Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1961
Page 2
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foye two ri O P t S T A k O P E -, ARKANSAS Thursday, July 13, (961 He Would Hate to Be o Mother Weather I, Hunt on for Slayer of 2 Officers KREMMLING, Colo. (API -A hundred officers, some with sub- machincgiiMs. stalked through the rugged northwestern Colorado - ....... _ ..... — . .............. , „,. ,. mountains searching today for a daily double racetrack bol. he is i THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE j fast-draw gunman accused of kill- Continued from Page One LOUISIANA: Partly c lonely, jlhroiigh Friday with scattered j ' .mostly afternoon thundershowers. By HAL BOYLE !]y,,| mw .\ } eh-inge in tempera- NEW YORK rAPt-I'd hale lo. 1lirps . ,., )W inniuhl 70-7(1. High Frinc a mother. ' i ( |. iv |>.|.|io. When your hard-iip neighbor' clown the street wins sr>r, on a By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS hard enough to live with. In one afternoon he has gone \ from the poor mouth to the rich i mouth. Albany, cloudy The morning found him reluct-j Albuquerque', clear nht to recognize his. own virtue. I Atlanta, cloudy The evening finds him unable to 'nismarck. cloudy resist the temptation to denounce .Boston, cloudy his government-dispraise his tax- Buffalo, cloudy es. The money he has won has Chicago, cloudy made him an authority on every- cieu'iand. cloudy thing. : Denver, cloudy ' I'd hate to be a mother because ; ncs\Moines. clear she is like the gambler who won i Detroit, cloudy a daily double. It changes her jFaibanks. cloudy whole outlook, too. ;K,,|. t Worth, cloudy She gambled on a small invest-: Helena, clear rnent and her reward as a winner j Honolulu, cloudy is a moist bundle of maybe 7 j Indianapolis, cloudy pounds or so of crying human pro- f.Tuneau, cloudy toplasm. It is wet at both ends i Kansas City, 'clear and dry probably only in the mid- JLos Angeles, cloudy die. And it stays that way month j Louisville, rain after month. i Memphis.'cloudy Life is full of laughter, but for ' Miami, clear some mystic reason no baby is'Milwaukee, cloudy ou „•» ever born smiling. They all enter jMpls.-St. Paul cloudy 75 63 01 this world struggling in anger and New Orleans, cloudy ' fear and hunger. Too many leave! New York, rain two iothers. ^ High Low Pr. i Sl '' ltc Patrol LI. Hiram Short. H7 04 M 4i) - " f Craig, Colo., and Under- 85 05 .. • sheriff .John Clark, 08 of Eagle haird desperado. Sheriff Chancy Van Pelt, 54. of Grand Counlv, Robert ft:) fi4 .04' County died Wednesday night 7f> 56 .14'from bullets fired by Ihc tousle- ill 69 .."''' 114 67 . . 81 67 .28 87 05 .08 Oil 55 85 60 87 65 62 50 .07 81! 71 .. 74 47 .. 81 72 T 77 6-1 .. G7 47 .45 80 GO 84 65 .. 76 08 .68 84 73 .21 86 62 86 65 Hoover of Grand .Junction, a Slate jGame and Fish Department edu- 931 cation officer, were hospitalized at Denver with serious bullet wounds. The slayer, described as in his early 20s, was driving a car pur chased July Iowa, by a man Sioux City, the name the same way. ., I'd hate to be a mother. j Oklahoma City, clear 85 G7 .14 I Omaha, clouds' 83 50 .36 of Delmar Dean Spooner of Storm Lake. Iowa. Officers said Sponcr left Storm Lake July 6. Officers said they believed they trapped the gunman in a ravine near State Bridge, Colo., about 15 miles southwest of Kremmling uu _ ul near Piney Creek. The area, pop- uu 72 l!oo i ular witn fisli ermcn. is about 130 90 65 .I2' nlilcs northwest of Denver. rtf. .._ . . 'Pho mmm nn ril\<inr)nnnsl UI .The year before she became a j Philadelphia, rain parent she is eager to discuss such i Phoenix, clear Intellectual questions as whether | Pittsburgh cloudv it. „ 1L....II1 i ,, . ° V '» The gunman abandoned his car cr a " un f'Kl'l in which Clark was wounded in the jaw. . Some officers said the despera- 84 01 .37 c '° ma >' have been wounded be- 84 6 107 83 .48 Chicks Cause Bigp c ;?. e .^ proiect i^, , o Possibility Dispute by Officials '.»w.ii.viuui M»<.