The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 31, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1934
Page 4
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MCCFOUR THE PARIS NEWS. TUESDAY JULY 31, 1*S4 The Paris Evening News THJK BOK3O PARIS. TEXAS Established July 1O. 1S69 TEXAS PCBLISH1XG New York Day by Day BY O. O. MdNTYRE Life** Darkest Moment Entered a* Second Class Mai! Matter at the Post »flfc« at Paris, Texas, under Ac: of Congress Mau-clu 3S79. _^_____ ' Published Daily Except Saturday and Sunday SUBSCRIPTION RATKS (Including Sundays) By Mail. O=e Tear By Mail, Six Months Dftli^*r*d By Carrier By Mail. One Month MEW YORK, July 31.— Hospitals are strag- t- M ^| . ^.^ ^ greatest empt ineSS in their JB.OO j *2.50 Per ot «o S» UM r.rra or corporation «hScls TS»* Sew will b* taw* tbelr pa.p*r» sent to tberr I* you <So not «« yoor paper If there i» oo cor^plaiftt U l» p rr tb*. or =i«.k«. } :bat tbe tat mot accepted 03 l not respocs^I:* tor copy oT^l *•=> coioieniiosal error-- t_a* »i» o=!j. Prefer Toicn Life UCH has been said, is being ssid and doubt- | history. Another year such as the past and i iranv private institutions Trill have to close. Thousands who would patronize them under ordinary circumstances cannot afford to now and remain home. The expensive sanitariums, \vhose patronage is largely rich hypochondriacs, are dying off like flies in the winter lime- IMueh of Xew York's oversup- p!y of hospitals is attributed to the vast Medical Center which opened just as the depression I * wss getting under way. The medical profession generally is also affected by the continued si amp. Several buildings whose offices were tenanted by specialists have under- f gone wholesale exodus. Specialists have returned to the outmoded system of having of- j flees in their homes. 1 Even ~he great surgeons whose incomes 1 often totaled $200,000 a year have had them. I more than halved. .Bur the greatest dilemma I Is faced by the young medical graduate whose ] firsz step Is an interneship. There are liuu- - dreds for every job. And no jobs. 1 less will continue to be said, of tne com- ^ fort^essness and insdeouacy of tenant farm _ j--orot^y ± arier. leaving rue enormous 10: homes as a reason for seanc structur the s nient of those —a! enier. whioh is, by the way. on the out- as ne aces most of his books, will go into se- i will disclose that many of these covers aTe HVe _ living in the towns and cities in buildings no • ^ _ better than, if as good as. the vacated tenant i The irrepressible Gene Fowler is on th« respec cities, a courtesy oeeupl trv dwe^^ but rnanv of them are so oeeupi- . , . _ ^ , -^ , 5 aSd^ Vied to wonder -here the advan- r jslon ^ ™rn it out. biff. oang. bmg, in ten j tag-e lies in making such a move. The well-to-do farmer who moves to town. •vacates a comfortable home in the country ror 3. usual r ehildr childr reasons. Such men can afford to live where : ; they r ecole the adv ins; "by , ^ . . __ crowded in the towns and cities? That is a _ problem that has yet to be soived- Efforts of the Federal government turn peoDle THE PVP THAT HAD THOUGHT" (TSHLR _>±ost authors unDrecae tnrous'n. Cnanes G. .Norris has nctureti with vo'ws of total ev sit