The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 20, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, July 20, 1948
Page 4
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¥fce Xew*. Fretfertek. JM.. Tiie*iay. July 2«, THE NEWS 19*3 Xvcr? Altcrnoo* Zjcccpt J y tb* rrc A MOTC. co Dorothy Dlx Says: /n Washington Truman Given Program T» Win AM«J-y"S»uth Withvut Backing Down Congress Has No New Mandate From People Until They Speak in Election By J9AV1D LAWRENCE 'I he Nation Today Side Glances By JAMES MAKLOW 1 Washing*"". _i»y ?o (jr^ -While ! the politicians beat one another Mfc. The one unfailinjt remedj' for «n unhappy inarriaije is soft soap. Apply plenty of that on sore spots acd i a cure is guaranteed. Try this! 15 cento; thr*e I faithfully for 30 days and if it j tSWt""2s taotatm. «35O- j doesn't work you can get your i JO money back and a handsome di- ' u v TKIS COFFUC BMCTO ot c£5aatiog vorc certificate framed m gold. ; Washington. July 2O--President You tne trouble wjtb most ( Truman has been quietly tipped married couples who cannot get off on sure fire program to *^ along with each other is that they . soothe the don't know what ails them, nor · The beau they disagree so badly with will not have to back down from *·«"»· wrote a platform for the f"_ pas , se °. upon j n Me -"sovemoer . If the special session is really other The husband knows his civil rights stand. The pro- Congress that is supposed to be »*« ejection and to piace upon necessary--and if it does some, that his wife i* a noble Christian posals are elected this autumn and to take Mr - Truman the responsibility of thing for the genera! welfare--then | To provide adequate housing for worRan wh( is a conscjen; . ous , Flrst , M r. Truman would an- office in January 1949. ' approving or disapproving what- the public benefits. mn:hp- and a good cook The w:fe nounce the full support of his Ad- The Republican convention laid : ever iaws are P 355 ** 3 - t toe pot* tecond-cla «t offic* at Fr«J«r- TUESDAY, JVLY 20. 1948 School Building Program ---- ·» ------ . --------- . . . * --- -- -- ----- -i" -- TM* i«»i«i» vi is asking Congress to en- ««»tQrs nevertheless to psss -.vhat- Congress, no matter what happens ' an increased school population ex- within the next few years," appreciates that her husband pos- ministration for the Haydeii bill, down a program for the Eighty- As ' or the R " " ". sesses all of '.he domestic virtues, ' It ii the anti-poil tax bill w. ritten ' First Congress--not the Eightieth for 1843 which rd of Education nas o«ea and , hen ^^ Thpy *,,,,*. inev ,,, .}j e ; ornl o f a constitutional --and ao d:d the Democratic con- th e convention * the Board considering future nesds of the should !:ve together :ti peace and amendment vent.on. public schools of the county committee of experts or. school matters was secured to n? '. And that's th« main point. As for the Republican platform R^ght now the politicians are was set forth by arguing. v,; th a lot of noise, about as the course to Pres.dent Truman's calling the Until the American peo- f" 5d e "-«· country^ beginning :n -P^ :aJ session. *""~ ~ argument goes something program. Their report A ha-mony. bu:«ai of that they It is not widely known, but the pie by their vot?s i:*xt November January 1949. the Republicans can are in a perpetual brawl. moderate Southerner* have been ;ay which platform '.hey prefer the Justifiably say that this program "«e -" ; s" Thev ha\t- tried all .soil of nos- quietly talking up this piece of present Eightieth Cong'ress has no canno - °e P"t into effect unless K? puMed a cheap political trick make a -rums for this -=oul sickne^ with- legislation for four year* Some new mandate and " nls * a Repubhcan President in calling the Republican-control- - - - - - - - is elected. F o r M r . Truman's a d - *ed Congress back into session be- has been twice repud- cause he wants only to embarrass