Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on July 11, 1965 · Page 5
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 5

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1965
Page 5
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JACOJY ON BRIDGE Rules For Use Of Blackwood JANET CARMACK ilils week's "Teen of the Week" is Janet Cavmack, 16, laiighter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Carmack, 2724 Wallace. Miss Cnrmack, a senior at Clovis High School, has been president of girls' chorus, an usher at the junior class play find B-tcam cheerleader. Named "Miss Plainsman" for 1965, she was a girls' stater, sophomore football attendant, freshman favorite, runner-up for the track sweetheart, and Key Club sweetheart. She was varsity cheerleader, north - south cheerleader, on committees for the Junior - Senior prom and Hi . AK proms. A member of the student, council and the state student council, she is also a member of Hi-AK, Latin Club and the National Chcerleading Association. She attends Central Christian Church, and Rainbow Assembly No. 25, and lists piano, chorus, swimming, skiing and music camps as her hobbies. Miss Carmack hopes to make music her career. BY JACOBY & SON Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Contrary to popular belief in many bridge circles there is no need to use Blackwood on your way to a slam. In fact there are many hands with which a Blackwood call is useless. If you are interested in using Blackwood ask yourself three questions first: 1. What will I do if my partner's response shows that we have four aces? 2. What will I do if my partner's response shows that we have three aces? South asked himself those two questions after his partner rais ed him from two to three spades and couldn't find a sat isfactory answer to either one. He also found what appeared to be a good way to invite the slam without use of Blackwood and did so by bidding four clubs. North, with a minimum type opening but also a satisfactory and for slam purposes there- ore bid four hearts over >outh's four clubs in order to Auto Association Official Hits JP 'Revenue Systems' ESPANOLA fUPD— An Am-j taken off the "revenue system' crican Automobile Association: and put on salaries, official said New Mexico's jus-' tices of the peaces should be 1iow his good heart suit. NOKTH (D) X« ' 4kJt73 VAKQIt 4 32 + K8 WEST EASf * a 4108 V942 VI053 • KQ1085 * A974 + 10743 49652 SOUTH A A K Q S 5 4 V J7 • J6 + AQJ East and West North East Smith 1 V Pass 2 4k P»s» 3 * Pass 4 4> 4 V Pass 5 4k Pass Pass Opening lead—-A 1 K Tucumcari Session Set On Economy TUCUMCARI (UPI)- A daylong session to discuss the future economy of Tucumcari has'to this particular problem is been scheduled for July 22 with;that of establishing a salary state officials and businessmen system for judges." frnm thrniidhmit Nour Movipn in' ",, , . Mestas, who oecame a justice Udall Soys Negotiate Colorado Water Fuss DENVER (UP!) — Interior Secretary Stewart L. Ud«H today called for negotiations — rather than litigation — to set «i«~ M .1 u ,. .. _,. \ l ' e thc latcrt squabble over al slam North couldn't, so North | ocation of Colorado River wa ropped the bidding at five.ter pades which was all that could 1 ,', e made. I ., i able two ts which arc: !{ ne CLOVIS NEWS-JOURNAL* Sunday, Jaly w,> 1965, Our Want Ads Sell 1. Don't use Blackwood when ou hold a worthless doubleton n an unbid suit. 2. Don'i use Blackwood when ou are not prepared to bid a lam if your partner's reply hows that your side has three f the four aces. said. 'I don't think the problem is as serious as Ed Johnson let on." Edwin C. Johnson, Colora- Q—You, South, hold: *AQIt*KQ4 •KI7+AJ1 You are th« dealer. What if your opening bid? A—OM el«b. YM an «•• •imir (for «wie B*-tnun» aa* U* wtrt far lw» *»« the etak TODAY'S Your partner reipondi one diamond. What is your rebidT Auwcr Tomarraw aren't any insurmount problems that can't b and negotiated at table," Udall do's representative on the Upper Colorado River Commission, last week urged the Commission to sue the Interior Department to stop what he called Udall's control over the river. Johnson wants to protect the water rights of Colorado and the three other upper basin states. * 'I think it is clear that a lawsuit would not settle anything and is extremely unadvised," Udall «aid. He made no specific rebuttal to Johnson's claim that he delivers upper basin water to lower states "without any regard whatever to the requirements of the Colorado River Compact." But Udall said he respects the compact and called the dispute one of "interpretation." Looking to the long-range future of the west Udall said wa He said the west needs to j look 40 or 50 years into the fu-| ter eventually will have to be imported "into the entire basin. He said the west needs to|| look 40 or 50 years into the fu-l ture no-.v to begin finding ways to transfer water into the dry areas. The suit suggested by Johnson would have to be initiated Horn* o» Dole IN swmwl Manorial ttopd" by the four states the commission