The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 19, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1918
Page 4
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p\<m FOUR. THE HUTOHtNSOl* NfiW9, THURSDAY, ajflJPTJilAl -HJglt IB,' 3Ut8, ^jrilK HUTCHINSON NEWS OFFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. V. WOPaAN, EDITOR. tilAaLTsHED IS7Z En'rrod «i th« losiofflre In Itutchln- *cu, Kan.. trajipuilwlon IhruuEb toe mailu AH second *JaJW njatles, TELEPHONES. Business Office ...........rto. 3 Advci Using Uauartment No. 3 l'»itutiai uunms No. bouitay fc.iuor ........No. 2tlM TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dully till .ion (leiheiMi by carrier to >u> imi L ui liuiciiiueou, 10 cunts n weak, liy ru.iil. one year .....11.00 liy mail, u.loe niuliLik} 0U Lly .'mill, one month .40 TO CHANGE ADDRESS. In ordering llie ttikliusa uf yuiir paper CNHJIBL-O, •late WIILIIMT H la Dally cir I'UM jl hL!t /UjDUl.aa u nell aa Ilia AD7ERTI8EM ENTS. The Nni leaiTVUi tho right to reject any i.Uvi.ili.iliiK matter It may ooein iint'iiijM/r ,uid nut auLti /Jinc to cuntracU 'i'liu >'t;w* in nut i»vpJli»ll>l« lor udver- UHCIIUU.;* orUe/ut or discontinued liy Culla lor »orl«ly mcctlnifs, cards ot tituika. obituary L '-tici*. i*..f-'lutlona, society auj ihutlU j>clals. lecture notlcea, talis f'ir clmi ;li wut-ga te»..vl>l sonjiiy •unuon) iuu c>.u -Hlil >iriiil aa advertising- rjul will bu t '.htrrtic 'l lur, 'the Kiui'.uin unlets uf this paper are at 16-13 liunt tt'ih street. New YorK City, and it.tum.*. 9±\-'.tlb Harris Trust lluildtns, Ctilrueo. >ll Waldlielm Uldjf.. Kimiu City, Ma., u ICnU Advertising Ar .eucy lu charge. Advertising intra made known on application. Tctei'liune No 3. Telephone news Item* to Edlt-.Tial Ho.ims, No. (M or 2tM. MEN'.DEM OK THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Associated Preas l» exclusively entitled tu the use for republication ot all new. credited to It or not otherwise cred- ,lrd In llila paper and olaj tie local news puhllrilifd heroin. .... . AU rights ot republication ot HveclaJ dcsintchcs heroin uru also reserved. lowed (o BO unpunished? And Is there any belter way to tiunlsh the Hun than to imtke him pay, In money, for the experiHes of UIIH war? It nili;ht Like n. thousand >cnrs to pay, hut would that pay fur the horror he has brought on the entire world for more than four yeiim? OUR FOREIGN TRADE. Our foreign trade with the twenly Latin-American nations south of I lie United States in Central and South America han grown nhont a billion dollars In the last year, If this year Is compared »llli the time before Iho war. It IB evidence mat the world Is at war and (hat all of the belligerents, -v.ilh the exception of the I'nltiil Stales, has lost trade becuuselof the fiphtlng In Europe. There aro some"belligerent nations In Europe, and those not of the Allied brand, either, that will have to Bo to"Rrc-ut lengths, when the war Is over, to get back uome of tne former trade they hud, now coining to the United Slates. The Sidlinyer Drug Co, XrlESORIPTlON SPECIALISTS Tetcprione »i. No. 17 North Main street. Hutchinson * * * THE FAKIRS. No'.v doih the busy lillfe Hun dciifilii to lilies Hie bunli, and 1 cuiiin u victory is won, wnin he i 15 knocked ker piunk! The general whose cum- ' IIIJIIS n.une winds up wilh burg or dorr, slill clitlnm to have a ' Klrtnt* frame, when he is shown u dwnrr. When Koch or IIHIR HI battle fall, I In- fact is not denied; i)i>-t' I.rave men rise and say, '"Hie tail has traveled wilh the ' hide." They want llns folks at lio:iie lu know the trtfth, and give il flat; If they are beaten by the fin-, 1 In y lei it go at that. Uut Prussian leaders cannot trust the I'OITOI at home, it neems; they feed litem up uxiIII Ihey bust, on