The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 30, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1932
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

^ V THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD., MONDAY. MAY 30, 1932. II 1MB THEY'RE OFF!--IN LATE SPRING'S RACE TO STYLE S .d."- (h .1 guards and police us*d ·ln--a'Ttis to a-sperse demonstrators in \lrtdr.d Via"»a. Barce.'Ona and Se- Fo^r px-'^auen and 25 citieens r« injured Many arrests -were re- a' Se\ l »ere reinforced m-^t* trxat comnaunist* a '. t .-s-^rro-s a geoerml for June 3. " "f ni»n'ai patients re_: care -s increasing ·,, :av ^f -A' a j the pfOT- ..The Sport of Kmgs - - - «"« brinf* ferth qoetnlv frocki . . . to the fashionable sprint mretin; at Belment. BY BETSY SCHUYLEK. She ixort a cape 1-ned ».th the print. Mary Taylor w*e v-·-is a blue suit vr. L^. u-r.«- --_-tesc f a ii. · a po 1 -** «". '-^ At A service nnicr. , ^^ R ^-. Me1dx went in for Blue And White F»«or»d By Fashion- New York, Mar :5-The jacket and ^^ ,_,, . ; , e :OVP , ,, 5 _ P .. n . erv prjnll *bl«. trock sun £g?.ires very importantly in o j bl--es on v\h_-e a .1 -le trwk and Those sre thv .lays when the Caiino ,,,,,,. ,-^.5 j^s r i^ig-^ig bv the »aj c^ai-i 1 . -'-·«? Jscke- Mrs John Y^n- .n Central P^rk v,e-i » grind Quota of - * v. » **t-ck **ad *" j * **i«* sa*! 5 · ·\ i *i of si*5SS ' smart l^ristis to .u'lcii No snisrt 13L*55 scuti-ec -nto .ign.-ne.^--. - "·» .- -- - - *- ^ ^ ^ ^ silt costume, of mis !-pe to elude ^ ^-^""^..'^' ^""u.^"^^-.^ 'handy andtt.ll Unvote e:-.ou?h to seeei Gotiasi's firs: nave of neav sleeves of her :ac«.-.*t were fox-ho'»ii'.c fir i» - a h ficx'n any:'^: Ieaf\ trees The wocls and furs cf las: vreefc »re' Strol~ns o-- .nto ;h- piCdo^'s. g j r - j and gav «.!h ».rd» b^x flowers One latd aside 'or -.he '.inse being, and at S«u^ --·jt.fV. n,^v v r h it* Cos-; of :hc am*r-.,*- Un.reon* «r« the 0:^0 . ^ novxl. ^.,-»3:^.^e ir.trr- .-nd other, g:\en bv Mr^ Ka~or. Cautarrana !^r the Ber-CT-t races you see ch^ocs. 5,^^ ^ Johr s Rt;;e , s jt^-i^i' a)e brld ~, ^ t-. ^ .. i:: Emerson and inp'.e-sheers. fla: crepes and o-ther t ;. f ai-err'VT.'s Lvs'. po.\s.3.!:'.« \\ith.pegsv V.cvU LilLsn's T.arr^se to E Yie"or I»ea Mrj- Rost-rs wvre a ' William \V Har_ J r . Is .-.chednliKl for -a cj'tt-i blue! 1 he ena of . Checking ITp On The Mode. Ilo\e:v Mrs Thon-j^ D^ra-ii ans Ce^i ar.d vih:^ c-t-= \\.-2i b. .e ·-. v.: o\er :t. i e\ery g-acst \\«re »;:-.·· -\-p«- of b'.ue and Robinson both ch?ca.rc! 13 in »rcar'. . Mrs Karr-so-. W ..a-r_-. is j:- y.hec 1 n h:'e or black -,i-.d w ' . v I -iaw UUJi:i ..reaves vs.'h I."Ie topp^iss Mrs Du- j pc'.ia-a^ :oc s;xv:f re" 1:;.^ ·. Oy, ' j.r.oppa:K 'A*'h !"r 'iv.r.'r Mrs Frank- rant's checks uer? a.nic*: ^.-.^.io. »a ihe i jn? woiuan .v.-» c-:: w«,tr :i:ve':.n Terrv. 