The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 3, 1951 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1951
Page 9
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'V. The New*, Frederick, Md., Monday, December 3, 1951 ON BRIDGE JACOBY Sound Reasoning Won This Trick By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Service With the national bridge tournament now in full swing in Detroit, I am reminded of a band played by Clarence Strouse, of Los Angeles, at last year's national championships. West opened the nine of hearts and Strouse had a short debate with himself about wnether or not to risk the finesse. If West had a legitimate opening bid. he surely held the king of hearts and the queen of spades together with the missing high diamonds. But if that were the case, what could East hold for his bid of one heart? So Strouse finally decided thai East held the king of hearts and that West's opening Wd had been some kind of psychic. Hence he put up dummy's ace of hearts to win the first trick. The big problem was how to handle the long spades, and what WORTH 98 wes* « A 1 0 7 6 2 V 9 5 4 BAST V K 1 0 8 7 S 41052 8O65M · K 7 4 *Q.T 10832 West Nwrtfe 1« 6S Double I V 2 4 Pass 2 V Pa*s 3* Pass 3*' Pass 3N.T, Pass 4V Pass 5* Pass ** P*» »·«« Pass 5p«afe9g to discard on dummy's long suit II four spade tricks could be won. South could obtain three discards, and he could get rid of all of his diamonds If only three spade tricks could be won, South could obtain only two discards, and then hp uotild have to get rid of the two rp- maming hearts and play the diamonds in the hopr that Easi held the ace The percentage play to grt four spade tricks is to fin^sFe the jack at once. Instead. Strouse drew one round of trumps with the queen of clubs at thp second trick and then took the acp of spades and ruffed with the jack of rlnbs Next he led a club to d u m m y s ace. drawing East's last trump Whrn he then led the king of spades from dummy, Strousn had Bewtsrc* Coughs From Common Colds That HANG ON Creomnlsion relieves promptly because it joes right to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial locmferaBCS. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creomulsion haa stood the test of millions of users. CREOMULSION half decided to discard a heart. East had to follow suit with the queen of spades, however, and declarer could therefor* afford to change his plans. He could now cash the king jack, and eight of spades, discarding three diamonds from his own hand. Then he could ?ivc up one heart 'trick, and claim the rest The chief point of the successful line of play was that West's opening bid was so obviously psychic that it didn't necessarily locate the ace of diamonds in the West hand South could afford to refuse the heart and spade finesses, testinE the spade suit without risking the loss of a trick. If the spade failed to produce, South could fall back on a diamond lead from dummy toward his king. JACOBY ON CANASTA DISCARD PILE RULE IS CONFUSING By OSWALD JACOBY/ Written For NEA S*rvlc« Questions, oou new and old, continue to pour in. In some cases I recognize the question before I have finished the first sentence of the letter. The problem is an old friend, one that I've answered a few hundred times already, and 1 know that 1 can relax and answer it in my sleep For example, people arr MiH asking the familiar question about (skin* the first discard pil* for mn Initial moid with a natural card and a wild card. Mr. and Mrs John OOP put down two nces and two jokers to make the initial mcld-^- and then trie* to take the discarded six with one natural six and one deuce. This is not legal The rule is that you are allowed to take the djscard pile w i t h ' o n e natural card and a wild card only if your side has made the initial meld at a previous turn. Sometimes this rule is misunderstood in a new and different way. For example, John Doe puts down two aces and two deuces and wants to take the discarded queen with two queens and one deuce. This is perfectly legal. There is nothing wrong with using one or more wild card? ir your initial meld. Thp important point is to have at least two natural cards that match the top card of the discard pile. Another familiar question has to do with black threes. " Are you allowed to discard." people want to know, "after melding out with three or four black threes?" The answer is a decided yes. Whenever you meld