fakes aim hopjoint dreams. How doth ! the busy Utile Hun. his whiskers sti»al<<"d with foam, hand out the piffle by the ton, to feed the folks at hume! Uut when the facts at last leak in, 1 wonder what they'll ' suy; will they Just wear a foolish ' t'l'in, in Ihelr accustomed way? ' Or will they swell with righteous ' ire, their spirits HOI'O and hot, and • grunible like it house afire, and ' have Home princes shot? "J>uuib ' driven cattle" is their name If ' Ihey, with patient eyes, forever watch Uio hocus, game, Uie carnival of lies. —WALT -MASON, MAKE GERMANY PAY. A Maryland woman who has sent thrcu suns to (ho war has recently written a letter to the editor uf the Manufacturer's Heeord, a trade paper, in which she declares that the (jer- JIIUIIS must be made to pay Indemnity, dullar 1W dollar, for the cost of tho war. She states that "all Hie fire in my soul is aflame that an American hhoitld siiggi'si a plan by which tier- many should be allowed to go scot freu wilh no Indemnity." Tlio lady Is Mrs. William J. Starr, of ICasiuji, Maryland, and part of her letter, worth reading many limes, follows: "1 piny to (iod lhat you will continue lo repeat your message, Willi nil llit> persistence and all tin? power and all the force of which you are capable to carry out your Idea, that to the last dollar Cic-riiiuny pay the debt to llel- gium and Poland and lo all the world for hei ghastly crimes, and that If it take centuries to do this she must go on then into tho unknown lulure with her lieuil In the dust and her lunula In the grind of loll, so that for all time she will remember that to kill children and to defame women Is a crime for which tho world will exact full measure of sufiiu'ing on her par! uc> her Just punishment. "i'o you think the mothers of America who give their sons so freely will I 'ver rest content with (.iermiiiiy unpunished? Just unce suggest to us mothers that weuk- kneed polltk'|an<i aro about lu make a peace which will leave IJermany unpunished! My God! im.n, you count without knowledge, thou, of the powers of revenge you will mouse in tho fc liearts of women! Wo.give our sunn to bring licminny not only lo her knees, hut to keep -tier there until she has paid for her f.Ti!iu s, lu so far us her deeds could ever be ulonod for by paj- lueiils of money. "Yes, wo cnjiii our sons to make the world safe, but it will novel' be safe until ovury (leruiaii feels that hu has to pay tho cost of all his horror! "I want lo BOO tho lenders of public opinion In Germany pay to iho cud—uud that means with their lives—tho ponalty of their jsuilt." There Is it world of good sense In tills Jetter. Aiuuy peon]o arp saying and writing the same thing those l)»ys. Wuy eiiould OwwWJy be ill- SACRED SOIL AND KULTUR. The kaiser says the Uerniau people have made up their minds to defend "their sacred soil and kultur." If he's right about It the Hermans arc in poor business. If they'd kept the world out of war their kultur wouldn't need any defense, but as it stands now kult.uro will need more defense in the next year or two man It can possibly find. As for "sacred soil" In tlermany, 'there ain't any such animal.'' The Stars and Stripes, printed by Iho American .Expeditionary Forces in France, declares that tljc soldiers in tho fighting line there say that auyone desiring peace by compromise or any sort of peace until the Herman Is outirely whipped, Is a traitor. That is plain enough language for anyone. If the soldiers can fight it out and want to light It out the others of us, not in (he fighting line, ought to do our part and do it gladly to back Ihem up. Our part consists somo- whiit in supplying tho money to pay the cost of the fighting. This we can do and we must sec that we over : do it and be cheerful at tho same time. In