The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 30, 1987 · Page 37
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 37

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1987
Page 37
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Page 37 article text (OCR)

THE SUNDAY SHOPPER Siiiuiuy, Angus! 30, 19«7 WEDNESDAY EVENING • CD QD d) CD o GD • H (H) • (§) 9 • E 9 © •i 9 0 © • ® 5:M News Monkees 5:3* NBC News NICK Bocks Mow: 'Call Me Mister' Cont'd Sportslook PGA Tour Cartoons WHo Anwfici 1 Wifcfside Lady Blue Frog Piinot feftO News Can't on TV 6:30 Ent. Tonight Sparlakus 7:00 7:30 Highway to Heaven Donna Reed Mister Ed Movie: "Breaking Away" SportsCenter Trouble Sports Scl 8:00 Bronx Zoo My 3 Sons H:30 Susie net reflect fa*t-niimit* 9:00 St. Elsewhere Car 54 9:30 Monkoes Movie: "Call Me Mister 10:00 News 10:30 1 anight Show 1 Spy Movie: "BrflakiiK) Away" College Football U.S. Open Tennis MacNei) / Lenrer Newshour People in Our Group Movie: "Morons From Outer Space" Monte: 'Spaceman in King Arthur's Court" News Newswatch Live at Five CBS News Showbiz ABC News News Moneyline Wheel-Fortune Crossfire News Movie: 'The Bndge on the River Kwai' Conl'd MoriUMmdy Bewitched Mike Archer Little House on the Prairie On Track 6ass Fishing Movie: "The Story ol Will Rogers" Mce Carol Burnett The Fighting Prince of Donegal Good Times JeHersons Greatest American Hero Andy Griffith Too Close Benson Sanlord & Son Business Rpt. Bodywatch Kay O'Brien A Firing Line Special Marcus Welby, MO Movie: "Krush Groove" Edison Twins Danger Bay New Mike Hammer PrimeNews P. Strangers Head ol Class Behind ttie Marcus Weltry, M.D. 1st « Ten Movie. "Meet Me Alter the Show" Magnum P.I Larry King Live MacGyver Equalizer Fridays SponsCenler Best ol the A Firing Line Special Or. Rutli Show Movie: Thunder Alley Preview CNN News Hotel Movie "The Dirty Dozen" Hawaii Fivc-0 Bill Worrell Brothers Maico Polo Oiiie News Moneyline News Witch Mountn Tennis S(K>r!s Tonight NigWfuw Movie "Slalng 1 7 Dot) Newhart Maior League Baseball G. Shandling Movie: "Nobody's Fool Major League Baseball 3s Company Soap B. Buddies News H.'s Heroes Current Aflair Maude ML Baseball Movio Stiller Movie Three Musketeers Movie: "Until September Late Sliow Major League Baseball Matt Houston Movie: "The Front Dampy Miliei News Denny Hill WEDNESDAY LATE EVENING B ® (30 © 3D o (Z) • H (9) 9 ® 9 • E • © • 1 • o © •e 11:00 Tonight Show Donna Reed 11:30 12:00 Track and Field Mister Ed Movie: 'Breaking Away' Cont'd SportsLoc* Best ol the Speedway Edge ol Night Republican Candidate Special Regis Philtwi Show My 3 Sons 12:30 News Susie 1:00 Love Connec Car 54 Movie: ''Call Me Mister" Magic Years Search lor Sign-Oft Bill Dance Fishing 1:30 Sign-Off Monkces 2:00 Spy 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 <l::50 MOVIP My Dear Secretary Movie: "The Importance ol Being Ear nsst Sign-Oil SportsCenlor NFL Yearbook Movie: "Willie Dynamite' Senior PGA Goll MOVIP "Count Five and 0>o Aerobics PGM Salt' Investment Advisory Move "The Man With One Red Shoe Movie: 'Escape to Witch Mountain" Cont'd Hot Shots Newsnight Movie. "Victory Movie. "The Misadventures ol Merlin Jones' Movie: "Robbers of the Sacred Mountain" Crosslire Newsnight Updale Movie. "Tickle Me" 'Stalag 17 M.T. Moore Movie. "Missing in Action" A. HitchcocX News News Sports Investment AdvisO'v Movie Krush Groove Movie: Mer.