The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 20, 1955 · Page 1
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 1

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1955
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"SANDUSKY, A City That's Growing Places" REGISTER THE SASffiVSKT lf«fw Thmn m Cmtmr§ In fMir AirWe**' %vfr:.%Tiift:n Partly cloudy and continued cold through noon Wedn«.id«y with some llRht snow toiifght, low 5 to 10 tonight, high 20 to 25 Wednesday. FouBdwl 1822. Vol. 133. No. 284. IfitwiiatieRal ffswt 9*rvie* SANDUSKY. OHIO. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 20. 1955 United Preit Phon* 8140 Prieo PIT* CMM ARAB MOB AHACKS U.S. CONSULATE Mooring Rates For Boats At Battery Park Will Be Biscussed At Public Meet Public hearing for boat owners and other persons Interested in mooring accommodations at East Battery park during the summer season has been set for Monday night, Jan. 16 at 8 p. m.. Chairman Richard B. Fuller of the city commission announced Monday night. The date was set following a discussion of proposed revised fees for mooring berths at the parlt, effective next year, in an attempt to eliminate a $6,000 deficit now resulting in operation co.sts for the parlc. Perch Nibblin' Through Sandusky Bay Ice Lions Park Area Is Suggested For Skating, Baseball City ManaK^er Kuxel Studies Plan To Use Plastic Base To Hold Water For Rink. City Commissioner Harold G. Schaeffer Monday night urfcd city officials to take definite action in establishment of an outdoor ice skatIng: rink for the city as soon as possible. Hi.s statement followed the reading of .two—communications from the Samktsky lions Club, Pat Hahn, secretary, and the Sandusky Kiwanis Club, H. George Barone, secretary, in which both,organizations urged .such recreation facilities as a needed winter activity here. Commissioner Schaeffer asked for further investigation into the 1-ions park area where the veterans' housing unJLs were razed, slating that the site could be developed for ice skating in the winter and as a Little League baseball site for the summer. City Manager Karl H. Kugel said that he is investigating the possibility of using a plastic material for the base of an outdoor rink in which the water would not penetrate through and into the ground when thaws occur. He said the sides would be approximately six inches in height. The Lions park location also brought favorable comment from c;ommissioner Thomas Beat. Commissioner Charles Meyei* suggested that the city manager continue to explore the possibilities of the plastic rink. Luke O'Mallcy, 501 Central-av, commented that Central park areas might be converted for possibly .six tennis court in the summer and skating rinks in the winter and would be centrally located. The letters from the .service clubs were placed on file. Persons who were allocatedi mooring spaces this past season are to be notified by postal card' of the public hearing. Chairman Fuller pointed out that Battery Park is now operating in the "red" to the extent of $6,00\) per year, the deficit being made up by the general fund. He said that fees have been re vised in the proposed amended ordinance in an effort to eliminate this condition. It has been proposed, he said, to take the park out of the "red" by, establishing berth rates, at double, the present rate; restricting non-residents of the area Costly MCarm -Up SUPERIOR. WIS., Dec. 20 (UP) - Salvation Army Lieut. Ralph SpeLser reporled Monday! night that he stopped ringng his the season bell long enough to warm up in a .store and returned to find his kettle and $15 worh of contributions gone. from berths until Sanduskians are given first choice, and that it was recommended that non- occupants of a.ssigned berths have permits withdrawn. Boatinr Groups Approve He said that these recommen-' dations had been concurred in by representatives of various boating groups in Sandusky. The matter developed into a lengthy discussion, however, when Abraham Fingerhut, 319 E. Jefferson-st, called for revamping of the entire mooring permit system and charging a flat rate for ail boat owners, regardless of size. Als'o, he suggested that steps be taken to provide boat storage during the - winter on the inner docks as a means of providing more revenue for the city. Fingerhut said his chief goal was to take the park out of the "red" for the city. He also sug: gested one person as