betore blank whit ROWLAND LOCALS, PERSON L ITEMS HOWLAND. —A larce crowd of Howland people went to Pari» Saturday night for the election returns- The.ashower of rain that fell here Friday afternoon and nisnt cooled the atmosphere and everyone enjoyed the cool breeze, but the rain was not enough to benefit crops and there is still a -water shortage- Mr, and Mrs, Harry Rea returned Saturday to Detroit. Mich., after a visit with their parents here. Mrs. Robbie Trice has returned to Childress after spending the summer here with her sister. Mrs. H. B, Redus. J. I*. Shilling of Commerce is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Porter Shilling. At The Plaza TV'hen, a beautiful spy neglects her duty to her country to fall in love, she invariably signs her own death \vs.rrar>t- Out of this unwritten, law of espionage. Metro - Goiawyn - Mayer has produced a vitally "gripping screen drama that is different from all of its spy predecessors. The picture is "Suimbou! Quest." sbovring: at the Plaza Theatre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. with Myrna Loy and Georgre Brent presenting to the screen public an entirely new- team of screen lovers. Miss L.oy. carries off the major portion of the honors that must be distributed for the class of entertainment that this picture contains- As "Frauletn r>oktor." Germany's mysterious spy. Miss Loy is despatched to Turkey to trap All Bey. a hig-h military official suspected of "selling out" to the enemy. j The mission is a most dangerous one. but made doubly hazardous for "Fraulein Doktor" by the persistent pursuit of Douglas Beall. a dashinjr young American. Ke is madly in love with Miss Loy -whom he does not suspect as a secret serivce agent. To serve her country. "Fraulein Doktor" condemns her sTs-eetheart to death. The subsequent developments make this one of the most sTrlpping and intense love dramas seen upon th<? screen ir: many George Brent plays the role of Beall and no better choice could have been made. C. "Keriry Gordon. !s se-?n as Alt At The Lunar For. the first tim« in her •CT*«B career. Sylvia Sydney, te playinr a dual role in a. motion picture. It's her latest starrinjc film for Paramount. "Thirty-Day Frin- cess." at the lamar Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday. Gary Grant is her "tall, dark and handsome" leading man, whil» Edward Arnold. Vince Bamett. JLucien LAttiefield and Edsar Nor- The dialogue bein«r written by Sam Hellman, humorist and short story t\-riter, and Edwin Justus Mayer. Miss Sidney, as the princess of Taronia, is brought to this country by Gresham. an International banker, to ballyhoo a bond iasu* of her country, being sold to th« American public. Gary Grant, a newspaper publisher, is an avowed enemy of Gresham, suspects his motives, seeks to overthrow his sales campaign by exposing ta« scheme. Upon her arrival here, however, the princess falls ill. His carefully built campaign about to fail. Gresham seeks a g^rl who looks the princess to double for her during: the thirty-day tour. He finds an American actress who resembles the princess closely enough to b* her tw5n sister, gives her the double job of masquerading as th« Princess on the tour, and winning: over the