-l Me Alter the Show Nightwalch News OveFnKjliI Movie. Love Among the Ruins Nightwalch Lany Kilty Ovw Movie "Cleopatra Jones and the Casino ol Gold Your Skin Movie: "Bngham Young Mapr League Baseball:Chicago Cubs at Houston Astros Com d 'Stripper' 3 Musketeers Ta«i INN News Bizarre Movie. "Thunder Alley" Sign-Oil i Movie The Stud Movie: 'Sleuth" Benson Thinner News PTL Club Movie: 'Salem s Lot" Angie 0 Hara. U.S. Treasury Twilight Zone Laverne Movie Incidcn Laverne Move I he Dir Man I'D'" Alliinln " Movii? Till City r , "° '"' in San Francisco INN NI.-W-, Movie. "Kidnap Syndicate nlo. nation Hi j li-n \ ScheiiN.' Wall Disrmy Prerpi'ts WJ..I ClOSSflM? Sh( ,. A .,,,, ' -" Mr)vM> lhe Savayi.' D"i"< y Do/ en Sign-Off Movn! OinslMM 1 , \ sin?', ol ItH- IVict I Movie OKJ Eilac' '"'i! Mnvi«- Wf't-n INI/ North Wind Btov.-v Iwilighl Ztiw Cornlwt' 1 UK; rarn.i. TUESDAY CONT Ex-chef Pore is really cooking on 'Knights' By Lyw Hwtfnboom The interview is sclicd- uled for 1 o'clock. The star doesn't call. Typical, any reporter wilt tell you. But when an apologetic- Michael Pare calls at 3:30, the excuse he offers is anything but typical. Had he collapsed from exhaustion after being kepi, on the set all night? Had he been forced to work through lunch, because his series was behind in its shooting schedule? Was he paying an emergency visit to his dentist? No, the "Houston Knights" star, was moving MicbMl Pare furmUire. That's right moving furniture for his wife, "the proprietor of a home furnishings store "That's what I've boon doing for my whole hiatus delivering furniture/' Thai's mil a iy|iir;il :tr tor's holiday, but Michael I'are, it soon iierotws obvious, is not a typical actor. I'ari;, 28, was horn in lirooklyn, N.Y.. and grew up in .suburban West Chester County. Ik- was the eighth of H) children. I .an a Turner, legend has it, was discovered sipping a soda at Schwab's drug store. Pare can go her one better. He- was discovered at a bar located a half block from the- New York City restaurant where he worked as a sous (or assistant) chef. "I had a girlfriend who was a-waitress it! the bar, and I u.serj to [lick her up alter work," I'are recalls "This agent, saw nie one night and asked me it' I was interested in show business. It sounded like a big scam: 'We'll send you to acting school; you can model ami pay your rent ' I didn't take it very seriously, but I agreed to have lunch with her, anil I die! H lor about a year Then Joyce Sel/.tuck came in town. She \vus cast ing IW AHC's talent dcve! (iprneiit program. ! kirirla sntick into that audition Sely.nick put me on '(JreateM American Hero,' and I've been working ever since " He lias starred in the mov ies"l'kldie and the Cruisers" and "Streets of Kire " After that came the CMS series "Houston Knights," which airs Tuesdays, and two more movies this fall. 1:30 O MOVIE: 'Riciiity linll' A lotli'o iidci mill (i nch, sophisuciiti.