'he ^«v-r CHJ- and ; irnt bl^e and iih::e, -nh^e C°Mis'n»i- sQ i aare-cr'«n-x i . iaJor^ \\::h csm- t-d the h-ijnn tr.d"-to-b* in a Jaunty were striking bro»ii and on» piete s'-ccess The say l.f.le red ulji-e ; doubSe-breu'.tNi s ;:*. ar.d tilted I ing oSice, a judges' sea: and ha". s^a:«s 3_prwr_- Cour: ard "he Ka'iona'. Giard h-fatlc; carters ··t!io».r ^o. '.SS". ^2;.c »'! an Sep- j rn ino\ -e- i be - a as Hugn-s au - .ein? o! Jlrs. Thoma- Oensnl i i e f r and Cetia liobinvon. i-*.n; of *h« ·-c~up2-.v S-iTo^ra.r.; ·'» " £Q-are vere- 'oba^ro IK---- ? ·he 'a... ^rj. T.j'rir ".^^ E: _-c:pa. church no., stands tne ya:c.i !:ou? Q^air.' and D._". jrfSj ar jj the :^ .1 :'^ f :»» waicn ho-j« and .'^ o.c^^an* Mr^ed tr.e cit.zeni Csl..r.; .n a _^" stocks and The Village Green not cosseted -r..:. :756 ·^··h -"e ta'_iatf.e end ^:ce !.: of the tin-.e, the ' In kcr?:=s -:id r r.t^3-r- i rten. s^r- Tbe follow ,r.-g story on the ' V-l- | rounded 03- forest, trres. became a fav- "T-Vc.-.e o'clv-k. t ·· l.e 3\.e;~ All a.- e'o a" '?". No fear. r.o dar.;^r " ·Alt 1 · A::^ -A.ia' ·. .-..c p.-- ir.-s car ':.e. iti '.v-a-.j:-.; thro^-n .'» paths. .r t!x d." ' ^"or.c ·. al- 3^5 Je^t of .'a .e- · : ; .t car. ^tr. cla^n an .a-crc-.t .". the i-P '-^ the c-tskirw of R^^-ns b\ Mr* A ' rec^n; t:nve_.nei H"-A rcsnv n:ore j The road from SLsons :o Com-,'," ' i h ^ L-j.-o* Praer in r. ; r.apper.-r.^s -AI.- tai^ p jc^ en t.:e g-«wn ! pe.inte -sas -\e.: s~: trJp-i but German ( The :n... 'es .' -T.- rt ad i: a ap; " " ihich ".. been a witness to countless in- ''-.? n tne p. -ory iden^ broagh: abojt b;. the -.C-ss.t'.:des ' lost a: the jeaib. · tre oare baoi Before the square come into- its i^e- ^f^J 3 ", ~t ^1," ^1 existence, court aroceedmgs -xere' = -- =r C'.on. v.m: . cardan, . on tr.e S::h J -- M_« C--rr.r^:e .Morr^, has rcfj-red ^ Srinj o.': to her l-.M.e at Sv^-.-.v. a:.w a ils- ; assercb'ea at | i: mtc M-^s L EJeinor Jon's T I V O L I Romantic-It a mon NOVARRO IN mi is o t iiir-- HUDDLE n u l l -- M U H . t E", ANS JOAN BENNETT In :.v RaJio Dramj the THE TRIAL OF VIVIENNC WARE ^ t t\ I - J l T l l a V l l t h *·· KI { * N * . * i * *· '*f ·* /i CITY Opera House MP». Itohert M \d»o T O M O R R O W '..:,; M».v D ·-'. v K i uica«r»- Ur. - K - r : :::: A-a^. | A Y t %- Girl ind 'No' Gir! Fight for a Man in Two DifTcrcn: Wjvs --TWO KINDS FIVE DIE IN GUN FIGHTS OF WOMEN \lrenit-.ts \nd Cio\rmmcist Forces In M 1 R I V M HOPKINS PHILLIPS HOLMES STUART ERWIN TODAY ISTHt WORLD WAR ANNIVERSARY O Or. Mav 30 I91S tiv Gtmsan ol- j a.\p re-at'ied .\ ::- ^ h'^.jh- .n a big -M '^^- 'o-c*d -^ al" -d rear ..»r'-.- 'JT-- to \e-a.. and \\hich h. «p- :re of Fere-e-n Tar- ', This broush: hra\-. Jishtaii; ' P-T. A for this .i?h-Y?! \?ar way held i Read;-g Miss 1 S T.!f. xo~V evcninz. ^ith Mrs H N ' LartMe D J t r « -tadinz. Mrs G-.mtv= eld m the ' Djtch lleetir.g' Kc'ise" ar.i ubsequert-y in the tipoer story of ilrrs rortan;e catre s^ early r.^ 1.5c a"d con- . ·n^ sauare, 7 r.ere the Declaration of ( --Mr and Mrs E B Marar. of Wash- ccnted the S"2TMp A: 1 T^e. TM i in-etyr.^nce ^as read oef-rs the ( Jigtoti -sere recent gu-\=to of Mr and I ;,^V:^"^ -r.roir A=ain th- Sfes ar.d crar-, ·A .