The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on June 4, 1964 · Page 5
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 5

Wellington, Texas
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Thursday, June 4, 1964
Page 5
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THE WELLINGTON (TEXAS) LEADER Thursday, June 4, 1964 Decay Formula Shows Decrease of Fallout COLLEGE STATION—A nuclear bomb is a fearful and devastating weapon. However, should our nation be attacked •with this weapon, the greatest danger and our greatest need for protection, would be from radioactive fallout. Protection from nuclear fallout entails three general principles. They are distance, time, and shielding. The principle of distance is simply that the greater the distance ^from the source of radiation, the greater the protection. When this distance is doubled the intensity of the radiation Is reduced to % and with three times the distance it is reduced to l/9th. Time is another important principle in protection from fallout. Radioactivity from a •nuclear weapon begins to lose its energy soon after the explosion through the process 3cnown as radioactive decay. A formula, important in determining decay, is that with a :seven-fold increase in ittfme there is a ten-fold decrease in •dose rate. For example, if one •hour after a blast the radiation intensity measures 1,000 roentgens per hour, it will de•cay to 100 roentgens per hour In seven hours. In 49 hours it "will decrease 'to 10 roentgens per hour, and in 343 hours or about two weeks, it will decay i& 1 roentgen. Thus it would !be safe to fleave shelter after two weeks. 'Shielding is the tihrd principle of protection from radiation. Dense, heavy material is .needed to stop 'gamma radiation but any material placed between people a'nd the radiation offers some protection. All *hese materials offer about the same amount of protection: Three feet of earth, 24 inches •of concrete, 2 inches' of lead, .and 90 inches of wood, give excellent protection. Shielding is realty the only •effective method of protection from radiation and everyone .should have some type of fallout shelter. These shelters will .be discussed in future articles on civil defense. HD Council Meets Monday The county Home Demonstration Cdub Council will meet Monday, .Tune 8 ia>t the county courtroom, Mrs. Robert Barjenbruch, home demonstration .agent, has announced. The meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. and all members of the council are urged to attend. Mrs. Carter to WTSC for Summer Mrs. Lynre Carter, member •of the Wellington elementary school faculty, left) Tuesday, June 2 for Canyon where she will attend the summer session •of West Texas State University. Mrs. Carter is taking courses in <t^he art department. Want Ad Information Rates On Classified add Legal Notices Minimum Charge .... $1.00 Minimum (cash in advance) 75< Per word, 1 insertion 4c Each subsequent insertion 3e Display in Classified Section, per inch — $1.00 Phone 447-2414 Reprints of Advertisements The Wellington Leader furnishes 20 reprints of advertisements to all regular advertisers who desire them each week. Additional reprints may be secured at a considerably lower cost than new circulars by notifying the paper of your needs at the time you place the advertisement with the newspaper. We have beef that has been feed 93% concentrate for 90 days (dry lot). Delivered on Tues. & Fri. at Gilmore locker plant and dressed. Less than 300 Ibs. _ 37'/ 2 c 301 to 350 36'/ 2 c 351 to 400 35'/ 2 c 401 to 450 34!/ 2 c 451 up J. C. Hart man Phone 447-5456 CUSTOM SWATHING, MOWING, RAKING, BALING. LEO THOMAS 603 Haskell Phone 2768 42-4c SPACE DETAIL—This globe will help guide Apollo astronauts to the moon and back. Bill Coleman gives it a final check in Minneapolis, Minn. The instrument will allow astronauts to check in which directions they are going and how fast they are movir" For Sale FOR SALE—Iron frames for Chevrolet pickup. Mrs. A. Y. Bell. 46-lc LEFTOVERS—Officials view some of the 32,000 mustard gas shells that threatened Vienna's water supply. The shells, buried by the Nazis during World War II near Austria's capital, are to be destroyed. WASTE OF MONEY The U.S. Secret Service has bad new® for the thief who looted itg Indianapolis office. .. „ _ The money is counterfeit. ' 100,000 persons <in the U.S. COW MONEF During the period of the Texas Republic, notes signed by individuals promising to pay a cow and a calf passed for $10 bills. Accidents annually kill over FIKST RADAR The electric eel is almost blind .and locates its food by using a rudimentary radar system. Hours were longer in summer than in winter as measured by primitive sun 1 clocks. New Location Our offices ore now located in our new building at the corner of 9th St. and Highway 83, and we invite you to come by to see us and inspect the new building. The parking space outside the building will be paved within a