i-o-thirds of both Houses 'he Republicans and build up cam- schools and submit out getting anv result,. Bui no of the Senators behind u are Harry Speaking of mandates, the Amer- to- a bu-'din- setter how awnv good resolutions B "^ a «d w '"« Roberta, of V:r- lcan peop!e passed Jn the Novem- fo- a bu..ain. . I, suo- ^ . , gmta. Millard Tydm*, and Herbert ber ; 946 e!ec::on on the pro2ram ' of Congre-s-- on tax-reduc- Houses" were Biv- tion Ie « islali ° 1 ' and once on the election, nouses were giv . TaU . HartJe _ Y !aw la Qne of , hese t Or _ ammunition for hii own re- S ,-mnorta- miesMO" the School Crave Appreciation recognized leaders Walter George ?"££??**£,£? it S?,ZT^ ' URder SUch ei«u«w»nces ! t « importa^v question, -ne scnooi ..,,_.. -__.. . ,, ,*,,, ,,!,,·«,,. « a ,^^-» 0 -^A n.^v controls snould be lifted. The wou jd see m loe-ea! for C nnP ^^ r in November 1946 and elicit from -orm. JveVy" word ··= the. O'Conor of Maryland Clyde Hoey 0 «r e r«?d at that mined to the Board recently, and fighting word, and their friend:, aswi Wl '-' am Cm»Urad of North publican.. Both 'Carolina. Walter George and Dick en :o , hc nepu^.v--o ,, ,.,,,,«,,, . . . . - - H t~« » ^ * - He pu!?ed a smart stunt in call. ing the special session because in -.. _ .^» U ^.^... K . this way he can try io force the ,- m r« rt a-- mi^'io" the School t-rave Appreciation recoRmzea seactrrs ».a»cr oeorge - . j^f.^r r? 1 £° X !!!, rna £ nt · Uixter such circumstances !t Republicans to show whether they B^rd^lednubhc^minthe STM- "happy marriaKes are .»'.« the elder statesman ^nd Dick ' "«"* a . 5 ^ d ^ "tec^ TM e would seem logical for Congress really mean the promises they ££2^^°^.2i£ P£^« P^acks.^ most^.^scU ;He^^ch^d s»* of f^"^^ p^^H^- ° --"*« ! ^ P"*TM «*«» « ^ 8de ! " '^ 19 « ^^ -last night. There was a credit- ' ' able turnout. From the facts and figures submitted in the survey report and the information given by the local school officials. Frederick county is obliged to enlarge school facilities to take care of the heavier enrollments that may be expected in the next few years. Four factors are responsible. An in the birth rate, since the of about 25 r 4; the addition 12th grade to the high school prow ell enough that she wouldn't have gram; the required r the size of classes to 30 or less pupils to a is now about 35 to raising of the compute- "You had the right of way? :- jnakint up excuses!" Isn't that just lilie a man--always! for flattery, for appreciation nnd The constuutiona! a n, e n d in e n l -\-~-~ "iL": n ?Z£ZJS l?\**£ ^l.-*! '^ he condei ? ned :he For example: Give him power ciec.iwn. lie interpreted it as he Eightieth Congress, which wasn't · control prices, if ana would give the South the satis- O j e a^i" r. _ _ » - , . _ _ -- r : * _ * . . , _ i r ... ·»...,. · --. n t^,^,t:..L. *^ *.**. Every man bails his hook with faction of itself voting to abolish enough He argued that people had voted prices, if and when not elected until November !946. for thought necessary: set up a big and ! having presented him with a "rot- , housing program; £ SparroivsReported MoreScarce;\ ta ,p s Run Out B Starlings. Belief n-control!ed Con.- *· O s Reports from several sources are j Members of the Frederick unit! his recom- must be gocd sportsmen and abide One person said that on a field in the ten days just bfeore the trip of three or four miles he did ; not encounter a single bird nest attendance age from 14 to 16 year- . vork s he iuTeVto make hiiii a com" th ' s rogram-- would come out for Which schools should be enlarg- fortable home Many a Jtreat l?ver recom- \vhere he had seen many before. ed and what new buildings should turns into a champion fault-finder be erected to meet the situation before the honeymoon is even are problems that can hardly be ovcr settled »t a large public gather- And many whom they married the men to exactly ing. However, the school ofhcials . the