comprising Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. Udall touched briefly on other matters affecting the West. He sail oil shale development Is moving ahead about as he expected but said the legal questions are not being solved as rapidly as he would like. Silver, Udall said, has a bright future. He predicted a steady increase in new mines and in the opening of old mines as production continues to rise. BUYING, SELLING? FOR FAST RESULTS CHECK ADS DAILY C/ovY Most Experienced Funeral Direcfor Troy L. Sherwood Chorlts V. Sktrwood 920 Main St. Ph. eniuntf m • ONE WEEK ONLY! LET PENNEY'S MAKE DRAPERIES TO YOUR MEASURE FOR LESS THAN YOU'D EXPECT TO PAY FOR THE FABRIC ALONE! In a letter to a Rio Arriba county justice of the peace AA State Safety director Rod Then South bid five s P ade il. Doll said the revenue sys-' and ne had clearly drawn tern in some instances was re-| dia g ram and told North th «t it sponsible for "mass production"!was U P to him to t** 6 care of accused persons taken into! 01 " toe first or second diamond the lower courts. Uead if there was going to be Doll told J PJose Alfredo Ma- _ , estas of the San Juan Pueblo POCT jhe believed "the only solution ...... from throughout New Mexico to; SANTA FE (UPI) —An agreement which will pave the way for federal grants to flood __, „„„ W4 . OI1IC « Juaili;is stricken New Mexico counties paruapate. j of the peace this year, has been has been *&*& bv Lt - Gov The affair will be the "first' quo t e d as saying the present Mack Easley. inniial Ouav tlnnntv fnwn anrl ,...„(„„, .,,„_ . r_:_ i .__ TT% Easley signed the agreement | r~* r, .* " *~" **.'*"O V4*Vj IJi V.O*- *» \, annual Quay County town and, svs tem was unfair because JPs country development day," ac-| get so mucn monev Der paoh , ^"'^ »«6»™ »»= ~& «"«"" cording to Milt Andrus. Indus-!Sse handled f ° r the State bCCaUSe G ° V< JaCk trial chief of the State Development Department. 'The people in Tucumcari got Doll said he believed only a M. Campbell is attending an executive program of the Aspen the idea last March to stimulate ;m ! ght be influenced by "com- . . . 1>* l(->nis\V*»'' Vvl.i- nn tJ II A small percentage of justices i Institute of Humanistic Studies their economy and have ap-; missions" but said, the system proached it from a different an-' should be changed "to create a welcoming image to the tourists at Aspen, Colo. The signed agreement came on the heels of the first meet ing with federal officials and gle," Andrus said. *,..., 4 • . 4 . i-s ".-» -«*.«. ^.^.-. 0 „.„ "This is a very important: as thls ls ,, the great industry in flood victims at Raton Thurs- thing." Andrus said, "because " )e sta * e - I day. l>eople interested in the future of their community together." are getting The session will kick off at 9:30 a.m. with the president or the Tiifiimcari Chamber of Commerce, Henry Jones, outlin-i ing problems facing that east-: side community. Later workshop 1 sessions will be held on s u c li ])roblems as the future of the railroad industry in Tucumcari.; the effect of the bypass route, tourist and convention problems: and available water in the area. Panel members from all over the state will participate in the sessions and a summary session is set for later in the day. A mass barbecue will be held at li p in. in the football stadium and Gov. Jack M. Camp bt'il ).•> to speak aiter the barbecue. lie is expected to discuss state economic 1 problems. Andrus said hi- has been informed that more than 500 tickets read to the barbecue have been -''Id ( xens in Tucumcari liru'd UHM t f'.':u i:n al- oca ^.'\ nd il - IK conft'Ct i r uill imolve ;»«. people. lhan 1.00 ANY 4EW KLEB'S PRICES ARE 10% LESS BEC AI;SE OF NO EXCISE TAX ~ HOWEVER, DUMOND LTO'fS ARE STILL LESS. Burned Youth Remains Critical ALIU'Ql KlU^l !•: 'I i'l; A ]ii > ear-iihi Alhuqiii't ijiic li u y. b.uJly burm-d in a ircaki-.h ac cidciil 'I'liin-das. i •fiii.iiiK.-il in ftiliral condition in l'i 'f.-ibvli'i'- i |.;.ip!tal iil!icia!.i >:jfl !.'•<• i »)(• (iiliuii o! Ji.iiili liai'cia .-nn "! Mr and Mi*. John (.laicu ;\d-" unchanged Vuuii^ (iarc/a iiv«Tit--i .M'I u'.i i ili-Jl Cf bui'lls o;i til-. Uu f i la-.-l a: MIS Ijuck aii'i t.'.i;':^- sn an i/xpio.-.iuii in hi*' <-•!)-'!;!(' pit oi an irrigation wi-'!. If Y, H. LEE THOMPSON ?63-93?2 THE UNLf CALENDAR WATCH UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED FOR 3 FULL YEARS ALL STEEL CASE WATERPROOF' TELLS THE TIME TELIS THC DATE BENRUS "TODAY" UUNDAR Calendar feature t*)l| d»tt '35" NO MONCV DOWN »3 CO A MtNTH • 17 jewels » Stainless tU«! cate 208 MAIN ST. 208 W. 2nd ST. ClOVIi, N. M. PORTAIES, N. M. •l\s »^» » n m i \ EXAMPLE: SINGLE WINDOW 45" LONG— $8.96...WITH 300% FULLNESS Now... Your DRAPERIES CUSTOM MADE! LABOR AND LINING AT NO EXTRA CHARGE ON FINISHED DRAPES 45 INCHES OR LONGER «»«Ux. Complete Stock Of Drapery Hardware! DRAPE YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE! EVERY SMM /S CAREFULLY HAND FINISHED i NOTHING DOWN - MONTHS TO PAY ON PINNIY S TIMi-PAYMINT PLAN *»!*•

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