The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 28, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1924
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Published I tally uy Tne Mrwa Ompniiy W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872, I HntorM ai ihe- IVdoffH-" la Hutch- hiion, Kaunas, for Varum. BMIOTJ Ihrnufb the nifttls ni ap cnml-oiarH mat ifr. TELEPHONE 4400 l*rivatr bram.h fixntmhiti, whon oj>pral«r answers, flvo person or tie- vartmnnt uanicd. TCMMS OF SUOSCRlPTION Flrtt, Second and Third Zon« Hj mall, on* year 14. <W Ry mail, al-j months... 2.1W Ry mall, thrcp rwmiha )-2h 1.1 y mail, onr* inrmtli... 5" Fourth. t*" 1 fth. Slvth, and Seventh Zonet. l:y mall, ono yeai.j 16 0" li\ mall, alt months S»" Hy mail, three month! 2.W H> mall, one mutith J 6 TU- rarrlfr, pet ^eolt • -1» weekly Nen'i, one year..... $ .»» tory »>r the country during the thousitndH ot years of which we luivo nny record at all. It le. the I rennon why in a continent of des! nrts find Jungles, Egypt has be'jn FRTDAY. NOVEMBER 28. 1924 cnllod "(ho granary ot tho worlil." * . * When Aloxuiiilsr the (, ulioiit three hundred years Before Christ, wont out to conquer tho world, ho marta a side trip and took possession of Egypt, which was then at a rather low stage on account ot the old race having gone to seed. He hullt a city on tho Mediterranean In tho delta of the Nile, for the river divides into many courses and reachtm the sea through many mouths. Alexandria, named for Alexander, was tho great city which tlovolopert on account of the commerce between r.urope, Asia and Africa, as it really cornered the three contl- 4> 1. :S> * 4> 4, "COMME MOI." By Until Cameron. MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER « m y££ % TZ*™™£™« i nnn « 8 - For a thous " n " 11 Th.. Asioriaiptl I'rcM in cxdusivels , was the main city ot Egypt and entitle in the u.c tor republication or ! .. I ,». credited to it or not other- VIM credited in tin. pnin-r. iiio local new* puiillalu'd herein. el .vntclicK tietela nr.- »!»« rc«. rven The Sldlinger Drug Co.; PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST*. then It lost Its Importance wheu the Mohammedans put on their conquest and established the capital at Cairo. Alexandria Is still tin important city but Cairo is the political center o£ the country. Jnder Mohammedan rule and latterly the Turkish rule, Egypt was always considered a placo to be i worked, and not permitted to stand T.I.on on. ft. I •'«• Hii independent nation. The NO . 17 N.rm M.m sir«L HutcMn .M. j 1>™P>« became a mixed race, and 1 while mostly Moslem In faith, do, ,»»..»«• volnped many religious sects. It * was not until about a hundred years ago, when Mohammet All got control and secured semi-independence, that Egypt was moro than a geographical name. • . * But during these one hundred Daily Thoughts POOR BUSINESS, • All th" day t have o, en rcad- - ing tales of criminals and • i-rlllie, of tie' skates who, law • unheeding, give to crnokod- • ness their lime. Mighty men, at divers se ;i ^ons. have om- • hurki-d "0 seas of sin, pulling • murders, thefts and trea- • .-,>ns. and I hey all wore gather- in. l-'or a tint" their scornful laughter rang at mention " of th.' law; hut the law was truilinu after, with a purpose i-uhl and raw. Adam Worth > had I ileitis splendid, all to wh-keitn -ST. applied, and in * ; u-ie and iviuif he ended, in ' itN-al; /ni'-'T.r he die,J. Jjm ;lie penman was a wonder - and lor years lie plied his ' trade; hut his hones are rot' ii;.- r tinder -ton's where pris- ' eu-'i's pat-ad-'. Oitt'T '-'ere th** • lii -lwei; iinalie.^.. and they t't.inie.t mighty plan: hut • ih. y endeil like Hie others, ' . a.tin.