Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 20
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 20

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 20
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U-C—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE.JOURNAL-Mondav Morning. April 7, 1975 Abortion Battle May Pose Threat To Health Program . TOO OLD-.-<Frisky Walter C. Jones, who celebrated ins ll).,rd birthday Saturday, climhcd a tree despite protestations of a photographer, just to prove "you're never too olrl to no what you want." Later this month the imlepcndenl-mind- erJ Tacoman will begin a tour of the United Stales in his motor home, earning his way hy giving mn"ir firm's Wirephotn) " •• WASHINGTON (UPI) —anti-abortion language Another congressional battle The issue might not arise this over the abortion issue now year had congressional con- threatens efforts to continue forces made a decision last fall federal health service subsidies when tbcy were considering a for two more years. similar amendment to an 1 lie two-year, 52.5 billion annual appropriations bill. Li- health services and nursestcad, they referred the qties- trammg bill is expected lotion to their successors with come to the Senate floor tbisthis language in a report issued week. The measure probably Nov. '21: would pass the Senate easily if "A majority of the conferees I- woro n ° l f01 ' Lnp aniicipatedstrongly support thc apparent Survey Indicates Consumer Gloom ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -[clicated in a special small- A slight boost in confidence sample survey conducted in De-1 that inflation is abating hasn't comber. ' dimmed the over-all pessimism! whilp a t"*W»t\ ft A Wl ni>i >. .« .* *^~ * . . _ -_ ._ I 1 » I I I 1C in lent of the Senate amendment lo prohibit the use of public funds to pay [or or encourage abortions. "Nevertheless, tlicy are persuaded that an annual appropriation bill is an improper vehicle for such a controversial and far-reaching legislative provision... "The conferees urge the appropriate legislative committees of the Congress lo give early consideration ID the enactment into basic law of carefully drawn legislation dealing vvith the subject of abortion." A coalition of some 50 health, environmental, religious and women's rights groups is protesting Bartlett's proposal in a letter which will be distributed to senators Monday. Calling on the Senate to table defeat the amendment, the lion, but Mcdicakl is the major source of federal abortion aid. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass,, the chief proponent of the health service subsidies bill, hopes to avoid the expected floor fight over the abortion issue and concentrate on securing passage of the health services and raise and debate it (abortion) and fight it out," an aide said. FACE OF A COWBOY- Long overdue in this series is John F. Lott of tub- bock, whose grandfather was Ihe late John Slaughter of a time-honored family in West Texas ranching. Operator of the U Lazy S Ranch with his son, Jack, Lett probably doesn't object to being called a cowhand, for as D. Burns of the Pitchforks put it: "Any rancher or cattleman considers it an honor to be called a cowhand." Car Importers Wish Detroit Success DETROIT (UPI) — It's noljmarket," explains Art Railton,, "We're looking for a healthy that foreign car importers are a Volkswagen vice president. I Detroit economy." reports. U-M's Survey Research Center (SRCl said Sunday only i few months ago," said the study, •'there are a number of reasons for c.\- any recovery in con- Ilanguage on the Senate floor for con- was so vague, swepuing and constitutionally qucsliona- February believe an economic i turnaround will come this year cd SRC said 5(5 er c ™ *'' Train DerailnieiilTriggers Rla/e as, which si-nl llamiii!.. debris P a< -' 1 of Ihe tax cut.' WINDER, Ga. (UPI) -- A Seaboard Coast Line freight train carrying tanks of liquified .. petroleum gas and !1S aiil.omo-l-lfiO feel into the air aiuMgn'itVci biles derailed Sunday, setting I a fiiv in the snrroimclin'g off a massive fire and litlerinujwnodod area, a fjiiartcr-mile .section nf U.S.' Police s;iirt ;»bonl :!