same ,.; arvat , on diet Thcv takc discriminatory rates have kept in- are to be commended for inviting a ,j o{ the hard work and lhe - sacri . dustry away from Di le. As one a public discussion of the recom- fipes lhat thcir husbands nu.kt to . ^ oulhcr J? Senatcr put it If mendations as submitted. Some x'TM fh- m ^^f^^f. ^«^ i.,....;!., . Harry Truman is sincerely honest ; jority. .... . leaders that prompted the adiourn- ? artv P'atforms. wnl be no use of an extra men t. ·*-·---- - . - - » _ _ nests were upset by strong winds. session if the President continues , roduction Rights Reserved) i Those platforms, as such plat- ; Perhaps the DDT spraying na* forms always go are a collection j killed OTUch of their food ^o^... " them comforts and luxuries, much as saying sented. The meeting reflected a , "thank you." Instead of praise they sh , d h , t w Todmr-* Anniversaries wholesome interest in the wel-' hand their husbands knocks TM* · Mr tnlfrt r*l£." ! 1793^-John Ireland Howe. f _ * AI_ \ t _ * _ ; t j. ^r i-_ _ ff*f*l T n^rncAlv^c ri**fT"^iiri*rl r»»/*fnic(* » _ _ __ _ _ _ York phy county. dertaking of greater importance than the proper education of the marr ; e( } ijf e but youth, and it is vital that the peo- -r^,,, is ; homLemade reme dv for pie maintain an interest in al! j t that never fail- It is soft soap. phases of the school program. It is flattery It !; appreciation. It j of promises each party said it j ventured one observer, -but "seed j would worK on if it won the elec- ; and worms are stm plentlfuL ! tion next November. i ! Both platforms, in one form or i member said thai she had missed! the sparrows in her yi rd. Several I people have reported that the! starlings have forced the sparrows! out of their old haunts. Thus far| this year the city police have noi been plagued with complain'..?] about the starling as in previous | years. Perhaps some birds have gone I fanner cut of the city limits to I seek food and grain v.-as the opin-l ion of another, due to the poor! cherry and berry crops here this] year. .· · *!. 1 J f J J 1_ » « » * » X A b t ^ t l k Aal^.^1. ! Ai-^^--^MIl*l 4LCl«tllU ilUWC. NeW fare of the school children of the ^cl .hemselves^ defrauded because Th(rd the President shou i d get After all. there is no un- j! r . "11"* coajs a '" e "^ ^able off in a q u ; et corner w jth Alben . facturer of the first practical -c n« S Kerner31 '. bcl ' ef ' hat . ther ^ Barkley, his running mate, and i pin-making machine, born in no cure .or me oiMiiusion 01 Senntor Russel! to talk over the | Ridgeficld, Conn. Died Sept. 10. rights program. This way the · 1873. IMPROPER B L A X C E or ^ By EDWIN* P. JORDAN. M.D. Written for NEA Service | Do Not Want Support Of *R"bMc Rousers' Truman but ignored by Con- i Emmitsburg.--Miss Rose · gress. | micfc. of Abiagdon. Va.. is spend- · Columbia. S. C.. July 20 TM a 18 3°- Fnn ' The outcome of the meeting was '* husbands and wives always s j On _ a decision to form an advisory buiidins up iheir mates and making . Fu group with one representative '· thcm {eel that even if {he balance from emch district to --- - *·- ! of the world fails to «r M iss Vivian Topper of Balti- I ' the advocates of states* Renublican ^S^^ figured the nv they. ther study of the building needs ' how ' c a g e t back at Mr T u m a n fato ?««n«ie.Uy throw _the civil rights before them floor sit back to watch the Preside fore a final plan is adopted. . The sure cure for an unhappy and the Southerners fVght"iVo'ut. We must realize that a substan- , marriage is for the husbnnd and Fourth. Mr. Truman should go tial amount of money will be w 'f* '° keen ^a«-h ot!i--r buttered into the South xvith some major needed to provide adequate facili- "P- If vou doubt this .try the exper- speeches and let the people see J ties- While the State offers con- iment - siderable incentive aid in a building program, the county will be obiliged to raise a large sum. It will probably mean a new bond issue, to produce the needed funds. But by The Bell Syndicate. Inc ) other counties less favorably situated than Frederick county are FREDERICK embarking on building programs o£ the If we must have new buildings. ·we certainly car. afford them. As a matter of fact, we cannot afford not to provide adequately for our school children. Years Local Items From The Columns Of The News, July 20. 