Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 125
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 125

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 125
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\ • .. 7* The Arizona Republic Ffwenix, Sat., Aug. 15,1970 Blindness no handicap in sports By ROBERT LIPSYTE New York Times Service SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. Mis. Catherine DiFrenza, a middle - aged brunette from New York, sank three free throws in a row one sunny morning, the last one a beau* tifuliy - arched overhand shot that fell through the hoop like a stone. "Did it go-in? Did it go in?" cried Mrs. DiFrenza, and when some said, "Did it ever; didn't even touch the backboard, she said. "Are you sure you aren't just saying that to make me feel good?" But later, Mrs. DiFrenza confided that she had a pretty good idea the shot was good even as the ball left her hand. Fifteen years ago, long before she began to go blind, she had played basketball and other sports. She says she has a pretty good sense of where the basket is, and she knows you have to throw the ball up to score. Unlike most of her fellow basketball players at the vacation camp for the blind, Mrs. DiFrenza did not concentrate on shooting at the buzzer attached to the hoop. And, unlike most of the campers, she is a trim, spritely woman with quick, nervous gestures. She has been legally blind only four years, and she can sometimes see shapes and light. The vacation camp for the blind, set on 40 fairly level acres in Southern Rockland County (N.Y.), is the largest camp of its kind in the country. There is room for 200 campers at a time, and there are five sessions through the summer of 12 days each. There are a number of three Greyhound results •LACK CANYON GREYHOUND PARK Thursday's Results FfiST, 550 Yds, Or. 1, T—31.N («4) FIR! M1.JO. Dog entries Chester Gilmore (8) 20.40 22.60 4.40 PH's PIII-0 Ml 8.80 5.00 Harborsides (3) 3.80 Also: AAR's Little Bit, Lottie Slz, Name The Game, OB's Letsgom Nigs, Mr. Mllam. - day weekends during the winter. The camp is open to anyone over 18 from the New York City area, but since blindness is a condition often associated with aging and with poverty, many of the campers are old women on welfare. Opened in 1926, the camp was largely Jewish, but as other minorities became agency - wise, the population changed. At camp this week were blacks and Spanish - speaking people, blind couples with their small, sighted children, and old Jews observing dietary laws, and a number of active young singles. "In many ways this is an unreal world," says Harry Minkoff, director of the camp and of the parent agency which also operates community services for the visually handicapped. "The unique experience of being here for two weeks sustains a lot of people through the next 50 weeks. You can walk into a pool here by yourself, or dive into the deep water alone; FIRST— Canyon Cr, Or 1. Sunny Gossip 8 Prairie Nebo Harborside 5-2 Gay Pebble Shifty Winds 10 Toneablllty O.B.sOver 9-2 Fire Bomb 12 6 7-2 SECONO-SunMt Cr, Gr t. Bri Value Rated Campus All GqUptown P.H.'sPetrex 5-2 12 7-2 . lly onk Girl vffim 6 10 SECOND, U3 Yds, Gr S, T— 3t.»0 (4-9) $112.00 D-D (8-6) $131.60. Special Je Nay (6) 20.20 8.60 5.80 Havalena Espanto (8) 9.40 4.60 Whit's Zip (3) 2.80 Also: TV Kathle, Groovy Gracem, Wild Rhythm, Reneesancem Railetta. THIRD, 550 Yds, Gr. 4, T— 32.40 (34) 510.60. Duane '0 (3) 5.20 3.CO 2.80 Zippo Comet (8) 4.20 3.20 Nlg's Mary Ann (Tt 4.40 Also: Sammy Seven, Tell Tim, Atris- com Power Shan, Snip Hunter scratched. _ 'FOURTH, MO Yd*, or. 3, T— 32.30 (5- NlB's Mary Ann Misty 1 Maggie's Express Cr, Or 4. 