srood-wiK of the publisher. Gresham fails to forsee the possibility of the girl asd the publisher falling in love. Unable to tell Grant of the masquerade until aft*r thirty days. Miss Sidney goes through with the plan. A surpris* ending, however, with a comedy twist turns the tables on. Gresham and solves the lox-ers" problem. EL BETHEL CHLUCH HAS RE\TV r L MEET general, always dependable. Bey. the Turkish Lionel Atwil! des Sturm, chief or the German counter espionage system* EL BETKSI The'K«T. R. Si Kerr of Brookston preached her* Sunday evening at the .Methodist churca in the Hev. Clarence !>ea,- kins* place. Mr. Deakias began a. revival meeting at the church here, Monday evening. J. "VT. TVooldridge, dri-vinjr th» car belonging to his aunt. Miss Roma Wnoldridge, overturned it In a roadside ditch but he suffered only bruises and no brok*a bones. Mrs. S, B. Rudder. Miss Hatti* Boyer and Mr. and Mrat Earl Cas- Ueberry and little daughter Maiv firaret left Monday for a visit in and'Stephens, Ark. . -honorable r ^,t:ss Viva. Keith sp*r-i last we*k r:zat:on of j j n paj^g ,pitH her atrnt, Mrs, Wil}Ue Smith. Birthday Party Given For Child On Sunda le 10 the land, as expressed ! ^se ; T z j s gs rho-gh ihey had Heiiis mace or suc-n plans, meet >v_in • £ ^r-eadful cur^e. r If the rer^or's of the aprenis of sv:en . e paper j nam Siznr>lv h&d to I' 9 i way. ; /~i "t ir* j^k T * " t f T s , been laid upon bj she called from th* little iavo movements are to be many cases that tiiose torwn take r" v :z:7eresr country . There is s>: not T. ' ' ~«— r I? f s r>"* » *I^ *^.-WA. ^ I She 'settled in a deep cbair r ; I trie hearth and a£ra.'n he sat co-' a ! Ke fumbled among: the prom:s ; "You needs'" bother to explain," I tween us? An«l—•will yon 50?" he rnanasred to say and fairly j Geoffrey's ideas for reVenge had steadily. "I heard some of this: all | faded- He -was hurt. T^at, TOO. he ^'r. an^ Mrs. Bob Taylor apologies to you both- I couldn't j was awed. And he had huri her. ! Ford's Academy «nt*rtalried help hearing: it. Rather knocked. { whose sincerity had put within him | day afternoon a : TO- see. co siliin* *•- PAIGE'S CHAPEL IS IN NEED OF RAEVS "Thfe J»AIG5TS CHAPEL •— I coranrunity is needing rate "**• 1 drinking water 2rnd the supply, for I tr:~>d to speak, and {a nevr sort of love. ja party honoring: th« tenth birth- j S?OCK are Hope you'll mar, a see to} "God." he said brutalJy. loudly, j day anniversary or fheir errand-j crops are I "I am sorry." \ «iausrht*r. Bobbin Ellen Taylor of -who v,-a.s not a coward, 1 She mad* r.o response. He turn- | KHgor*-. Songs, jrames arsd cot;is at his best durtrs«r such mo- | f '~ to ***« door. At the door he i tests wer? th* diversions. Bertha Taylor. Mr*. C. M. and Mrs, L^ney "Davis assisted In serving refreshment* to the h«r,*-j O Zs t i rev state in •want anythias: I --J ractice with corner once ave move BoVs attitude. 5-^ -ns brands thar filled th Savaonsts mae salvage sou;s. If possible, fro Tender:oir;. I '• voice you h Election Estimates up. A singing school Is beinsr held here with Van Wilson as teach- *r. Several people of this community went to Rarf* Saturday r:ight to hear reports on the -elec- tlon. irr. and Mrs, Porter SmaJl-wood >Tr3«. Smallvrood's Trsother at Chlcota Suada-V and R. H. and family -visited at Ktnbcr- son. 22 nr? T ?