short time; so watch for the date of our formal opening. Collingsworth County Farm Bureau Phone 447-2515 Dee Burba, Manager Study of Sorghum Midge Stepped Up The "recreational" activities of the sorghum midge are under close scrutiny by Texas A&M University scientists'. James Harding, Texas Agricultural 1 Experiment Station entomologist, has taken 113 grass samples to date from fields over the South Plains. These samples' are being held in the laboratory at 'the South Plains Research and Extension Center at Lu'bbock. Harding checks the samples constantly for possible early midge emergence from the plant heads. Willing cooperation of electrical power companies on the South Plains has allowed (placement of 28 sticky insect traps on power poles in a nine-county area. Counties are: Lamb, Hale, Floyd, Hockley, ILubbock, Crosby, Terry, Lynn and Garza. Harding says weekly grass samplings, along with checking of the insect traps on power poles, will give an Insight into "why" and "how" the midge attains such damaging numbers to reduce yields of August-blooming grain sorghum. A few adult midge began emergence during the middle of May and are suspected of depositing their eggs in available grass hosts. Study of the grass samples will determine this in the near future. In contrast to early reports of midge activity, it is believed these are the first midge oui;. There are several orange, "midge-like creatures" on the High Plains that are not sorghum midge, but greatly resemble tlhem. the entomologist says. Several "allies" in the fight against the sorghum midge have been found this year. Two \vas)p-like parasites of itjhe dia- pausing midge larva have been obtained from midge-infestedl sorghum florets. An external mite has also been found living on adult sorghum midge. Up to nine mites per fly has been observed. FOR SAiLE—35 GFM cooler, a good one. Price $35. L. E. Goswick, 1100 15th St. City. 46-lp FOR SALE—Flat top office desk and chair, mahogany finish. (Used.) Stevenson Im- CERTIFIED COTTON SEED Paymaster 111 Western Stormproof * * • NO. 1 SELECT SEED Western Stormproof Rilcot—90 Paymaster 101A Lankart 57 Gregg WELLINGTON COTTONSEED DELINTING CO. 43-3c ALL KINDS OF DIRT MOVING, TANKS, BULLDOZING TERRACES, LAND LEVELLING No Job Too Small STARR & PENDERGRASS 709 Ennis St., Wellington Phone 447-5607 22-tfc FOR SALE—Lankart cottonseed. Dan Guthrie, 2 miles north and 5 west of Wellington. 41-6p FOR SALE—Gregg cottonseed, certified, first year from registered seed. Tom Berry. Pho. 447-2632. Highway 203 East, plement Co. 46-2c 1 mile. 39-tfc FOR SALE—Guns and ammunition, Gunsmithing. Buy, sell or trade. Guns wanted, any condition. Western Gun Shop, 14D5 8th St. 34-tfc Free Estimates Prompt Service Expert Work Brown Paint & Body Shop Phone 447-6505 For Rent FOR RENT—3-bedroom house, close in. Phone 447-5403. 46-lc FOR RENT—2-bedroom house, 908 Dallas; also 3-bedroom house 906 Dallas. Mrs. G. L. Jones, phone 447-5658. 46-3p FOR RENT—Small apartment, newly decorated and close in. Call 447-2673. 46-3p FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, close in, bills paid. Phone 447-5403. 46-4fc Business Opportunities GREATEST PART OR F.ULL TIME opportunity open in Wellington. Earn up to $65 and more weekly from the start, serving Watkins customers household products "with Good Housekeeping Guarantee. No investment. Write C. R. Ruble, Dept. J-l, P.O. Box 2447, Memphis, Tennessee. 46-lp WE MAKE gates, nay racks, automatic feeders and calf tables. Oran Starkey, intersection Highways 83 and 203. Phone 447-2678. 21-tfc FOR SALE—Weaning pigs, 35 to 40 Ibs. $8 each. R. L. Templeton, 447-5445. 46-2p FOR SALE—Two-piece brown •nylon frieze living room suite, good condition. Call 4472142 or come by 1606 Ellison. 46-2p FOR SALE— Cushman motjor scooter. Dan 'Lewi's. iPhone 493-2632, Dodson. 46-2p FOR SALE — Berries, now ready, mile north, 1 mile Services PLOWING AND ONE-WiAY- ING. Raymond Neeley. 4475450. 46-3c FOR TYPEWRITERS ANP ADDING MACHINES —Repair, rebuilt machines, also rib- oons for most machines, see Roy M. Horn. 7-tfc west of Liltfe Church. W. W. Baker. 46-2p FOR SALE—2-bedroom house overlooking Lake Altus. 900 square feet. Modern. Dr. Jack Rose. Phone 259-2605, Memphis, Texas. 46-3c RED WORMS, MINNOWS, and stink bait, 2 blocks south of high school. 46-2p LAWN MOWINGv yard) work, tree trimming. Shorty Murry. Phone 447-2336. 46-2p AUTHORIZED SINGER sales and service. Sewing machines, vacuum cleaners. Free demonstration dn your home. Your business appreciated. Contact Wellington Studio. 46-4p YES, you can 'borrow our electric carpet Shampooer FREE to clean your carpets with Blue Lustre. S&R Hardware & Appliances. 45- Ic 2- and 3-bedroom houses; small tracts; farms; ranches. If you need any of 'these, don't just sit there and think. Call me at 447-5506. Rufe Williams Real Estate. 45-2p FOR SALE—Case 'baler, rake and mowing machine. Jack Moreman, Brice, Texas. 