out--regardless of the black threes--you may either discard or not, «s you please, tou .till have that choice when you meld out with black threes. A less familiar question has to do with melding twelve cards for the initial meld. The count wa« 120 points, and the discard pile was topped by a king.. The player put down his entire hand--three kings, four queens, and four jacks, counting 320 points with the top card of the discard pile. Was it legal to meld the «ntire hand, and to rely on the cards of the discard pile for a discard and some cards to keep in the hand? YPS. That is perfectly legal. ThPre must be at least two cards under that king in the discard pile. The player must be able to discard one card and to keep at least one card in her hand to play on with. Mr. Jacoby is unable to answer individual questions on Canasta from readers, However, h^e will include the most frequently asked questions m his column. Silver City, one of the 'most picturesque of the ghost towns in Idaho, once was the center of the nation's second-ranking silver- producing area. ON YOUR CHEST! · A chent roM run hp very nnnoyir.R, causing many aches and pains. So takp action at once against thp slightest cough, scratchy throat or sniffle calmed by B cold. Rub on MuMi-role 1 Thp jrr»«t pain-rplipving, stimulatine medication of Musterole not only quickly relieves discomforts hui also help* break up coneesHon in upper bronchial tubes, noso and throat. If Muntorolp dopsn't p'vp vou prompt rwlipf -- si\f your doctor. Musterole in ·old in S strength*. MUSIEROIE Maryland-IJ » Approved Fullorujn Clean Hatchcrv Chirks nvai'.able Tuesday* ind Fridays Started Chicks available for Immediate de- llvrrv Also, a complete line of poultry equipment. m»dlclne» and nuppllrc. MARYLAND CHICK HATCHERY, INC. 100 West South St. Phone «3!» DAIRY FARM -- FOR SALE This fine farm is located less than four miles from Frederick on good hard road. 184 acres of land in high state of cultivation. 135 acres of which is crop land, 24 acres permanent pasture with stream and plenty of shade, balance woodland. Six-room home with bath, 60 x 100 bank and dairy barn (30 stanchions). 2 brick silos ( 1 2 x 4 0 ) , and all necessary outbuildings. Sale to include 34 head of cows, 4 heifers, 1950 Ford Tractor fully equipped, baler, wagons and all other necessary farm equipment new or in first class condition. Will sell farm alone or wiih stock and equipment. Call us for details and appointment to inspect. .D. HARP AGENCY -Realtor, Pythian Castle Building Phone 72» 200 Hood Alumnae At N. Y. Campaign Opening NEW YORK, Dec. 3--Two hundred alumnae, parents and friends of Hood College of Maryland attended a dinner in the Shelburne Hotel to mark the start of the Greater New York campaign of the national drive for $750,000 to improve college facilities. R. E. Zimmerman, a trustee of the college, will head the local group for solicitations, which will function until Dec. 28 To date $500,000 has been donated to help build a chapel, modernize laboratories and provide scholarships for the woman's college Dr. Andrew G. Truxal, president of Hood, emphasized the importance of supporting privately endowed colleges. A movie was HEARING AID PHILOSOPHY A hearing aid Is Jnst as satisfactory to th* user ax the service constantly available. Your hearing aid needs good fresh batteries, sometimes a broken or defective cord replaced or net repaired. Patronizing a Frederick firm assures dally service and free leaner if needed. FREDERICK HEARING AID CENTER Phone 842 4 W. Patrick St. shown depleting Hood. canapua life «t j to its swaying or any danger el its collapsing. BRIDGE BATTERED SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 2 Iff)-The Golden Gate bridge--whippe last night by 72 miles per hou gales--was not damaged structur ally and was never in danger, engi neers said today after a detailed in spection. The 14-year old bridge, high over the entrance to San Francis co Bay and the world's larges single suspension span, was closed to vehicular traffic for two hours anc 50 minutes but this was not due JIIIIIIHIIIIiilllllllillHIIIIIIIIiliillilllli Aetna Casualty Surety Company . Hartford AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE DAVID 0. GRIFFIN GENERAL INSURANCE 27 N. Court St. Phone 600 fillliillililllllllilllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIlii FA1RVIEW AVENUE LOOK AT THESE FEATURES:-Ut flr-- L. R. ll'^xSli; D. R, 13x13, semi-parlor 19x9'^, kitchen and f u l l hath. 2nd flr.