---".IUII» «> wiieuier j ^lusrjurgii. cloudy 84 01 37 uo ma > mlvc nccn wounciea ue- lion svitn tm the; earth would be better if Picas-1 Portland, Me., cloudy 90 09 ' j for fleeing on foot into the moun-j enforcing it. so had got stuck in his blue rather | Portland Ore clear' 102 06 tain fastness. j BELLEVIE, Ark. (API — A dispute over a broiler house under construction resulted in Mayor K. E; Valentine walking out of a City C o u n c i 1 meeting here Wednesday night. The broiler house is uwng built by Deputy Sheriff Lloyd Walker, who started construction on the house about the time the city adopted an ordinance requiring a public hearing on applications to build such structure;). When the matter was brought before the council Wednesday night. Valentine commented the ordinance "wasn't worth the paper it is printed on" because it hadn't been read three times before being adopted. Five of the six aldermen disagreed with Valentine, who adjourned Ihc session, turned out the lights and left with his lone supporter. Alderman Johnnie Walker, a brother of the deputy. With the lights turned back on, the remaining aldermen voted to require the deputy to comply with the ordinance. A temporary restraining order has been issued by Chancellor Paul Williams preventing further construction on the building. A hearing on a lawsuit filed by Mrs. Virginia II. Ham of Little Hock is set for next Wednesday. The ordinance carries a penalty of $25 for each clay of violation svilh the mayor charged wilh San'Diego, cloudy San Francisco, cloudy 02 55 Seattle, clear 97 67 Tampa, clear 94 75 .02 Washington, cloudy 81 70 .01 'M-Missing; T-Trace) and that only full autonomy can protect the rights of German- speaking South Tyroleans. Italy has rejected the charges and accused Austria of trying to get the territory back. than his pink mood, or if Dr. Al-1 Rapid City dear bert Schweitzer and Tennessee j Richmond, cloudy Williams could shake hands j St. Louis, cloudy across the distance. Salt Lake City, 'cleai But the day after she becomes a mother she becomes a tigress. A hundred thousand or more infants may be born on a single day. but her world is instantly concentrated to the squirming kingdom of newness. Day after day she reduces herself (by enlargement) trying to make this dewy glob into a person. She has to curb its normal, strident, gluttonous, wide-mouthed appetite for self-Lndulgence into discipline and acceptance of the aims and rights of others. She has to escort it sensibly and sensitively from yearning to learning to earning. It is a hard and always difficult and often lonely and sometimes heart-breaking task. _ The reward: If she does a good job-^and microbes or war don't ruin her effort—the darn thing goes off on its own. leaving her to start its own family. If she does a bad job, it complains with the breath she gave it to object against the life she conferred. I'd hate to be a mother. The job has so much responsibility. Perhaps that is why women make the best mothers. They are much better gamblers than men. Men bet themselves against now, f. and not always willingly. now, -and not always willingly. But most women are eager to stake themselves against eternity, gambling on a finer issue. Motherhood is for the birds—or women yith feathers of hope in their isbul. 71 53 .. 81 M M 84 G4 L42 95 61 .. 75 65 Officers pieced together this sequence of events: Hoover, driving westward on U.S. Highway 40. stopped to assist a motorist whose car appeared to be stalled. Hoover became suspicious after the driver failed to produce adequate identification and radioed for the sheriff nad the state patrolman. The three questioned the motorist for a few minutes and decided to take him to Kremmling for further examination. They started walking to Van Pelt's car when the motorist drew a pistol and fired rapidly at Short and Van Pelt. man fired on Hoover, who had rolled into a roadside pit in an effort to esiape the shooting. The gunman raced away in his car, driving through Kremmling and turning southward on a road toward Eagle County. Sheriff Henry Knuth and his un- dersheriff, Clark, drove northward to intercept the fleeing man. When they attempted to slop (he approaching car, the Iowa auto rammed into the officers' vehicle. At the same time, a shot through the svindow struck Clark After wounding them, the gun-roadside woods. from his car and ran into dense S f 0 ' re . Progress Association of 13 husi- President W. F. Rector and ness leaders, who said in a statement they felt police action was WASHINGTON <AP>— The Big tllL> best under the circumstances. t.ntlr t-.,.*, ;,-if,i ;*-, A ..I.,.!*,*A*. ....... .t -l TMin cf mi nVo *vmrvil\rti i i: in/"*1l if f* chool Board President Everett Tucker ,Tr. Creek project in Arkansas.