() cars left Highway :*) with shattered'the tracks, railroad cars. < .... .. Police said a few homes suffered minor damage in the rural area about :;o miles northeast of Atlanta, bill, there were no injuries. Seaboard Coast Line (SCl-i officials said the accident may have been caused by a faulty hot-box on one of the cars. The officials said most, of Uir SRC said 56 per cent believe ill "'ill take longer. Survey director Jay Schmic- deskamp said a "severe lack of SRC cited data showing con- save than at any other time since World War II" and that confidence in the government's, economic policies continues loi ~ • • «• *•» uiiii IIIQ.L >'* i «-*i 1141^* »v u j i cii tj i ui iU; confidence in government is do- for or encourage the - ble "that it musl not be decided on the committee consideration." But Bartlctt's office told UP'1 he plans to withdraw an earlier proposed anti-abortion amendment and offer a substitute that would bar Ihe use of Medtcaid or family welfare funds "lo pay cclcrating faster than Iviously. --w...,.,. lv , JJUU^IL',> c-uiiuriucs 10; damage came from exploding depress consumer sentiment!, Schmicdeskamp \.^1'L"1MIL^,1 <- --..• . -ii. • j it i OV-l I I 1 I I 1L, I |L I ., 1 -.1...- kji^x^ bottles of liquified petroleumj ancl lessens the favorable im-l " ncj tilfU onl - v 8 I lcr cpll i of in., /l^hviu nact of the lav r-ut " i lll c .1,374 persons Schmiedeskamp consumers than said morc! believe vvc wil1 llave "good j i.n previous' timns " in tlle economy for the ' (il pei perfor- pre- niance of abortions, except such abortions as are necessary SRC to savc the life of a. mother." ' il of Barilett's earlier proposal a interviewed ™ OI 'e_aIl-cncompassing restric- Daiice Proceeds To Help Give Money surveys said they believe in-)" 0 * 1 livc years, while flation is going to be less of a ccnl forecast bad times, problem. The proportion ex- "At present," said Schmic- pccling inflation of 10 per cent deskamp, "many consumers ior more in the next year was would be satisfied lo main- halved from 32 to 16'per cent compared to October. Nine Killed In Belfast Violence lower inflation expectations,"! "This "suggests spending may! BELKAS T (UPI) _ Bullets said Schmiedeskamp. [react favorably to any price re-j and bornbs killed nine persons SRC said consumer con-ductions that might' occur in ' ilnfj in .i u! ' ctl at least 75 more in fidcnce is the same as in Octo-thc months ahead," .said ihei tlle Moodiest weekend tain their present' standard of! living." However, "Consumers feel in-i The survey also discovered creasing pressure on their per-jthal consumers reacted favor-j sonal financial situation, offset-iably to auto industry rebates m ling the favorable impact of'February College ~ L-KVELLAN'D (Special) -- A, ... „ scholarship benefil dance tojbcr. but slightly bettor Ilian^in-'study'.' provide college .scholarships for Mexican-American students will Leaves For U.S. In Boat , be Thursday nighl in Uibbock. j The S p.m. - i a.m. dance at [the HI P'adrinn Club. ; , Uubbock j discotheque, will feature iw'- recoiv-c Sin as first prixe, and [other music sounds. Winning I couple of a dance contest will I receive SK) as first prize, asd TOULON. France (API — A 1 ?, 01 ' 0 ™^-" 1 '""' 0 wi " receive So., French father ol two who has! '' lle c ' flnco "'i 11 h <' sponsored byj just undergone open-heart sur-i lx>s Te.janns of South Plains gery set, sail for Houston. Tex., Cr)llc « a - I Sunday in a 25-foot boat, j Tickets are 75 cents for men Doctors have told Douglas' ;md r \ 0 ( ' rlUs f " r "'"men and Cellinj, J.I, that, he has onl mily be purchased from an f Patterns And Needlework ^' j That Chemise Have You A Copy? a. vs mom of i/)s Tl -.i ; ' r 'os or from ~ , , , . few years to live and he savs -. he considers the voyage to be^ Jink ( ~>" r >xHlcs, sponsor and! "something I think is useful " ' ;t - ssis '«"'- professor of Spanish The trip, he says, will show.' ;lt SI>C ' other heart patients "that we're ---------------------no invalids ... you have to! fight it. You havp lo live." ' C»^ IT? • 1 r Cellini ignored a strong wind' 01661. miyillg Up, blowing