Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 25, 1972 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 25, 1972
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 MMPA OAKY NIWS I'AMI'A.TRXAS 68th YEAH Sundiiy. June M. l»72 To Be Wed Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cain of Lefors announce the engagemnt of their daughter. Susan Elizabeth, to Fred Donald Lowder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lowder of McLean. Vows will be exchanged at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 21, in the First Baptist Church of Lefors. The bride-elect is a 1972 graduate of Lefors High School and is employed at the school. The prospective bridegroom is a 1972 graduate of McLean High School and is employed in McLean. Both plan to attend Clarendon Junior College in the Fall. Next time, serve him a baked potato By Abigail Van Buran 1C. ^m M CMftt* Trtkm-N. Y. Ntwi In*., !«.] DEAR ABBY: I recently married a widower with a 13- year-old son. Last night I served roast turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. There were just the three of us. David [that's not his name] started to put his fingers in the mashed potatoes, making "road maps, and rivers and valleys." I told him it wasn't good manners to put his fingers in his food or play with it. He didn't talk back to me, but he looked at his father for support, and his father said, "It's okay to eat however you want at home, as long as you remember your manners when you eat out or have company over." David brightened up and continued to make road maps, etc. in the mashed potatoes with his fingers. You can see, Abby, my husband is the boss and what he says goes. I told him I was going to write to you and ask how you felt about this and he said, "Go ahead. I'll bet she says I'm right." Well, what do you say? ANONYMOUS, PLEASE DEAR ANON: Your husband loses. First, David is much too old to be playing with his mashed potatoes, but more important he should not be allowed to play the "divide and conquer" game, which appears to be what's happening at your house. You and your husband had better get on Uie same team—fast. DEAR ABBY: This is my first job and I am ready to climb the walls. I am in a one-girl office with 18 men including my boss. Everything I do or wear causes comments from the men. If I wear a colorful print, someone says, "Where's the party?" If I wear black, they say, "Where's the funeral?" If I wear a short skirt, I hear, "Wow, look at those gams!" If I wear pants, someone says, "Hi, Sam!" The money is good and I have to work, but I get so nervous from all the remarks around here, I'm a wreck. Can you help me? SENSITIVE DEAR SENSITIVE: Learn to tune 'em out, or develop a thicker skin. Chances are, they're just being friendly. DEAR ABBY: I have an explanation for your male reader who said women knit in company to give them something to think about while they're talking. I learned to knit to give myself something to think about while my husband was talking, which he did incessantly. MEG FROM MINONK DEAR MEG: Touche. You're great with the needle! DEAR ABBY: I read your "Confidential to Feeling Guilty," who apparently found a lost pet and didn't advertise to find its owner. You said if a person finds a lost pet and doesn't make every effort to locate its owner, it's as bad as stealing it, or words to that effect. Well, I disagree! I love animals, and whenever I'd find a lost pet, I used to advertise for its owner, but no more! Pet owners who let their pets roam around might enjoy having z. pet, but they don't really love them. Why should I spend my good money advertising to find an owner when nine out of ten times the pet is left to roam and gets lost again? JENNIE IN COLUMBUS DEAR JENNIE: U you love animals, you ka«w the heartbreak felt by one who has tat a pet. To some, iff •iarrf as traumatic as losing a child. Eve» the most loved •Ml cared for pets sometimes get "lost." CONFIDENTIAL TO LINDA OF MASS.: Your •other v a« right- If you have someone elw's husband, you have «die'f trouble*. Trait Ahhy. 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As I dashed into the beauty shop a Saturday-or-so ago for a quick comb-out, I came to an abrupt halt. Despite all my efforts, my jaw dropped slightly. ,,.,:.-, ...,-v , ,.r, Staring back at me was a young man in the "waiting chair" and another in the cosmetologist's chair having his shoulder-length locks styled. I think the young men were as surprised as I. I don't believe they expected any of us girls to appear that late on a Saturday afternoon. That invasion-of-privacy feeling I get when I take my son to the barber shop came over me. I hid behind a magazine while I waited. It didn't seem quite "kosher" to eavesdrop on an all-male conversation (the cosmetologist is a male.) I emerged from my magazine when the man stood up, hand-mirror poised, to view his hair style, back and front. "How do you like it?" asked the cosmetologist. "But I want it to get long," wailed the young man. "1 only cut off what I had to for the proper styling," the cosmetologist explained. Rather faintly, I asked: "How long do you want it?" "Down to here," answered the young, running his finger along his back waistline. Now we had a topic on which to converse! "It has taken us six years to get my daughter Anne's hair nearly to her waist," I explained, "But my daughter Nickita's hair grows so fast she may make it in two or three years." "It takes that long?" he moaned. I tried to comfort him: "Maybe yours is the fast-growing kind." THIS WAS MY FIRST encounter with the "male-in-the-beauty-shop" but I have been told this is another trend of the times. As of January 1972. by law, cosmetologists may do anything to the male head of hair that the male will accept, as long as the cosmetologist does it the way he (or she) has been taught to do it. My male cosmetologist friend says, in other Texas towns, he has given color rinses to men, and he even "frosted" one. His funniest experience came when he was styling a young prospective bridegroom's hair for his wedding, which necessitated putting him under the dryer —next to a middle-aged lady patron who was deeply engrossed in a magazine. She casually glanced at the young man, did a double-take, shifted to the far side of her chair and pulled down and tucked in her skirl. My male cosmetologist friend explained the male infiltration of the beauty parlor creates a new problem...dealing with irate fathers, who don't like the way their sons' hair has been styled. He says he'd much rather deal with an irate mother! WHAT CHANGES will the male incursion make on beauty parlor gossip?...the jokes? (Come on, girls, let's admit it! I ...the strictly-female discussions no male would understand? Help! Soon there will be no all-female domain left!...except possibility, the maternity ward, which, so far, the male has shown no inclination to invade. There is one small glimmer hope. Seeing the "signs-of-the-time," barber, shops are employing barbers trained in the styling of long hair! THE PUZZLER still rates an answer. Last week's column on male emancipation left no room for the puzzler, which was: A man married a widow. They each already had children. Ten years later, there was a battle engaging the present family of 12 children. The mother called to the father, "Come at once! Your children and my children are fighting our children." They each now had nine children of their own. How many were born during the past ten years? The answer: six. When they married, each had three children. Together, they had six, making a total of 12, with each having nine of their own. Another puzzler will be presented next week. LAST WEEK'S column caused a great deal of comment, which has led to the idea of running, from time to time, comments from various people on certain issues. As soon as I can complete my research, I plan to run comments, spanning three or four generations, on the controversial issue of boys with longhair. JOHN, THIS WEEK, commented: I don't think I'll ever get married, because, then, you have children and they're too much trouble. I think I'll just be regular." Nickita, in response to her father's comment that he is getting old: "You're not old, Daddy." "I'm notyoung," said her father. She thought for a few minutes, and then said: "You're medium!" HEY TEENAGERS! I hope a lot of you are going on the ESA Million Dollar Bike Ride today. It should be a lot of fun, as well as helping a lot of children, maybe, someday, your own. The ride is a benefit for St. Jude Research Hospital, founded by Danny Thomas, to find cures for fatal and crippling childhood diseases. There is no charge for treatment at the hospital—its services are free. TAKE A RIDE. HAVE KUN. H E L P OTHERS'

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