wafclirhari instead of two, thus eliminating added expense. He said the concession operator could serve as harbor master and watchman. Commissioner Harold G Schaeffer said that the proposed mooring plan was to be tried for one year to .see how effective it was in satisfying boat owners' requests and in taking the city out of the "red." Give Local Preference City officials have in the past attempted to give local boat owners preference over non-residents of Sandusky in assigning berths for the sea.son. It was also said that in past years permits have been issued for berths and that the berth was not occupied for variousT ^asons, resulting in complaints from persons who had not been able to obtain a berth at the start of —Harley Hoffman Photof *rHE popular winter vacationland sport of ice fishing is again underway on Sandusky Bay. These pictures, taken Sunday, serve as proof that anglers were having pretty good luck. In the top picture, Dan Leabu, 2313 Sand-rd, Port Clinton, with a cardboard wind-breaker, has the assistance of his dog, Blackie, Sr., on the bay ice at Sonny's Beach, off the end of the automobile bridge. Blackie seemingly is watching the pole in the second hole for any possible "nibbles." Leabu caught approximately 20 perch, with a few shown at the right. In the background is "shanty town" whic^^j ^gglP^d • busy Sunday. In lower photo, Ray White, inside the shanty, displays a perch. Jack Bauer, also of Sandusky, is also shown. Criticism Up On Plans For Foreign Aid $5 Million Total Seen As Expanded Program For '56 WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 j (TNS)-Two GOP senators ' joined today in mounting criticism of the administration's reported plan to ask : about five billion dollars in I foreign aid next year. Secretary of State John^er Dulles told newsmen the administration plans to spend about $4,400,000,000 for foreign military and economic aid in the next fiscal year—an increase of $200,000,000 over this year and will ask Congress in January for $4,900,000,000 in new appropriations for foreign aid. STATISTIIS Marriage Application William H. Carton, 2o, student, and Kaye C McCor- niick, 19, at home, both of Huron. Rev. George Bell to c/ficiate l-eler S Paulson, 2( J, V S. Air Force. !-'heppa.''d .Mr Force, Texas, and Kat'tlie Hemline Johannsen, 26, at home, Yonkers, N. V. Judge James A. Young to officiate. Merrelt C. Scheufler, 39, painlf'i, and Carol G. Ha>s, 29, factory worker, Sandusky. Probe Opened On 2 Separate Air Collisions E. Berlin Reds Threaten Action On Visiting GFs BERLIN, Dec. 20 (UP)—The East German Communists threatened today to take action against American soldiers entering East Berlin, the "capital of the German Democratic republic." The threai came in angry commentaries on the acquittal Monday by a U. S. Army court martial of two soldiers the Communists accused of attacking an East Berlin actor. The Neues Deutschland, official newspaper of the Communist Party, said the ".American court and the rowdies backed up by it should take care not to confuse the capital of the GDR with Chicago." Cemetery Space Beadloclc Over Here Said P^ple^ jegl PANAMA CITY. FLA , Dec. 20 DripoinQ Blood 1 UP)— The Air Force began an| '^'^ ^ BIRTHS MEMORIAL Mr. and Mrs. Paul Manner, 1317 Lasalle-st, a daughter. PROVIDE.VCE Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Griffin, \ic'ker>, a daugliter. GOOD SAMARITAN Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wood, Huron, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. George Sniilli, Chaska Beach, a son. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Berardi, 804 Maple-av, a daugli­ ter. .Mr. and Mrs. William Parker, 1109 Erie-blvd, a son. intense investigation today into a pair of separate air collisions, between two B47'« and another involving a B29 and an F86, which left all 14 airmen aboard the aircraft dead or missing. Eight of the known dead were the crew members aboard the two big jet B47 bombers, which crashed in the air with a thunderous explosion -near Tampa, spraying fiery bits of wreckage over a wide area. Three other airmen were known dead and three others were listed as missing in the air collision of a propeller-driven B-29 and an F86 all-weather jet interceptor about 14 miles east of Tyndall Air Force Base in the vicinity of Mexico Beach just i outside Port St. Joe. For Many Years Contrary to alleged statements of salesmen circulating in the Sandusky area that there is a scarcity of grave spaces in Oakland Cemetery, City Manager Karl H. Kugel told the city commission Monday night that such is not the truth. He said riTat the improved area of the cemetery now has Has Been Broken UNITED NATIONS. N. Y., Dec. 20 (INS) — The UN Assembly broke a bitter deadlock of nearly three months standing today by electing Y'ugoslavia to the disputed Security Council .seat being vacated at the end of the .