8 Gay Tableau '-2 Zlppo Comet 12 Atrlsco 8 Apache Sweetheart 9-2 7-2 5-2 10 . ... Bob Hay Groovy Jim DV's (5) 13.40 11.20 5.80 . _. . .i'alf Nelson, Sister Breer, City Love, Plastic Twister, OB's Hon. . fe. .tt.eJo 8 Reneesance 9-2 Irma Hills FOURTH-Canyon Cr, Or J. Lonesome Judge 8 Flapper i End Play 10 L bbyTT s-2 Red DeWItt 9-2 City Pace 7-J Rollln'Sam 6 Here Come Da Flying Kite 12 10 * 9-2 Keenoir 13.80 7.40 6.60 C|ever Vixen.(2) 6.20 3.80 Tiny Tlnlta }B) 3.40 Also: BrlBht Elly, Honka Ton Girl, Jack's Buffy, Tupelo Tom, Monte Espanto. ^SIXTH, SM Yds, Or. 4, T—31.51 (S-6) Cody 'Count (5) 21.00 12.80 7.20 Apache Sweetheart (6) 10.80 5.60 Nicer Clopook (1) 5.80 Also: Tin Canned, Shake It Granny, Flip Ann, W's Running Bear, Georgle Jane. SIXTH-c«nyen Cr, Or 3. DeWltt's Rip s-2 Carla Moss T.K.'sSky 8 Part Cross Inkababe 12 R.C.'s Best None Higher 8 World Talk SEVENTH-Canyen Cr, Or I. ' J.L.'s Boozer T.V.Ada .. Nlg's Mr. Mllam 5-2 Black Stone Too 7-2 . 6 L.D.'s Buffalo 8 Tractor Tray W's Patti Girl .SEVENTH, SM Yds, Or. 1, T-3].tt !oo Apache, 'Four 'Dividers,' Sai'lb? r s Silver. il.Turk Espanto (7) 13.20 6.40 3.2( L's Boozer (8) 4,80 4.01 lade's Cutie (S) 3.4 . Also: PH's Panzer, TV Ada, Slerr; Clyde Wells EIGHTH—Sunset Cr, Or S, , 5th Round Distance Countdown Coto Espanto 2 O.B.'s Lucky Emeraude 3-5 Jack Grand Sweep ..EIGHTH, $50 Yds, Gr. 2, T—32.51 (14) 128.80. OB's Steve (4) 20.60 4.00 3.40 Maggie Prince (2) 3.20 2.40 Daring Bid (1) 3.20 Also: Miss Frances, San Tan Misty Blue, Boots Paharlock, LD's Shane, Two Socks. HINTH-Canyon Cr, Gr 2. P.H.'s Petty 8 Jack's Cutle 7-2 Rapid Roman 12 Deacon Hunter 8 MacO'Dell 6 Spin Wheel 10 L.D.'s Pepper 5-2 M.R.'s Little Bit 9-2 's Pat 8 10 9-2 $38*40™' 55 ° Yds ' Gr - Clear'Passage (5) 11.80 10.40 3.60 Nina Mia (3) 4.60 2.60 OB's Marcia (1) 3.20 Also: LD's Annette, Laugher, Wild Punch, Klowa Buck, Kay's Inez. Merging ,.D"S DI L.'B i Formally CLEVENTH-Canyon Cr, Or 3. Ariwne Brad Preferred Delicate Dell 9-2 Nelson M.R.'sZlmbo a WIsenhelmer Holly ^TWEJLFTH-Sonset Cr, Gr 3. irollne S-2 Happy Solomon ,-».e 6 P.H.'s Panky ,-.Ja Rose 7-2 Apache Moon adie 8 Plastic Twister 5-2 12 10 7-2 TENT^H, 550 Yds, Or. 3, T-3J.IO (3- Fred Wells (3) 9.60 3.80 3.00 Go Burt (6) 11.20 520 Battle Mischief (7) »:oo Also: Karen's Fancy, Apache Intru- derm, Magsle's Moose, LD's Big Boy, Tammy Tulane. Go, Valentine (8) 11.1 OB's Blue Lace (6) Singer's Goal (5) .60 13.20 9.20 7.20 3.20 3.60 Also: Sunday Special, Nice Vice, TV B Dan, Quail Craft, Tarlka. W B-13 Q 4,856 (3-6). 143 Exch (6-8)" 7 10 Winners S589.60. 12 Handle—72,342. Att—1,075. Three Spot in Ruidoso run RUIDOSO DOWNS, N.M. An Arizona-owned runner, Mr. Three Spot from the stable of Rulon Goodman of Oracle, will be in the lineup for tomorrow's $150,000-plus Rainbow Quarter Horse Futurity. Mr. Three Spot was one of the ten fastest qualifiers for the rich event in last week's futurity trials, covering the 400-yard course in 20.60 seconds. Fastest qualifier was Oklahoma-owned Full Moon Zestee with a 20.42 clocking. For A King Size DEAL... SEE Earnhardt Ford King Of The Ford Dealers Chandler • 963-6311 Open