-d litcly linvi; dilli culluts nv(Mcnniin<| tluMi (liffi>M?iu:ns Aiulu!w PfiiMJ, r^iliiKM McCorinick 1972 9 MOVIE: 'Unimt Station' A hlim! (|iit. who is kidnii()|)i>d. fwts 1rotil>lo tin diMBtiinciintj IIIH priirticuiiKMit WiHiitm Holdun, Gn'iiy I il/ijniiild, Nancy CMsiin 1300. e »J! MOVIE: J Th« B4ue Gardenia' A yul turns lo ii nf!WS|i«ipi;i coliifniiist wtic-n site- ittinkti sht; H«ib murdered an artist vvhili! intoxicated Anne Baxut. Ann Soilu.-rn. Riivniond Bull- 1963. 2:00 O MOVIE: 'Twyel Zero' A tioutunanl iiit<iin|)ls lu load his num (juriiuj (In- Ko ican Wiir Richard Conlu. foycjiu Cns tl(,', Chuck Connors 19GS 3:30 O MOVIE: 'Zmio' Zono. tlx- UKJ.MI di»v ndoi nn<f hmool tl«! u|^nusM.'d, is ftclually Diryo. I!H! (jovcinor u( tlin co lony o) Now Aiaijori Alain Dulun. Sian l«y Biik'.M. OIIHVIU Piccolii 1075 3:48OMOV*E: 'RioGiaiHi*' A lomjlicav iiliy coniiniindm .iwinls oidors ID i.ios<, a iivoi so IHJ ciin iittnck nuiiaudiiu) Indi- uns Jolin Wiiynu. M;iuiu<(n OUatii. Bon Julnisnii. 19!iO WEDNESDAY MORNING 9:05 ff) MOVIC 'Mow I Spent My Sum mm Vacation' A dnlK»i hficomi's a pan ol tlm iMJni[nr when Im |onib .1 inyMiMunis milliunaui- on a yaUit Itoh ml W,u|iiiM I i)l.i Allin<|lii. Pnli-i law lout I9t>/ AfTCHNOON 12:0560 MOVIf. 'All God'., Ctiililinn an 1 Join ajM'i by Jl'f IHOSJII-I.I-.. <>l li.uii.-d •.i:liiM.I lin-iinii Will MI,iik. Ni-il Ili-.itly IK-.u-O.ivii 1UHO I?:30(D 23 MOVIC 'Dmilili! IMickvIs A Imlioililiiui highway p.itintman h.t-> -t n,lSMiiiiltiif:i|.lMii<|spi>i-rti-rs Jack Va i:.'k. I rl Alirain-. 1'J'/ 3:00fD MOVIE: 'Siinshino' A In-,. ..pmi,-,! y'luni] w»«nan dn-s nl bfini- I:;IIH t'l ,n iHf ,•«)<• ttl-'JO Ottilia ltimu>*. CM! ()•• Yimiu). Iliiulila V.icairii lil/Tf 5:00 60 MOVIf: 'llw fiahttnn l'ri»c« (»f Doncyal' A yritini) jirimi! m ll)i!i ciinttiry ItL-laiMl MnMl" n atHt!.-diy iat:V.?< an un)|»it> A "Womliirltil Woild ol l>i-, nriy Jiri'MMitalKitl f'f-U'f Mi'tni'iv Su siin llampsltiii- lom Adams I'HHi HIII I 1 ol ? EVtNlrVG 6:35 fD MAJOH LfAGUl UASfHAIl llivu) C' his -Id mm I BOOO A (IHING LINC SI't.CIAl III) F'EI'UIUICAN J'KISIOI N1IAI CAN DIDATCS tl«- li'-.t ii.uiii ,i|i|ii'.ii,in. •• .if Ki'lHiblu .in , .ill.I.(I,ill". | ( ,| Uic |iri".,. (li-lu.y »l l'»- Uruli-,1 Si.Hi-, {'.i. ills i S) MOVIC Until ScfiKrnUjci' A yuunil vvtutuin (.ill-, in (tivi? will* ,i i"'t| h.iuki'f rttiilif,linii-rt ifi I'.iif. Jlf'l!f 1.,1/IMIUVI' t "HI'l E) 73 MOVII "llw! r'niitt' A m.i'i .ii.l-. a-, .1 lion) !.,- ipni)w,i,,.i1 t.-li;v.Mui> flminii Ilii- Mi C,if thy i-l.i Wnudy Atii-.n 9:!5ei MOVII Iluev Mu-.knliM!ii' Hu- ttnin.-i-. il.i!.-.« 1,1 ,ldV'-"li,n- Invi- jiiil Hl-ltlll I'K'lll! Kl-lly !<J.1i4 1000O A IIHINfi I INI SITCIAI Till Htl'UULICAN I'RCSIDl.NTIAI CAN DIOAlfS tin- l-i-.i i<i,'« .t|i|i*<.ii.i"i i. nr Ht-|H..|l!,l III , .I'Vlnlil!'", I.,I II. |Hl--,. .1.-.: ; .,< Mil- II::,!,.,! M.l!,-. I' 1 I'.. '. i -Its Stuart P»nhin •Cin«m«M Comedy Eip«rim«n1: Stuart P«nk4n' Cin«m*i Aug. 30

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