\'ear by Turkey. Dulles cited two reasons for the increase: 1. The new money is needed to keep the military pipeline to America's allies full. The pipeline was depleted this year because of sharp aid slashes ordered by Congress. 2. There is an urgent need to Increase U. S. aid to the Middle East and Far East where Russia is challenging this country's leadership. Sen. Carl T. Curtis (R-Neb.\ said bluntly: "I don't like it. 1 was hoping they were going to taper off foreign spending. 1 don't know if tills means a step up in appropriations or in spending, but I don't like it." Sen. Charles E. Potter (-Mich), who usually supports the administration, declared: "I would certainly look at it, a five billion dollar request with a jaundiced eye.'' Foreign aid appropriations this year amounted to $2,765,875,000. Reports that the administration is considering asking Congress for a five billion dollar foreign aid pro- TIME TO STOP — Poi^tman Simon H. Schneider holds the 89th pint of blood hp hAs cnn- American Flag Ripped In Protests Jerusalem Tense; 1,500 Pilgrims To Enter Old City I JERUSALEM, ISRAELI SECTOR. Dec. 20 (INS) — : A mob of Jordanian Arabs ripped down the Stars and : Stripes from the U. S. con! sulate in the old city of \ Jerusalem today in fresh demonstrations against the pro-western Baghdad Pact. The rioters already had forced the resignation of Premier Hat- zah .Mahali for possible Jordanian adherence to tht pact In fighting in which at least two persons were killed and a toorc wounded Monday. Diplomats crossing from city tributed to the Red Cross ,[ blood bank in New York City. It's the last pint he'll give, however, since he is almost 60 years old, the age limit, for giving blood. Jordanian-held old Jerusalem the to •aid the Memorial Plans New Wing Here; Officers Elected Proposed Addition Would Ac­ comodate SO Reds For Hospital: John F. Kerchner Is Named President'. The Sandusky Memorial Hospital Corporattoii^ held its annual meeting Monday for the purpose of electing new officers and members to Israeli-held Jerusalem also that another mob attacked French consulate. Agence France Pre.sse said that French personnel had to take refuge on the roof. It added that French Consul -General Marcel LaForge warned Jordanian authorities he. would be obliged to close down the consulate unless Jordan provided adequate protection. Fawvi Selected Jordan's 21-year-old King Hussein picked former Premier Fawzi El-Mulki to be caretaker prime minister of riot-rackM Jordan pending national crisis elections. The premier, regarded As pro- 1 western, will let the people thus decide by ballot whether Jordan should join the Baghdad anti- Communist pact in the Middlt East. , The government sent its Brit- Arab Legionnaires i into the old city of Jtrusalem the board of trustees, gram in 1956 came as-a surprise, p.^^!:;;,^: "^t^'T^^^ '^'^'Tl ^.f^^ to cong^ssional leadei. who con-^^e idem; O D. Apel crel rv.' "^^'^ ferred with President Eisenhower only a week ago. '^l and Herbert Wilkins, treasurer. The 76-nation global forum approximately 3,700 grave spacesi gave Yugoslavia 43 votes on the which would last fo'r many years, and that the unimproved area also includes sufficient space for another estimated 3,700. tii,st ballot of the morning session. Yugoslavia now will occupy the Security Council post being Geno Balconi, 807 E. Perkins-i vacated by l\irkey. Under the av, appeaHed before the commis-l-gentlemen's agreement," the Shocked, Disturbed Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.) a foreign relations committeeman, said he is "shocked and disturbed" by the reports of th greatly expanded program. He suggested that the State department is rushing into a trap set for it by the Soviet Union. Mansfield said: "We should not l^e panicked by promises of aid boys, Bulganin and Krushchev, in tJieir attempts to stir up trouble in India, Burma and Afghanistan. Promises of economic aid cost the Soviet Union nothing, but may—if we rush pell