-a and iuolien, to a man. • There were rogues whose reputation retieeed to Pan and • hack again, calling lor the ' admiration of. the half-baked '• hnys and men; for a while we see them glitter, ant! their " link seenis fine and rare, hut ' llieir f;ni is alwais bitter. du u t and allies tint! despair Hooks - on crime make useful reading • wk'-u (lien-'s Initli in every ^ tale, showing how sin's laiths ' are leading to ilu' scaffold or ' the jail. Fiction often makes ' the sinner march to triumph, - wildly well: (ruth, which is a ' teiii-iime winner, show* lite h.ingin.m and the cell. WAt.T MASI/X. , , V u , ,„ i scrimping and saving the way ! ypars R Krcul ,loal ha * hapvwi in 1Vb . Therc . g suuh tt thIn . IKgypl. The biggest thing was the | being too economical, I construeiion of the Suez Canal ' about fifty years ago, making a I connection between tho Medlter- I ranean Sea and the Ked Sea and Iproiitllng a water route from Eu. rota; to India. The importance of ; this canal to the Uritish empire •». ^> <*> ^. ^. ^, "1 do hula nnyono who la so reserved mid reticent," a friend ot mine salt! tho oilier day In regard to one of our mutual friends. "1 don't see nny need for keeping everything to yourself the way fine. does. 1 like to tell my friends things they may be Interested In. "And yet you don't approve of Amy," I reminded her. mentioning another one ot our acquaintances, who Is emphatically not reticent, but will tell you what she paid for her new suit, and all about her mother-in-law's quarrel with hor sister-in-law, and tho full story of hor sistor's operation, If you are with her ton minutes. "Ot course I don't," sho said, "but she goes too far the other way. 1 don't like lo bore people with every detail about my life. 1 bclleva la being just reserved enough but not too reserved." in oilier words, just as she hor- self is. Hho didn't say It hut, ot course, that was what, she meant. Isn't that what we all mean when we criticize people for going to any extreme and say: "I believe, iu being thua anil so to a resonable degree?" Don't wo really menu to just that degree wo ourselves have reached? Wo don't llko people who are too conservative about everything. We believe in taking a chance once In a whiie and In being open minded to new things. Hut, on the other hand. we. don't like these peo- j pie who go off halt cocked about i everything and want to change I everything, "There's reason in all things, we say. And perhaps add with that unconscious accent on the 1 "Now I belfevo in. . . ." Or wo don't believe In spending every cent one gets. That's foolish and wicked. On the other hand, we can't see anv sense In nothing as we say. "1 believe in saving a reasonable sum but knowing when to spend money too." in other words, "Comme moi." 1 hove a friend whom I think Is too serious minded. She is always terribly interested in some new i movemeut or other, always study- By this ihall all men know th«t ye are my dlsclplea, If yo n«ve love one to »notner.— John 13:35, J To live Is not to live for one's solt alone; let us holp one another.— Mennndor. thlnj? except novels. But I think there's a happy medium." In other words, being just as serious minded us 1 am mysolf." Yet if nnyono accused ua of tUnk. Ing he represented Iho happy mean In everything we should be offended nt tho implication ot conceit. Said Horace Walpolo: "It angols havo a sonse ot humor how we must divert them." Let's hopo they have. Tomorrow—The Thlngt Women Love. Unwelcome Recommendation. Mother: "But why all ot a sudden don't you like those trousers, Bobby?" Hobby: "Listen—did you buy them to please dad or to please me?" "Why, you, of course, Bobby." "Weil. I don't want 'em. Didn't you hear the man say that they'd stand lots ot punishment In the seat?"—American Legion Weekly. , . , . , , ing and improving hor mind. Tor- was obvious, and Disraeli bought! rlbly inIcnse . N - 0 scnse of humor. EGYPT. \\ e at.- i ^eing to hear a t^uod deal il '-al ah .iut l'.'g> [U. tn (tie ne \r jew .