturday' "" desrsny of th? Federal Ur.icn that j and fractured his richt hip. RES^>E^ T T IS BURIED SUNDAY can be no separation of fMORE CATTLE HERE G. t-anharr. of the Fort Worth dis- 1 %. * A V •*. * ^ * X- » **I am convinc-ed thsn the Fed- j "The Texas Centennial is the era! jroverr.mer.t has a ce'inite | jrre&test step forward yet urtder- part. ant? a part that it should ! taken by an American state. It at! ji accept, in the Texas CenteTinial of I onco pays honor and reverence to! Heceipt of an six CUT- } T 1936." Senator Conrtaily said. | the fathers and rr.oiher* who es- 'oads of beef cattle Monday and* •"The romantic history o' this | tablishvd a. srreat civiltzaiior. here. erosely United with' and looks forward to the fx:rt!5er Elvis Franklin Hargrove. 53- j year-old farmer of near Antlers, 1 were conducted Sunday afternoon j at the •Woodruff-Jones Funeral fSi Fun« :e here, by the Hev. W. S. rers. Methodise pastor, and :h^ march of the American fla?: THE CHOICE OF MILLIONS who use tills double-tested double-&ct:on baking powder to assure successful bakings. Manufactured by l:i<»ng powder specialists who make nothing but baking powder—undter the supervision of expert chemists. ALWAYS UNIFORM — DEPENDABLE 9*m* FHc« Tmimy «s 43 T«or* A** AS *««*«* f*r •$• FULL PACK—NO SLACK FILLING Hffhcst Quality antf MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT development of this m:s;h:y empire. Its vision is so far-fetched. its plans so conjpreh*nsiv t \ and the d«ierniir.ation of its har<i- tvorkinp Corsjmiss^.or! 550 marked. that a description can rot be sr* v <^" in the Kr.srHsh language. **Texas i y for was by he Far:s be announce* Pa; Earne ittly. Presbyttjr- Iztterrnent was at the • „„„.-,_ , cemetery. Death ec- ; ...... ... curred Sat-iirday afternoon *? *^*Tv*s.£&y j ,, tj- aam:ns5tra: Relief -Commission | jrrov* of I>es Moines. Iowa, ... n;:ns^r of cans of j daughters. Mrs. Eusr^ne S ^ ery ! beef of any dav since operati celebration that n;ay be our eet. and f a^ Jn :he I «I S b<!i0re the ver.te fyear. The vastness of the S ; the unparaHeJed history :; | the resources developed atv.i t | Awaiting: developins:, ca'l for I events, feia: men. bij* plan^ l j exec^ition." resuniod ^ ? . T43 r.:Al J Of the cattle mo»t recent Jy «•- ! two s^ters. of Ixwrkesburs \-k :*te, ! ceived. s-wo cars wr>r* t^ b< re- j *re other s-rvivors, Mr Ka- s -ev~ has. I c «ved Tuesday and 'our were re- | moved to this corrjm«nity o^e | ceived Monday. | Lockesbursr tn 1S±0. ' from BAKOX KKKKI> } ATLANTA. \<¥*i. — Terr>- Druggari, S aiillionalre t>*er baron In Chicago ! during prohibition dsys who was [ j sentenced to serve 3t> months tr. \ | prison tor violatms federal Inooru* [ t;i\- laws, is a frtfe man, A. C. | Aderhoit, warden of the last fYiilay. K* did | not say how much of his term f the former tn-^r Daron had served, j w»s brought to Atlanta ; worth, close your eyes Phono t!5 ® 193*. berg Beer have been fully developed by TIME — is this beer bottled. Then the Brew-Dare is shown O n every bottle as the definite guarantee of its actual age. Unaged beer may cost a bit less — but you'd miss the full-bodied strength, rich Savor and mellow smoothness you Ye sere of getting in Blatz Old Heidelberg- "Brew- jDared" Beer. BLATZ BREWING CO. SCILWAUSOES I>i>trjbutc«j By J. D. GIBSON 247 Bonharfs — and picture * bowl of crisp KeHoggfs Corn Flake* topped with lufrciou*, red raspberries! Wbj not try ft tomorrow morning for bnpairfafft—or lunch? CORN FLAKES VALUt

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