meiriTF to the trap set for us—cost us a great deal." Those elected to the board of! ! rioting. But the Legionnaires also scera- I trustees for a three year term;q.,^g^, ed unable to stop the disorders. were reported to have Brings Excitement CINCINNATI, Dec. 20 (UP)— Dispatcher H. O. Busch was horrified to see blood dripping from a large shopping bag carried by a woman who boarded a bus to Hamilton at the Greyhound De-' pot here. He called police. Sgt. James McNally met the bus in Hamilton. Expecting the worst, the offi-; cer demanded to see the contents of the bag. it contained .one freshly killed turkey and somei other meat. sion and reported rumors being circulated that there is a lack of area within Oakland Cemetery. He said that Superintendent Don White of the cemetery estimated tliere aie sufficient areas for grave .spaces to last approximately 25 to 30 years. Balconi aLso said there is sufficient space available in the Catholic cemeteries of the city. Balkan country will resign at the end of 1956 and make way for the Philippines' election for the remainder of the two-year term in 1957. Ice Fishing On Lake Erie Opens In Islands Area Missionary Pair Hobble Out Of Bamboo Curtain Milder Weather Due Wednesday; City Low Is 12 Mouch, the Rev. Hundson. Cary, Jr., Mrs. Wesley Gundlach, Drs. H. W. Pratt, L. R. Mylander, James E. Walker, and L. D. Leid- were John F^ Kerchner, O. D.l (Continued on Page l«-Col. «.) Apel, Howard Bisher, Claude Flesher, Carl Biro. Jr., Helen 1 Harbrecht Smith. Carl Holzaepfel and Edwin J. Buder. Those remaining on the board; whose terms expire in 1956 arej Earl Curtis, Dr. G. H. Heiler, Herbert Wilkins, Dr. Carle W. Koehler, Earl V. Seitz, Harold Hill. Dr. E. C. Wiegand and Joel Farrell. Those whose terms expire in 1957 are Ben MooiT. Charles Late News Flashes COLUMBUS. (UP)—The A. J. Baltes Construction Co., Norwalk was apparent low bidder tod] with $412,059 on the wide'.U and re.^iurfacing of .91 ntlle of Route 387. (Pcrkips-av) in Sandusky and Perkins -tp of Irie- co. State estimate was $501,200. The firm also is in process of con.structioh of the Milan-by -pass heiser. Mrs. Wade Roberts wasjscheduled for completion lat* In re-elected to serve on the board!'56. of trustees as president of the ladies' auxiliary. APPLETON, WIS. (UP)— A« The corporation took under! over $200,000 fire burned down consideration an expansion program in the form of a new wing to the cast end of the hospital which will accommodate an ad -j'^'^''° ^^old. ditional 50 beds with added fa-i ^^^HINGToi. aNS> into effect at the earliest po.ssi- ble date. Preliminary drawing has al- Christmas Malls Continue Heavy In Local Office Christmas mailing activity was; WANT YOUR LIFE m CHRISTMAS? S» 9% 9« HONG KONG, Dec. 20 (INS)— An ailing American missionary couple hobbled from behind the bamboo curtain today after four years in Communist Chinese Sky Tours, inc.. Begins Special'prisons. Flig-tits to Islands; Vehicles Go| Dr. and Mrs. Homer Brad- Into Action. jshaw, veteran of 30 years' ser- jvice to Chinese people, had to bei degrees and Clouds and winds off Lake Erie protected Sandusky from near sero readings when a cold front moved throufh the area last nlrht and early Tuesday. While near and sub-zero readings had been predicted for thei state at large, Sandusky's lowest was 12 degrees at 8 a. m. Tuesday. Nowhere in the state did a zero reading occur, Meteorologist Donald S. Post said, although Toledo fell to three above. , . Unofficial readings in the Im- _ QI I mediate Sandusky vicinity were PfOteSf PlanneCl six at the Ford plant construe-L _ ^i* i . tion site, Monroeville had seven XOW-Pa re rll9 >^lS Norwalk eight. at lea .st four buildings on this city's main street today, routing tenant.s into five degree below Wel- cilities to the outpatient depart-', ^ ment. It is the intention of the.^^''' Secretery Marion B. Folsom corporation to put this progiamh'l "".""7'^,.