talking of future peace it is well not to lose sight of the fact that Atwtria started the war, (probably on the order of Germany), by forcing Serbia to try t'o do the impossible thing, to conform to the wishes of Austria in such a short space ot time that it could not be complied with. When Austria begins to talk about peace now it isn't difficult to recall the latter half of the month ot July 1914, when the Austrlans made tlio Serbians get in the war whether they wonted to or not. It is a good idea to let the Austrlans sweat for a while. There's plenty of time for peace later, The Hindenburg lino is "getting its bumps" these days. The Germans had better build some other kind of a fortification. There is no kind of breastworks that will, in the end, shield murderers, ravlsbers, thieves, and a government that will not keep ILs word. IUght will finally prevail and a dozen Hindenburg lines wfU make no difference. Maybe Uie Austrlans have a second peace proposition up their sleeves. If Ihey have they may trot It out. The flist plan doesn't interest the Allies and Americans. If the IJulgars are fighting against American soldiers on Uie west front it 11 about time to declare war against lhat nation also and have It all over at once. The Italians are getting active. And u little of It from that part of the long war line will help to make tho Job easier lu Franco. <S>. <$> if * * * * * <t> •«> <p • MULTIPLYING BY TEN <^ MILLION. <i> <v Dy'Huth Cameron. * <?• (•;• <i> <•'•$><!•<?> «> *> <J> <!> <?• <S> My crosswise neighbor was Just putting on the potatoes to boil when J dropped in lo see her the oilier afternoon. There were only four potatoes in the pun as her family consists of herself and her husband. I'd really rather peel them first," sho suld, "but I know 1 ought to wait till they are cooked thoy say lhat wastes less of tho potato and helps win the war. And yet sometimes It seems silly when the difference on lour potatoes is so inflnites- slinal. 1 have to keep reminding myself what my cousin Buys. She Is a private secretary at a conservation bureau and she says lhat I musu't ever look at any little saving by itself but 1 must multiply Uiem all by ton millions and then I'll realize how much they really do count." 1 look that phrase home with me. 'Ululllplylng by ten million." Truly il Is a phrase which every one of us ought to think on every day when we tmentlu.ii as lo whether some small sarcrlfce, some minor conservation is worthwhile. Viewed by themselves, these often look rather foolish, but look ut thorn through tho magnifying glass of "multiply by ten million" and how do they luom up? Dig enough to make tho difference between victory and defeat. Pcrliupu you thluk that Is Just a ploco of rhetoric. Lrl me tell you something on (ho bare chance you have not already road it. Whan the iJriUati 4'Vfi* t 'oftU 'o4urJ Q Abe Martin Flemin' Purvis, fer many years th' cashier o' th' People's Hank, has resigned f become a carpenter's helper where he'll have a chance to handle more money. We've been't' lots of SUite fairs but we've never seen any- buddy as ugly as Emmy Moots. heard in the fall ot 1917 that tho American wheat suntlus had been used up, he cabled Mr. Hoover, "We aro beaten; the war Is over. United States had at that time barely enough wheat for its own use if it had continued to use wheat as before tho war. But when Hoover, with the Controller's words ringing in his ears, appealed to tho United States, saying that the Allies must have 75,000,000 more bushels of wheat the country rallied to the coll and by economy and ahstinence managed, to send not merely the seventy- five million bushels but ten millions more. Arid this out of a supply that would once have been thought not more than adequate for themselves. Now