Sunday FINAL DAYS OF OUR ANNUAL CLEARANCE Don't Miss This Big Opportunity to SAVE! 1970 Vi TON PICKUP V8, Wide Bed, Full Factory Safely Equipment 2399 1*70 CAMARO V8, Full Factory Equipment, Full Safety Equip- incnt, Heavy Duty Radiator, Tinted Glass. SANDS CHEVROLET , Mile & Vb N. of Camelback on Grand Ave. 5418 N.W. Grand Ave. • Ph. 937-2791, 278-4571 you can take out a boat or bowl or play baseball. We're trying to get blind people to do what sighted people do. They want to be like sighted people — we encourage them to pass, if they can — and that's why we don't have special games and activities, we have adaptations of what the sighted play." The daily baseball game is played with a volley ball pitched to bound on a concrete home plate. The blind batter swings at the sound of the bounce. Counsellors chirping a play by play call the hit fair or foul, and bring the runners around the two bases with their voices. The fielders grope toward the rolling ball under a counselor's directions. For an instant the game is grotesque to a sighted and detached observer, but then the rhythm and spirit and fierce competition of it catch hold. Blindness makes you more of what you are, says Minkoff; on the ball field, a frisky, young brunette squeals as she dances toward first, her hit rolling past an infielder who gives it a nonchalant wave, on toward an outfielder rushing in, straining toward the ball. His lunge falls short, and the counselor at the next base yells at the brunette, then shouts her home where her teammates wait at the concrete slab with unseeing eyes but outstretched arms. There is archery and darts at the camp, and rides behind the counselor on a bicycle built for two. There are reducing machines in the little gym, and watercycles on the five-acre lake. There is also a great deal of walking, as fearless as walking can ever be for the blind. The concrete paths are lined with iron railings, the railings marked with tactile signals. Dogs are not necessary at the camp, and cane classes are poorly attended. One camper said, "blindness is not a problem up here." PRICE INCREASE SEPTEMBER 1st 40 ACRES $150 PER ACRE Another section sub-divided in Ranch bounded on two sides by beautiful Chevolon Creek ft Canyon in Northern Arizona. Excellent investment opportunity. Fishing, Hunting on property. Water, use of Ranch headquarters, corrals. Low down payment, excellent term*. Walter Pocock Assoc, 1137 E. Ccmelbock 2A4-688* Phoenix, Arizona "INCOMPARABLE" GREMLIN EXECUTIVE MQDEL REDUCTION SALE '70 AMBASSADOR SST 2-Door Hardtop Fully loaded with All Power, Air Cond., Extras Incld. Hat been driven only 1JOO miles. Stock WAS $4751 NOW $3409 SAVE $1342 '70 AMBASSADOR DPI 9 Passenger Wagon Jto., Radio « Heater, V-l, f»/S, P/i A/c ' ww Stock *»Mt WAS $4708 NOW $3398 SAVE $1310 '70 JAVELIN SST With 390 Go Pack Includ. All Power Equip, with Fact. Air Cond., white Red, Rally Stripe, Only <M3 Millet. Stock #»0» WAS $4624 NOW $3712 SAVE $912 MEYERS/AMERICAN OPEN SUNDAYS 4566 W. GLENDALE PHONE 937-9266 Laugh with Biff Buff on the sports pages of The Arizona Republic It's a paint with a finish so tough, we guaranteed it for 10 years, Sale; Now 6.99,, Save $2 a gallon! Reg. 8.99. Penncraft* Par Excellence latex interior finish guaranteed to cover any color in just one coat. So durable you can use it in the kitchen and the bath. 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