in from the Mcdilerra-i . *£ fona, Spain, and thereafter he plans to sail to Texas via Kng- land and Canada. Magazine Says ; CLKVKLAND. Ohio (AP) — . [industry Week maga/inc said Cellini, an insurance sales-; Sunday the "first signs <jf a re- mat], has had seven heart a t-;vival in steel buying are now tacks. He was treated at Lvons being seen." a center of French heart' sur- Orders for May and June dc- gery techniques. livery j of steel sheets to the] »<: is aiming for Houston bp-iauio indusirv "arc larger lhani "^fL' 1 L S r a1noth , cr ci1 - v "'here a:siecl sales executives bad ex "'"" "" " ' ' " tech-''peeled, and appliance makers j j-- becoming bullish on their! jbusines prospects - are in-i (creasing their si eel orders for May and June delivery about iifli | per cent over orders" for April I •delivery," thp weekly industry! irnaga/inp reported. ' i | Itulu.slry Week fjiiolrrl onei ;steel executive as saying May; 'delivery orders include llic bes'lj I buy I hat (irnr.ral Motors Corp.) ,„,,,-.. . lias made in months Lr_,Vt,LLA.\D (Special I -...i Hostess of KCBD-TV's "Pen-1 """' pie Place." Dr. Alice French, "'ill be the guost speaker Tuesday night for the annual "Women's Recognition Day Banquet" at. South Plains College. Topic of her talk will bp "April, Rainbows and avc been pionccrod. KCBD Hostess Guest Speaker At SPC Fete SPC S Square Dance unhappy with their sales success. They just wish Detroit automakers would join in. For two straight months, imports have captured better than 21 per cent of new car sales in the United States, just short of their record. While domestic models continue to slide, imports are running well ahead of a year ago. But those arc just statistics. Importers say their sales look- good because Detroit looks bad. "It doesn't do us any good to sell (he same amount of cars and increase our share of the TRAMPOLINES SAVE 25to33°/o TEAGUE TRAMPOLINE 806/797-8295 4705 3tth UMwtk, Tix /MM LIOVI-XLA.N'D (.Special) and join all women on campus. Dr. French, in addition lo '"" lr rn '" , lr r role as hostess of the television:^ ", talk show, also serves as assisl-i^ M ° ant professor in ,,>mmmmv, : lions at. Texas Tech Univorsiiv, i She recently was namod Oiil ; standing Woman in Community- , lions in Lubbock. I ' . ormanrns b y Krv ' h"' -^ , , j'V 7'" lS , art ' 1 " r stllr ^ 1l ' la '" "'"' ' **' o u ' , r P ' m Hllll ' 1in «- GUINNESS COINCIDENTAL BIRTH DATES: The only verified example of a family producing children with coincidental birthdays on four occasions (involving 5 children, because of a twin birth) is that of Lynn iVfarie (196l>); Timothy Edward (I.967K twins Jerry Paul and .John Peter (i%9) and Daniel Joseph (1972), horn to Mr. and IVfrs. E'dward Herbert Petritzof Butte, Montana, all on April 15th. (From Culmwss Book n! World R |Man Wins In Na/ ! (NA/ARKTH i special) - orcg- |ory Sehachcr Saturday was .'plecterl to a term on the Naxarnth City Council 8336 a-is Today's fashion is quick to sew and nice to wear . . . it's the Chemise! No. 8I1W with Photo-Guide is in Sixes S to 1R. Size 10, '<-'/•; bust . . . ;j yards '15- inch. Patterns available only in sizes shown. TO ORDER, send 75( lor each pal- tern, plus 25( lor postage ant handling. SUE 8ij*NErr lubbacV Avotenrh*.Journal • r. o. 6o« s]<o CK(09«, III. 606SO Print Name, Jdtlress with ZIP CODE, Style Number and Slid. Coupon for KRKK Pat- lorn is in thfi '75 Spring <fc .Summer Kasic KASIIION. 1'i-icc . . . Sl.'J.") n copy. Ahn until fnr A'o. 1KOO AnvDNTURES IN SEWI.N'C. Hints lo give garment* a /ifnli'Nxiniiitl. lool:. .<; l.?~i. The 1975 ALBUM is filled with do/.cns of designs in nil types of needlework from which to choose your patterns; plus ... a free-pat tern-coupon; directions for making pretty items, surh ;is a bedspread, talileclolh in the. rminrl, hats, a wine-bottle, bib, Madonna and Child filet panel, etc. I'rii-c. . .SI.On plus 25(* for posliiRp iuirl iKimlliui;. To order, send $1.25, includes postage and handling. ANNE CABOT tubbotk Avafanchv.Journol r O. Bo. S340 Chrcaga. IN. 60610 Print Name, Adurcss wilh ZIP CODE. ALSO THESE BOOKS AT $t.OO EACH Plus 25c lor postage and hanfllinz. NO. a-117-auius ON PARADE. Directions lor sixteen quills. Mo. a-HB-CRAHOMOTHER'S FLOWER QUILTS. 