--2 master bedrotm, 2 average bedroms, full bath (tile), good closet space, ami storsKP atHc. Basprnrnl under entire hoti'.e, laundry tubs, oil fired hot water circulatory system, storm windows, fitted screens, Venetian blinds, attached simile Karaite. This house Is in splendid i p p a l r and located on large well landscaped lot of 75x180 running back to paved alley. See II Today ~- Price SI 7.500.00 $. ZEILER 102 N. Court St. "REALTOR" Frederick, Md. Modern Upright Style C1"U* Coldt. A«rt« © GAS The AH Automatic Fuel For Water Heating FREDERICK GAS CO., Inc. TeL 2575 107 East Patrick St. JOIN HOSPITAL AID TODAY DAILEY'S FUNERAL HOME Reverent Services With beautiful Organ music and every convenience and consideration to those we serve. MOST REASONABLE 54 East Patrick St. Frederick, Md. 876 lamps Of Distinctive Personality at IPECIBI PRBCES Raul! An exciting collection of striking designs to odd decorative beauty and refinement to your rooms. AH ar« superbly erafted pieces . . . and all ar« excitingly priced! Many styles to choose from. e»H are genuine 19 CU. FT. FOOD FREEZER · Sub-zero temperature fast-freezes 50 IBs. of food at one time. · Holds 065 Ibs. of frozen food";. · Takes no more floor space than a lu CD. ft. model. · Sensational new Santocel insulation--Twice as efficient. · Economical to operate. · 5-year warranty. REFRIGERATION SERVICE EXPERT REFRIGERATION MECHANIC FOR HOME -- FARM -- COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION UNITS BARTGIS ZIMMERMAN, !NC. FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO StTPFLIES Phone 2010 Frederick, Md. 36 E. Patrick St. FACTORY TO OPEN MARTINSBURG, W. Va., Dec. 3 --Martirwburg has 'earned that the Dunn Woolen Company, which usually employ* over 500 persons will reopen for production next three weeks. Artificial leather, varnishes,! let articles, photographic sausage casings, and hundred' other artic'es are made froml product of the cotton plant. FOR SALE.BY OWNER 6 rm. house with automatic heat, western section; Full cement basement, full attic, includes awn; ings, Venetian blinds for down stairs, storm door, and screens. Inspection by appointment. PHONE 2153-J WTEKtUHONAL HARVE Freezing is tfae · save money atxil ' wttb tntem-xti-o* eracm wats -ranted 5 yeafs. -njoy sBfflsssr's abttudbnce a-S yea* *io®od--t»y and an Kf feeezer at heigitt-of-season low prices for fruits vegetables. Meats, too, cost less wijea boagfat ia COAA£ IN ... see tfceir dozens of other quafey erttas. Tht«e aaodefe--7 ca. ft, H. B. DUVALL Frederick Md., Phone Frederick 1758 H. C. SUMMERS Jefferson, Md., Phone Frederick 276-J-2 MONROVIA SUPPLY CO. Monrovia, Md., Phone New Market 2441 FARM EQUIPMENT CENTER Thurmont, Md., Phone Thurmont 4201 MERCER JONES SON Bickerson, Md., Phone Buckeystown 3142 - ! Keep your dairy, barn dry -- for healthier cattle, more milk production, less building repairs! New Farm Master Dairy Barn VENTILATING FANS COMPARE WITH OTHERS PRICED UP TO '165 ONLY 10.00 DOWN ON SEARS EASY TERMS Take no chance! Let Sears 20-inch Ventilating fan dry your barn; guard W against rust, mold, disease and low water consumption of milk cows. Aluminum fan blades are die-formed for accuracy of size and contour, and securely riveted to strong steel hub. Assembly balanced to eKminate vibration, No need to oil the all-enclosed ball-bearing motor. Buy yours now! OTHER MAKES OF BRIDGE AND FLOOR LAMPF $14.95 TO $19.95 GENUINE CHINA BASE TABLE LAMPS--As Low As $12.50 BRIDGE LAMPS $25.00 FLOOR LAMPS $29.00 Rembrandt Lamps are on display in Genuine Bronze, Silver or Gold Plated, and colors of White, Green, and Gray. Sold Only At USE YOUR CREDIT BUY ON SEARS EASY TERMS CLINE'S FURNITURE STORE 10 South Market Street WHEHE EVERT PURCHASE IS A USEFUL PRACTICAL GIFT 75 Bushel Spreader $077 LESS TIRES - NOT SET UP « « · Strong braced frame holds 75 bushels. Creosote treat' ed wood bottom. Full 7-foot spread. Automatic leg stand. Compare with others up to $350. SEARS Electric Dairy WATER HEATER Glass Lined Farm-Master 6i s ° 15-yal. water heater permits twtc» a-day dairy cleaning! Perfect for summer cottage, lodge or trailer, too! Just fill top with cold water. Hot water runs out spout in side. Glass-lined steel tank won't'runt of corrode. With adjustable tempera* Hire. 42 S. MARKET ST. FREDERICK, MD. PHONtf 1580 ."SPA.T'FTU

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