that wheat was saved in single pounds in individual homes all over the country. It was these small savings multiplied by ten million that have actually made this summer's fortasto of victory possible. In the same way the United States sent tne Allies an increase of eight hundred and forty million pounds of meats and fats over the preceeding year through Its own supply was rather smaller than usual. In the paper this morning I read that many tons of sugar have been saved by the abolishing by patriotic restaurants and hotels of the open sugar bowl. Whenever you wonder if a small saving, a minor conservation is worthwhile, Just multiply it by ten million and Jhen decide. white star on the community service flag. Rutler county is acting like she may sow the biggest crop of wheat In Its history this fall. The 36l)i Dattnllon, Kansas state guards, Is being formed In Mende, Mlnnola nnd I'lalns, Meade county. In Leavenworth the grocers are trying lo get together on a plan to have but one delivery of their wares a day. The city attorney at Lyoils has henn called Into the service of tho government to help In winning the war. There Is a general move over the state these days lo try to save nil of the peach nnd fruit seeds for the government's use. Pawnee county people are all ready for the fair to he held at learned the latter part of next week. Lamed fnir Is always n good one, Tho Fortl county war council has been having a meeting recontly to look Into the cases ot some, reported to lack the proper amount of loyalty. Kansas girls should buy Liberty Bonds, but hot like the German girls in factories, who are paid 91.20 In cosh weekly nnd the remainder of their pay kept by the government for bonds. We don't want that system in the United States. The young lady handling the "third trick wire" for the Santa Fc at Great Bend come from Ilodge City, which is said by the Tribune, to be natural, her name being Miss Angel and no one of that name curing (o stay In the Ford county capital. r ARMY CASUALTY LIST OVER OUR STATE. A Mount Hope girl Js to go to join the United States Nursing corps, when the orders come, giving tbat city u T*w» rdlowtrife cnj;unltlf»£ .ire reported by th* CominamlinK General of Uio Aninrlfim l ^iwdlt lonnry JVbrwp: Killed In action, Z2; ittdrtsln^ In nation, 30; WOUIHKH! aoveroly. of ill«pa»e, y; died of wounds, 11; di»»d of accident and OUHT muse.**, J; wounded Mich My, 3. Total, 121. KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenant: Lie wis W. Mllliriinn, Scott a, Mich. Sergeants: John Itflll&op, L.rrvvt? CHy, Ta hlhvn A. SniJUi, Watvrloo, lu. Corporals: Roy C. I^itten, Chicago, 111. Stuart Oarketivr, KmifKiH i.'lty, *Mo. Jtjseph Jlndru, Sawyw, wis. HrMiry Wulttt-s. Ilollnnd, Mich, George Hurt, Knrrijitmrt'. 111. Privates: Dominiek Tiarlolt'ro. .Sou(UP, AVnwh. Hoy A. Hall, Columbia, S. D, EustlurtloiK Kef.dOR, lUvtsrmdv, N. J. ' Rrlc J. Osiln, .Seattie. Wash. Charlio VI. ltranihlelt. llnmliurst, Utt. Carl l-\ limlehofr, l£rharO, Minn. (.'Union K IVwdu-y, YonlteiK. N. Y. AJbt.TL fiiasK, Cannon -Hull, .V 1). Cittrcncu U. 1 lutcln'son, l-JcntonvlHo, Ark. J\tfcph Davis Mario, 3dnpletou Depot, TIL H^nry V* Scliotlf, Amsterdam, N. Y. John Smith, l-'rivirtt, Kv. Ruben 11. Williams. HlH-itt, Town, John J. Woulfr. New York. N\ Y. DIED OF WOUNDS; Privates: Fra-nk llaelaKko, Old Korgp. Pa. 1 Wlodyulaw KwyevJiiskl, Now London, Conn. Frvderlek J. Murphy, CamhrldRp. Maw. Arthur I). Rirhnmrirt, Waterbury, Conn. l^-anTi Greomvuldt, Dertba, Minn. Donald C. KnaiT, ltono, N*"'V, £\HILDREN \ ttiMMaetM'to*!