•'-at-, and :'. J ; Ht ,t . Wej; to 'dice! -.nine n] ;i... nebulous ei'-aci which tiiu ^L «u' n> have concerning thai entintry and get a I the controlling stock from the ! Egyptian khedlve, who was the j local ruler under the general sov- 1 ereicuty of the Turkish sultan. I Since that time the defense of tho itfuez Canal has been considered ot prime Importance to Great Britain i and England gradually established ! a "protectorate" over tho Egyptian i government. There was no reason i for this except the nocetisity of liie j case for the British, i In the last generation the people- i of Egypt have risen in intelligence , by education and by constantly se| curing more self government. ! There are great schools and uni: versities at Cairo and Alexandria. 1 Tho students are patriotic, and 'from thorn have come leaders who beiii-ve that Egypt should he ruh-d by the. Egyptians. During the • World War the last semblance of i: Turkish sovereiguty was removed ; but the British government continued to keep its hand on the Egyptian machine. Concessions were made hut each was followed hy greater demautts. II has been evident for some years, a*, was voiced by Theodore Koosevelt in an ad- EYES OF SCIENCE Only a few much-favored eyes of men of science have been privileged to look upon vitamins, yet everybody must have these nutrition factors in abundance to assure growth and sustain strength. Scott's Emulsion for fifty years has earned world-wide repute as a builder of strength. It is the much favored food-tonic that supplies vitamins in abundance. Scott's taken regularly helps grown people and children alike realize A Puzzle a Day Seven enddloa went hunting for golf bsllst and found four la six hours, Later, Jl caddies started hunting tor lost balls, and experloncod the same rato ot success, but thuy only found one golf ball. How long did they look? Yesterday's answer: ft — / -2 Iqsnj When the nine digits anu me cipher are arranged as shown above, they form » fraction equal to ''-4. Shop-o-scope will make your money go farther, and keep you from going so far when you start out on your Xmas shopping. tf. HARMLESS LAXATIVE For Sick, Feverish, Bilious Childrea Mother! Teach Childrea To UM Cuticura Soolkws and Haass Raahea and Irritatioaa m rajMrnrajtegsMKj .jjjfc«jasj^2Sjt When Child is Constipated Give "California Fig Syrup" Children lore the pleaaant taMe of "California Fig Syrup" and gladly take it oven when bilious, feverish, sick, or constipated. No other laxative regulates tho tender little bowels so nicely. It sweetens the stomach and starts the liver and bowel* without cramping or over­ acting. Contains no narcotics or soothing drugs, Tell your druggist you want only the genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions for babies and children ot all ages printed on tho bottle. Mother! You must say "California" or you may get an Imitation fig ayron. Money of No Value "Life had no pleasure* for me. Although I had plenty of money II was ot no value, as my stomach almost constantly distressed me. 1 lost faith In all doctors and medicine. 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The excavations i.ave inoimiit 10 the surface rec." itiis and nionunif-nTs which *rribo Egypt, for thousands of . earn before the time when the rec- >rdi of modern Europe began, and "ren betora the legends ot Asia JI Iglnatfd. It la not neaesssry to go baok to lie ancient tlmea when tba Pha- aoba ruled and Egypt waa a coun- ry of a large population, a devel- •ped culture with architecture, art ind science. That ancient Egypt s hidden beneath the sands of the lesert and the accumulated soil of if I he valley ot the Nile. possession of Egypt or get out. Apparently the English are not going to get out. Ho c Have Egypt is in the northeast corner M Africa, and by ancient writers watf classified as partly in Asia, 3ti Hit theo 'y that the Nil.- ltiver Jividud i _'.c *t «ii continents. The .•ounjjry extend.