1S98. him. He can explain his pro- i ! Table salt is essential in the Janeuschek. famed j metabolism--the normal function- January. h e £ d a r.b°rn;ms of the human body. Nature, So that means--11 no special ses-. more . has been visiting with her i rights neither need no i JNew iork. keeps the salt in a constant proper-ision had been called--that the · grandmother, Mrs. William Topper. : aid of "rabble -o.i-ers" « , ion in the blood and tissues and ; party victorious in November since Jul 4 " p Thurmond yesterday refused an . Holley New i the amount of salt present in food ! coulan t start carrj-ing out any of _ Mr and Mrs _ AUen Bouev ; oifer of SUDDOrt from Gerald L -^ scientific writer, builder of j or added in cooking or on the table its platiorm promises till next moved on Saturdav from the Mon . i Smith, leader of the Christian Na- Ae first Besseiner steel plant w normalb- just about enough to j January J dorff apartments'to the aoartment! tionalist part-, with these words: onTMoo e ' C ° nn ' DlCd J»«-! mamtain the necessary- balance. i And, knowing how slowly Con- . recentlv vacated by Mr . and Mrs I "We do not invite, we do not 29.1882. j In certain diseases, however, tbe, gress works, that would mean , willial ^ Smith J ! need, the support of Gerald L. . . . " Earl Rice and son. of ' Smith or any other rabble rousers spent Wednesday with ' " A " n o use race prejudice and class Mr. and Mrs. F." S. K. ; hatred to inflame the emotions of - i Matthews i our °eonie." 1899. ;°r holds an excessive amount o f ; Republicans: r _^ n nh=T ., ocr ^^^ f ,«^ SO a i Thurmond said in an interview gram, pick up ideas and erase the ' 1849--Talcott Williams, Philadel- ' water in the tissues of the body. angry feeling that Dixie is such" phia journalist-editor, first direc-' thus causing the accumulation o f , -- -, .-, , - , - . - - - .. idavs tor of the Columbia University ' « UJd in the Ie §s or abdomen. This rea dv said neeaed doing montns|das "Ail right, you said that if elect- [ do a lot of things I've al- _ Mrj . a sure thing to the Democrats the j President doesn't even bother to show a face there. ' Deep down m their souls, the ' School of Journalism, born in Turkey of American parents'. ' Died Jan. 24. 1928. edema. Salt Retained , ago ^hy ^"You °co enjoved several i UJal tne states" rights movement week at Atlantic City, i " is not based on racial hate nor ,_ ^ ~:~ iff T I racial prejudice." and he predicted till next year to j N-j^^ ^^ ^.^ ffom that most of the south would sup- right ! Thursday until Saturdav- with her | P° rt tne reoellious Democrats. He Congress The excess salt is not eliminated now. So come back into special . aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. John j KS^H as the Vegetarian the city benefits terda many parts of the State. There Partv were a few light showers. A grac i ous Senator John StennYs cam- ' Inflation Goes On At various points since the war- born inflationary spiral was set in motion there have been attempts to halt it by consumers, distributors and producers. There have been sporadic buyers" strikes. There was the Neivburyport Plan Manufacturing concerns have tned cutting prices in the hope of starting a downward trend by force of example. heavy ram fell at Brunswick and Congressmen William Co!m er Uiere was a severe storm _ at Wilt Whittington of Mississipp Boyds. wn:ch caused extensive unhappy they had to walk damage. They tell their own k - md the . WORKMEN ENGAGED IN