45-3p NOTICE I have bought U. S. Bolton's water delivery route. If you need water hauled, call— FARMER'S STATION, Hollis, Okla. MU 8-2183 Call W. H. WALKER MU 8-3548 before or after 5 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays, or MU 8-2806 44-4p TV AND B RADI* •i^^MHMi^^Hl^^^H^B^^^^BBMi Repairs L'ong time no see TV, hear radio? Renew contact with outside world with our expert repairs. Tyler Electric Phone 447-5841 39-tfc Wanted BODY MAN WANTED—Excellent pay. References necessary. Write or call collect CH 3-3344. Jack Caffey Ford, Mangmn, Okla. 46-3c WAITRESS WANTED—Afexply in person. Dairy Mart. 46-tfc Cards of Thanks FEDERAL LAND BANK LOANS. See Raburn L. Smith at Association office, 911 West Avenue in Wells & Wells building, on Tuesday and Friday of each week. 37-tfc FOR SALE—Acid delinted cotton seed, Gregg and Lankart 57. 90% germination. lOtf Ib. 12 miles south of Wellington on Highway 83 and mile west of Eugene Brewer. Memphis Y. 44-5p ULTIMATE WEAPON The war-'bmv used by Turkish horsemen had an effective range of 500 yards. It accounted for the military success of the Turks in tfie Middle Ages. FOR SALE — Brabham peas. 80% germination or better, $7.50 per 100. Also Krause one-way, $150. Roy Canada, Quail, Texas. 43-4p We Service TV Sets ALL MAKES Prompt Service Whites Auto Store Phone 447-2141 9-tfc Miss Myira Hays of Plainview visited this ipast week end v jth her mother and sister, Mrs. J. L. Hays and Miss Larlu Hays. On Sunday Mrs. Hays and Miss Myra Hays visited in Wichita Falls. National Park Rangers install escape ladders in garbage can to allow skunks that fall in (jo climb out again. FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT USE KERATOLYTIC ACTION Because it sloughs off the infected skin. You see healthy skin replace it. Get quick-drying T-4-L liquid, a keratjplytic, at any drug store. If not pleased in 3 DAYS, your 4 back. Use antiseptic, soothing T-4-L FOOD POWDER too — fine for sweaty feet, foot odor; stays active in the skin for hours. TODAY at PARSONS DRUG. STRONG'S FLOWERS have alt your lawn needs, vegetable plants, lots of blooming plants, .petunias, periwinkles, snapdragons, fancy leafed caladdums, verbenas, dahlias and others. Call 447-2345. 40-tfc ALLIED PIPE & IRRIGATION SUPPLY See Us for Aluminum Pipe Complete Sprinkler Systems Wheel Move Systems Plastic Underground Systems Transit Underground Systems Sprinkler parts, risers and gaskets Steel Pipe DEWEY D. (POTTY) SISK Office Phone DR 2-8395 Residence Phone FL 6-0756 501 Lincoln P.O. Box 2467 Amarillo, Texas 44-4c For Ethan Allen Treasury of Early American Furniture SIMMONS FURNITURE Hollis, Okla. 17-tfc FOR SALE—iLankhard 57 cotton seed, first year from certified, acid delinted, germination 90%. lOtf Ib. Phone 4476736. Rufus Sweati, 40-6p New Automatic Maytags JUST INSTALLED We also have 10 dryers to serve you. We also do the customary wet wash-dry wash or you can do it yourself. Duncan Laundry 9th at Ennis tfc FERTILIZER John Deere No. 45 Nitrogen 16-20-0; 30-15-0 and others John Deere Distributor for rent See Buske Farm Store or Phone 447-5485 81-tf SEE US FOR Venetian Blinds Floor Covering Carpet, Tile, Linoleum Philco Appliances Washers Dryers • Blue Lustre Shampoo • Roper Ranges • Dearborn Heaters S&R HARDWARE Sam Adams, Mgr. N. E. Corner Square Phone 447-2553 43-tfc Just a note of gratitude to those who helped' out during our fire, May 28. First our thanks to Phillip Cobb, Grover Graham and Truitt Holland, for alerting us and calling the fire department, Greenbelt Electric ami police force for working so diligently. Finally our thanks to each of the men who were at our home and I willing to help if need be. W. .G. Burge. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all who were so thoughtful at the passing of our loved one. We do thank everyone for tjhe many prayers in our behalf and for the beautiful flowers and cards expressing your sympathy. We are especially grateful to Dr. Carter Holcomb, to the staff of St. Joseph's Hospital, and to the ones who prepared and served the food each day. May God richly bless each of you. The famliily of Jerry DePauw. Legal Notice NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on Wednesday, the 10th day of June, 1964, at) 10:00 A.M., at the Courthouse door in the City of Wellington, Collingsworth County, Texas, in obedience to an order of sale entered by the District Court in Cause No. 4261, on the 21st day of May, 1964, I will sell 1 at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the following described real estate: "All of the Northeast one- fourth (NE 1/4) of Section No. 76, Block No. 15 of the H&GN Ry. Co. Surveys, in Collingsworth County, Texas." FLOYD F. TEUTSCH, Receiver. 45-2c Bulldozing Terracing Grading Harold Elbert 48-tfe MONUMENTS: WILLIS-FELLOW QUARRY GRANITE, OKLA. FACTORY PRICES Only 52 Miles Call collect KE 9-2184 or send letter & we will call on you. tfc

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