* fer cold, —tualr th* 'eutllda* traatanat— ?Your andMu ICRS VAFOKUB^. NEW PRICES—iOc, 60c, |U0 John ljiJrd, Wl»haw, To. TrHct-y Jttwrc, Hau Anlonlo, T«, Aided <L\. ShaKvr, Ida Grove, la. C-iulamJ li. Turner, IWivboro, Go. Jwinea A, Varno, Terry, Mont. DIED OF DISEASE. Nurse: ^ Nellie J. Ward, Went, fhlladelphln, Pn. Sergeanti ITcyd AUPH RufiMty, Brlolt, Wis. Corporals t Isadoj* J. Chnpp, llraxll, Ja. WlDtant Rodlbaugh, PUUlmrKh, Pa. Roderick J. Shipley, Rotavllte, Kan. G«)ree A*lmood, OgdiMisburg, S, Y. l'i'ter Carter, Govan, N C. WIUls O. Castv. Uyam, Okln- Dvnvor Collum, SemJnole, Okie. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Sergeant: John \V. LaUoie, l»ruirle Du Uochcr. UI. Privates: Hnrr>- T. HUlcr. Chicago, 1U. Gwrfip w, KwiTUtiw, Ni*w York, N. Y. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Lieutenants: ITarHfxm II. C 'tutwi'll, Grrtmvlllt*, Mich. WUIIanj rattMun \\>lBlger, Jr., Ma- Con, Ga. Sergeants. Mark Devi no, Wilmlnirton, Dc-I. l*x> Moaca DrosdowBkl, Clitrbojrean, Mlch. Gt^rge McAiidrewu, Wilmlliffton, I'll- Frcdorlc M. Thoinppon, Gardens. Id Corporal: Kay Wolvcrtoir, Vitkcryville, Mich. Privates: Henry JnniCB Drake. Detroit, Mich. ISmcry W. JlhWe, Tucoma, Wn »li. Ju^cph I* Kenniiy. Dorchosttir, Mass. KrnwU I*. l<angiry. lk>Hton, M&R). lirncst JUdinrd L*evt*ridgv ( L.lncoln, N. H. Jlorrls TJppchlta, San Dondn^o, Mux. Albert K. Lovick, Dlliby, Mont. John Hyon Man Donald. Maiden, Muss. Howard S. IMoff, Wh'fcoff, Minn. Alport >1. Porter, rrtcnt\-ood, Tex. Anthony A. lYill, Simla, Colo. Dmils J. ltciffcr, N*>w Vork, N, Y. Perlcy G. Sluirpe, NPW Uedford, >faBS, Andrew G. Shiner, AreadvIHe, Pa. . Bnimon 10. Smith. iKubcl, S. D, Vml S. Vu\iehan, Gray'BViile, Ga. Willlam Wp.v-eubrrtr. Kankauna. Wis. George Wllh-tle, Minneapolis, Minn. Knrl H. WUliftinl. Stoitew&ll, MUs. John 1-Innry WWff. Greenrille. Mich. John Z old am, G nil id Ilnxilda, Mich NlckokiM Corradlno, l^ancaittor, Pa. PhibKuon J. Df-nault, Full lllver, MasH. Thomua 11. Gillam, H ammo ml. Iud. Haul Godlnsky, Mattapan, Mas3. Jamru H. Jvnsen, Avoca, liw Frank P. Jontw, Mora. Term. IhftVrrcst Irving KPVIII, Nernah, Wis. Albert 15. Implant, ltlchford, VL Harry A. Ivwlle, Dicker. AUcJi. YiL -tor Mor*au, K-. Yaklnm, Wash. Joyt-'pli Charles Murray, Jersey Cliy. X. J. Gf-orpc Francis Owen. Now York, N. Y l.ubwt R. Parncll, WUliamslon, S. C, William M. Baylor. Waverty. Va. Uvnry Wilson Shipnmn, Pement, 111. WOUNDED SLIGHTLY: Batuilion Sergeant.Major: Jluiold Dise Moody. Gkn Rock. Pa, Privates: l,oiiis M. David, Taunton, Mass, SainiK-I Kh*ln, D«<iuosiit*, Pa- MISSING IN ACTION: Bufller: Junior Smith. Flint. Mich, Privates; Frank E. Grove, Frederick, Md. Joseph A. McMaiHimon, Scranton, Pa, ChnriKs NU'Lsen, Neenuh, Wis. John O'Shoa, Nw York, N, Y. Vprnie Schuckfr, Kutalown, Pn- fYniik l.'delhoven, lJinoa«tt;r. Wis MjirUn Yandenbroek. S. Kaukauna, .Wis. Jfthn 'Vnznuk, i, Groczel, Wollyskl, Russia. Clyde 1.1. WallR, lAwsonhnm. Pn. Tliurmnn Davis, Chattanooga, T^nn. The Kind Yoti Have Always Bought. TEES is tte caution applied to the public announcement of Castoria that has been manufactured under the supervision of Ohas, H. Fletcher for over 30 years—the genuine Castoria. We respectfully call the attention of fathers and mothers when purchasing Castoria to see that the wrapper bears his signature in black. When the wrapper is removed the some signature appears on both sidos of the bottle in red. Parents who have used Castoria for their little ones in the S ast years need no warning against counterfeits and imitations, but our present uty is to call the attention of the younger generation to the great danger of introducing into their femilies spurious medicines. y It ia^to be regretted that there are people who are now engaged in the nefarious business of putting up and selling ail sorts of substitutes, or what should more properly be termed counterfeitsJ for medicinal preparations not only for adults, but worse yet, for children's medicines. It therefore devolves on the mother to scrutinize closely what sho gives her child. Adults can do that for themselves but the child has to rely on the mother's watchfulness. Letters from Prominent Druggists addressed to Chas. H. Fletcher. fet Control. 