~ c C'^l-H" that the pre-eiec-tio dates are fa!*acious 2.^, er than having- an"" ' const A rat-face , eer. groiin<J his iieel in a tosse<i ar^'j —itii a shrng- xralked awav. -r;.>zng bn of cu ra pear pleasant relation with any feun:.•:.-:} "~*?. Bob. _ ^ v-^'-.s* "ir1b«'« even brushed hers :r. ' striders:. frar;r:c. Bnt she -could | tn< p _ ^7 ;T _:o<a tjassin^- i make r.o inroad on h5s s?t. !ry S *^ z = r. ^ , -?ajm; his deterrrsi nation to speak: I 0 ' ev*> ?hat in M'srsha, Powers <J aro-w '-P ? Ke doubted it. A man "rrho S-eaders of ne"^=p-£i- ; what they read can rer-s^ disinterested or non-ra-: the election, at least >o f^r as :: pert ft ;::?••: TO the contest- for senator and goverr.-cr. With .few escepti-ons they pi;- A-'-e-c in the le^c v.-:th the others fo'lowir^- fi'r-out a-? r*~-r:;> <!:-ow. except that the re's':"^ ^'^:-ior-? -f rr> trsi'ers are reversed in sorre :r:S r estiniated Conna'lv r-r:^- .'-- :~.J:S oecome conscious of the Ps. r 2i Lawrence Dunbar. Afro- I nonce a'Paul Danbar side- f:".rs: up there. 2 £.T:;.: s. j>un&ar bank, aitboue-h the! «-v*n. I murn rather you c:d rot." '• "You ksctr." r.e aTc-j^ed. • : r.o^ _. . ! you always let r-ther char^ «"r Dunbar S -!th*ir ^--in^s at your flarr.e. V,"f •;•:•• • -c> domi^;^'^ th* =<^^-.n A < a womair f brother Tvho ^vas rnarr:«d. Mar- | J5 -*"P rri>v * f 5fea." Bob -wfrr.t on: "It was Tarle- | r " >?! him. : ion's «?i.*i»r-;r:-la'5F whom you met • ''-"''her mar 1 that rslcht. I rho'-ssrht ev^rvcne ! n '* -S- v ^~i TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE tt she did of month* ^t. i *h»:> * ~ F-£^7< None of ar:y pr-rr gave Hugrhes and W; all agreed that H r.r.-f would iak> sectinr:, t with ooc&sloral V^-;K positions of the :r:o. 000 lea.dersr^r- for M- dale's own a^^ert^'-r. <• the election trere cs*r p-roduc^-d :r: their ; --"r: basis. Witt's c*-:<h^'' .!ooii-'in snc T^ ^*£Lr'i^" 'cDortid and Straii -•£= on ibe jjaytoa. O. Herald f itied as a cop~ boy and e'en- 1 .ce staff -jsed to rea.d his at- ! 5"i.rr-.r:<r "»v:th srig^iv Tolerance- • rreatsess. -ncs On an American liner :s- *nar is ever the chalky . '•'' v ":*•*: the vessel ;.,r-i^;; .-,;= rierchief across hsr. K ;x rnoritn.*? 3«T'>— "But. G^c-f'—" j "N"'::. --vs.:!" Tou s«:d yo^ ?.cr«-- ! ., i.v rrio ;— fe*-.i:BCT "hit -» £l -c'i'j • v.'-^'d ma.rry m*." j She I^:;s:h^d scorrifuny. i '-h'; a.=>*'5."T carr:s> hark and fo::: I a ra!s? of brows, "but bf-iiev*- me. .: Foyers*. T recret hurtirff yr>-j ^ th^t •;?•« a.;T Tjr.<3*r!*Tan*i." j •-vV« don't:" Marsha fTun? out 1 un^t-^acSiiy: "•??* f!on*T. Hob—" T ; Mssr*ha s^pP-n^ ^ack t." a world I j ^f r-j.!n. the ^rorM she had thooarht j i <?rp. hf-r -^ark, arched brr-n-M. "Trvu ; ; osth. Bob, I Tin^rsum"* 1 " i«h< „ . | an»? rutt;r;~. V[f lr--'>f« i :i tj^rk at the i Km*?*' ho"*- 1 *. orniriou." 1 :"" si;*nt. i "Anrt n«•>•!"• "«'h,-it f-'-r •h^rjT"" h" «ski ft<? of him."'"-'f. '*Ar.-'! Th-'ir n'"*x? j ZT5 O V *} ? ; Divorce, he rr* y «::m' ; 'i_ TJ--* hJf? ' ^s^v^r ^i -u f"*'>r* : * *^rc ; '**t*^Ti. nir^.H^If I ThrrjTjjrh *>f>icr». Bnt ^T^rsJra'^ fac<? r. Ph*? ACROSS t, Striie* fc«»viiy 14. On tize ocean '•S. Card s^th tfcr*« spot* ;S. Show trreso- lutlon Solution ot Saturday's Puzzte is may be by look- ' il. Th.e i «*-5 nr^-un^ h*rr upp^r JirTT^? fi-* 5 j vr, c .k=.