PLAC- sucked in on this deal and "hou ING a cement pavement in front by a state convention rule, of the Etchison building on But. going back to the bsgmmng, ' --Ronnie Topper, son of Mr. and 1917--First draft number chosen in ' also disturbed so that the has to be strictly regulate P-S- Governor Tom Dewcv is not ' World War 1. Soulh Market street were an- popular in the South. He has a 19I 8--Americans take thousands of More body sodium chloride is noyed yesterday by people from state-wide Fair Employment Prac- prisoners and hudreds of guns on ' ost than is taken in when there the county who persisted in tice Commission in New York to walking or. the soft composition, prevent job discrimination against One middle-aged man was so Negroes. And. more important he busy '.ookms at two young ladies has fought tooth and toe nail ' 1933--The X R A on the opposite side of the street against any adjustment in freight' decreed bv Presid that be did not heed the warning , rates for the South. Senator Hoi- 1942--American nlane: until he was almost ankle deep land, the former Governor ,: Flor- ' man? in Tobruk Africa and the ;n cement. ida. remembers vividly that Dewey Perhaps these counter-offen^-vec BALTIMORE MEMBERS OF THE was the master mind of the North 1943--U. Grand Army of the Republic. ' in every anti-Southern battle in who expect to brine a large dele- the Governors" Conference. 1944 German gaf.on here for the Francis Scott Great Moments--One of the great Key monument unveiling cere- ' decisions of American politics was monies August 9. say they are made in a feverish and tense mo- unab'.c to secure low transports- rnent at the Democratic convention rate? over the ra:!roads and tion. All the straw men candi- it sad'-o hear he .t saa. io nea t tne. re- ] ~ ' home ' rf-t-i Main, Three ] Record Earth Shocks 20 .'.^--There earthquake southrof the bor- ismologists dislocation. ity. the Fordham seismograph recorded 6.19 P lit'Ip i a n d dau S" nter moved during the ! university seismologist located the L iveek from a property at Annan- . ous ' es ss about 3 . 80 o miles south of iniui iuc i:r . . - , . . . , i -'"^-" ***- *w*^ ^.. w ... ..*._ vu ^.^ u ~ « tjiuversiiT. sei^moerapp -ecorai ·he intake ' spez^l session does Jungs which r m U k delivery truck in Baltimore, two strong quakes at 6 12 and 6 ed . are nee^essary-if they re necessary _ Mr . and Mrs . Herbert Adams a . m . (est f QReveSJose ph J Lvn "-- " J - - ° ' a d a t e r noved in t h e the Aisne-Marne front ~ -~ IS heavy perspiration for a oro- j com . 1 . ca . 1 ° r :s " saa r _ jo^ near we. d a l e to the nouse owned by Mr. XT. 1923 Gen ' PanCh ° V U i a -! - rS SSo^oV^r-n^i.^bo^puSi :Th^ror^tS^ fBaItim0re - oarre!. against inflation have done some good. But one by one ;hey have petered out. Now another of them, which looked promising when it ·was undertaken, ha? met the same fate. United State? Stee! has decided to abandon the venture ali is to carry out the will of the York in The Boston College seismograph Mary j n Weston. jlass. also recorded | first tremors at 6.12 a. m.. but offi- on Wed-1 C] a i s estimated it was in Bolivia. ;. George ( xhe quaks was described as 100 i miles deep and tremors were con- ' 194 address from Berlin. sea and diarrhea. attendance may be small dates put up by the stop-Truman on only a few month* AT THE MEETING OF THE KEY coalition had fallen apart. Monument Association, the com- honest-to-Koodness candid 3c:t:rriore whence they -A :'.l so by water to Ocean C.ty to attend a meef.r.a of :he Slate Bankers Assoc^at^or. embarked ago. The corporrtion has announced that it will soon raise the wases of its workers "in view of the cost of living." It ;= under no compulsion to do this. s:nce :ts contract with the United Steei Workers still has almost a year to run But it feels lhat its employees are entitled to protection against n:£her living costs. Last April, t»,-her. the un.on insisted on wage r.egotistjor.s. U. S Steel refused the request for hish- -. -. er pay on the grounds that grant- / WeHl / I 6Of S ing it would contribute tn ir.fla- tion. Instead. ;t announced price reductions for its products estimated at S25.000.000 a year, explaining that cheaper gvai for many would be better zhsrs 3 vase boost for a few. The logic was soynO But though steel companies cte.ier.V.iv followed the example jet by · Big Steel;" and a Jev.