*°'**>' Eisenhower ^ administration plans a major expansion" in medical research programs including federal assistance for medical and dental of the added facilities ready been drafted, l^choois Cost is estimated in th* The need for this expansion is; |„ji|i,,„s great because during the past « * * year the hospital had an increase GETTYSBURG. (INS)—Presi- of 22 percent in-paiieiit days, dent and Mrs. Eisenhower re- official said. into The high here Tuesday was WASHINGTON', Dec 20 (INS) -r -° °- expected to be 18, with cold againi—'I'wo major airliiie.s ha\e pro- Mrs. Bradshaw, her f a c e; ,onight and the low predicted ati tested the proposal by a iioii- of pinched and drawn and her hair|fiye to 10 above. Wednesday is:scheduled earner fur air coach DEATHS Mrs. Katherine V. Bro- der.son, 91, 1615 Cainpbell-st. William Harrison, 69, 1209 W- Monroe-si. Clifford C. Wood, 82, Ann Aibor, Micii. Suppose those adult "Kid Stuff" idrivers might give u» a present this still holding up strong today,bear-''^^e crowding us on the with 92,400 card and letter can-|road, or racing past, or cutting in cellations at the posloffice on and out withnut warning? That .Monday. jwouid be miglity good for u* ail, The total was over" 17,000 bet-.and good for iheni, too. Because it's ter than the 75,200 recorded on great to stay alive at holiday time, tlie same dale last year. Assist-Igyeii for "Kid Stuff" drivers! ant Postmaster Arthur Larimer; said today. "CoroUs. drivin« is KIO STUW" This total still maintained 1955 j Ice fishing got underway in'assisted across the border full swing off the Lake Erie British Hong Kong, islands today. Ralph Dietrick. president Sky Tours, Inc., reported flights! totally white, was hospitalized now originating at Port Cliiiion '"^'"^'^'^'^'j- and Sanduskv to lake fishermen "^''^ couple had been in China; to the islaiid.s. since ttie early 1920 s under the' .American World loldl He said tliat vehicles were't'^^''^'^'^^ the Presl)yierian :^PP^£|/ fQf the Civil .Aeronautics Board that i driven on the lake ice for ,he f^'^^ , . **,; approval of the pctiuou by North : lUanOfS Is ISSUea i.Aiuei'icaii\vouldleadtoa°':>evere| : to be milder with the high in the; service to Europe at appioxuiiate-, \ afternoon at 20 to i degrees. "'^ present tares. \ . Trans World .Airlines and Pan ^^V" turn to Washington this after; noon to begin their Christmaa 'preparation in the White House. ! COLUMBUS, (I\S)—The state I emergency board today authorized Governor Frank J. iLausclie to accept the gift of a j 24-room mansion in suburban ; Bexley as a new governor's residence. lake ice for the Tuesda\-, Shanties Checking Place, well ahead of last year, with! It can kill ewr holiday joy i PablUKed <u a public seruice in co- first time were moving into position. A special flight is being ^<^f Detcctive Insists uled by Sky lours, Inc., for fishermen, leaving at da.\ break (..'HICAtU) UN5 - t'liicago Detec from F'ort Clinton. live Kenneth Kelts offered this ex- Meanwliile, anglers continue to planaiion why he was caught at a ! dot Sandusky Bay ice ihiouEthout West side floating dice game by i the Danhury area where ice is police raiders: \ approximately 5 inches thick. \ "I wasn't gambling. 1 was just Uheckiiig the place ' CAROLERS .^RE ROBBED ' Police Conuiiissioner Timothy J M.ANILA, Dec. 20 it Pi — Police I'^'t'onnor, ordering Kelt's suspen were on the lookout today for rale war" al trie evtviise of tax- Anieriian proposed Fift,? Or More Persons Needed To^'*'"'", Realiie Thursday Quol. Of 125 , . , , pj„lj_ ; tlv two rouiid -inps daily ironi ; New York to major European or more persons are '^l'^'^^ ^'^^ '"^ "'.r to be signed up for -^t'^"""". '"''f'ri' ^^"^ Thursday's appearance of the'"""''^'^ SHOPPING _DAYS LEFT f... Htip Fifkl Tl —^ Fifty needed Red Cros» bloodmobile here, to request for govenuneiu or mail pay. be no subsid.N cancellations so far this year I,- operation with Tke Advemsing Council ^ 395.600 and last year 's for the — Isame period, 1,084,000. ( Tb« R«gisl«r-Sta.r-N«ws [three thugs who stopped a group realize at least a quota of 125 pints, headquarleni said today. fAFT NO C.WUlU-iTE So far 75 donors have signed; \oLl'.MBl S. Dec 20 aP' - sion from the force, coinmeuled. | for the visit, from noon to 6 p, m.; j^^^g^ Kingsley .A. Tafl, of ihe ••I'm all for policemen ferreting! at the Elks club. iOhio Supreme Court toda.v of children singintr Christ mas out crime, but lhe\ should keep Donors may register for dona- nouiued hn vull nov be carols and robbed the carolers of 'heir commanding nflicers luforni tions bv calling Red Cross chap- date for ^-iiiei justice i$2. jed of 'undercover woik.'" (ler headquarters, 4764. ,couri ue.>.i jear. CHRISTMAS SUOPPl.N'a UOUKS IN SANDUSKY STORES This week, Tuesday. WedMS- an-l day. Thursday and Friday until a candi- 9 P- m. 01 Uie Close Christmas Eva at |;M I p. m. 1

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