15Tltthi Jaetei 1 reei I CWttaesJa^fcAtaafcl ***** I 1 ana^trlslinMswl * > Central Drag Co., of Detroit, Klch., U7*' "We eouldar your Caatorll 111 a cleuM dUtlnct from patent medicine* ud commend It" 1 Christy Drug Stores, ot Pittsburg, Fa., say; "We have sold youi CMtorla tor so many yean with such satisfactory results that wo cannot •retrain from saying a goad word tor It when wo get a chance." 1 Jacob Bros., of Philadelphia., Pa., aay; "We take pleuure In reconv Bending Ftetener'a Castoria aa one of toe oldest and beat ot the prepara/ Uona ot the kind upon the market" ; Hes* ft HeCann, ot ICanau City, Mo., say: 'Tour Castoria always glrer tatlsfactlon. We have no subsUtuta for It and only sell The Kind Toil Have Always fought,' the original." ' The Voegell Droa., ot Minneapolis, Minn., aay: "We wlsH to say that wt bare at all tlmpa a largo demand for Fletcher's Castoria at ail ot our three Stores and that It gives universal satisfaction to our trade,"' Folk Miller Drug Co., of-Richmond, Va., says: "Tour Castoria Is one of the most satisfactory preparations we have eyer handled,/ It seems to satisfy completely the public demand for such an article as4 Is steadlli creating a grovfing sale by Us merit," F. A. Capdsu, ef New Orleans, La., says: "We handle ererjr food boms remedy demanded by Uie public and while our shalre* are thoroughly, equipped with tne beat of drugs and proprietary articles, there are (en It any which have the unceasing sale tbat your Castoria baa," it. 0. Dow, of Cincinnati, Ohio, says: "When people in Increasing mm* bars purchase a remedy and continue buying it for years; when It passes ~ the tad or experimental stage and becomes a household necessity, then It can be said its worth bas been firmly established. We can and da gladly offer this kind of commendation to Fletcher's Castoria," GENUINK CASTORIA ALWAYS Uxw &fy of Wraps* la Use For Over 3f Years Tht Kind You H«v« Always ttought hnrld Folsom,, Ooodlne, lfl. How ^oTd 13. Kolaan. Ooodiiur, Idaho. Joseph Oarluk, Chicago. Wlllmm O. Oilbert, Iftrttr, Mont. Jam«i Uiu-rWoti, FV>rat City, Pa. Arthur llanght, Cliaiidl^r. Ail*. Clyde IL Hose, Oritybull, Wro. lxiula 13. H*«s. Brooklyn, >?. y.—» Jamoi, Pi-lcr IIIfrglrm. l'htUul&lphla, 1'n. Alvln G KcllborK, Troy, Id. Jifnjamln W. Ki>mi>, Suit I.ako, rft it Albert T. Klalir, Avondnlo, t.?oto. Mnrlln Krfwpvtfh, I'ueblo, rolo. John Igniter, Wnlln Wnlln, VVriah. Klanli JUdklff. S. Chnrirstlin. *V. V .L Bng-wnJd Hrlnlmrt Moc, Sponner, Wis. flunk ,T\ Slovlch, Shcntindoah, To. llortls 'rtlomflKin. I"nflolus, Ky. V*ler P. Zelnlek, Chlcano, 111. (MARINE CASUALTY LIST Tho foUowlnn cnsiin>tlni nro renortod by tho Commanding Ornoral or ilia Amorlcan KxpcdlUotinry I'Xjrcoa: Kilted In action, 3; died of wound*, i: wounded lu action, severely, 3. Total, 9. KILLED IN ACTION: Corporal! Manuel Solttn, Jr , Canlbrln, Calif. Private,: Thonm.i J. Uaudla, Btntc College, Va. I'nnl 8 totit, Murphyvboro, 111. DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION) Corporal) Ilosa q. Clrahatri, ixti'iiycttc, O 'il. Private,: Jr«cph V. CrettrtHon, New York, N. V. Olcnn Frania, i'eorln, 111. l'Yi-d if. Ulen, Atluntil, On. SEVERELY WOUNDED IN ACTION: ' ' Gunnery Sergeant: Owyn 1. Owen!*, Oswestry, Wales. Private: Perry 1* Sink, Detroit, Jllell. GET YOUR MILITARY TRAINING At Cooper College. Cooper College Imu been added to tho list of Kansas Iumltutlons to have a Student Army Training Corps. They nre preparing to take care ot 100 boys. Thero is Btlll room for more. Military training begins Oct. I, but Bend your application at once, as the number.Is limited. - * Full uniform, free tultuu, room and board, and the pay of tt private. This Is the young man's chance. Address Pres. R. T. Campbell, Sterling, Kansas. 