- other :r..iu.-;r es embarked on a similar e-r^r-e -he hoped-for parade never carne off. The United Automobile Workers struck the Chrysler plants. L. Lewis got another big increase for the miners. The third round of wage increases has become a fact and "Big Steel" has admitted defeat. On ' ABOUT with the "dance. A real candidate was 1946--A country-wide survey shows consumers making increased re- 5ister.ce to price rises. mittce appointed to secure bids needed, and in a hurry. Today's Birthdays for the privilege to sell ice Governor Beauford Jester, a Justice Wiley B Rutledge of the cream, lemonade, etc. on the handsome, stocky Texan, rushed U. S. Supreme Court, born at grounds controlled by the asso- U P to tnc platform where Alben Cloverport. Ky.. 54 years ago for the unvc.line exer- Barkley was sitting. Tne Gov- Chapman Revercomb. Republi- : supposed to be serving. John Carroll also re. ------ _ ______ ., earthouake- Carl Maxie and George ; pro ca bly off the southern coast of , Cuba, officials said. and Mrs. Rodaers Topper. ' __ i of Mt. Airy, visited in tovra on Note- Dr. Jordan is unable to answer individual questions from BISHOP CONVICTED j readers. However, each day he will London. July 19 .5*--The Yugo- answer one of th-5 most frequently s'av News Agency Tanjug said to- askfd questions in his coluir.n ' ni.-ht that Roman Catholic Bishop , Peter Chule has been sentenced to THE^OCTOR ANSWERS: n yea-* in pr i SO n for QLi^STION- I;, there any danger f 0r rp* in Yugoslavia ; Thursday evening. I Navy Denies Atomic Bonih Sank Destroer cisc^ reponed no bids had been ernor informed the Senator. "I sir. -an U. S senator from West Vir- ' n us ' n S the beauty creams con- vrar II rece:ve3 MESSRS F. C. NORWOOD. M £ Do-:. W. I Parsons and Col D. C. Wmebrener ieft Frederick for Ladiesburg-M, and Mr, Ray : s ^^f im - iiartin. son. Rav. v:s:tea _ . enemv with Mr. and Mrs. George Me- ?£ nar:as - ·^ or jg Bride and farr.ily of Mountaindale ~ .J Sunday. July 20 I--A by Rear Admiral Ellis retired, that a Navy an to place your name in nom- jjima. born in Covir.gton. Va 53 tain « n K estrosenic hormones now The acencv said that three priests ination for President" years ajro on the market? and five nuns tried'i the Bishop an an 0 .'.?·--A ·niral Ellis I t a Navy : A ;«.T j u^ -- i ! With great dignity. Barkley years ago. a t Sarajevo xvere ?entenced to . Dr. Herbert E BolJon of the ANSWER 1 Several .urned ^o_ Jester ar.d said with University of California famed there wa? fear t n a t Ihe - e rf.\^:\ be te rrp- ranging from eight years to .eeiir.g. i cannot condone that. American h-storian. born at W-.l- harmful, but the weight of radical S2X months. tor.. Wis. 7S year? aso opinion now i? that they do no* Maj. Gen Albert M ~ Jone?. hero- have an " dangerous erTects prj'onc'- of :hp Philippine?, bom ;n Mass. 5S years ago ATTENDING SEHNAR Kmcst Ha'chinscn. of New York. It would rupture ;he party " The Governor pleaded. "Your r.arne -.v sii be p:aced :n nomination i nere ;s a great demand for you " Albcn Barkiey had the la.t word ARRESTS DOCKETED Three arrests were docketed overnight by city police. They the war had this terse otncial denial pinned to it today: --Mr. Norman Stitely attended " No ^ av y ship carrying an atom- the auto races at Williams Grove. 