- would receive $1.421,000 in federal funds under a watershed protection and flood prevention schedule presented to Congress by President Ken- j nedy Wednesday. i Overall cost of the 10 projects j jn the lf> states and Puerto Rico; was estimated at. S45 million, with j local sponsor groups and individual landowners to bear about $18 million of the cost. II was (he second group of small watershed projects proposed by Kennedy and the total is the largest submitted to congress jn any two-month period since the i authorization of the program in J954. The group's members include former Chamber of Commerce Can Spank Students DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — The suburban Oakwood School Bo||.1 has legalized paddling pupils who are serious disciplinary problems. There has been an unwritten law against paddling there for many years. Rider Policy to Remain Same LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Little Rock's policy toward any future "Freedom Riders" will be "to keep the peace by whatever means is required under the circumstances." City Manager Ancil Dotithit laid down that formula Wednesday. He said this did not necessarily mean that other riders would be arrested, as were the first four to arrive in Little Rock Monday night. If it should become necessary to disperse a gathering crowd, (he police would do that, Douthit said. Police Chief R. E. Glasscock said there was no attempt to scatter a crowd of 300 to 400 persons which collected at the bus station where the riders arrived Monday night. Douthit said reports to him in- icated that the alternative then was to remove the riders from the station, which police did. Police also got backing Wednesday from a newly-formed Civic SKIN ITCH DON'T SCRATCH IT! Scratching spreads infection causing MORE pain. Make this test. Apply ITCH-ME-NOT. Itching quiets down in minutes and antiseptic action helps speed healing. Use instant-drying ITCH-ME-NOT for eczema, insect bites, toe itch, other surface TODAY REX ALL DRUG STORE If not pleas any drug at GIBSON'S Dear Customers: We could have a full page ad shouting to tell vou that we are having our Big July Clearance Sale, but you already know that, because many have shopped and saved. _ We are placing this ad to tell you that we have taken another mark down on many of the DRESSES and SKIRTS that remain: AND TOO, WE HAVE NOW INCLUDED ALL OUR STOCK OF SPRING AND SUMMER DRESSES. SHEERS, VOILES, ALL ARE NOW ON SALE. This Includes all Formats LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP W.. MIKE KELLY P.S.: Don't Make Me Shout! Shop and Save! 2nd P.S.: Juniors, Regular, Petite & Half Sizes 4 . * f TIME IS FAST DRAWING TO THE END OF THIS BIG MONEY SAVING SALE! BUY NOW! Save! CANE BOTTOM ROCKING (HAIRS Limited Quanity 3 .25 ONLY 2 - 3 PC. Italy Rails Attacked by Terrorists iy EUGENE LEVIN ROME (API -Special guards patrolled Italy's international rail- wayrlines today against new attacks by terrorists from South Tyrol after a series of crippling blasts prompted Rome to accuse Austria of inciting violence. The aroused Italian government tightened its watch on travel across the Austrian frontier and announced it would protest to Austria against Tuesday's bombings which tied up four major Railways for hours. Patrols with trained dogs moved along the railway tracks on the lookout for new attacks. They also sought clues to the authors o! Tuesday's dynamitings, which occurred far from the disputed South Tyrol in a blow aimed at Italy's .$800 million tourist trade, j Guards were posted at the Aus- i Irian Embassy in Rome and con- \ sulates in other Italian cities but! there were no demonstrations. Premier Amintore Fanfani's government announced that both Italians and Austrians entering Italy from Austria will be required hencefort to have passports and Visas and Italians must have visas to enter Austria from Italy. Identity papers have sufficed until i now. I Austrian officials in Vienna pro-! tested the border-tightening measure as unecessary and "contrary to the spirit of European collaboration." Austrian Foreign Minister Bruno Kreisky said his government will palce the dispute before the United Nations again unless Italy agrees on peaceful means to settle the issue. Italy indicated that until Austria replies to its protest it will not carry on any more discussions with Vienna 45 requested by the U.N. 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