18-2t. Furniture Hoipltal. 40C North Main. Telephone 109. 11-tt The International .Harvester Company Builders of Mogul uud Titan Tractors. Sevcnty-flvo yours knowing how to build farm machines. Twelve years experience building tractors. An absolute guarantee of u satisfactory tractor. Seo them today at the Harvester Company's exhibit at the Fair. 14-tit Tho famous Torblnson rear axel in Republic Truck's. Ucno-Uulck Co. 16-6L PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. H. S. BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment t* Chronic Diseases Examination and Dlar&osla Frae, 1U West Pint St.. Hutehlnac.n. Katiaaa Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office with Dr. Louise F. nichmcad, Bulte 621 ItorabaUKh-Wiley Ilulldlng. Phone 2651W. TESTING EYES AND . FITTING SPECTACLES Is our specialty, prices reasonable; accurate service. ' ,. 8HIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3359. OLD-FASHIONED REMEDIES, Grandmother's remedies compounded from the medicinal rools and herbs of the flleds are now found upon the Rhelvrs of the modern drug Mores lii \ nttractlpo parliiiges' nnd nro ainonS the best Rellera In prepared medK'InDs. Prominent nmonp them is Oint famous old root and herb remedy, l.ytlla B. llnUlnim's Vegetable Compound, whlrh for three penerallonii lias been relieving the women of America from the worst forms of female 1H« nnd Is now considered the standard remedy In lis line. McVAY LIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. Directory of the Rorabaagh-Wiley Bldg. Elevator service day and nlaat ARCHITECTS MANN A GEROW Roomi 731-22. Pnoni 21BS. ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT - Attornay-at-Law 101 It.-W. Bide DENTISTS I. J. JONBI Denllak Suits S12-1S. Phone BOW. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS H. M. STEWART, M. •. aulta t11. Special Attention to Eye. Kar, No,, and Throat. Glaiee* Accurately Fitted. Dr, Ktta Muudelt. Dr. W. N. MUndeU DR8. MUNDELL, Bull* III IL-W. nids. ' Phona mln G. A. BLASDEL PHY3ICIAN AND SURGEON aulta 111. Office Phone 22IS. tea. Phone r?«J OR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND. Suite S21. ontca Phone 2052W. Realdence 2SS2n G. A. CHICKEHINQ, Phytic'an-Surgeon* lies. Tel. UIIK. O ITIM Tel. »uw. Suite &03. DR. A. G. BEA.LL Physician and Surgeon Special Attention to Diatrnoala. lioom W Phonea: Office 33J5W. Res. 3651 Dr. H. Dl'sTERRETT Practice limited to Bye. car, n o«o and throat, rtoom EOS llorabaugh- Wiley Bids. Phone •«»». REAL ESTATE AND __TNSURANCE L. 8. DAVISj, Laana cna aonda. Room SS/. Pnana lis. AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Supply ud Hqair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St. East Auto Supplies, Tools and Garage Equipment Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, At water, Kent, Btromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phone 3000. -^"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"— THE pERuYanZandt ™ p «> DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 W,,JH,TA Arnold Auto Co. HUTCH,W,WN Martnon—Haynes—Dodge Brothers Phone Z7Q7 Automobiles a East First st DATefF —••The Most Beautiful rALKlEi car in America" Tne Salt City Motor Car Co. 183 Sherman East Also StudebaJter Parts and Service Electric Battery & Repair Co. DISTRIBUTORS fflltURD STORAQE BATTERIES Ussd by ft PV Cent ef All W»nuf«9tMrer» LARGEST BATTERY RRPAIR STATION IN KANSAS. 108 Sherman E M'. Phene *7» iNSPftCTION OF AIJfY BATTERY AT *NY TIM*

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