- from Arabia on lie East to the great desert on the comparatively de- i -miill country, without political training and without business enterprise, demanding for lta people the right to rule themselves. They are located la a country which Is defended on »v«ry side by deserts except whera It is bounded by ths sea. They have • soli which raises wheat and ootton and fruits in sufficient quantities to make It rich and prosperous. They have caught from the rest of the world the desire for freedom and self ; government. They do not like the j English and the English do not ] like them. They cannot strike : hack at Cleat Britain but they can i make the English in Egypt feel i very uncomfortable and keep con- j tlnuously calling upon tho rest of j the world for tho Liberty which is I so much talked about elsewhere, j it is the Egypt ot ancient times, I f P ERHAPS you hurt always wanted the bciiutil'ul home that a Baby Grand assures, but have hesitated on account of the cost. You will be delighted to learn that so fine an instrument as the Brambach can be had at so moderate a price. It is worth a very great deal more than we ask for it. The Brambach Baby Grand is an instrument of rich, vibrant, sonorous tones—glorious in resonant timbre. The result of more than a century of working to an ideal. You will be astonished, as thousands of others have been, to know that this exquisite little grand requires no more space than an upright piano. It will fit charmingly intq your home. As little as S50 will place a Brambach in your home now! You may pay the balance on easy monthly payments you will find very convenient. Call, or mail the coupon lor a beautiful free booklet and paper pattern, Mihitli shows the exact floor space required. Finest and Fastest to Florida Startinf December lat ThtFhriJan--faDflnx»Tni* nma through to Miami daiht. Tuna again shortened-* 45 minute* faster. L*. 8c. Lous* « • • Ai. Birmingham • • Ai. Jacksonville • * At. We** Paha Besck Ax. Miami ... MOB. 5--40*. &50 p. 7:40 s. 1045 U'est, .•mil from iho .Mediterranean ! of Moses ami the Pharaohs, so far! <va on the North into the deserts ' lls soil and production are concern-! if the South, It c 'l.iiiprises a large errltol but Is !:i fact th" i alley f ;lie Nile with liran . and waterways extending Iheielroni, ihou- iundH ot miles in length and com 'larulively few n.ilcs in breadth, ind sandy deserts on either side. Every year the Nile begins to -|se in midsummer and cic.'.i-e hrough several months until It at- ains a height of somu forty to ifty feet above the original water roil 1 . The hanks of the Nile arc ilghi r Hutu the surrounding coun- ry so that the waler runs over tho lanks, inundutes land for miles on dther side, fertilizing and prepur- nsr II. for agriculture. Then the •Jgyptlan farmers UBU tho water iiiiii tho Nllo, either raised by ttitde met hods or conserved dur- ng tho overflow, and from the doll, alluvial soli, secure crops "• lilcli are Marlllng iu their size ind value. This has been the his- ed. It is tho Egypt of a supposedly Inferior race which is struggling upward. It Is the Egypt which Is going to get its name in the newspapers a great deal ami sometime will certainly achieve tho Independence which It* leaders are now- seeking. W. V. MORGAN. BABY GRAND $ 'Brambach is the world's forgett exclusive manufacturer of Baby \ Grands—which accounts for Bram- bash quality at tuch a low price 635 Safe Milk Forln/ant; Invalid*, Childn*. _ Tha Aged Rich Milk, Malted Groin ext. in powder form.makcsThe Food-Drinkfor AllAgea. Digestible—No Caking. Alight Lund: always at hand. Also in Tablet form Ask for ••Hotliok't," at ell Fountains ' l^y Avoid IsuiUtiwu - Substitute j North Main Stro.t The Seminole —dependable aJHfear train to Florida with an enviable record of on-time arrivals—leaves St Louia 9*32 p. m. daily. Arrives Jacksonville 760 a. m. second morning making COWSBC- tions for all Florida resorts. Through sleeping cars with drawing rooms, compartments and open section* to Jackson- ville.Tarapa, Saraaota viaTampa [efiective Dec. l] Miami [effective Dec 28] and Savannah, Georgia. Observation car. dining car and coachrn. Ax. Tampa Ar. St Petersburg Ac Sarasota • Mnil thin coupon nrr Hrantifnl frtt Booklet J. W. 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