1C bomb evsr disappeared." --Visitors in the home of Mr. _ T^5 former Xavy intelligence of- and Mrs. Curtis Smith were Mr. Seer told a Tuutuai network radio and Mrs. Frank Wilihice. ?.Ir. and audience Sunday that near the close Mrs. C. W. Binkiey. daughter, of the -war a vessel bearing an Lola. Miss Ethel Willhide. atomic bcir.b headed for the island --Mr. and Mrs. Roy Martin and of Tinian bat disappeared before Items From Th.? Columns Of The New:-. July 20. 192S. THE TEMPERATURE ROLLED :o Pfi decree? a: " p. m today after a 73-degree in«r..mum night, both the hottest of the s'jrnnier CHARLES EDWIN KEMP. JR . APPROVED The Orphans Court on Monday approved tvo administration account? Mrs Xelhe A McDannei administratrix \~i the estate of the next three days a project initi- snd costs- Sgts. Swornley and Phe- ' i; a:T ) Humphrey at Remingtor.. Va. id Officer Rover made the ar- --Miss "Ethel Wiilhide scent Stanley C Allvn. pres-.cerst of ated by the commission for inter- ius ar.d the National Ca=h Register Com- national education reconstruction, rests. son of Mr Kemp observed hi* fifth birthday :hU \\eek Z.-.-.A was guen a pa^ty at h.^ hn:ne. i l ~ We^t Fourth ftree; More than 30 young friends attended. CLARENCE HERWIG. -fl ! ; r H , A McDarne?. reported pany born in Mndion. W i . 57 American teachers xviih C Edwin S57.6ijsnd made no distribution yenr-s a-»o nnd school ., - - /-immerrnan. admir.i-tra- children have contributed largely J n //7/ Hoy F Coopedege board .chair- to a fund for aid to countries whoe ted he drank :oo much. Edvvin Mackley. Frederick, pleaded unsuc- Mrs. cessfully before Magistrate Alton Y Bennett for a suspended sent- 4 . , , -- - -- r- · --r\-- i*i'»« . \ . » . « . . . « , . - t\f *,* * . 4 1 1 v » * · * *3 IVJ i\t \,\JLtltii i ior in t he opiate ot Cophn= K Z.m- nan of :hf McCrorv Store. born in educational facil.'.ies were T''vf l T"TTN f»r »-*·/-*»·* fts-t C ' S O " 1 " ' ^ ' T - » » *-» . , -- - -- Wachte- re on a veek = ing and fish-g tr.o to Edwards' " 1000 . v/ re ported distriouted S3 OSS PO TO ASK BIDS Cumberland. Jsj'.y En2:ncers will ask first \:n:i of the County Ga 50 \ ears ss.f Today's Horoscope Th;.-= is a day giving canacitv ed by \\ai Dr T G Pulien Jr superintendent of schools, is chair- Mary iand local forecasts !·?·: Eastern Shore, Southern and Maryland Central Maryland--Partly cloudy. ' Wednesday afternoon , Thomas Kennev. ! --Mr. and Mrs. C. W. B.nkiey ence. offering. Monday night to 'spent Sunday afternoon \vith Mr. "take a pledge" and no drinks for , and Mrs F. H Birely and farrily two yeari The magistrate reserved judg- THE EYES HAVE IT ment and remanded the defendant endeavor and f a i t h f u l man of the semr.ipr for which 44 Cumberland- a ;ta-.n to eminence bv -.eason of a lack ^^"-^"^on. there is much quiet force and srea: «nd«rance Willamette University in Oregon is the oldest institution of higher learning \\Vst of. the State of Miss- j ouri. I dav. ASHES SCATTERED in the upper eighties. Lowest to- j^ T Ed , vards . 6 5-vear-oId ·d- W ,P ^ A A . ' - ' - - - """ Durban-South Africa. July 19 J. nignt to-.3 degrees Gentle to mod- shoeworkei - t said h : s dget at . DECREE SIGNED .0:, u n , oe due Augus. coupled with a rendering of faith- --The last ashes cf Mohandas K. , erate variable winds. ' tached to a car's headlight? was A decree has been signed in will assuredly Ganahi were scattered at_the mouth j Washington, jMlegany and G a r - j comparatively simple--based on Equity Court .Mrs. Lorene ^. ,, _ ... same principle used on doors B. Fowler. Frederick, an absolute perated by an electric eye. 'divorce from Addie C. Fowler -- - _ ! · , . , _ ***f I considered sacred by the Hindus. , ards said several insurance whose last known address was Flor- companies had sought 'o buy his ida Mrs. Fowler is given the cus- ion outright for a "consider- tody of two children and is require* | -- " but that he is holding to pay the costs. Edwin F. N «um . T « ^ 1 C . ~ i i 4 H -- -- t ^ l i t |,| Lout ior royalties. her attorney. NEWSPAPER!

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