-re Mio Jocsa Ho-.-:» - ' 2 ^ a resolution -as pa^ed o^bcnali of hej rendered decis.ons on cases ith "altenng aar« on boss 'ane v^idnappers terrorized the nation ,,: f, nto · · " ashes of this in a Xe's: Y:rk ho$D-tal - «h?re sne n - " second ccvrro^se o- Ma" 8 18S1 suamjtvd 10 ar. op^rat.:t: earh- last to on bjiiness. the jt^5t.ce=. ay an Court: 7 no reatiQi^tci the Stamo Act. L T - ^ 3 -- ~ _ _ -_ -, let of 1748. aoto-r.ted CDrr.rr.i=s.or.ers »; "V-"-, -^ --o^arc p._-.;-. a-oor- ": - --'- 1 "- 3 "' ^ c " - ^^rb'e ste?s_ and , -i r e Dic-:""on Round Tao. liurcnase t.hree acres of land ^i or a-d- ' oinmg TOTTO, on -jr.nch -jras o 5je built a cotirtho^se and prison In t Ma-er. 23 1TS5 " Cop.ed afxr tae tormer ccurthoase. i aeek Mr ihomas spen; j' o '.eral cays tr.e treser.t o_:lctr.g ?.a5 comp'eted by j .n Xew Yori to oe r:2ar .'-r at tnat S'p'em-er 1. :3X Er.frely of orici. ' nine =-.arb"e steps and , --~, tict - -er.ce P.-.-; .r. B3rr.e_- .:_r-- _". 1734 a 5?txna ?oor til.r.g. tr.-s .-*,..*. -vir . feet n-.os- c^Tir.=j.c-s ;o_r^ in state o. r.lle on r--;-cav after.-xn Tr; mcet- T',P. ",r c - t~,r Maryland C_:r:a^ea : the present size t ITS v as c.r.a..- :d i^v tr.». ne-\l. tlr--.ed THREE TOMBS OF UNKNOWN WAR DEAD nc ? ~^ former^mate a: Maryland Ur..-,cri.i-.. Bernard Jones Jr ---Mr. K C F^k of t.he Was-.^r^n I Star staff aper.t the ·sreek-end R-;r.n r.Is a; SHRINES FOR MEMORIAL DAY HOMAGE ^^^^S^^ eriii. brin^irj^ a fr.end. M. Tn.errv a-it-a her Professor Darr.-ulat of J TODAT j Un_-iersity ^ a^o a; nome *y- a feiv j cays befc-re ir.» Snaj at Camel! i --Mrs Lljvd was hastess t-j S; Mar;, s Se-s-ing Circle Wednesday afternoon --Mrs ?.Ia!c^lm Wh:e attendee the 4-H leaders' conference z~* DsTsor.Tille i Tuesiav aftersoon i " - . j It a said that, trees growing on the j northern of a hill produce more durable timber than tnose on the soash- era s.-de. TONIGHT S 'X tiTcs ;h ; sc'c".r;rg bend struck frcrn r'^e s'y-- ar.d si* prcT ncnt cit'zens fell mt? t'-c a^duct^rs' clutches Relarr.cs -ra-d tern^c prices for the safe r y of r u e v c t i m s , but s t i l l the ore \vcnrr--- a ~ c f \ e men v/e r e net released. Tr.'s is the step/ of MARYLAND by'Eiistace'L. Adams A-^rev/.t thrTl!'ng{sr:alTb"irgs * \ 3U' a revel.tale cf adv'entu-e 3rd 'crr:-;c. JERRY' because V.'nN s V/UK! n, an a - - ' · / , '·'·' s ere cf ire n ~^ o - ' '/- ^^ '. I T a C"~?"ce "3 T s "TS V. iT"~. " "2 ~ ' "C Starts TODAY In A Cartoon Compdv with lo- Ma'ince 2 11 Evening T l o a n d S S " . * \ % - t l C SO2.C. OS fol far a^aj NF\ ^· ) ^p T; cR' : 'ri"iVr *f o^" 'H-n".?r.. t ~ ^ ~ ; - - ~ - ^ ^ -- - a * - " "^ ~ 2 z - A.- 25 -t.7^ Ala^.r:.-: Fl^r.-ca G^ ~c.a ( ' e- vr, : ·«, f-. .* ?f i~ i.'r ^ a- n ' r.-.T M..SS.S- rj-. ar.^ r; May 10, Ken- i ! in Arlington Xal-Dnal j cemeteries t-e nation over, tucaj - ··" Kortn Caro.^.a. ! Ch.idrrn 1(r--\dalts 15c 4 \\cdncsdaj--"Bcri Hur* ^ith Sound.* i f++f**r-*++++^*++++**+*+*++*+-+++++*++* Exclusively In Frederick

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