--, Cios^.-i *O hold h»r fir * "tha? ni^ht I sa-^ you at th* chin, DROrjTK BHOKFX BY SHOWER AT HEARON &L <0. At bom* 41. Cau*« to r«- eicite- r or K *t!ck track $7. Tho»« 5. C«i«*ii&! *. Knack body drouth wo di< r,"'" be:ween fa-'-Ts dicates. juca- the "it s too early co-'uninists."' >ufi:n£r rr^*; for a s "Co onf* h* 1 pr^TT j -"ft trl'iTr.phart Tual:' }"G^ on"* "Tour wif-- " Bob tt { ar-lx- u-r-» for roaslJmf <7. AsimaJ <-.r- Jack T'*arrT>' v "' l « T "lI!ll r . <i .T s? ..-l.^r Til ' (^n the News 1 3 Years Ago ^h4/v : ^r^ : vr^:!-f^^r^^T j Fro ™ th * f&& *f The Paris Morn, Ti'o:nei3 i.-^nk'j-.r^;•-;••"••>. ;-"*•,- -'.=:--rv coVsr "t ;j ^^ News thirteen yearsayo Of fro h"-r reach ; horr.*f !n Fari* trfth Mr, ar.*! dl- KT 13 En|Eli*b river IS Oi!r of work 22. S«ta*d 5a» or nsce of IS. Piaoe* 30. Sod v or w«.r«r 31. Psa.r: of xp««c2s St. Pnitt of tb* 33. Stranjce las- CB»*F* 38. Come t= 3$, Quot« 23. The rstisbc 4 * 42. OrtJ«r *4, S«-t!W river •i?. Scarc*r &0 Oric»r! of 57 65. Pvrfotra Since tbe N. H. r rnsre.*" tear^it" is thw: fall t ea to bear iJv JBacamin^r. A. ha« * A \Tbo C&.G say ti: tier, elever. or more mother was?" asks , "r, grir!."~Fon r Than »or«rv. b^r g \Vel SUNDAY, JULY 31, 1921 K^r honest Dick McDonald. 1%. s<.n of & fanner n«»ar I? ua11f ^ risr " h " >.,. r ».^i? , . • » > -T^-"I **^'' : ' -* sn*? t** vO.rt>iij*; 1 . Vf"eij<. to feieeo on tJU** * «ir~fi s^r*^ i.***'^ /< v *v railroad track and was badly j r^ri^or.> iij> r .>rji passe-G ?hr<>u«rh Psris frorn ido'fr wh*r« i^< | 'rj.e' »T th^m. , , . . i ' "Sorr>' to aw v,'&(j fie;«* at KoztGU for ; ?hro-rjprh stiff '•va?-. killed in action at St.! ~a ? fc*T ?"T">n«r before tfct armistice- ' T ^r^cTr^.- r/re««furf* r>f C' won't tr*ust y/Tj'dtT ?<ir f<fAr !T?Jsr5'}? think m* mirr. : <*«? r.'-) anj r<?om, r*r tj",» sr*rr.T hc^o!•:•—" "Don't!" ''h* »3ii<»8.1*/?. Sl^^ ^r rop- •*ry ju.v H ; .rjf-!i. ">v ;<*t Hpn. "Cnm^- than ica« fxr^ li, is a i ili the cost \vorH in waieh «r- i'wpp.»vin|r. People aiv T*x£s j*>a«ru* from Paris pitched his first , to Fort Worth : ; nto a pock*t; h<p ha^J UT> 'by th«*'* In h^r f»f»i. i #mil#4 «!<j«"Jy. stiffly. | "Yoa don't «n<S«;rwt&nd—•" ; f«tlt«r*<J, "T don't know hr.-w ] <?ori'f b*IJev«» In Io*/«>. I'm 'I^^pJ fn fhe Ilia game ended 1-1 tie. Governor NVfl' notified the committee that | Jegislature on.his hands J»e vrould be • ., *** r ?''*~^™^S? > attend,. .t?*«'.<""""~" "* '**"' °— '"" ' '"**''' •*' ffln "^ *.-*»&y | Hugo bridge in August. Ivory «?1ri>hant i Jov*« wHh my h«*b*.nrf. Th»rc wi ;<V«: S»TJ f oever b*- auyon* «*!«*• for rn«, r wouM. S "P^rhap* h<' i* through with m< rtngr £h* } I thmic v?ry pro3>ahly he la. But- ** r tht*ir l»i!ls now from the ew- ; miabir to attend tKe o^aing of tins Fam- . h( ^ j "Bob:" j*fe* wtoi*pere4. fr * y; hiw | warmth I eou3<Jtt*t. h*v- »ury to imd«r»tAad it'* over be- Today's Amusements STAMBOUL QUEST fjeorsw Br«rriT Mjrrtt* Tx>y AT THE PLAZA THIRTY DAY PRINCESS Sjrltta Sfrfnry <...'«ry Crant AT THE LAMAR 2-* 25" 42. m 22. -43 35

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