1E fascinating; quilh. No. Q-l 10 - AMERICA'S FAVORITE AFGHANS. A beautiful selection. votes cast. KTCAIHNG MATTKR Originally a magazine was a store house, noi a periodical. "The Gentleman's Maga/ino " introduced lo the public, in m\, was the first publication to use the word in its new meaning, staling in iis introduction lhat'. Ibc publication was intended lo "store up" » collection of v;:r- ious subjects, "as in a mnga •/inc." Fralernity Helps; (/irl Scout Camp ! Members of Phi Delta Thctaj fraternity nt Texas Tech Uni-j jvcrsity have completed fhciri (annual Community Service Day' at Rio Rlanco flirl Scout Camj> ; near Crosby ton. Members of the Tech chapter, coordinated by Mike Roye. completed work necessary to Belfast in two years, leaving —-|thc nine-week-did Irish Republi- - jean Army cease-fire in shambles Sunday. Police reported two fatal shootings around midnight Saturday, following bomb attacks on a Roman Catholic pub and a Protestant tavern that killed six persons and injured at least 75 others earlier that same day. A seventh victim died Sunday afternoon in a hospital. The eruption of violence followed warnings by the Irish Republican Army that its Fcb 10 cease-fire might not last! beyond the weekend. | There was no word from the! JRA officially ending the nine- week cease-fire, however, and police sources said at least some of the incidents could have been the result of factional fighting among Republican groups. A 81-year-old man was fatally shot in the head in the Catholic Ardoyne district just before midnight. About 30 minutes later, two youths were shot down with automatic gunfire as they left a club in the Catholic Lower Falls. An 18-year-old youth was dead on arrival at a Belfast hospital. His companion suffered a wound in the back and a fractured jaw. In thc first bombing, two young Roman Catholics were killed and :io others injured when a bomb was thrown into Mclaughlin's bar. The bar was crowded with customers who had gathered to watch the Grand National horse race on television. Within a few hours, a bomb was thrown into the Protestant Mounlainview bar on ShankiJl, Road, killing four persons and! injurinR at least 60 others. No warning was given in either attack. ^Member of Parliament Gerry Kilt, leader of (he predominantly Catholic Social Democrat and Labor Party, lives about 150 yards from McLaughlin's bar. He blamed the attack on the "gangster element among the feuding groups" who want (o shaller the cease-fire between the JRA and British! security forces. "These are people whose Jives consisl of robbing hanks and post offices and intimidating their communities," he said. FeurJinp among IRA factions, J a similar struggle in Protestant paramilitary ranks and tit-for- tat sectarian assassinations i havp claimed al, least :!:> lives 'since the Feb. 10 cease-fire. MASS AC K K IJ KC'A f-I. UD The St. Valentine's Dav Mas- tr rwin Tjuiimc^s n«*in ni w orjo nfroros I r J ' '*- IJL - v f. n,i M,J i u' > Jjriy jviij^- Copyrifhl. 1974. Strdinj! Puhlishmn Co. MsaCTe of SPVrn ganRSlor's took '"'' place in Chicago on Feb. 1,929. gel, the camp in shape for summer operation. Work included cleaning anrtj general repair on the camp's! swimming pool, roof repairs on camp buildings and general! cleanup of the camp area. | Napolron Bonaparte's tomb is, in the Hotel des Tnvalides in Paris. The hotel was once ai lospiial for military personnel.' HIGH PLAINS UNDERGROUND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT NO. 1 announces Ihe relocalion of ,ts headquarters FROM 1628 15th Street Lubbock. Texas 79401 TO 2930 Avenue O Lubbock, Texas 79405 HOURS 8 AM - 5 PM - MONDAY Thru FRIDAY Closed Noon fil I PM The telephone nnmhnr will rpniain 806/762-0181. WHAT'S A Very Interested Purchasers The thousands of readers looking for those products or semcc-5 you have to offer. You can reach these VlPs through the classified pages of the Lubbock Avalanche- Journal. Reach a Advertise in the Classified Advertising Section Of LUBBOCKAVALANCHE-JOURNAL

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